THE KETOGENIC DIET: Science Behind Low Carb Keto for Fat Loss, Muscle & Health

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In this video, we’re looking at whether or not the ketogenic diet is more effective than conventional diets:
‣ Is there a metabolic advantage to keto?
‣ Is there a strength/athletic advantage to keto?
‣ Is keto better for heart health and insulin sensitivity?
‣ Is keto better for fat loss and weight loss?
‣ Where did the keto diet come from? (Brief history)


Scientific References:


About me: I’m a Canadian natural pro bodybuilder and internationally-qualified powerlifter with a BSc in biochemistry/chemistry and a passion for science. I’ve been training for 12 years drug-free. I’m 5’5 and fluctuate between 160 lbs (lean) and 180 lbs (bulked).


Disclaimer: Jeff Nippard is not a doctor or a medical professional. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk. Jeff Nippard will not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of information contained in this video including but not limited to economic loss, injury, illness or death.

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  1. What do you guys think of keto? Have you ever tried it? Was the “adaptation period” as rough as they say?

  2. When you have decided what result you want, you just need to go off and find studies to prove it.

  3. I honestly think you can support any argument with research. I was very against a low carb keto diet but I always struggled to lose large amounts of weight just by calorie restriction, not to mention my tendency to binge. On a low – carb diet with IF I don’t feel nearly as hungry, don’t tend to binge and have lost way more than on a balanced caloric deficit diet. I definitely think that if you have any sort of insulin abnormality (I have PCOS) you should try keto if you aren’t getting the results you want.

  4. Did any of these studies moderate fat intake of participants? You didn’t seem to talk about fat intake much in this video at all. Why is that?

  5. Any one tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a google search)? We’ve noticed several amazing things about this popular fat burn methods.

  6. And for no reason all bodybuilder (all of them) suppress carbs to reduce fat… all of them are wrong and their result are fiction… I love when reality hit strong on the face of those papers 😉

  7. I have been on keto first for medical reasons to cure early diabetes type 2 and fatty liver. Doctor disapproved and wanted me on medication. He was quite stunned six months later. It is about getting off insulin and not just the weight loss. I agree with you on total calories, but getting off carbs made it really easy to control my intake. I lean now towards carnivore. As I lost 20 pounds in that time I continued keto for 6 months for a total of 40 pounds. I also did a few three day fasts. Most of my old age symptoms disappeared. But I realized that some of my weight loss was lean muscle as I only had done HIIT every other day. So 12 month ago I upped my protein to 35% but stayed low carb and thus added 14 pounds of muscle by first 2 days a week, then 3 days a week weight lifting. A month ago I switched to lifting one hour 6 days a week and my recovery seems to be fine. I feed at around my maintenance calories two meals a day and regularly have a fasting day when I feel like it. I seem to be at 18% body fat slowly coming down. I am in ketosis most mornings before training but that is an observation not a goal. Most studies that claim that weight loss is equal with low carb or low fat consider 30% carbs low. You never get into ketosis this way. But yes, 30% of people are carb tolerant and lean and dont see a benefit. Obese people always benefit if they stick with it. I have always done a lot of sports but without keto I would still be at 30% body fat and sick at 66 years of age. I heliski, scuba dive and mountain bike but the fake Corona pandemic is killing this. It is important to look at science but there is so much fake stuff by big pharma, leftist universities and climate scare pundits. It takes time and a clear mind to see through it. I do not always agree but find your videos quite valuable!

  8. Would have liked to see you address the main common theory that attracts people to KETO. That the body switches from carbs as a main fuel source to fats.

  9. 2:36 protein is not insulinogenic (glucogenic might be more correct term) if your glugacon levels are up and you have not eaten glucose (ie. you’re in the fasted state).

  10. Personally I have found that with keto I struggled to gain strength and often couldn’t complete my workouts. I ran the diet for a year and hated every training session, I certainly lost a lot of weight but I had to undeniably work a lot harder with little to no return. My coach eventually persuaded me to switch to a moderate carb diet and BOOM strength gains were through the roof. 2 years later, i prefer to keep a balance between the two. I generally keep my carbs low and protein high except for my meal before training (about 3 hours before) in which I consume some sort of carb then eliminate it for the rest of the day. Personally, I think it’s simply just what works best for you and what you can use as a lifestyle change rather than a 2 month fix <3

  11. Been on keto for a year and three months now. Went on keto August of my sophomore year and probably the best thing that i’ve done. Lost 85 pounds in 5 1/2 months and have kept it off ever since. Started to lift more, gained more muscle mass and have kept the muscle on as well. Helped me mentally as well, i have Tourettes and before keto i had to go on all types of medicine to try to control my tic but after going on keto and holding myself to it its made me a lot more in control with my body and helps with my social anxiety a bit. Have been doing intermediate fasting to help with keto since ive been riding the keto plateau for quite a bit now. If your reading this and want to try keto to loose weight quick or to sustain keto just go for it.

  12. Keto Works because you reduce calories. People eat bad carbohydrate, pocessed foods and so on.
    You are not feeling better because of the keto diet but because you reduced your calories.
    Any diet will be succesful as long as you cut on calories and do strong workouts.
    More proteins and less carbohydrates that is the success of a good life.

  13. Good stuff. I do keto for 9 month now and for me it works great. After the first month my performace was the same like before in my workouts. I have to say that I was low carb for some time before. As far as I know the body produces enough glucose by itself for intense training up to a certain limit of course. For me the biggest benefits are the independs of carbohydrates which tends to go up and down more rapidly than fat in terms of energy production. So its easier to not eat for several hours without a significant loss in concentration. Because fat is more energy dense for me its much easier to get more calories in. Im happy with that outcome because I always had problems with eating enough. Try it by yourself!! Its very interesting.

  14. Sorry champ but too many of us have been doing keto or carb restricted diets for years now and have been enjoying the multitude of physical and mental benefits it brings.

  15. Jeff, what are your thoughts on bullet proof coffee, and the suggestion that it helps to burn fat and then body is tricked in to it through the coffee and fat? Maybe a topic for myths busting.

  16. The Ketogenic diet allowed to easily get shredded and bulk up at the same time. It also cured my liver cancer and my bad knee. I have never been this happier, as it also cured my severe alcohol and sugar addiction. The keto diet also fixed the relationship problems I had with my wife and kids because they’re all so happy to eat pure butter everyday. It also opened my third eye and let me ascend to a new plane of existence as a god among men. Now I write this comment from an intra ultra dimensional plane using my psychic powers to shame this video for not fully endorsing my way of life.

