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In this weeks Keto Conversation (EP: 114) Its time to RECOMMIT for some or COMMIT for others to the Keto Diet/Lifestyle. Happy New Year! Lets forget the failures of 2019 and progress towards success in 2020. Lets make this the year where you finally tackle your weight problems – and we wish to assist you!


In this video we discuss 7 suggestions to assist you commit or recommit to the Keto way of life.


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In this weeks Keto Conversation (EP: 114) Its time to RECOMMIT for some or COMMIT for others to the Keto Diet/Lifestyle. Lets forget the failures of 2019 and move forward towards success in 2020. Lets make this the year where you lastly tackle your weight problems – and we desire to help you!


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70 Comments on “Time to Recommit or Commit to Keto #Ketolifestyle #KetoDiet #KetoTips #KetoTipsforBeginners”

  1. This is sincerely meant to compliment: I wish Sarah would let her hair grow long. She is stunning. And with long hair…. CJ will not let her out of the house, Lol!

  2. Thanks for the motivation. I am angry at myself, fed up! Fingers crossed that I can do this. 4 failed tries at Keto. I know it works, but it has changed my hormones each time and messes with me.

  3. Great takeaways! I’m feeling donut deprived after being carby . Going now to find your recipe. I’m needing that reassurance that I have my back up ready when tempted. Thanks.

  4. Well Cj and Sarah it happened. I lost track during the holidays and I know I’m not alone here but I can’t believe I let it happen however, even while I was cheating I kept telling myself “I can’t wait to get back on Keto” because I know how sustainable it was, and how good I felt when I was on keto. It’s definitely something that I want to do for life. Here I am back on it and good thing the transition was so much easier than I thought it would be. Thank you so much for this video. It’s encouraging, it’s motivating and it reminds me we are human and to keep moving forward 😊

  5. You guys are awesome. Love your encouragement and kindness. Your recipes are wonderful. Getting back on track. I’m done, it’s on me!thanks🥰

  6. Even though I don’t do any holidays I am struggling. I’m struggling with carb creeping. I don’t always do keto 100 percent but I like to keep the carbs low. It’s not easy to be the only person who does keto or low carb in the house. This was a very encouraging video 😊

  7. I was in Facebook groups and I found them to be too argumentative people were arguing back-and-forth about everything keto. OK I learned from the best. I learned from Dr. Berg Dr. Hyman Dr. mercola Dr. Westerman Dr. Barry. This is not my opinion this is based on science. But people wanna argue with you and then you feel like you don’t know anything and that you’re a failure. I would much rather watch a YouTube video

  8. I’m starting my 3rd year 3/20. It’s my lifestyle too. I want to get to the point where I don’t count months or years. I’m 22 months in. 3 sizes down. I had gained weight and then I started. It’s not oh hey I need to lose weight I had gained 35 pounds in 2 years. My goal was not met in 2019. But ive ramper up 2020. I’m using carb manager to track macros I’ve never done that. I think that’s why I stalled in 19! I have 20 to lose. Ty for the video. We need to constantly feed our brain as well as our cells.

  9. I live the keto lifestyle myself. Have been for 4 yrs. The last 2 1/2 just maintaining and enjoying life. Fortunate enough to have lost 107 lbs.( of course with hard work). Now I have decided to go carnivore for 2 months to then add some things back one at a time to see what disagrees with me or not. Or may stay carnivore if I feel great and enjoy it. Just something new to try. I have enjoyed your videos for quite some time and am looking forward to many more in 2020. Thank you for some delicious recipes and great conversations. So HAPPY NEW YEAR to you both and continued success!

  10. recommiting to keto tomorrow you both help so much- Had a bad day and ate also have a cold really no excuse, ate carbs and peanut butter cups, feeling bad

  11. Made the mistake of overdoing it on carbs over the holidays. The aches and pains, the headaches, and the bloat are NOT worth it!!!!!!

