What I Eat in a Day KETO and Intermittent Fasting + ANNOUNCEMENT!

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The information provided on this channel is for educational and informational purposes just and is not meant as a substitute for suggestions from your doctor or other healthcare professional. You should not use the information on this channel for diagnosis or treatment of any health issue or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. Speak with a health care professional before starting any workout, diet or supplements program, prior to taking any medication, or if you suspect you may have a health problem.

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► FASTING KETO BREAKFAST– Vegan Bulletproof Coffee.
► EASY KETO LUNCH – Burger-Inspired Cauliflower Rice Bowl w/ Homemade Avocado Oil Mayo.
► MEAL PREP KETO DINNER – Spicy Mayo Baked Salmon w/ Foil Packet Keto Vegetables.
► KETO SNACKS/ SWEETS – Coconut Lime Fat Bombs.

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Curious about what to eat on keto or how a low carb diet works? In this what I consume in a day keto and intermittent fasting video, Im walking you through a FULL DAY of eating keto– including some keto fasting suggestions and insights!

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Whether youre on a keto diet or just wish to see what the ketogenic diet appears like, have a look at what I eat on keto to remain in ketosis, how I keep keto cooking sustainable, and how I make keto and fasting work for me.

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Ill reveal you some of my go-to easy keto meals along with ALL of the keto food that I consume in a day:.

RECIPE INSPIRATION for the Keto Meals in this video:.
► VEGAN BULLETPROOF COFFEE https://bit.ly/2Gd2nvY.
► BURGER SALAD https://youtu.be/x5QQC3W4JIU.
► HOMEMADE AVOCADO OIL MAYO https://bit.ly/2SMniwW.
► FOIL PACKET DINNERS https://bit.ly/2IC7DLJ.
► KETO FAT BOMBS https://bit.ly/2XU5X4C.

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★ CRAZY Sugar Comparisons https://youtu.be/gzxqTzYbVjU.

293 Comments on “What I Eat in a Day KETO and Intermittent Fasting + ANNOUNCEMENT!”

  1. What’s your favorite thing to eat while low carb/keto?! Come check out my new course to find Kitchen Confidence!

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  5. Is it ok to add xylitol to drinks during intermmiten fastin?would it not break it ? (weight loss purpose) Thank you

  6. This still surprise me, just how lot of people don’t know about Custokebon Secrets, even though many people get good results with it. Thanks to my cooworker who told me about Custokebon Secrets, I have lost lots of weight with it without starving myself.

  7. For fasting, you really shouldn’t consume more than 50 calories worth of food or additives or it will stop your fast. Just drink black coffee.

  8. Really appreciate how quickly you go over the recipes. So many youtubers love to hear themselves talk and it gets so annoying! Plus your recipes are the best and lots of practical nutritional information. Great channel!😊

  9. “Doctor Sam Pak introduced me to some amazing analysis established on ancient eastern traditions that have already made the Asian world one of the healthiest together with longest lived parts of the globe,” Find out here

  10. It’s so difficult. Lol. They want you to not eat carbs and fat but they say oh it’s ok if your doing it this way. No lol. Stop confusing ppl.

  11. You can’t drink the coffee while you fast. Check out Thomas De Lauer, maybe you can learn something from him.

  12. Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear many individuals lost tons of weight with Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  13. Diet Plan called Custokebon Secrets kept showing up here on many youtube videos and I thought they were scams. However after my cooworker follow it, and finally lost plenty of weight with it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Do not take my word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine.

  14. If you wish to lose fat, you need to search Custokebon Secrets on google. They’ll make it easier to get the shape you need.

  15. I have IBS and Leaky gut syndrome. So after my FODMAP diet. I found that I cant have garlic, onions, mushrooms, olives, peas or any cruciferous veggies. So the foods I can eat are even more restrictive. I have been doing Keto for less than a year and find I have trouble getting my fats in through regular type meals. I love the idea of intermittent fasting!! I was wondering can I use Zucchini instead of cauliflower?