  17. After watching this video to the end, i got the feeling that Jeff is either biased or does not know how to properly research. Both options are very disappointing in my eyes.

  18. 2:25 – it was not ever experimentally falsified. If anything, it was confirmed. If you find a study that concludes something, that does NOT automatically mean that the study is valid. You should get it out of your head that nutrition science is not corrupt.

    Please. Stop just “reading” studies. Analyze them. Poke hole in them. Think critically. Don’t just “read” the damn conclusion.

  19. A person like myself who has long term metabolic syndrom, type 2 diabetes and severe insulin resistance it has saved my life….lost 85# in 8 months, totally off diabetes and cholesterol meds…..i feel better than i have in decades.

  20. I like it since it’s the only diet where my face isn’t swollen, no bloated stomach, and I have pretty epic focus throughout the day which fights my ADD.

  21. Your lifting videos seem far superior over your diet videos. Seems like you need to do far more research in your diet videos and direct people to other channels who have organized the research. Keto diets arent exclusively for weightloss. It’s more-so intended for mental, gut health and over all health. Here’s a bunch of real science by researchers and doctors on low carb diets here on youtube:

  22. Also both clinical and anecdotal and empirical evidence on the ketogenic diet clearly shows that for the first several weeks of committing to a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet people experience extreme distress an extremely unhealthy deviations in normal hormone Cycles resulting in many physical problems and issues as well as deep mental issues such as anxiety panic depression Etc. Also mama both clinical and anecdotal comparisons of people on long-term ketogenic diet versus people on healthy normal human diets as well as athletes, clearly shows that dude to the extreme disruption a proper insulin Cycles people on ketogenic diets generally have very low muscle mass compared to non keto counterparts, and in many cases appear to have much less effective immune system responses. These two it main issues are in keeping with a simple science revolving around insulin within human physiology. Four simple explanation of this read the book Optimum Sports Nutrition

  23. From the perspective of true athletes, the ketogenic diet is absolutely destructive, it cannot support a true athlete. Also for decades there has been research on virtually every type of laboratory mammal showing that extremely low carbohydrate diet such as 5% keto diet or even lower C 3% carbohydrates, in all laboratory animals tested, within a few weeks the animal develops massive bacterial infection and unless carbohydrates are radically increased the animal dies from massive bacterial infection, this was even demonstrated in Dolphins which as you can imagine have a low carbohydrate diet by Nature. Also to quote dr. Michael Colgan former US Olympic nutritional consultant in the true father of true hydration and rehydration drinks and a lifetime researcher and consultant to world-class athletes, carbs are King. Athletes cannot function properly or even remain healthy on low carbohydrate diets this is Pierre simple physiological fact. People should understand that much of the data that is presently being pushed to the public and the interpretations of that data are intentionally skewed and misrepresented and in many cases pure propaganda. People, particularly athletes and want to be athletes, who which develop their knowledge of nutrition, should start by reading the book by dr. Michael Colgan , Optimum Sports Nutrition, this was published in the early 1990s based on Decades of true in-depth scientific research done by dr. Michael Colgan had his own Institute and working with world-class athletes, u.s. Olympic athletes, and even US military. Optimum Sports Nutrition can often be found on Amazon in years but good condition for a dollar sometimes even with free shipping. Every athlete or want to be athlete who has not already read and studied this book should acquire a copy and read it forwards and backwards until it is fully understood.

  24. What are some ways to lost a lot of weight? I read plenty of great opinions on the internet about how Custokebon Secrets can help you lost a ton of fat. Has any one tried this popular fat burn diet plan?

  25. What is the best product or brand to lost a ton of fat? I read loads of good opinions on the internet about how Custokebon Secrets can help you lost tons of weight. Has any one tried using this popular fat burn method?

  26. The Keto diet has helped me tremendously, especially when insulin resistance and diabetes. The weight loss helped me too.

  27. I find that keto helps me stay away from sugary foods. If I allow myself some normal sweets I go overboard.

  28. I always roll my eyes when people talk about missing out heathy carbs. Anything you get from them you can get from keto. Maybe not a few unique but so what?

  29. Keto is not a low calorie diet it is a low carb diet..No pasta bread crackers chips coca desserts all the junk that is making us sick and addicted to sugar so that we need to be on medication all our lives..
    We need to eat real food unprocessed it doesnt matter if you are keto or not..
    Until people brake their addictions from these kind of carbs they will not learn to eat for nutrition but just emotionally and they will go from one diet to another and still be obese

  30. What is Custokebon Secrets and how does it work? I hear lots of people lost their weight with this popular lose weight methods.

  31. There’s a few things wrong with this. 1) because you get so accustomed to eating very fatty/calorie dense foods on keto, there’s absolutely no way that you’re going to “accidentally” put yourself into more of a calorie deficit. 😂 If anything, you have to be careful not to overdo it. One ounce of heavy cream is 100 calories and 1 tablespoon of MCT oil is about 120 calories. It takes careful calculating to stay in your predetermined calorie range.
    2) keto is not high protein, it’s high in FAT.
    Unless you’re doing a high protein keto or carnivore diet, you’re not going to be consuming more than 20%-30% protein.
    3) it is recommended to consume 7-8 cups of vegetables a day on keto. You can eat fruit such as melon and berries. The keto diet is MUCH HEALTHIER than the standard American diet, unless you do what’s called “dirty keto” which is the unhealthy version.
    He admittedly doesn’t have personal experience with keto. Just saying 😉

  32. Myself being a doctor i wanna say, there are so many things wrong in this video that i dont know where to begin with.. so i ll just assume i never saw this video..

  33. I started on 1st Jan 2020 on the keto diet after being told in December at 112.5kg I was clinically obese, so in seven and a half months of doing this diet and walking around 5-8km most days I am now down to 86.3kg, a loss of 26.2kg(57.7 pounds) and still going strong, my overall health has improved, my blood pressure is now normal as is my cholesterol and no longer need tablets to control these, my muscle mass is also up, I only started this to get down to an acceptable weight, now I enjoy the regimentation of diet and will continue.

