What to Eat on the Carnivore Diet | ZERO CARB KETO DIET | What is the Carnivore Diet?

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I have put together a list of foods allowed on the carnivore diet. You can adjust to your strictness but this video is intended to give you an overall sense of carnivore diet foods that you can have. Use this to formulate meal plans and carnivore meal prep ideas.

In this video, I go over the nutritional and health benefits of the carnivore diet. You will find that the carnivore diet is loaded with lots of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to maintain a healthy body and build muscle…if done correctly. Ideally you want to consume grass fed and free range meats. Organ meats are ideal for get lots of minerals and vitamins.

Be sure to watch the end, to learn what condiments and beverages are allowed on the carnivore diet.

212 Comments on “What to Eat on the Carnivore Diet | ZERO CARB KETO DIET | What is the Carnivore Diet?”

  1. I recently had a skype with Bart Kay, he said you could eat eggs alone for a long time….just incase anyone wondered.

  2. Thank you so much for the information!!!! I’m currently doing keto but this sounds so good to me I’m going to make the switch to carnivore keto. I can’t wait!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  3. Thanks for the video. It would be even better if you would include your scientific resources that made you give this information.


  4. But you didn’t explain where the vitamin c comes from only that it doesn’t have to compete with glucose? Do meat or eggs have vitamin C? 🤔

  5. I need to try this diet again. I liked it last time, just found it a little bit difficult to keep going as it is a bit impractical.

  6. Don’t listen to anybody trying to scare you into buying grass fed meat. It’s good if you can afford it, but to do a carnivore diet you don’t really need to eat grass fed meat. Regular beef will improve your health. Just eat meats, and you should be fine.

  7. I don’t get this, most vitamins are destroyed by cooking, omega 3 defenitly destroyed…So what difference does it make if beef has omega3? 🤔

    I’m already skinny.. Do you think I should add rice ? Or maybe, more animal fat ?

  9. All the vitamins you mentioned is also in plants. And you’re killing nature by eating this way😢 1 peace of meat is the same as riding 80 miles in you’re car. So it’s not nature friendly and animal friendly😅

  10. I’ve a serial intermittent faster and been doing it for over a couple of years and experimented with all kinds of diets.. I started the carnivore diet with flexibility with coffee amd spices and the things I noticed are amazing.
    My sleep quality jumped up, I became a morning person lol my concentration levels are off the chart.. m almost never hungry eventhough I eat once a day.. I m not bloated anymore eventhough I still have cheese and yogurt.. I lost 2 kilos on the scale and I feel overall amazing.
    The funny thing is that as of last week I rarely consumed meats in general and jokingly thinking to myself that I should just go vegetarian.
    Well a lot can change in few days.
    This is here to stick. Thank you!

  11. What about vitamin C. You need 10-%-20% plants for that vitamin and some important minerals. Jesus. That’s why you don’t look fully healthy, but non comparable to a deficient vegan.

  12. Does Custokebon Secrets (do a google search) help me lost crazy amounts of weight? I see many people keep on speaking about this popular fat burn method.

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  14. I have just come across your channel, probably because I am thinking of going Keto,lol! In the title of a couple of your videos I saw the ‘Carnivore Diet’ and wondered what the heck? I am going to subscribe to your channel,it looks very interesting! Have you done an in depth video on the Carnivore diet? Thank you for your channel. Pam

  15. Liver, how to reduce flavor.

    Use something fatty.
    Chicken fat from cooking chicken works well.
    It’s the same way I reduce garlic glove intensity so I can eat them.

    Milk has fat in it, which is most likley why milk helps people.
    Basically soak and or cook it in a fatty liquid.

  16. I tried carnivore. I gained four pounds in four days. Yes, probably half was muscle, and half puffiness from beef. Perhaps salt, too. I felt great!!!! No Gerd, and less digestive enzymes were needed. The huge problem I had, besides the weight gain, was I crashed. So, I stopped the carnivore diet. If I try it, again, I’ll focus on a less protein and higher fat woe to see if I avoid the weight gain and sleep crashes. Also, I’ll track my macros, too.

  17. I’m considering doing this diet but wonder if there will be any affect of my medications for blood pressure, cholesterol control and acid reflux?