  16. I luck up on u your channel thank you you are truly amazing person very informative and helpful I thank you for explaining to me keto now know I truly appreciated everything thanks so much I look forward to seeing and learning new things with keto

  17. Struggling to find naturally fermented pickles or sauerkraut anywhere. May have to check the farmer’s market. Don’t have the patience right now to make my own.

  18. I love your thoughts on salt and think under-salting is a common mistake for inexperienced cooks. That being said, there is a big difference between white table salt and unrefined salt. I hope you’ll read and enjoy this article I wrote about it, as I see you are using some really great products (namely avocado oil and primal kitchens ketchup!):

  19. “I know moist is a gross word, but that’s what it does”.., we would be cool friends 😂😂 you’re very down to earth I can tell

  20. I usually just use a protein shaker to shake my coffee since I don’t have a bullet blender works just as good

  21. Thanks for this. Clear-cut and different than what everyone else is posting. I appreciate the work you put into your content

  22. I love the recipe for burger with cauliflower.
    In regards to pickles- pickles are pickles. I’m Polish ( and proud of it)- we have very large amount of soured foods in our kitchen, just like people from Asia ( korean kimchi)
    Soured cucumbers ( usually seasoned with horseradish root, garlic, etc) are naturally fermented, just like sourcraught ( red or white) – kiszona kapusta ( don’t mistake for kwaszona kapusta which is with vinegar), soured beets ( if you make your own, use beets for raw sour beet coleslaw) or juice for red borsh, soured rye or buckwheat base for white borsh, various soured vegetables- cauliflower ( sooo good)peppers, squash, tomatoes, zucchini, garlic, etc. very popular alternative for non-dairy probiotics. For dairy I prefer kefir ( even commercial has at est 13 different strains of good bacteria, yogurt just 2), whey – which you can only make by making natural fresh quark cheese – only eko raw milk. Love those recipes. I just started my 16/8 diet based on Dr. Jan Kwasniewski ( first Doctor who cured diabetic patients naturally- ripped by big pharma for it), Dr. Magdalena Makarowska and Dr Jason Fung recommendations. Fantastic recipes for souring and fermentation’s by polish chef -Aleksander Baron in his cookbooks ” Kiszonki i Fermentacje ”

  23. You’re cool and nice, but the number of times you mention your course is toooooo much! I understand wanting to get people to register to your course, but come one, every other sentence is about your course! Very unfortunate because it makes me hesitant to click on your other videos.

  24. I love this. Thank youuuu!!! Have you any idea how you just saved my Summer??? We cook out sooo much. Thank you. I can’t wait to make everybody drool over my healthy burger! I am SO loving this! AWESOME

  25. I only watched 5 minutes and you’re already not making sense, bulletproof coffee breaks your fast, so you’re not fasting, if you don’t know this, do how can anyone trust your suggestions? Also onions are not allowed in keto.

  26. How many calories in total are these dishes plz??? Is it a must to eat our total calorie limit per day? Or is it ok to eat less when we are on keto, ? Thank u 😊

  27. Hey! How much mct oil do you put in?? I’ve been doing 1 tablespoon and I’m starving by 10 am (I start work early).

  28. Hello from a brand new KETO friend. I have a question that I’m hoping you will have some insight on. I take medication that both causes weight gain and makes it near impossible to lose unless not on the medication. Do you know if KETO is something that can break that problem?? I’m hoping you can give me some good news. LOVED YOUR VIDEO, you are an excellent teacher!

  29. A lot of people nowadays are working to find out the best way to lose weight. Then again, being able to discover a diet plan that can work for you is hard to discover. A very important factor you need to comprehend is that a diet is effective for one person might not work for another. And that means you have to understand what your getting into before you begin one of these diets. This can give you enough information to learn if this is something that is appropriate to your requirements. Read more here

  30. Veg adds color and flavor and that’s about it once it passes your eyes and tongue. It is well worth the bloat once a month for me, but I will never go back to veggies full time. You don’t need fiber, you need fat.

  31. Like your channel but can you please talk a bit slower. You have a echo in your kitchen so your high pitched voice bounces off the walls. I have sensitive hearing. I want to watch more. Thanks

  32. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Consuming bullet proof coffee aka coffee with fat while IF will definitely break a fast which defeats the whole purpose of IF’ing.