  34. The main advantage of the keto diet is that it will keep your blood sugar levels low and stable and over time reduce the crazy sugar and carb cravings that most of us suffer from. It’s a perfect diet for people with type 2 diabetes since keeping their blood sugar low will decrease their need for insulin.

  35. The keto flu can be avoided by slowly lowering your carb intake. Making it sound like there is no way to avoid it is just silly.

  36. I think you need to study again nobody would be happier than crabs companies with this what you call a study or research

    Before keto 🐥 after keto 🦅

  37. 12:26 you haven’t experimented with keto and for about 2 months. Don’t talk shit about it before you try it. This is “biased science”

  38. A lot of this “The Truth” sounds a lot like speculation 🤔 In the beginning we say contemporary Keto typically stays around 20 g of carbs, then the best studies we can reference control with 50 g? Interesting.

  39. I’ve been a huge advocate and practitioner of counting macros/calories for the last 5 years straight (off and on of course), I’ve made great muscle gains and have had some great progress from cutting and tracking calories while implementing carbs (100-275g of carbs per day) with cardio 2-3 days a week. Great success, however, I have never in my life craves sugar more than I did then as apposed to now, I’ve been doing keto (not fully in ketosis) for 3 months now and have lost more fat than I ever have while implementing carbs, I still track calories of course. I think the keto diet gets a bad wrap, results don’t lie, the physical and psychological advances don’t lie either. I still enjoy a cheat meal once a week but have never felt this great, I rarely ever do cardio and haven’t had a single craving for carbs/sugar.

  40. Jeff, I suggest you do it yourself, and not cherry pick many studies….and META analysis, which is always easy to frame and interpret in different ways…

  41. In regards to overall muscle growth Jeff may be correct, in fact many Keto advocates like Thomas Delauer recommend carb “backloading,” something Jeff didn’t even mention. But in relation to overall health and weight loss, many clinical trials not covered in this video as well as the millions of testimonies worldwide are pointing to Keto as the answer.

    Please watch Dr. Paul Mason on the Low Carb Down Under channel, or have a listen to Dr. Matt Berry and read his book, “Lies my Doctor Told Me.” These are only a couple of good sources, there are hundreds more.

    It is incredibly disappointing that Jeff has clearly done so little research on this topic.

  42. I know this vid is a few years old, but I started keto 4 weeks ago and what a difference, no brain fog, no lethargy and no inflammation! Been bodybuilding on and off for decades so have never been unhealthy, yet this is the First time i have an unreal surge of energy at the gym, pushing easily over an hour (gotta stop myself) when before I was exhausted at 45min. Unless you try it out, don’t bag it, regardless of so called research (for and against). I have also gained more muscle in a shorter time frame compared to before and can see my abs (I’m over 50). Well worth a shot, even just for your own experimentation.

  43. I hate that if even one person watching this believes anything he says, they would be discouraged to start keto. So much incorrect information. Probably paid for by the pharmaceutical companies so they can keep people sick and on prescription medications for the rest of their lives. Sad. 😞

  44. All 20 studies: keto is beneficial
    Jeff: benefits aren’t significant enough 20 times.
    Then you totally discount the appetite suppression on keto. Like it’s SOO easy to kill your appetite through other means…. the appetite suppression on keto is real and shouldn’t be discounted because there are some people it really helps.

  45. My friend laughed when I told them I was going to lose fat with just using Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed these people great effects after I used it they’re begging me to share with them about it. Of course I won’t let them know the details about this diet plan, lol

  46. I was always into keto, I lost alot of weight on keto but my issue was that one night where you want to murder a massive pizza and took you out of ketosis and I would constantly piss on a strip to find if im still keto, sometimes took days to be ketosis. I used to drive my self crazy, over think the issue. I’m on a balanced diet now calorie deficit 6 days a week and then surplus on the 7 th day. Still losing and enjoying a pizza every now and then. Also have 70 to 90g of carbs a day. I would of cringed having that amount this time last year.

  47. What is Custokebon Secrets? Does it work? I hear many people lost their fat with this popular weight loss diet plan.

  48. 6:21 I’m glad you made the distinction between low carb and Keto. Most critics conflate the two. Your study demonstrates that keto dieters do lose more fat.

    6:41 You can’t replace the missing carbs with protein or you’d be eating 60% protein. If you’re 5/20/75 Keto or even if you’re lifting and you’re eating 5/30/65, the missing carbohydrates are predominately made up by eating more fat not protein.

    8:25 I think much of keto’s sustainability comes from the anecdotal evidence that many people experience while in ketosis of increased mental clarity, reduced inflation, reduction in joint pain, no sugar cravings, consistent energy throughout the day, no carb crashes, the ease of intermittent or long term fasting among others. The fact that one can skip multiple meals on a whim while on keto is a massive benefit. In addition, there are studies that show the efficacy of keto reducing the symptoms in patients suffering from ADHD, autism, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. The beneficial impact of your body using ketones as an alternate fuel source for the brain cannot be overstated. Some have hypothesized that it’s the brain’s inability to properly utilize glucose for fuel which is what starves the brains causing the neurological impairment. By switching fuel sources the impairment can be repaired or avoided altogether.

    8:52 I realize your video was made two years ago, but as you may know now, the ADA has now endorsed “low-carb” diets as an option for type 2 diabetes. It should also be mentioned that the ADA is bound by the USDA’s dietary guidelines which of course were founded on Ancel Keys’ faulty study of the causes of heart disease. The success of diabetic patients (both type 1 and 2) who have adopted keto over the last few years in becoming undeniable, even for the ADA.

    9:38 The “high cholesterol” paradigm is only relevant in systems that are inflamed brought on by poor diets that typically include high sugar. A keto diet that reduces or illuminates systemic inflammation makes cholesterol levels moot.

    10:11 The nutritional value of grains is extremely poor. That’s why they are vitamin fortified by the manufacturer. Notice the word “manufacturer” in that sentence. Green leafy vegetables can be eaten without limit on keto primarily due to their high fiber content and low GI and GL. Look up the top 10 most nutrient dense foods on the planet, there isn’t one grain in the list. In fact, the most nutrient dense foods in the world are all keto foods (with the exception of potato). Not bad if we’re concerned about nutrient dense menu items.

    Great video!

