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Showing you some tips for starting keto that I wish I understood + FAQs! This video is not meant as medical suggestions. All opinions and ideas are my own. Please look for medical advice before beginning a diet plan program.

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Sharing with you some suggestions for starting keto that I wish I understood + FAQs! This video is not meant as medical suggestions. Please look for medical advice before beginning a diet plan program.

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How To Read Food Labels:
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  1. My fiance and I started keto together a week ago. I try keep us 70% fat, 20% protein, 10% carbs. I think we’ve reached ketosis but can’t be sure. We didn’t have bad keto flu luckily, I just feel muscle fatigue faster when working out and his mood has been low. I can already feel that my brain fog has lifted, my neuralgia hasn’t bothered me, my hands haven’t felt arthritic, my metabolism has become regular after it was at a halt from my restrictive yoyo dieting. And I haven’t felt the sluggish depression I normally feel. Apparently carbs create inflammation, so I think that lowering the inflammation in my body has helped my overall well being. We feel full and satiated which is a first while dieting. Normally I can’t see an ad or image of fast food without intense cravings but now they don’t bug me at all. I’m excited to see how this goes long term. Thanks for the video!

  2. Girl! Yes! That’s why I’m timid to tell my family I started the keto diet. I don’t see anyone stopping me from shoving my face full of potatoes. So why should they be concerned now that I’m trying to better my life? Yes!

  3. I have been binging for a long time and people (except for my gp) are not concerned, but whenever I tell someone that I don’t eat meat suddenly it’s a big thing. It’s kinda annoying. I am excited to try keto (meat-free, but nuts are apparently also okay, so I don’t think it should be a problem). I’ll start with my new keto diet in September (when I live on my own again). Thank you for your tips and info!

  4. Amen girl 🙏🏽 !!! Your videos are bomb!!
    I totally love the keto life 🙌🏽 !! Your transformation is soooo fucking amazing!!!
    #doyourthang 💜

  5. I appreciate your emphasis on health and nothing else. I’ve been struggling to find keto pages that don’t just discuss weight loss. I want to lose weight but I want to be healthy the most! Much love

  6. I love ur vids!💕 ive lost 137 lbs and ur doing great promoting health on ur vids👏 #healthy sisterhood! Stay beautiful😘

  7. Your my new best friend…love this and your evergy ..your journey ..question I love keto I have lost 16lbs in 8 weeks inches off and more control over my eating ..but I like to juice how do I incorporate juicing when fruits are not keto friendly

  8. I am on diet too ^_^ eating healthy and exercise . After delivered baby I gained so much and I felt so insecure 🙁 . Now that I have lost 10lb during this quarantine , I can see my self a lot happier , more confident. Great to have someone want to go on diet for the sake . Keep it up . Mwah 💋

  9. Just found your channel and I love your videos! Thank you for all of the information. Screw the haters. There’s always gonna be some, no matter what you do. Keep doing your thing! Love ya girl! ❤️

  10. Hi Kayla! Do you intermittent fast? Maybe an 8/16 breakdown? Do you not eat after a certain time of the day? Loved this video. Would like a part two or even three. Lots of helpful information in a more simplistic fashion. Thanks!

  11. Ive been trying this diet a lot and i did it again last month but this time i ended up doing the unhealthy kind of keto cause healthy food is so expensive here and there’s literally only rice sometimes. Other than that covid-19 is still rising a lot here so it’s risky to go out. So i had to just cut off my carbs but not entirely or else I’ll starve myself while studying for my board exam 😅

    Also ghurl. You’re on the right track. dont listen to those comments. You do you. I like your videos a lot 💖and thank you so much for mentioning about the importance of mental health and how sometimes we just need to take a step back and listen to our body when we feel down. I really appreciate this video 🥺😢 Love you lots 💖 more blessings to you ✨

  12. I enjoyed this video so much. It really cleared things up. In the past I never would have considered the keto diet. I just believed it wasn’t really healthy. I’m going to try it and see how it works for me. Thanks!👌💓

  13. I recently ran across your YouTube channel and have really enjoyed your videos! I tried Keto six months ago and gained weight. I was disappointed. However, after some further research and your videos I’ve realized my portions were too big and I was getting too many carbs. I need to learn portion control. Thank you for your time, knowledge and support in these videos.

  14. I was on keto for a good few months and lost weight and made good decisions with food for once in my life and then thanksgiving was whispering in my ear to eat the goods. And i haven’t looked at keto since. 😭

  15. People always have something negative to say. Especially when you are trying to be a better person! I’ve wanted to try keto, but didn’t know where to start. Will definitely check out your IG page

  16. Good vid. Congrats on your improved health! Keep doing what works for you! I’m inspired by your fitness journey. 😊

  17. Knew it! Yay! Thank you for all of the research that you’ve done on this video! So excited to follow your channel 💗

  18. love this!💜 first video I saw of yours was the adele one and then this one popped up today. Keep it up I love your personality you’ve just gained a subscriber 🥰

  19. You are so amazing great video. How often do you do your grocery shopping? Do you ever stock up on water? Can you possibly do more in store grocery shopping videos? It would be awesome if you could show how you do your full shopping trip

  20. Thanks for this video!! I plan on starting a keto lifestyle in August and was getting over whelmed with all the information! Thanks for making it simple!

  21. I’m such a research geek so I truly appreciate how in depth your videos are! Thank you for the amazing and inspiring content. 🙏🏼

  22. I needed to hear this. Especially the part about if you slip up😭. Thanks sooo much for the encouragement ❤️❤️. You are too sweet.

  23. I am going to need your finger size for your Engagement Ring , KAYLA.
    i already have the tuxedo…. for OUR wedding
    please say YES

  24. You have no idea how much your videos inspire me to not quit on on my healthy journey! Thank you for being so honest and bad ass!

  25. Wooo,,,I ran out of breathe just listening. You uploaded at the right time for so thank you. I’ve just started keto and am not in ketosis but I have made mistakes and am learning from them. You said don’t rush…I started last Thursday and was expecting instant results. I do feel crappy at the moment. I guess that’s the keto flu? I am new to your channel but will follow you with a keen eye.

  26. Thank you for making this video!! I just started keto a few weeks ago. It’s the only diet that will work for me, as I have PCOS and I’m insulin resistant. I’ve been told by my doctors that Keto is best for PCOS, and in order for me to become fertile and get my periods back, I have to lose weight. But damn, it’s hard to know what’s right on this diet haha.

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