  33. just and FYI if you use the foil make sure to protect the food with parchment paper because cooking with foil permits the aluminum to leech into the food. High aluminum in the diet from pans and foil causes alzheimers. Nice recipes, new subscriber here.

  34. I try to avoid using aluminum foil and aluminum cookware. Aluminum can leach into your food. It is now known that aluminum causes Alzheimer’s. There is also aluminum in many underarm deodorants. They do make a plastic oven cooking bag. And of course there are many containers that can be had to cook your vegetables in. I love this segment.

  35. This is awesome. I still need to read up on whether the coffee is okay for IF, but wanted to get some clarification with the fat bombs. You say they’re snacks but are they eaten between your first and last meal or during the cooking or after the cooking of the meal to keep it within the same timeframe?

    Im still new to IF while planning my weekly meals, but have heard that it’s better to stick to meals rather than snacking at all in your window so that your insulin doesn’t react as much during the eating window to not stop and start the resting process?

    Any feedback or comments, or even pointing me in the direction of some more info would be super helpful :3 Im wondering whether I’d benefit from planning keto friendly snacks. Or gradually work my way into IF and only two meals daily. I have back pain from medicated and sedintary lifestyle weight gain and want to reduce the stress on my lumbar asap so I can start to work out and do more excercise (at the moment it’s yoga and stretching with small but frequent walks). Then I wont be so critical of how I tackle IF but yeah, just want to do it right 🙂

  36. 2:31 not true, you cannot consume fat while fasting, anything that HAS calories, will kick out of fasting state girl

  37. I’m looking into Keto. You had mentioned you don’t want vinegar – that confused me. I see a lot of people talk about making at-home vinaigrettes for their salads to take away with what they put in a bottle from the store. I thought vinegar was a thing for this? Please help me understand.

  38. Im so in love with the cauliflower dish. I’ve made it twice so far and can’t wait to make it again. Soooo good. Thank you!

  39. Ok, I want to try that coffee so bad. So if it breaks my fast or not, I’m sure it’s still a good thing to drink in the morning rather than all the other coffee/sugar choices. I’m trying keto to lose weight, detox, and be more healthy. How many days should you do IF, and when not on IF, do you stay Keto and if so, what does your daily diet look like?

  40. I’m on Keto and never spend more than 30 minuts on meal prep. But then, I don’t cook carrots and potatoes like your video indicates.
    I really don’t know what I’m doing yet on Keto. Only 11 weeks. I lose over 3 lbs/week (36lbs down) which is too much, I know but I ‘m still learning.

  41. If your drinking bullet proof coffee when in your fasting period. Then your not considered fasting. The almond milk and the mct oil will trigger a metabolic response.

  42. Wait, consuming anything other than water, plain coffee, or green teas will break your fast. No calories in that window. I would use the bulletproof coffee and veggies to break the fast. No calories, fat, protein, sugar etc. during fast

  43. People must be less competent in the kitchen than i think. I use recipes the first time i make something, then i rarely need it afterwards. Taste food, add flavor, taste again. Repeat until tastes good. Heat food till wont kill you. Tada. My roommate used to make fun of me. I dump protein vegies and oil and seasoning into oven. 1 hour later ive finished cooking for the week.

  44. Stop plz stop u talk too much u know how many times u said I will teach u how to cook ?? Is just simple stuffs nothing fancy ok so cook and be quiet

  45. I dont like salt. I try to add flavor, in place. Also, coconut / coconut oil is not good for some people on different medications. Make sure you googles all your medications, before, using different things.
    Do like the meal prep and bento boxes are my fav.

  46. Yummy looking recipes and awesome tips! I hate that I missed the course but I have signed up for the waiting list. Can’t wait to try these recipes.

  47. I tried the burger bowl with chicken and bacon it was good, I also tried it with beef and bacon also good but as I knew from the chicken try I didn’t like the pickled cucumber this time I used chopped onion and cucumber and Tomato slices, really good

  48. Did I understand this right? – you can have bulletproof coffee DURING the fast? So if I’m doing 16:8 and going crazy at the 15th hour, I can have this high fat coffee ? Currently I drink black and can’t stand the taste.