  49. So lets talk about keto, 2 years after this video… first of all I know dozens of diabetics that no longer take any meds or insulin.
    For myself, I wanted to lose 20lbs. Keto flu = just take electrolytes. Within 5 months I lost 60lbs. 2 months later my high bp, cholesterol, and liver issues were all cured so after 16 years i take no meds now. I planned on doing it for a few months and here I am 14 months later. Furthermore some fruits like berries and watermelon are fine on keto. I’m now consistently told I look 10 years younger which never happened before. I feel amazing. It actually makes your happier person and not just from weight loss.
    Also I do fasting now too. I encourage everyone to read Dr. Fung’s complete guide to fasting. That’ll teach you a ton of history and likely change your life.
    Also, the more up to date keto has been indroducing carbs again in the form of carb cycling/timing to get a boost to muscle building. I’m strong as hell and have plenty of endurance. I’m never going back to the standard american diet its garbage and you don’t realize how much inflammation you get from it until you are off of it. Thats the one big thing this video didn’t touch on. Loving keto. Good luck yall reach out if you have any questions

  50. Yea no. I’ll stick to what dr. Jason Fung, bikman and other leading researchers are saying thanks. Insulin is a key player.

  51. As a natural health consultant I really never liked the idea of Keto but now that I have tried it just to see if I could reduce my cravings for sugar I have to say I’m impressed. NOTHING has suppressed my appetite like eating this way low carb/high fats. I am losing weight inches at a time not a big loss but the real benefit for me is FINALLY having control over what I eat yes there are other ways to fight cravings such as aromatherapy which I also use but this has been a really great addition to my health routine with great results. I am all about the science but you just can’t argue with results.

  52. Honestly sad that people rely so heavily on studies, which are so inconsistent. I think Jeff could have done a better job with this one, even if his overall message is the same. Citing studies versus understanding biochemistry and applying N=1, is science.

  53. I think the whole “You have less food groups to choose from so you eat less calories” is total bullshit. When I’m in that situation I just have MORE of the foods I’m “Allowed” to have lol.

  54. Keto changed my life. It rebalanced my hormones, stabilized my mood, and I actually gained the weight I needed on it instead of weight loss. I feel great clarity that I never felt even eating super clean on higher carbs. The way the body burns fats versus carbs is so different. Please research this further there’s a lot of misinformation when it comes to nutrition. I do not eat more protein I increased my fats. Once fat adapted the body requires LESS protein and is insulin sensitive. Keto done efficiently isn’t higher protein this is false. Higher cholesterol is good, a calcium score will show if there is arterial damage. The protective effects of cholesterol on the body are essential for Alzheimer’s, dementia, schizophrenia, and more. Don’t let the beginning weeks stop you from trying it. Otherwise nobody would work out for fear of being sore. We earn health by working hard no matter what diet you are on. I don’t consider this myth busted but requiring further analysis.

  55. The main reason the keto diet is good for weight loss is that it keeps you more full for longer causing you to eat less

  56. I thought one of the main arguments for keto was that it trained the body to burn fat for fuel rather than carbs/glycogen – if that hypothesis is true, wouldn’t keto be more effective than other diets?

  57. I’ve tried low carb and keto (with different exercises, sprinting, weight training, fed, fasted, OMAD, IF.

    I’ve found keto with IF/OMAD burns fat much, much quicker than carbs with IF/OMAD, this seems to universally be the case in the few times I’ve tried it and amongst many others online. However, I really wouldn’t use it long term, as long as you have a good carb based diet to go back to you’ll be fine. On keto you have a never waning energy, but, you do not have the same explosive energy as with carbs. The keto flu feeling from days 3-5 can be avoided by taking extra sodium and electrolytes (chicken/beef stock).

  58. Keto forced me to learn about fat sources , triglycerides/Fatty acids and mostly learn how to read ingredients & macros ! And went from 18% to 16% BF as a 30y old man , i love it if only for all the information i now know

  59. Keto is the only diet that I feel good on. I can lift, play sports, my energy level is better, my thinking is sharper and my appetite is a lot more controlled. The only negative aspect of it for me is that it’s a fairly boring diet to be on for too long.

  60. Btw I like how you liked the 5 comments that are agreeing with you and are against keto and how you ignore the other 3562 comments that are talking from experiences hahahahahah you are pathetic man. Get a life

  61. You have to step up your research game Jeff. Your channel is trash. Btw why you look like you have breathing problems? And why you look and sound like a robot with 0 feelings?


  63. If you wish to shed pounds, you should look up Custokebon Secrets on google. They’ll help you get the shape you should have.

  64. Hi there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will work for me? I see many people keep on speaking about this popular lose weight methods.

  65. This video just simply could not be more wrong at the absolute very least you loose fat WAYY faster thru keto then conventional dieting… you loose 2-10 pounds of fat a week on keto where with conventional dieting ull be lucky to loose 1-2 pounds of fat per week… this is 100% fact you will loose more weight with higher calories on keto then you will on more strict calories with conventional dieting…because your burning ketones the entire time… aka your bodies own fat stores… thus why its called keto diet… love how you dont even menchion that part tho… clearly shows this guy doesnt even know what a keto diet really is or how it works…

  66. I personally feel my body works better with carbs and definitely they have a huge energy impact on me specially lifting weights, I feel weak without carbs and kinda dizzy, obviously good carbs like Oats, sweet potato, potatoes, rice, tomatoes and Whole bread and all the green vegetables, I also include fruits like apple, Banana, strawberry, blueberry and watermelon however my protein intake percentage is higher and fats are around the same as carbs

    This was an awesome video as always Jeff!

  67. Bro you missed a lot of important information regarding Keto. Great video though. But since you never tried for yourself, ah it’s pretty bad. The absolute best thing about keto is the mental clarity. And regarding “Keto flu” you need to know what you’re doing, and it’s pretty simple to dismiss

  68. This guy does not understand the actual science behind why keto diets work. He is using examples that include high protein which is NOT keto. he is right about too much protein is bad.

  69. I simply do not understand how people can think keto is low calorie. Seriously I did the bro diet for years and turned to keto to reduce inflammation two years ago. It took the terrible back pain away. I tracked during the bro diet and I track now and I think keeping calories lower is not as simple as people who haven’t done the diet try to claim. I did lose fat on both diets but keto helped so many things like chronic inflammation. I’ll stick to watching things other than your nutrition advice.

