What I Eat In A Day | Keto Vegetarian Diet | Weekend Edition | Easy to Keto

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Most days, I practice intermittent fasting but on weekends, I like to splurge a little. Here is a full day of eating while being on a vegetarian keto diet (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).

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30 Comments on “What I Eat In A Day | Keto Vegetarian Diet | Weekend Edition | Easy to Keto”

  1. I’ve been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for over 30 years . I am about 10-15 lbs overweight and post menopausal. I tried keto for the past 6 months. I initially lost about 7 lbs ( in first 2 months) but no further weight loss. I think I was over doing cheese and heavy cream ( which I read is better than half and half for keto). I got discouraged around thanksgiving and went off keto. I plan to get back on the keto wagon , and hope your channel can help me get more variety and nutritious options. Most of the other channels have a big meat component which goes against my humanity. Thank you so much for providing vegetarians with the ability to go keto.

  2. Wow look what I found ?.. it’s you from curry to this channel I am happy I have subscribed your channel….as I was looking vegi keto diet recipe🙌😘💯👌🍲🌸

  3. This is amazing! thanks for sharing. Where do you buy the Lupin flour. And is there any recipe for dosa and sambhar! Craving for it 🙁

  4. Hi Hetal- Made the broccoli cheddar soup yesterday and savoring it bowl by bowl. Thanks for a delicious recipe. Can you please post a low carb recipe for Thepla?❤️

  5. Your Keto recipes are godsend for vegetarians. I Look forward to your recipes. Please don’t stop experimenting with your recipes.

  6. Walmart sells ‘OLE’ brand of tortillas. They have spinach flavor and regular flaxseed variety. 4g net carbs/tortilla. Love those

  7. Hetal I like watching your videos all of it with your friend Ahuja which you have stopped,with your daughter or be it just you. All your recipes are tempting. In this receipe is there any substitute for mushroom. Well keep your keto receipe video going on. You look pretty and your videos are adorable.🙏

  8. Thank you so much Hetal. Nice to see you back. I am following you since many years and I am extremely happy that my wish come true. Actually since many months I am searching for Indian vegetarian keto diet and couldn’t get satisfactory answer and here it is you solve my problem😄thank you!!🙏🏻. I have a request that can you mention in a video that how we can count macros in each dish. For me it’s a big headache. Like if we make kadai mashroom how can I count the numbers 😌

  9. Hello Hetal: Great video, with many helpful tips. As regards the intermittent fasting…does a “Bulletproof” type coffee break the fast? I hear various opinions on this. Thanks. Ed

  10. Also try the brand tortilla, Ole Xtreme Lo carb, high fiber. Thanks for the recipes. Please also include shots of the cute doggie.

  11. Nice and healthy recipes. Can you please share from where did you brought that stainless steel container in which you store your sweater. If possible can you please share its link.

    Thank you.

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