What is keto diet in tamil | keto diet for beginners in tamil

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Hi friends,
Today’s video is on what is keto diet in tamil and the science behind Keto and how it helps you achieve weight loss. It is on keto diet for beginners in tamil.


Keto means:
Body can run on 2 different modes of fuel: sugar and fat
Keto diet is very low in carbs. Hence, the body including brain has to switch to using fat as the main source of fuel
When the body is out of sugar, fat is converted in the live into energy molecules called ketones that fuel the brain.
The diet that results in this is called the ketogenic diet or keto diet.
Body turns into a fat burning machine..
It is perfect for weight loss without hunger – burning fat 24/7 even while you sleep. It also gives you tons of energy. You are basically never run out.
Keto diet has become super popular in the last few years.

You can make sure to get the maximum benefits.
On a keto diet, most people can lose weight without hunger and a number of health issues can be improved
Most importantly, a keto diet is not used as a temporary fix.
Many people enjoy it as a long term lifestyle not just for weight loss but for long term health and well being
And staying fit year around.
Many people feel energized.
Full of mental clarity.
And have stable blood sugar levels.
Most of the hunger disappears.
Cravings for sweet foods are reduced.
So, there is no need to snack all the time.
People save time by being happy with fewer meals.
They eat delicious food whenever they are hungry.
There is not even the need to count calories.
Most people feel so satiated on keto that they can eat when they are hungry and still eat less and lose excess weight.
They don’t even have to exercise.
Some exercise is good for you for health and feeling your best.
But it is not required for weight loss and certainly not on keto.

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  1. Mam…u inspired me a lot…im 78 kgs now …nd beginner to ur chennel…nd following 45 mins exercise daily..how to reduce more weight within a month mam..pls guide me mam??is it possible for me mam??

  2. Keto should be followed only for a short period of time and it is beneficial for obese people. However it has many side effects if followed for long time, it’s high in saturated fat, which has been linked to heart disease. Additionally, a nutrient deficiency and constipation could occur since the keto diet is very low in fibrous foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Liver problems for those with existing liver conditions could possibly worsen since the keto diet puts stress on the liver, and kidney problems could also occur. If you are considering going on the keto diet, work with a knowledgeable practitioner or seek out a registered dietitian with experience in prescribing it and following you to avoid any adverse effects.

  3. Hi sis. After watch ur video I am on keto 5th day and I loss 2.8kg, but today I eaten payasam 2cup which am regretting now. Any way to restore this eaten carbs. Please help me

  4. Hi, Can you make a video on how to exit from Keto slowly, (may be 14 days plan) especially macronutrients to follow during this transition period so that we dont gain back the weight we lost. Thank you so much for the guidance & motivation you are giving.

  5. Akka I have one doubt can we eat normal wheat chapati in keto instead of keto roti bcz I can’t get keto atta or almond flour or coconut flour?? So can we do lose weight by eating wheat chapati 😔Plz reply akka 😍

  6. Ennaku urine oil pola pogum.. athuku fat burn agarathu karanam. Soldraga.. so ennaiya carbohydrates yeduthukalam solirkaga.. NV la

  7. Hi mam
    This is lalitha
    Hope you’re fine and safe.
    Mam am following keto diet from Apr 15 2020.
    Now I reduced good weight and i want to convert my keto diet to normal diet from july1 .
    Can you help me mam? What should I follow after keto ?. Many of them saying about only how to get into keto and keto diet charts.
    What key points should follow post keto mam?
    Please guide me mam.

  8. Hi i am new subcriber. Na house wife 10 days ah exercise star paniruken my weight 80 kg ful day work panuren yennala time ku sapda mudiyala yethavathu solution pls sis

  9. Mam na egg diet eduthutu irukken 15 days a sikkiram weight loss agum nu sonnanga. Enakku 2 kg than weight loss agirukku mam .Ana enakku entha egg diet plane putichirukku ennum konjam sikkiram weight loss aga na enna seiyala.na erkanave walk exercise pandren plz mam ethavathu solution iruntha sollunga

  10. Akka im nafla from sri Lanka. Nanum weight loss panra purpose la sugar avoid panni ikiran. Athuku replacement aa sri lanka la kedaikita sweetner DIABTASOLE nu law callory sweetner use pnran athu paravayillaya? Enda doubts ku pathil solli Nega thn help pannanum

  11. hi sissy where is the next video about keto food list , can you send me a link here , i have seen western keto diet food list , but for our south indian style keto diet list.