  70. As usual the best diet is the one you can maintain. I have type-2 diabetes though and implementing low carb does work for my blood sugar, I don’t do keto but I do avoid pasta, bread and rice(and obviously sweets etc) and it has been very good for my blood sugar. Keto(under 20g carbs) paired with intermittent fasting has shown to cut weight really fast for me when I do implement it but that is ofc due to the excess water the first weeks, kinda cool though to make such a big difference in 2 weeks(20lbs).

  71. Id like to go keto for a week and only eat meat. I eat lean meats like chicken and turkey breast, so being able to eat like 10 lbs of steak and sausage a day would be lit.

  72. Those meta analysis aren’t relevant.

    With 3500-6000kcal a day on keto i lost 13kg in 17 days.

    I sleep better, i have a better stamina, more strength and my skin got better.

    Doing keto since 1999 (passively)
    And since 2009 actively…

  73. I’ve been on Keto 30 grams of carbs per day at a maximum for 68 days, dropped from 225 to 181 lbs, and been working out again for the first time in 8 years, mixing both cardio and weights. Realizing that I should focus more on a caloric deficit than carbohydrates, I’m not sure if I should transition at this time. One source you provided summarized that the most important part of the diet is simply sticking to it, but another reported that Keto lacked long term weight loss potential. At this point in time, should I get off of the diet in place of a traditional caloric one or remain until I have reached my fat loss goal (more appearance than numeric at this point, but I’m guessing I’ll be nearer to 155 lbs)

  74. Alot of your research isn’t actually correct and there’s people who have been keto for 5 to 15 years and there perfectly healthy, plus what your eliminating is all the modern processed crap that food companies want to force down are throats, there’s 100″s of athletes on keto who doing much better and bodybuilding is great on keto ,,,, your info is out dated and been proven wrong, keto is just eating real food which is the human perfect diet you didn’t Bust Anything

  75. This might interests you…
    The Ketogenic Accellerator…
    A trusted, science based formula designed to increase your ability to burn fat no matter your current fitness level or metabolism!

  76. Seems like the study’s referenced are short term; you really cannot determine the efficacy of such a program without a long term, double blind study.

  77. I pull my self out of ketosis when i am going to the gym by having a bowl of beef tips over rice or ect ,then after the workout i eat 5%carbs during recovery phase. I work out 1 on 2 off. Seems to work for me.

  78. How come you only falsified 2 points which are not even essential to the keto diet? Isn’t the main point of the keto diet is to change your body so that it uses fat for energy rather than carbs for energy and thus allowing you to burn stored fat rather than using carbs for energy and storing fat?

  79. This is all very good in terms of academic studies. But you have not mentioned anything about the efforts required to be on low-carb diets vs no-carb ones such as Keto. As an individual who has tried both, I can say that the difference is extraordinary.
    Life was miserable for me on low-carb diets. The constant cravings, the low energy, and the daily infighting to break the diet to grab that bowl of rice, or cupcake. I am on Keto for a good three weeks, and I kid you not, after the first week, I am actually trying to avoid the smells of certain foods as they were making me nauseated. No craving junk food, carbs or anything. I just eat my macros, and even that I sometimes have to force myself to eat.
    The biggest selling point for me, besides the results, is how mentally easy it has been for me to do it. I am never miserable, I am not tired. I am doing so well at the gym and with my kid at the park.
    Don’t ever tell me this “mental relief” is not a factor in sustainability. Right now, I am so happy with Keto that I see no reason to stop. I am NOT waiting for that day where I hit my weight targets so I can eat again normally, because I don’t feel like I would ever eat “normal” again. The old normal is a very nauseating painful and unhealthy state of affairs for me.

  80. I want to preface this with keto is perfectly capable of improving the lives of both athletes and no athletes (with the proper knowledge and nutrition education)

    However the main concern is for those who do not fully understand or have financial means to make the better nutritional decisions that can be quite costly.

    The biggest downside that was not discussed is the production of meat. Meat is resource intensive to grow (water, land, pollution etc) and for the majority of people, the cheaper, low quality product is consumed in higher quantity (compared to other diets) over the higher quality yet dramatically more expensive meat products.
    Biggest downsides to consider:

    1. Much higher consumption of inflammatory meats with preservatives and antibiotics etc for the majority of cheaper meat products (research higher cases of cancers and other chronic illness)

    2. Terrible for the environment that is far from sustainable and will only get worse at our current course

  81. Keto isn’t for everyone but since starting I have way less bloat, more energy, and I’m generally more productive.

  82. Did my first keto back in 2009

    4500-7000kcal intake

    6,5kg loss in the first week (I’ve been already training muay thai for over a longer period of time, 3 times a week, so I haven’t been fat or full of senseless water)

    18kg in 7 weeks… Hold it for over 3 years.

    Colesterol is a good thing, one of the mayor factors in cell building and regeneration.

  83. I am sorry but your conclusions are incorrect. There are tons of studies and scientific studies about ketones You need to read the obesity code. Keto is not a caloric reduction diet either. I am not saying protein is not satiating but saturated fat is more satiating. I am sorry but your conclusions are simply wrong. you need to study Dr Fung Dr Phinney and Dr Bikman who have the long term research and clinical results to prove it.

  84. You can feel the negative mindset from the alsolute start.
    The “it isn’t great but won’t poison you” attitude at the end of the video would put off anyone that could truly benefit from a keto diet.

  85. I like Scoobys version of keto which is pretty much low carb cause you keep your protein the same and just up the fat to make up for the carbs. Although I have to stay away from carbs or my willpower and mentality will be fucked

  86. There are so many views and engagement on this video. I think that this is what this guy wanted. To trigger us all into engagement, for the sake of the growth of his channel. I think his opinion is different than what he’s showing us in the video. It’s okay.

  87. I’ve done a mix of keto/carnivore and see excellent body composition results for a normal guy who just wants to look/feel good. 6′ tall and range from 175-200 lbs depending on season. I never have experienced the keto flu but I still have refeed days every now and then that kick me out of ketosis with minimal effect. I love pizza & ice cream and still consume both but my body overall just feels better when I’m low carb. Eat high protein, with manageable caloric intake (as a lifestyle change) and it doesn’t matter diet; unless you’re trying to compete, have a medical condition, or have specific food restrictions.

  88. With all due respect, please see the work of Dr. Ben Bickman with BYU and nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung, as their research is cutting edge regarding to insulin and ketosis for health and fitness.