  18. I really dont know why carnivores refuse to eat veggies and nuts. Where do your fibre comes from? I do keto and in my opinion it is better to have veggies in your diet, you want whats in it.

  19. Are there any guidelines to how much fat you need to eat daily, this so new and I’m trying to learn how we should begin.
    Thank you 😊

  20. I put about a half teaspoon of butter in my coffee in place of sugar. I know it sounds odd but it tastes great and is very much in keeping with the carnivore of keto diet.

  21. We raise grass-fed organic meat! We will be happy to talk with anyone interested in learning more about grass-fed meat & purchasing our meat.

  22. I made a sauce for my Wild Caught Salmon, and used Full-Fat coconut milk, with 1 gram of carb and 1 gram is sugar.

  23. I’ll have to stick to keto this is just to restrictive for me. I buy high quality meats already. Great video but I know this is not for me.

  24. Fantastic video! I actually watched it a couple of times!! I am thrilled to start my carnivore diet and will be following you. Cheers!

  25. Lady..that’s NOT TRUE..
    My brother eats alot of
    MEAT..& he’s always
    HUNGRY..eating A LOT OF
    EATS 3X a DAY..So,NO!!!!
    eating meats does not
    Make you lose appetite
    & lose weight or burn
    FATS!!!! this LADY HAS
    NO IDEA WTF she’s

  26. Hello. How are you? Thank you for the great video. I’m having gallbladder inflammation. Do you think this diet can help?
    Thank you 😁

  27. …I very much want to do this diet however when I try it I find I gag a bit on eating just meat, eggs etc…. I’m certainly not a huge fan of vegetables so I don’t miss them… I am a completely addicted carboholic… have you heard of anyone else with this issue? Do they overcome it?

  28. Just thinking about doing carnivore after being on keto. Not losing much weight… plateauing for weeks/months. Great for more recipes and ideas for carnivore. Thanks. Love your channel.💞😍

  29. I love this diet and meat but I feel like I’m eating too much on it. Like I’m always hungry. I ate 12 eggs, 5 or 6 beef patties, at least 15-20 prices of bacon and a small amount of cheese all in 1 day. I weigh 210 and was just trying to get my body weight in protein but I know I have at least ate 300 grams of protein. Is that too much ?? Also a lot of fat from the bacon. Someone please respond.

  30. As a beef farmer i can tell you grass fed meat is a myth, cattle are always supplimented with grains sugar beats potatoes and soy protein pellets , its done to increase the weights and health Seems to me people live in fantasy land thinking its from feild to plate lol no farmer raises their hurds on grass alone, the same goes for dairy cows

  31. Dipping my toe into carnivore, not eliminating plants completely (still having coffee, sweeteners, spice) but 99% animal based now. So far loving it.

  32. Not watched the vid yet. I have 35 kilo to lose. Will this diet get it off quicker than other diets?
    Any advice appreciated thanks

  33. I just think you should hve a nice marinade for the meat like a fruity veggie one jus gotta be able to think for yourself out here 4 real it’s always something but they probably drink juice yrs ago when I heard this I didnt know it was like that I was cooking w/ olive oil n spices I didn’t lose any weight n honestly I was frightened

  34. Please grass feed are u jokes a no such things unless u own a farm and you watch them feeding grass the rest are just WORDS people’s have u guys see howe many grass feed cows are on fields I think less then farms these cows are just the sample 4 you and your kids to make us belive that we eat meat cheese and milk from them but I reality is not we eat farm shit when thei pack the shit meat is hard 4 them big co to put a organic stickers on products .howe many people’s u see daily testing all products that thei buy from stores to see if realy are organic ?? YOU ALL DONT UNDERSTAND SOME SIMPLE THEORY HOWE DO YOU THINK THE 1% CONTROL THE 99% WICH IS US !@!!! THRU FOOD PEOPLE THEI CONTROL US THRU FOOD. FOOD IS LIFE TO THIS BODY IF YOU FEED YOUR BODY THE RIGHT NUTRIENTS YOUR IQ RISE UP U BECOME CREATIVE HOWE DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT FEW OF US ARE HIGH IQ WHY THEI ARE MADE FROM SAME MATERIAL AS YOU FLETCH NOT COPER. A GAIN FOOD MATTER..