  12. Semmaya puriya vechitinga evlooo vid patha…… Elarum caloriea low pananum matum tha sonanga…. Neenga romba cleara soltinga weight loss … Itha follow panra …. Try pantu solra sis…

  13. Mam, I followed this diet for two months and reduced 8kgs. But past three weeks, I was unable to follow and gained 2kgs weight. Now I’m looking to follow this again. Is there any rule to follow to start again?
    Pls guide me..

  14. It is absolutely true. I followed 6 months and I achieved my goal. I think all our Tamil forks should follow who are over their BMI. I really appreciate this effort of yours.

  15. Dear one doubt, keto diet weightloss la, after weight loss, skin saggy a aaguma….ennoda skin romba saggy a iruku…..idhuku remedy sollungalen

  16. Hi mam nan after delivery 82 kg. Enakku ulcer and achana vai vedipu irukku so na enuha keto diet try pannalama ethu try pannalum ulcer problem athikam aguthu pls solluga

  17. One drawback is that it can not be followed more than 3 months. Because keytons produced is bad to kidney…

    Make sure you have nutritionist or doctors support while following it.

    By the way, I reduced 10 kg around 2 months with keto.

  18. Hi mam before one year I have followed paleo diet but for some issues I exit from it but I want to follow a healthy diet so suggest me a good diet plan no health issues.

  19. Plz dnt follow keto as it have many side effects.. main problem is hair loss..

    I ve followed that and i m facing p4oblems.. A good diet should include all nutrients . Plz dnt follow

  20. Hi sis. In first season I have lost 4kgs. Still I am in diet. I want to loose 9kgs. Sure I will join next season and I will try to reduce my weight.

  21. Hi mam, you are doing great job,could you please clarify me. I am almost 90 kg weight, I have TSH as 13.5 and my age is 25 , I followed paleo diet for 4 months, I have lost only 5 kg, then I left that diet.
    Based on your inspiration I am going to try your diet plans. Could you please provide me which is best diet and It will be more helpful to follow.

  22. Hi man I followed it season 1 I reduced 3 kg along with workout due to some reason I couldn’t inform u. Now I am 70 kg need to reduce 15 kg I am exited to do season 2..

  23. Na delivery ku apram 88kg iruka.60kg varanum.athuku entha Mari food eadukanum.mrg,aft,nt nu ena sapadanum.wt loss drink ena kudikalam.enaku fasta wt loss pananum.enaku age 25 intha age la parkaraku 30 age above va therira romba kastama iruku.pls rply panunga

  24. Hi sis.. Keto diet is super choice.. But I have a doubt.. Ithulaium side effects yethashu iruka…plzz explain

  25. Mam Daily enna sapadanum daily chat podunga continuousa it may be keto or it please suggest in veg too plz I like to follow both diets but am not sure ab that plz clear full…..

  26. Pcod irukavaga try keto diet…intermittent fasting try pannalama………illana pcod ku correct diet solluga….

  27. Hi @tamizh penn.. Good to see your video again after some days of gap .. I am ready and excited for Season 2 👍🏻 I have almost lost 2.5 Kg in season 1.. But had many Cheat days with Keto diet. This second season I will try to be on a proper diet and reduce cheat days as much as possible .. Thanks !

  28. Thought of following keto n your video comes… Thanks mam. I’m a pure vegetarian. So please keto diet chart without eggs. And berries madri fruits india la rare. So India la afford panra madri vegetarians ku oru diet chart solunga. Will be very useful

  29. Hi sis
    I’m a vegetarian. I don’t take egg also. How can I do this keto diet. Can u give some food options for vegetarians like me…

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