  89. Heya. A lot of people have got results with keto. I agree it doesn’t increase metabolism. And yes it does allow eating less by satiation. This is well recognised. And IF is a great add-on. Insulin spike is moderate with protein. Low-carb is a good compromise. Anyway, I eat loads of veges with protein. I just don’t eat sugars or processed carbs, or gluten. I’d I eat more protein, then that’s ok over dealing with carbs. Keto is not magic, and yes the calorie deficit is fundamental.

  90. I’m sorry Jeff I have to disagree here. Keto + IF has worked for so many people, including myself. I’ve never been healthier and thinner in my whole life and, surprise, I haven’t lost a pound of muscle; in fact, I even got more muscular! There are many studies that show the dominance of Keto.

  91. These studies are quite controlled with set numbers for macros. In practice, it’s very different and high carb diet often results in overeating because it’s less satisfying than fat and especially white wheat and sugar only stimulate this urge. I would say these studies only hold if you are religious when sticking to your macro’s, but most people aren’t. Let me know what you think.

  92. Keto has been studied in so many studies that prove that it’s a more successful diet than a traditional caloric restricting diet so it seems you are cherry-picking your studies. Also, one gram of fat has 9 calories, versus a gram of carb or protein which is around 4. So it’s weird to me your hypothesis that people who lose weight in a keto diet are because of a caloric restriction. And lastly, you said that all the metabolic processes which start by the insulin increase and how they use the nutrients in the blood are too simplistic in exchange for the Caloric In Caloric Out hypothesis? hehehe

  93. Keto has made my blood sugars rock solid. I will do 24 hr fast and lift weights at the end and still have a great workout. Go home and have a healthy shake and feel fine. My body has never felt better on keto! And your saying you never tried it? Not sure I want to stay subscribed after this video. Just BS if your willing to talk but not take a dip in the keto pool. What are you waiting for?

  94. From the “research” I’ve done, keto’s advantage seems to be that it is more sparing of lean body mass vs a western diet. Some studies have shown that as much as 70% of weight loss on a standard western diet with a caloric deficit comes from muscle loss through gluconeogenesis, as the body is trying to burn carbohydrates for fuel rather than fat.

  95. But have you tried keto? I feel your opinion would change if you did keto for 30 days. I’d be curious to see you make a video about that.

  96. It’s not hard man limit calories don’t need to do anything else stupid people make everything so scientific and difficult when in reality it’s very easy but people find excuses to try any new diet that won’t work

  97. For me, keto was perfect. I was counting my calories and still didn’t lose weight at all for the longest time. I realized that my foods where all high in carb. I love pasta and bread. I used to drink beer every weekend. I convince myself to try keto (massive change in my diet) and even tho I was eating MORE calories than before, I started losing weight like crazy ! in the first 2 weeks I lost 15 pounds. One of the biggest things too is that you can’t cheat on keto, so I never really gain pounds anymore. I don’t think keto is good for everyone, but it was perfect for me and probably good for heavy carb eaters.

  98. No health advantage? all the research you read was only strenght and endurance, i have prediabetes or diabetes to lazy to see a doctor either way 160-180 blood glucose for 4-6hours assuming i didnt eat more after caused massive damage to my nerves, initialy i went the whole “eat more veggies its healthy” and without even knowing i ate less and less bread and rice no sugars essentialy i was without even knowing gowing towards low carb/keto useing less and less carbs eventualy found the keto and its alot better now i used to have hey fever where u dont actualy have fever but it felt like i was burning inside out so bad could not sleep just 3 days keto and bam it got reduced drasticaly my blood glucose is 90-106 barely goes 126 after eating and goes down normaly 2-3hours in like a healthy person, if you are insulin resistance(pre or diabetes) and fat this diet can save you from most doctos who have yet to know how to reverse it naturaly the same way you damage yourself you can heal yourself by doing the opposite, carbs damaged me, now i am useing fat so i can recover, its in the health advatage part that keto is superior.

  99. Fruits are nutrient-rich and that’s why you shouldn’t avoid them… jesus you lost your credibility right there for me.

  100. What you are not covering here is the inflammatory effect sugar/glucose has on the body, and how this is greately reduced with keto. Also it seems you are cherry picking single studies that goes against the keto benefits, which makes this video less faithfull in my opinion. Additionally, intermittent fasting (which effects are now well documented) is much easier to do on a low carb diet as glucose/insulin provides a much greater hunger feeling due to hunger hormone spikes.

  101. I personally have never tried to keto diet. It really just seems like a fad diet that isn’t realistically sustainable. Personally for me, my reason for not doing keto, is because as a power lifter, I need to the carbs in my diet to help fuel my training. Also, keto is mainly to cut you off from foods you may enjoy. And though you are restricting calories, which could result in weight loss, I think its more important to have a healthy relationship with food and nutrition, and think more positively about food, instead of negatively looking at foods and saying “I cant have that…” I know several of my friends that are currently doing the keto diet, and are enjoying it. However, have they had any success with weight loss, I don’t believe so, and will they stick with it long term? Probably not. Great video Jeff, very informative, and I will be sharing this with my keto dieters to help them gain more knowledge about this type of diet.

  102. I love the keto diet. My biggest challenge with sticking to it is that I mostly eat at work, and they don’t always have keto friendly foods.

  103. I tried ketogenic diet for 4 months and it was fantastic to lose body fat . Then, I think it will move to the paleo diet to maintain that weight with more options to eat.

  104. I know that for me personally and for almost everyone I meet who has done Keto that you feel more full after eating, you have greater energy levels, you have less inflammation and bloating, and the food taste way better than boring and bland chicken breast and brown rice. Also helps you stay ripped and lean all year round.

    The question is why would you not want to eat keto?

    It would be cool to see a video of you trying it for at least a month.

  105. Keto absolutely has a strong affect even when controlled for calories. I experienced this first hand.

    As someone who has had a terrible time attempting to lose weight, having tried many calorie restricted diets with zero success, when I went on keto over about 6 months I lost 25lbs. This was even with eating substantially more calories than when attempting to diet with the “calories in and out” method. Ive gotten to a weight I haven’t been for about 15 years of fighting with calorie restriction.

    In short, “low carb” is very different from “keto”. Keto will generally keep net carbs under 25 grams, not the 50 you mentioned. Research that claims low carb but doesn’t keep it low enough to be keto should not be used as a comparison since it’s quite a different physiological response.