  35. What can I substitute sugar with for my tea/coffee? Is seasoning okay to use on the meat I am cooking?

  36. I disagree about the ‘organ meats’, especially the kidneys. The only reason I eat less organ meats are that they are hard to find in (OKC) the grocery store.

  37. The only way that I know of to make a carnivore diet healthy over time is regular fasting or a ridiculous amount of egg whites. Here’s my question: how does your body clear all of the unhealthy cholesterol it’s taking in on such a diet?

  38. The Corona virus origin is from wild animals that reckless people in China have consumed. This is Natures way saying to us: dont eat animals, I will give you heart disease and if that’s not enough I will give the animals vicious virus to you stupid humans as a deadly lesson.

  39. Was wondering why eggs are on many zc meals I thought they have carbs any help on this would be appreciated

  40. What are you talking about when you say you allow yourself a fat tier cut if steak on occasion? You need to be eating almost exclusively fatty cuts! I eat gigantic amounts of butter and lard and still she’d the weight. If you aren’t chugging fat you’re in trouble! Also just food for thought (shhh) think of what a carnivore does – it hunts down animals and eats them nose to tail and they’re almost always herbivores. Carnivores eat bellies full of plant matter and also feces which are also plant based. They also eat pregnant mammals as well so dairy is definitely on the menu. It shouldn’t be called a carnivore diet if it doesn’t adhere to what carnivores naturally eat in my opinion.
    If you eat sardines do not get them in oil.
    You want grass fed beef because grain fed beef causes cysts and infections which then get treated with antibiotics. I can personally taste the differences between the two – one tastes succulent the other like rot. Do not skip on the veins or gristle – learn to swallow them in chunks if you must!
    If you dislike liver they sell a supplemental capsule which will cover you 100% which I recommend because you can get sick from eating too much liver, I think our diet requires 4 ounces per week.

  41. Conclusions Our results demonstrate the potential value of examining long-term meat consumption in assessing cancer risk and strengthen the evidence that prolonged high consumption of red and processed meat may increase the risk of cancer in the distal portion of the large intestine.

  42. Wild game like moose, elk, venison etc is extremely lean. If you eat wild game as a majority of your meat you’d definitely need to add some fat sources to your diet. Lots of people who use moose meat exclusively add beef fat to it or even bear fat if you can get it ( yes I live in the north where we can get these meats).

  43. Is this diet good for those of us looking to gain lean body mass. I have always been underweight, in fact I have been the same weight for about 18 years now.

  44. Can you clarify a few more please? 1. Homemade milk kefir. 2. Cottage Cheese. 3. Protein Powder (no sugar) though not sure why would you need it ))).

  45. Loved keto on it 3yrs lost 65lb. But decided to go carnivore Dr baker 30 day challenge dec 28/ 19 love it no going back.😊

  46. Beef:
    GRASS fed…GRASS finished!!
    Some are grass fed but during the last 2 or so months they fatten them up with grain.
    GREAT video! Thanks!!
    My Grandpa, who had a dairy farm, ate cow tongue all the time…he loved it!
    Us kids we like, EEEEEW… nothing like seeing a whole cow tongue in a jar in the fridge!!! lol 🙂

  47. what to eat on a meat diet: … meat. naysayers pretending to try a carnivore diet take it too seriously. i drink coffee and tea. i use garlic salt even have a hot pepper now and again. my carbs average less than 1 per day. and i don’t freak out if my steak or burger taste good. relax everyone. just eat meat. i am deep in ketosis but strips no longer show. this is common. no ketones left to end up exiting the kidneys.

  48. I am starting this diet this week and was wondering if taking vitamins or supplements with this diet is recommended?

  49. I’m carnivore for 14 months. Lost 58 lbs. & hbp normal. Blood sugar levels normal. Acid reflux gone. Best diet in the world!!🙂

  50. Tongue is technically just a muscle and if you haven’t tried it, it doesn’t cost much and is good tasting and I prefer to use it in recipes instead of by it’s self. Try it in a taco. Ole!

  51. Watch out for pasture raised and cage free, the government allows only several hours of being in the open pasture then caged again to be considered “Cage Free”. Go organic.