  12. After losing 84lbs since Feb 2019 my goal is to lose another 20-30lbs this year by adding exercise and counting total carbs and not net carbs as I had done this last year….. didn’t realize I was supposed to be counting total and not net for max weight loss….oh well! I am taking it slow, my skin is not loose at all so that’s a plus 🙂 I work from home and don’t have temptations so I am lucky there, I eat at home 99% of the time. My husband and I both have cheat meals because we love Korean BBQ and American BBQ….I don’t eat a lot though, just enough to feel full….our portion sizes are way down from what they used to be! We had a cheat birthday meal yesterday and my stomach was uncomfortable after eating and my joints were achy today after eating a plate of japchae (Korean noodles made of sweet potatoes). ….even the meat is marinated in a sweet marinade so it’s tough. I love Sushi too and not having rice is tough because love nagiri 🍣….sashimi doesn’t fill me up. I have done several 20-24 hrs fasts recently and lost 3 lbs quickly..I was stuck at 80lbs loss for 2 months and just now lost another 3. Makes me think I should switch to one-meal-a-day full time.

  13. I’ve been living he keto lifestyle for about 8 or 9 months now and have lost about 35 pounds. I have another 10-15 pounds to go. i love your recipes and have made quite a lot of them. I hope you guys have a great 2020. I certainly plan to.

  14. Happy Nes Years!! Great way to start off your conversations in the New Year. Great down to earth advice for the keto “Lifestyle””. I’m looking forward to another wonderful year full of fresh and wonderful new keto recipes. You guys are the best. Keeps me true to this lifestyle. Thanks!

  15. I lost about 30 pounds in 4 months and am about 10 pounds away from goal. My weight loss has slowed way down in the last couple of months and I find that discouraging. Mentally I know that happens, but I plan to make this a lifestyle so I know that eventually the last 10 will come off. Any suggestions?

  16. Happy New Year . CJ and Sarah don’t forget to say if there not happy then that need to go to there Dr. to get checked. Out. Labs and listen.

  17. Can you teach macros? Like putting together a days plan for your macros weight foods and calculating. This is my weakest point in the plan.

  18. Happy New Year and congratulations on the weight loss. You are such an inspiration. 2020 is my year!!

  19. I have to be prepared to be successful. I live with snackers age 7 to 71. I make a good size batch of pb treats to keep in my freezer. When I run out I end up scrounging for something satisfying. I also like having mini meatloafs, and egg cups in the freezer. Butter and heavy cream in my coffee is all I need most mornings. Night snacking is my habit I can only tackle with preparedness. I do enjoy cheese crisps.

  20. Had a wonderful Christmas Day with the family, struggling to get back on keto but know we will feel better once we get back on track. We’ve both gained 3 kilos ahhhhhhhh!

  21. 2019 sucked and I failed at keto in 2019 so I am pushing to have a better year and get my keto lifestyle on track and my fail this time

  22. Great discussion. Even for those of us who’ve stayed the course, this is a fantastic reminder of why we’re doing what we do. Thanks CJ and Sarah. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  23. I read my ad papers this am and “Sprouts” is shelf labeling Keto…that tells me Keto has arrived as a viable and proven lifestyle. Just read the label and know that Keto is not regulated, and your Keto may not match their Keto.

  24. This morning when I got up, I thought things over about Keto. What works for me (and mine) and what doesn’t. Sorted it out, and I’m ready to tighten it up, drop some habits, and pick up some others. My entire holiday was spent on Keto…I didn’t fall off at all, didn’t feel tempted at all. If I felt like there wasn’t something I couldn’t have, I either gave it away to someone else or threw it away. I’d have never done that two years ago when I started Keto…so progress has happened in two years. That all being said, I stalled at 65# down. Been there for a year. But, I’ve re-configured and lost inches…and am continuing to do so (so that’s sort of a confusion for me. I do know that muscle takes up less space than fat, so there’s that). My health problems have all but disappeared, especially the diabetes and inflammation troubles that were threatening to overwhelm me and put me in a wheel chair. My pulmonary troubles have improved tremendously, so we’re getting there.My husband, Frank celebrated 100# down this morning. BIG WIN. Weight now, 224#. I’d better get busy eh? For the first time in my life, I’ve felt like I’ve been winning in the health area. A huge part of that was following your channel. Keep doing the work you’ve been doing…you’re making a difference and quite literally you are saving lives. You have my thanks and my sincerest wish for a very Happy New Year.

  25. I appreciate all your points. I stayed Keto over the holidays and I’m thankful. I did have a number of Keto treats and was considering cutting out all dessert, but then I thought how that’s the mindset that got me into trouble – all or nothing. I maintained my weight for 3 weeks in December, then lost 1.8 lbs. this week. I’m happy with that. As this new year begins, I’m just going to keep on the journey and enjoy my food. Looking forward to all you will have for us this year!