  106. intermittent fasting just causes over eating.
    I’ve been on Keto almost a year. I dont find it hard to do and I did lose a lot of weight inspite the fact that I exercise a lot less. I plan to quit though because its so expensive and I worry about long term affects. I was never very overweight to begin with so I dont see any point on staying on it. I only started because I was worried about getting diabetes from eating a lot of junk food. I plant to just eat a normal healthy diet in the future. I’ll quit on my one year annivesary. People ask me what I miss eating on keto. I always say “nothing” but when I quit I’m sure I’m going to miss eating two pounds of ground beaf dinner and liverwurst, cheese and making shakes with half and half. I’ll definately never go back to sugar, artificial sweetners and milk, but i’ll probably switch to conventional meat instead of organic because of the cost.

  107. did you know your body doesn’t require a single gram of starch or sugars? you’re advocating grains and fruits, sugars and refined processed carbohydrates all of which made us fat, sick, and obese in the first place. do you work for the American Heart Association? fruit is allowed on keto, but low glycemic, low sugar, high fiber fruits like all berries. you’re not depriving yourself of fruit when you can get the same nutrients if not more from better fruits and vegetables. Avocado > Banana. for example. both fruits, Avocado has no sugar, tons of fiber, some of the healthiest fats you could consume, way more potassium, and so many other nutrients. whereas tons of Bananas would put you in a sugar coma.

    maybe you’ll re-visit this and see that “keto” isn’t going anywhere and there is a REASON people’s weight, high cholesterol, triglycerides, have all come down and stayed down. and no one has ever gained the weight back… there is a reason for that. because you’re not just restricting calories and nothing else. the “Calories in Calories out” people (you) are eventually going to have to adapt their message or just back out entirely with it. it’s not end all be all. the Ketogenic way of eating goes back to our ancestral roots. sucks for a ton of companies considering they won’t get rich off their “Low Fat” garbage products anymore.

  108. Thank you for this video!!! I did keto and loved the way I looked but felt awful and suffered from hair loss, will definitely try eating higher protein and other alternatives that you suggest

  109. Straight from the horses mouth, keto is for steroid users if you wanna keep the muscle mass, that coming from a competing bodybuilder.

  110. Keto is popular because it is simple and it works …. You dont have to calculate every single mg of your carbs , protein , fat and micro-nutrients intakes , just simply cut pretty much all major carbohydrates food , up the fat , and keep the proteins

  111. You are wrong when you said , we as human are adapted to consume carbs … In natural conditions , high carbs natural food only exist in small quantities and they are not all year round crops , which means you have 1/4 season of the year to consume all the carbs you can while starving or hibernating for the other 3/4 of the year or in a ketogenic state . We as human and an animal species are adapted to eating protein and fat all year round . the fact that we are feasting on sugar , high carbs at least 3 meals a day , every single days all year round is very unnatural , unfit , and nature have a ways of weeding the odds one out .

  112. You can’t cherry pick a handful of skeptical studies, and have no personal experience yourself, then call a myth busted. You are severely underestimating the power of never really being hungry.

    There are plenty of studies you left out that point to other benefits, like faster short term fat loss, more muscle preservation, steady energy levels.

    Check out Thomas Delauer, or Dr. Berg.

    Keto was easy for me after the first couple of weeks, as I mentioned I never really felt that hungry so it was extremely easy to drop into or stay in a caloric deficit, and they have study group tests showing that you preserve more muscle on keto while losing fat, I found this to be true, but lifting hard on keto wasn’t working for me so I gave it up.

    But if you can lose fat faster and preserve more muscle while doing so then I would call that a superior weight/fat loss diet.

    It was true for me however that it wasn’t sustainable, but I was able to do it for 8 months.

  113. As the “Metabolic Advantage” of Keto goes I’d rather say the advantage is that it changes your metabolism, especially the mytochondria in your cells to be more efficient in fat burning. And the mitochondria won’t lose that ability immediately if you switch back to more carb oriented lifestyle. This is actually what the adaption phase of 9 to 12 weeks is about. (Yet to utilize it properly in the case of switching your diet you’d need to dip back into ketosis, at least from time to time. e.g. by doing intermittent fasting and not doing high carb).
    A second thing would be the insulin resistance / insulin sensitivity part. For most people who usually eat poorly and are on the brink of diabetes that is a clear health benefit. For more healty and fitness oriented people maybe not that important. With proper food timing and training timing you probably can use the better insulin sensitivity to your advantage in the uptake of protein.

    The really big advantage in losing fat twith keto really is that your hunger goes away (as you say Jeff)! It almost makes it effortless to eat less calories.

    From my personal expierence I found the initial 3 days when I first started keto hard (headache, typical flu symptoms), after that it was not hard at all (some digestion problems are to be expected though, since your gut has to adapt, too). But I went in cold turkey, cutting carbs completely for the first days, stayed active and did Intermittent fasting on top, which depleted my glycogen stores rapidly. May also depend from person to person. And there are clearly more sensitive ways to get into keto (yet they take longer).
    What I expierenced interestingly with my wife starting a (her first) keto phase with me recently though is that she didn’t have any problem at all to get into ketosis. No keto flu symptoms at all. As a background: We are doing IF consistently for over a year now and generally live more on the lower carb side (esp. refined sugar to be exact)… with that lifestyle she probably keto adapted over time already because she dipped into ketosis every day for a few hours.

    I have to say staying on keto for prolonged time. Months or years is pretty hard for me and I think most people. One you really limit the food you can eat and second the pressure of colleagues, family and others. You are very limited for social events to a point sometimes to not eating at all. So I’m usually aiming for 2-3 months per year, then returning to a more social way of eating. Have to say, too that I didn’t gain weight (esp. fat) back doing that!

    Also keto does not really bring an advantage when it comes to building muscle (a slight disadvantage I’d say), but people saying it is not possible to do so on keto is also clearly wrong from my personal expierence.

  114. Without actually being significantly overweight and doing it yourself, you can’t really say it work or doesn’t over 1 published study. I did low carb when it was Atkins and not popular and lost 60lbs in 5 months with no gym (just work). My cognitive function seems to be better (less brain fog, easier waking up), my energy levels are up and it just generally works for me and my body. I’ve tried bullshit calorie restriction with working out and i was miserable and hungry constantly… I Like Int fasting and mix that into keto as well but Int Fasting by itself was no where near as helpful with fat loss than Keto. If you’ve never been at least 25lbs overweight and tried Atkins or Keto, you can’t debunk it.

