Top 10 Keto Fat Loss Tips

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Our Top 10 Keto Fat Loss Tips! We include our top advice for losing excess body fat quickly!



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66 Comments on “Top 10 Keto Fat Loss Tips”

  1. Maria, I love the way you finish your husband’s sentences, and the way he doesn’t seem to mind at all. Really sweet!

  2. I also think we should get away from indiscriminately talking about “weight loss”. A much better term is “fat loss”. I know that is much harder for people to measure because the scale won’t tell you what exactly you lost (water, fat, muscle), but the goal is clear: We want to lose fat.

  3. You two make so much sense and make it easy to understand how you can both lose or gain weight with keto or carnivore.

  4. Ok, you talked me into it! Giving up my MCT oil, dairy and nuts. Cheese is a big addiction of mine. Nuts are next. I am getting both of your books you mentioned in video. Thanks again. 🤩😍🤩

  5. Love the info in this video and all the knowledge and recipes that you share. Thanks for everything that you do!

  6. The dairy the bread the chips ect all makes me very tired all the time , today I cut down on dairy and carbs and I feel more energy! What can I do to get magnesium and potassium?? And. Advice will help thank you

  7. My mind is blow. 🤯 7 minutes into the video and I’m already finding out why when I did keto I wasn’t losing anything. Great info!

  8. Hi Maria. I am cutting out coffee. Down to 2 cups a week. I have replaced it with MUDWTR. WHAT do you think? I love it. It’s great. I use MCT powder as creamer and some SWERVE. and it’s great. I get a boost. And it has healthy ingredients. Would you say this is ok??

  9. Oy! Ok, ok…I’ll give up my morning cup of coffee and replace it with bone broth for 2 weeks and see what happens. It’s pretty much my only source of dairy (cream) so…I’m willing to try!

  10. Please do a video explaining why flax and chia seeds are not healthy. I get so many people recommending I add chia seeds to my diet for fiber and Omegas. Please set me straight!

  11. This makes the most sense to me. I couldn’t do the prolonged fasting because I love to work out and found that I didn’t have the energy to sustain my fitness lifestyle. I’m with you guys.

  12. but question please im 225 pounds muscles with a bit of fat i dont want to loose my muscle mass and go below 200 pounds. is this possible on keto diet ?

  13. Finally decided to let go of nuts and dairy. I often like the nuts just for the salt and crunch. They replaced my potato chip habit. But my health has become my highest priority this year.

  14. I’m a little confused now. You say no to dairy, nuts but you have recipes with cheese eg mozzarella or a recipe with almond flour. They are not allowed, perhaps only on days PSMF?

  15. You guys have so much helpful information to give. Thank you for such an amazing video. I started keto in May of 2018 due to infertility issues and pcos. 6 months later I lost 20 lbs, my sugars where beginning to stay stable and I got pregnant! I watched all your videos (sometimes many times for support) and learned so much about my body. God bless you! Thank you for all you have done for me.

  16. Thank you for these videos! I just ordered 2 of your ebooks and I will definitely work on removing the coffee(baby steps…🤦🏾‍♀️). Using the recipes within my macros should aid us in rendering results?

  17. I’ve come back to keto after a few years off….I’ve since had my thyroid removed due to thyroid cancer (and I now have to have my TSH suppressed, which comes with its own issues)…. I’d you have any tips / advice or is there anything I should be doing differently for weight loss? I have gained 20lbs since thyroidectomy

  18. Maria I have all of your cookbooks but I see many of the recipes are so high in fat. I am having to dial back fat because my body is stalling. I will be doing PSMF 2x a week with my keto but my micros are still showing lower end fat intake for my keto days. Most of the recipes are showing almost double the fat compared to protein.

  19. If I cut dairy except butter will it make a difference? I love my eggs with butter, what’s the best fat if not butter? Coconut oil ok? Don’t really enjoy cooking with olive oil!