  49. Just made this burger bowl and all I can say is wow!!!! This was so freaking good 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  50. Hey hun I’m glad I came across your channel. I also do keto and lost 150 lbs in 18 months. It has been an amazing journey and I have documented everything on my channel. I have just subbed to you and I hope you can do the same back 😊👍🏻🔔

  51. You can’t have fat during your fast. You will break your fast. You are not intermittent fasting if you have fat during your fasting window. 😩😩😩😑😑😑

  52. This was literally a God sent! I’ve been married almost 28 years next week & I am so done trying to figure out our weekly meals & coming home so tired from work.I’m excited about your amazing videos & I can’t wait 4 your courses to open up 😁☺️ thanks

  53. I know this is kind of an old video, but what do you mean when you say “whole” foods? Does that just mean that they are unprocessed?

  54. Wow, so did you say that was a 10 0z bag of riced cauliflower and you got to eat it all? I’m still trying to learn about keto, and afraid to go over on carbs in non-starchy vegetables as well, because I recently read that you have to be careful of that. I too, thought that it would be ok to eat as many non-starchy veggies as I wanted. I have been hungry on keto, and I appreciate your video here, because it’s giving me some clarity and hope not to have to be hungry! There is some conflicting information out here about the diet, thank you for sharing. I am especially excited about seeing your vegan keto, because that’s what I am doing as well. Appreciate you!

  55. Ingesting any calories will break your fast. Please dont mislead people as not everyone is as educated as yourself to know why you say bulletproof is ok. Bulletproof allows you to fill up and stay in ketosis but to stay fasted and avoid absolutely no hormonal or caloric response, black coffee is best.
    You are very knowledgeable and this is a great video overall so thanks for making this!

  56. You might consider trying to use parchment paper for the veggie tents to limit aluminum consumption. Great video! Thank you for all the recipes and tips!

  57. Hello! I do believe pickle’s that have vinegar are probiotic because the vinegar is acidic and it will bring the body to alkaline. The pickles become alkaline which gives acid to our bodies to help with digestion.

  58. THANK YOU for being the only one to talk about needing enough food. We are low ish carb and about to embark on a 45 day therapeutic ketosis and I am so frustrated at recipes saying a serving is 300 calories. How is that enough for dinner?! And if you double it then you’re doubling the carbs too. Even doing the whole 30 I found I needed to eat a lot more food. Ugh! Keep these videos coming!!

  59. For anyone who does intermittent fasting based on calories instead of blood sugar or ketone levels, Dr. Berg says that 50 calories and under will not break the fast. I do coffee in the morning with unsweetened almond milk and stevia which ends up being around 35-40 calories. I mean this to be a suggestion. Always do your own research.

  60. Hello alyssia ! I wanted to ask is jif’s omega-3 peanut butter keto friendly ? It has 8 grams of carbs per serving .. I’ve been looking online but haven’t found much info can you help please ! I’ve been a fan for almost 5 years btw ! Thank you for the amazing videos and I’m starting keto soon !

  61. I did this with cilantro instead of spinach, home made medium salsa verdure, pickles and topped with a red bell pepper (less like burger, more like taco) – really enjoyable

  62. I’ve heard from other sources that fat will break your fast so bulletproof coffee is a no no when you are fasting.

  63. Sorry, but consuming fat breaks your fast. It’s not about raising blood sugar’s, fasting is about your entire body being in a resting state, so your liver, intestines ect Don’t have to digest anything, not even a single calorie. Consuming anything besides water breaks the body’s resting state so therefore your fast is invalid

    But don’t worry cause you’re in ketosis so you’ll get most of the same fat burning benefits as IF. Your meals looked scrumptious, thank you for sharing 💖

  64. Great video! Thank you for the meal ideas. Have you tried putting the salmon skin side up under the broiler for 2-3 minutes. I actually cook my fish that way to crisp up the skin, which is my favorite part.