  52. Like she said, if you can’t go grass fed, AND, the toxins are mostly in the fat of the meat, I trim the fat and use ghee, or known as clarified butter, will make your meat tender and healthy.

  53. Day 6 ,so far everything is great except I think I was consuming way too much salt and not drinking enough water. I had a slight pain where my right kidney is.

  54. Thank u so much for this video! I’ve been wanting to try carnivore for a week and wasn’t sure how to approach it. I definitely would have gone about it in the wrong way lol!

  55. If you are not taking in vitamin c or glucose, then there is no competition for those receptors. But you still are not getting vitamin c from animal products. Where is it coming from?

  56. Thank you so very much for this video.
    I will be following this way of eating again.
    You’re a very educated lady and I look forward to more videos.💯

  57. started diet at 15stone been doing it 50 weeks losing approx 3lb a week down. to 3 stone 5lb my wife keeps bullying me

  58. New subscriber here. I eat more of a “Ketovore” diet because I do like a green salad or avocado once in a while. I also drink green tea and coffee on a regular basis but my husband and I eat mostly meat and animal products. Great information thank you!

  59. Should i be taking electrolyte powder? I use Ultima Replenisher. Its flavored and sweetened with stevia but totally Keto.

  60. Who says Liver is Tasteless???
    I grew up on Liver & Onions my Mom & Grandma cooked twice a week!!😋 I guess that’s why I love it!!❤❤ Of course now I pretty much make Pate & never add onions👍🏽

  61. I thought about trying the Carnivore Diet as a jumpstart but having a hard time wrapping my head around eating just meat ALL the time… It’s interesting though.

  62. I’m having a hard time giving up beer. I have about 8 beers a day. I did start the all meat diet 6 days ago. I’ve lost 7 pounds. But, my mind acts as is I snorted adderall. I’m on a different level. I just wish I could quit drinking.

  63. im doing the 80/20 ground beef.. with bacon… so loving the more fatty beef… doing omad…. i lost 4 lbs in 3 days..

  64. Someone should do on study on the health benefits of organic beef vs the cheap stuff. A lot of very successful carnivores do it on the cheap. In my mind, speculation can hurt an argument. Lookin good though. And a nice video.

  65. 99% of all Carnivore Diets are Fake virtue signaling!!!

    1) It’s 110% transparent that most carnists have never raised a chicken in their life if they did, they would know the difference between a Cornish cross and a Black Sussex or a Yorkshire and a KuneKune a Hereford and a Jersey.
    2) I have never understood the total disregard of animal breed and genetics for unfounded blanketed nutritional values.
    3) The hyper-focusing in on brand politics aka “pasture raised”. There is currently no legal definition for “Free Range” or “Pasture Raised” in the United States, therefore these terms are often used on poultry packaging with no unilateral definitions for the consumer to trust. So why push a false narrative.
    4) The ideology that plants are somehow poisonous yet the longest living people (Blue zones) eat a considerable amount of plant products.
    5) The dependence on the same industry that they mock and criticize with veganism.
    6) Claim to care to about human health yet have no knowledge of the aforementioned and are dependent of the aforementioned.
    7) Claim to care about to animal welfare yet no have idea about the welfare of the animals they eat. Nor do they even know the breed of the animal their eating.
    8) They Push a raw meat narrative based unfounded claims that it the healthiest way to consume animal products. Again, it based upon no science, not to include the fact that the breed of animal is unknown. The conditions that the animal was grown, and harvest are unknown. Am I supposed to take you seriously?
    9) The hyper-focusing on “Beef” as the ultimate food. Beef is a Culinary name for meat from cattle, particularly skeletal muscle. So based upon carnist theory a “culinary” cut of an unspecific breed of cattle grown in unknown conditions, eating unknown feed harvested under unknown conditions, packed in plastic (oil), transported in across the world or country to an oil powered grocery store eaten raw is someone the healthiest, most economic, most environmentally friendly, and best animal welfare way to diet. Sorry not convinced.
    10) Just like vegans these carnist channels don’t advocate for food sovereignty. The obvious answer is to encourage people to grow their own food and at a minimum understand what their food is and where it comes from.