  20. Do you recommend cutting out seeds as well? Like sunflower seeds? What about vit. E?
    And what about potassium?

  21. I have PCoS and Endometriosis gluten and lactose intolerant. I have been doing keto for nearly one month. Just today you taught me dairy nut chia and coffee aren’t good. Can you recommend a plan for me – a total beginner. Knowledge is power and this needs to become a lifestyle-no more inflammation and pregnant looking body x I’m in Aotearoa New Zealand

  22. It is so confusing i heard nuts, diary and coffee r ok. I’m not sure what to do or believe. More confused not sure were to turn. 🙂

  23. Lost 5lbs doing PSMF and keto every other day for one week thanks Maria making PSMF bead tonight

  24. Just amazing information. Why haven’t I bought any books yet??? Going to go on your website ASAP! Trying to get back to a ketogenic/paleo/carnivore lifestyle again!

  25. Thanks for doing all of these question and answer videos, Maria and Craig!!! So thankful for you both ❤️

  26. I have had major sleep issues my entire life. I had a sleep study done and I was told by the doctors they couldn’t help me. I tested positive on one level for narcolepsy but not on another and I suffer from insomnia which makes no sense because I have symptoms of narcolepsy. Nothing I have done, including supplements has helped me. I think my poor sleep is a huge factor in my struggle to lose weight

  27. I’m willing to give up everything dairy, carb etc but my cup of Coffee, it’s not that I can’t I won’t enjoy the lifestyle

  28. Sometimes these are overwhelming. It feels like EVERYTHING is wrong. Can you prioritize what is the most important to “least” important. This is the way I can tackle one at a time, then the next then the next. I know my keto progress (which is stalled for months now) is tied to the fact that I am down to 5/6 hours of sleep. I feel awful and it compounds every day. I only get 9 hours of sleep on Sunday. I am hungry, I want a sweet treat mid day and drink coffee to get over the bumps in the day.

  29. Awesome!! I had 2 of my questions answered here! One was the coffee and net carbs/fiber issue! I just love you guys and what you’re doing with your knowledge!

  30. Super helpful video Maria & Craig! I loved listening to your great suggestions. I can’t wait to start your coaching program in January!!!! Have a wonderful and blessed holiday season.

  31. Having trouble getting the high protein in fo protein sparing….what does that look like?

  32. Hello Maria, I would like to start my new year with a program developed just for me. Which program do you recommend I sign up for on your site? Surprise, surprise, I am interested in losing weight. Currently, I am 70 lbs overweight. Thank you for all the valuable info you and your husband provide.

  33. Great video! I have been keto over 3 years and have definitely let things get lax. I needed this reminder that keto is best when done right.

  34. Thank you very much for sharing all that information. I have a doubt; I have found a product that is a mix of E968 (erythritol) and E960 2.4% (steviol glycoside). I am concerned that it says 97.6 carbohydrates on the label. I could eat it safely, what do you think?

  35. Thanks for the refresher. I have been lazy w pandemic. You are always so inspiring. Been with you 4 years this February and never ever think of looking elsewhere. Have all your books which should take me thru the rest of my life.

  36. So there’s one youtuber who thinks you’re going to wreck your hormones if you fast and don’t eat 2 sticks of butter a day. I tried to up my fat and just gained weight.

  37. I remember Dr.Berg saying you don’t cheat on your spouse and you don’t cheat on your diet. I love this. Also the more you allow a cheat the more you are able to allow this behavior to become a regular habit.

  38. Outstanding quick review! I have been following Maria and Craig for 6+ years now on my keto journey and it’s always good to get a refresher!

  39. This was GREAT thanks so much for the clear and concise information…. Adjusting my macros accordingly ☺️ I do miss nuts (carnivore 5 months)…. And dairy is going 1/1😢 but I’m committed to finding my best health and dropping the last bit of STUBBORN belly fat. Thanks again!

  40. I’m afraid to put protein up and fat down because I don’t want to get kicked out of ketosis. Is that still a thing ?

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