    Also, you mentioned that coconut aminos is higher in carbs than soy sauce but soy sauce has wheat in it, so that would take you out of ketosis. I thought we wanted to completely get rid of wheat products of our diets?

  65. Okie dokie I made the keto burger bowl dish for my family for dinner tonight. Remember I mentioned my son is on keto well this was a huge hit. I made mine with veggie crumbles and the boys were given the regular recipe, I want you to know the only item i added was jalapeno’s, I highly recommend trying this recipe. Thank you for making a 20 minute dinner idea for us tonight. my husband said it tasted like a whopper.

  66. Just tried the burger bowl and it was so yummy. Great way for getting more veggies in, when you are not a veggie fan :D. Thanks for the awesome recipes!

  67. love your videos i am hoping you do more of these keto style recipes. You always have the best videos. I did join one of your courses and they are awesome.

  68. You are not required to fast on the keto diet. You are always in ketosis on the keto diet, weather you fast or not. Many people on the keto diet do fast, and it is easier to do it if you follow keto. The reason for fasting is for the benefits of autophagy which Dr. Yoshinon Ohsumi won the the Nobel prize in physiology, in 2016. yes, anything with calories, including fats, breaks a fast. You will not be in autophagy and get all the amazing benefits if you have bulletproof coffee during your, not really a fast. I do love your meal planning and hope you do more keto plans.

  69. Research suggests that aluminium foil should not be used for cooking. Instead, it’s recommend using glassware or porcelain when preparing baked dishes.

  70. My constant struggle with keto is being afraid of having too many carbs and therefore not eating enough food, making me hungry and irritable. I’m down to 207 from originally 258 three years ago doing keto on and off, but there’s never anything satisfying enough to keep me interested. Just decided to say screw it and tried that bowl – SO good! Even though my mind was like “Nope, too many carbs” I dove in and it was fantastic. I would love love LOVE a video on different types of cauliflower rice bowls – Great for meal prepping and just enjoying. Omg thank you!

  71. Love your content, but bulletproof coffee is NOT IF-certified. During a fast to get the advantages, you do not consume any calories at all. Calories are present in carbs, protein AND fats.
    Still love your channel and your content!

  72. As a Chef I get these kind of questions all the time lol. Thank you for offering this course. I will definitely share it on my social media platform.
    SN another way to keep zucchini from falling apart just simply cut it on the bias. This gives it a little chunkier cut which stands up to heat.

  73. It’s not reeeeally intermittent fasting though, as you’re breaking your fast with all the calories in that fatty coffee.

  74. I like everything you showed, except for the the foil – not good for health, not good for the environment either… I wonder if you have any alternatives?
    Thank you!

  75. If you knew what my size is. Our f is a smallish type for a man. I wore teen clothes as an adult woman. I don’t want to hurt anyone . I eat healthy. The heart n soul count the most. Happiness. Having a baby is a good cure for any types of eating disorders. Grow up.

  76. I only eat one huge meal a day. Before the meal I take teaspoon of coconut oil, then after the meal I take a tablesooon of coconut oil. It prevents any reflux and also keeps me full until the next day, about 20 hours or even more. Literally I don’t feel ravenous at all when I’m on the coconut oil. Thank God!

  77. So you’re gonna take the time to take a 6 week course and do homework to learn how to save time in the kitchen? Lul.

  78. seems like a great class…it is a shame that i WILL NOT order anything from your website again…after getting beat for the cost of an e-book that i have not been able to access. I have attempted to get help with the contact us link on your website..do u even read those? i can’t tell because i have gotten no response.
    Really is a shame because i do enjoy the content of the one book i purchased that i purchased that i have access to.
    Unfortunately, i am very disappointed in your lack of responsiveness on am item that that i paid for.
    So, buyer beware..great content….but total lack of responsivness if u run into technical difficulty with a purchased item…if u are okay with taking the chance of being on ur own if u can’t access contemt i paid for..then go ahead…but it is not okay for me. out a few bucks but alot wiser….lesson learned.