  26. That’s what I say……KETO is a life style! I am VERY committed to it. You guys help me alot with your recieps!!🤗. Thank-you! Please more crock pot recipes, please!!! Live you guys! I am a fairly new subby! I watched you guys once and now I’m HOOKED!!🤗🤗

  27. Happy New Year! Friday will be my 3 yrs of the keto lifestyle for me. I watch you and others to keep me motivated everyday! Thank you for all you do!!!  
    When I first started Keto, I was strict keto for 5 months then I started to bake Keto treats. Sometimes I over do it with nuts. By the way, made your thumbprint cookies and cranberry cheesecake for Christmas and everyone loved them. People told me it was the best cheesecake they ever had (they were not keto). Love your recipes!!!

  28. i signed on to your channel for the support and you two inspire me to stay on track!! Thank you, looking forward to 2020 with your channel.

  29. Yup. Sick and tired of being sick and tired brought me to ketoville last February. Don’t fail with SAD food. This is a recommit…macro counting. Ignorance had me drinking DD dark roast with their SWEET cream 😒 and two butters. But you’re right. Keto is very forgiving. Divorced myself from DD cream, life got better! Down 50…could be more, thus recommitted. Less keto treats! 😐 FYI… seaweed with corn oil as first ingredient is delicious…and reactivates ALL joint inflammation. Your seaweed ingredients DO matter!!! 😩

  30. Thank you CJ and Sarah for sharing your journey in this video. I’ve been subscribed for a few months now and I get so many recipe ideas from you. I’ve been on keto for 11 months now and since I refuse to weigh myself, I have no idea how much I lost, but I went from a size 18 to size 12. It’s taken until this Christmas for me to start trying sugar substitute recipes and I really enjoyed the eggnog recipe you shared. It was still a treat and I try to treat any keto snacks as a treat to stay on track for my new life style. thank you again.

  31. Happy New Year’s and starting the lifestyle this year. Got my dr on board and all bloodwork done so the lifestyle starts today.

  32. HAPPY NEW YEAR from the UK. Thank you for thinking ahead and taking the time to make this great video for the start of 2020. I am starting this journey to support my husband who is type 2 diabetic. Our goal is through the Keto lifestyle and exercise to have him OFF the medication or at least reduced, which we are doing with the support of our Doctor. Keto is not really big over here but the odd magazine is making it to the shelf so I will be needing both of you to guide us through this journey. Love the idea of the journal and once again, thank you ❤️

  33. Happy new year..today is my one year anniversary of being carnivore..but I love listening to you guys..can you do CV receipes this year?

  34. I have enjoyed your weekly chats and I have tried several of your keto recipes. You have help me greatly. Thank you for your hard work. Happy New Years!

  35. Happy New Year to your beautiful family! Can’t wait to see what’s in store, thank y’all for such delightful content 💜

  36. 19:23, it’s crazy how it’s different now. Government just want to make medication the solution. When diet is the solution!

  37. Been watching you guys for awhile now, always looking forward to your Wednesday talks! Great info 🙂

  38. Truly appreciate your willingness to share your journey❣️ I just hit my 50 day mark doing IF (20/4) & Keto. I’m feeling pretty good about the restrictions. The hardest is bread & beans. But I know I’ll make it 🙂
    Thank you again for your encouraging words❣️

  39. Happy New Year! I am serious but need help! Wish you had a cookbook! I need to learn how to do this…less calories, determining macros etc. Do you do practice calorie control?

  40. Hi Sarah and CJ, I just wanted to let you know that Ive been watching your videos and been a subscriber for a few months. I’ve decided that I’m going to start the keto lifestyle the 1st. I’m going to be 53 on the 5 the and with your videos and inspiration I know that I can do it! I’m going to be trying a lot of your wonderful and delicious dishes too😁. Thanks again and have a wonderful and blessed New year!

  41. Just want to thank you two for a great year of fun informative and helpful videos.
    Really make a difference. I would encourage anyone keto is great way to get healthier.
    This channel will be a great help to you. If you want it you can do it!!!!!!!!
    Happy New Year everyone. Thanks Jennifer 😊 👍❤️

  42. Happy New Year!!! I enjoy ur talks❣️ Going to try to do better in 2020 Thank you for all the info, recipes, & encouraging words!!!😊

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