  66. grass fed meats are all the same as reg meats cause the companies lie and say it’s grass fed when it really isn’t, have you actually tested the meat where is the proof it’s really grass fed, do you go to the farms and watch what the farmers feed them, probly not, you just think it’s grass fed cause that’s what the label says but it’s all lies, grass fed meat is reg meat sold for more money

  67. Is turkey allowed? Curious, think I see keep saying poultry is fine and then they only mention chicken. Is turkey is okay?

  68. Yeah, your ear bud is no doubt fine, I thought the same thing! Anyways, much as I appreciate people putting out vids to educate, a small point: my research indicates it’s the fat, not the protein, that is the satiating aspect of carnivory. Perhaps I’m wrong and that’s just my experience. Wanted to put it out there in case someone saw this vid, tried high protein carnivore diet and failed because of not having enough fat. If anyone did, maybe more fat is the way to go for them. We all have different dietary requirements, a point I didn’t feel was made by this vid. Not a criticism! Just an observation

  69. I’m doing a keto carnivore but I only eat outside of carnivore is coffee, MCT, teas and avocados. The rest is animal products. I hope this is ok. Is it really ok to stop eating keto approved veggies?

  70. Thank you for all the information presented in an easy way. I start 17 days ago and doing trial and errors, you gave me good instructions to fallow.

  71. Good afternoon, I’m a 50 year old male, I’ve done keto for 16 month( 55 pounds), and carnivore for the last 3months. Two meals a day 16:8 or 20:4. My meals consist of mainly steak(ribeye) or ground beef, both grass Fed and eggs.
    However I do drink coffee with heavy cream and sweetened with erythritol. Since being on carnivore I’ve gain 5-6 pounds. I’m trying to lean out. Any suggestions?

  72. this is so helpful, i am 5 weeks into keto and really interested in carnivore because i find i eat mostly meat and eggs and cheese and also im trying to reverse diabetes thank you so much for the great information 🙂

  73. If it’s doesn’t say 100% grass fed, then the animal was fattened up the last 4 months of it’s life with grains and other things.

  74. I have been doing keto for a year now , but would really like to start carnivore. BUT dont know how much protein i could eat. I am 65 yrs. 4’ 11”. And 135 lbs. could you please help me with the amt. of protein a day. Have been a sub for while now and you are so informative. Thank you so much. From ontario , canada

  75. I’m obese, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, severe guy issues and I don’t even overeat. I’m definitely trying this

  76. ….what gizmo do you use to test your blood ketones in the morning? I use Keto sticks but that doesn’t give a numeric value, which I prefer…thanks for the info

  77. Nice video. Thank you for sharing. I’m 46 years old, 5.10″ and 16.5 stone. In my carnivorous diet, how much meat should I eat a day ? 👍👍👍

  78. How long does it take for the cravings to go away? I have access to free snacks and I really like to snack when I’m bored at work so it’s really hard.

  79. omg so informative but put in way easy to understand, I have watched a lot about carnivore but learned more in this video than all others combined thank you

  80. Great video. I was keto for almost a year then moved into carnivore keto. It’s a perfect fit for me. Please make more videos about this way of eating.

  81. Thank you. Awesome information I have been looking for. Have been on two weeks now. No cravings. Excellent energy.

  82. I love your channel. I noticed that you are great about answering questions. Thank you for that!
    My blood pressure and glucose are so high. My doctor wants to put me on more meds. She has been saying I need to go on a cholesterol med, (which I have been refusing for over a year). I have been ‘playing’ around with the Keto Plan, but don’t stay on it for more that a couple of days before giving into cravings. You are so calm and clear. Thank you for everything you do. I’m starting the Carnivore diet today! YES! Definitely add more recipes and ideas to stay healthy.

  83. OMG. I’m glad I found your channel. I’m so toxic. Fibromyalgia in my legs, leaky gut issues, polips in my colon. I want to heal so badly. My life is so limited. I do organic meat. So I understand that concept. I’m giving this a try. Can I email you?

  84. Happy new year 🎆🎊 I don’t know if you remember but I said I was going to try it and I have started and have fun and enjoy it

  85. I’ve been doing carnivore since 1/1/19 & I feel amazing!! I weighed yesterday & had lost 20 pounds in 8 days!! I haven’t been hungry at all, going down to one meal a day. I drink only water, eating mostly eggs, chicken, beef & fish.

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