  79. I know it’s a long shot that you’ll see this, but can I ask where you got your shirt? I love pineapples! Also love the video and your channel😊

  80. Not a keto person, but always enjoy your cheerful videos. 💗 needed to smile today and you definitely did that for me, thank you 🙏

  81. I love how pretty you make everything look. Those fat bombs look so sweet and inviting… like it’s saying.. “here’s a little love!” 😄

  82. I love this burger bowl. I’d probably not do Keto, since I mainly do Vegan except special occasions, but damn I’d do this with cauliflower rice and mushroom grounds.

  83. Wow! We actually have squash, broccoli and red onion in the produce drawer in the fridge and I wanted to cook them differently today.. Thanks for the awesome and coincidental inspiration! Looking forward to how my foil packets turn out 🙂

  84. Oh my goodness you have no idea how much I’ve been wanting you to do a video like this!! I started keto about 2.5 weeks ago and I’m loving it! Thanks for showing the califia farms creamer! The bf and I have been craaaaving a keto friendly creamer.

  85. Love your t-shirt 🍍🍍 and i started my first attempt to keto this week and its hard. Its expensive and restrictive when you are trying a vegan version and especially difficult when you love fruits so much..😩😩 miss my smoothies with bananas 🍌🍌 so i dont know how people can to keep on keto for months. How much time its okay to go with this kind of Diet?🤔🤔

  86. I’m new to your channel and I’ve been wanting vegetarian Keto friendly meals for my family . I just made this for lunch using veggie meat sub and omitted the mayo . It turned out great !!! Thanks

  87. FYI bulletproof coffees breaks a fast. the fat you add has a lot of calories. so you are not really intermittent fasting. watch Thomas Delaur videos

  88. I love your regular fun/high energy videos because you remind me of Alton Brown and these more relaxed ones are great, too, because we get to see another side of you. You’re so knowledgable and approachable. @foodnetwork, give this lady her own show!

  89. Unfortunately I am unable to do keto found out I had hyperglycemia pretty bad i fainted several times bummed me out but no I am just focusing on stable blood sugar

  90. Keto & IF (4-6 hour eating window) are a very powerful combination for weight loss AND overall improved health. I lost 80 lbs over the course of a year as a 50yo gal! I’m not looking back! It’s so freeing to not be controlled by food or the clock!

  91. I keep it SUPER simple! I have a tablespoon or two of high fat plain yogurt in the morning before the gym. Then I have a fatty coffee late morning. I don’t eat a proper meal til lunch, usually eggs, avocado, bacon and some veggie. Dinner is a moderate slice of meat with roasted veggies or cauliflower rice on the side. That’s it 💁‍♀️

  92. I watch all your videos, but I’m keto and my husband is GF. Love the low carb content most- thanks!
    Ps very cute teeshirt.

  93. I used coconut oil, then my blood work showed such high cholesterol my Dr was alarmed. What is that all about? I though the coconut oil was a healthy oil?

  94. I appreciate that you’re not one of those keto dieters that fry steak in a stick of butter, cover it with cheese and pretends like it’s healthy 😂

  95. I’m doing keto and IF as well for my trip to Egypt and you’re motivating me with all your videos thank you. Much love ❤️

  96. Love this video. Currently experimenting with Keto and I’ve been finding myself stumped for inspiration. Thank you!

  97. Also apple cider vinegar is so important for gut health to, so I would suggest. The refrigerated pickles in the store. Even with vinegar. Sauerkraut is great too. But not canned

  98. I have been trying to eat more at home while pregnant because generally speaking its healthier. I always run out of ideas so I appreciate all that you do on this channel!

  99. Just wanted to let you know how dope and awesome you are! You really go out of your way to make things easy for your viewers ❤️ much love!

  100. Once again you don’t disappoint! Great video! Great ideas for meal preps, especially if you’ve been doing keto a while and such in a rut. Thanks!

  101. Play around with foods in the kitchen…is the way I roll on the kitchen. I even try to do healthy baking. I love ALL YOUR VIDS. I am a saurkraut freak. Housekeeping after cooking is “my style” I clean up during prep…that is how I save time

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