    Sustainability is the only real problem with Keto due to being so food restrictive and being in NJ, we have great food all around us anywhere you go.

  115. Keto is the easiest nutrition plan to follow that I have ever tried. I lost 30lbs in one month. My weight has never been more stable. Try it Jeff you will love it. The transition period is non existent if you do it right. It is the most anti inflammatory nutrition plan. Which is why it is used therapeutically to treat a variety of inflammatory conditions. I’m never tired anymore. I’ve never been so alert and mentally sharp. There is really nothing bad that I can say about keto. It’s great I love I it. I will never go back to a conventional eating plan. Unless I want to gain a lot of weight, increase inflammation.

  116. Hey Jeff love watching your material I have been checking in for a few months now. I’m on Keto and I am really liking it and keeping off the 30kg I have lost. I have struggled with my weight for decades. I think the principles behind it are sound.You stated that there is not a lot of evidence for cardiovascular benefits from the Keto diet but stating that there is some benefit for ones cholesterol markers. I would say cholesterol markers have no significance on cardiovascular disease,why? I would echo that there is a lot of mis-information out there that is main stream & its now being talked about. So it is great that there is a lot of discussion happening about Keto as you are doing and that Keto is being challenged. I would ask you and anyone using the Keto diet to watch these two Medical lecture videos that literally blew my mind and started me on Keto. Being overweight & sick is endemic of our modernity. Refined carbohydrates & Insulin are the root causes, watch this Part 1 Part 2. and share it if you think it will help anyone of your family, friends or loved ones its compelling…it made my mind up to start keto and get myself sorted plus my insulin and calcification checked.

  117. I have a 6 pack and I’m eating Reese’s ice cream bar.. hahahahahaha sucks that you guys have to restrict food in order to lose weight. Restrict your addictive behaviors and dopamine releases and maybe you won’t be fat from carbs.

  118. Military times Had article, to implement the ketogenic diet for soldiers. Stating that it give soldiers a advantage on field and further stated navy seals hold there breath longer under water, then on a normal carb diet. Don’t know if the source of the article is reliable, but it’s something you can check out. But for me I’m on zero carb diet. Carnivore diet and intermittent fasting and feeling good.

  119. You call that a busted myth? So all the great things happening to my body and 10’s of thousands of others because of a ketogenic lifestyle didn’t really happen? You did admit that keto does work in some aspects and some people do see amazing results but you then claim keto is a myth. How about joining us and give it a shot so you can find out the American diet is a giant lie. And yes the keto flu was a struggle, for two days, but it’s a sign that you are doing keto correctly and your body is transitioning from glucose burning to fat burning or ketosis. If that’s the deal breaker for some people then those people have bigger issues dealing with mental toughness.

  120. Keto diets are good for endomorphs. People who are genetically fat. The man making this video is not genetically fat and has never been fat. Take that into consideration

  121. You do realize there’s several articles that support what you’re saying…. And then there’s just as much saying the complete opposite lmfao…. Science is still in its infancy with human health. From my own experience and several other I’ve known that have used low carb diets… We all kinda get the same results. Lose fat Keep most muscle mass. It’s what I do after a bulk… It’s what most bodybuilders do and have done for decades . I eat 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight and consume either 90 or 40 grams of carbs per day with a 2250 calorie daily intake and I drop fat very quickly and keep most of my muscle mass. I lose maybe 2 lbs of muscle and 15+ lbs of fat. When you do a calorie deficit diet you lose a lot more muscle than fat… Facts %

  122. Why do so many people do keto? Because it works. Over and over, the same arguments are made against it BUT over and over, people try keto and succeed. How many people need to succeed with keto to end this silly debate? I’m not saying keto is for everyone but I think it’s safe to say it works for most people who try it. As for sustainability, clean keto is most definitely sustainable and comes with far more benefits than weight loss, especially when paired with IF. Look at the size of the ketogenic community on YouTube or Facebook or other social sites, they’re huge! You know why? RESULTS! It’s not fad, it works.

  123. Cherry picking studies is not science. If you read the info around your highlights it contradicts what you say in the video. Also, how can you say “Myth Busted” when you half agree that Keto is effective or that there are “some benefits.” This is click bait and pseudo science at best. Go talk to Dom D’Agostino and Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Get educated my dude.

  124. Been on Keto for 10 months. I defiantly lost body fat and have more energy than I did on my previous diet. I have several family members that have also been eating Deto, my sister-in-law has lost over 85 lbs. So take that for what its worth. As far as getting over the “Keto Flu” just add a bit more salt to your diet for the first week or so.

    Seems the biggest groups I see hate for keto from are all people that make their living off selling diet plans that tend to have a yo-yo effect attached to them.

  125. I have a severe GI disorder, and I’ve been trying the keto diet for the last 3 months in hopes to reverse my disorder. The theory is that ketones can help restore normal gut peristalsis and regulate gut flora. After 3 months, I have to say I’m disappointed. I’m transitioning to the Mediterranean Diet, and I’m hoping to see better results with this diet.

  126. This guy thinks he’s smart but is only spouting the main stream bs science that has gotten it wrong so long. What has low fat and carb done ? caused a obesity epidemic !

  127. As a whole, the scientific community agreeing on something? Using a bunch of poorly designed nutritionist studies as citations? Ignoring actual biochemistry and molecular biology papers? Did you throw a couple bucks at some exercise science undergrad to write this video!? 😂

  128. Jeff, I really like your channel and the information you share and that’s why I want to caution you on the following: 1. Don’t refer to Keto and Atkins as interchangeably, first because the Atkins diet was released in 2 generations that differed between each other in the macro ratios; secondly, I’d really hate to see you share ridicule and loss of credibility that Jillian Michaels experienced for this same mistake. 2. There are absolute and definite, well documented health benefits to the keto diet, including reversing type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver (and cirrhosis), measurable improvements in Alzheimer’s disease, seizures, epilepsy, autism spectrum and other cognitive functions, to name a few (please refer to Dr. Jason Fung’s work at IDM clinic as well as early Mayo Clinic implementation of this protocol). 3. Keto definitely does not rely on calorie restriction for results, remember it relies on fat for most of the caloric intake, which is over twice as dense as carbs (9 calories/gram instead of 4). 4. No, the best diet is NOT the one you can “adhere” to. Ever heard of the pineapple and tuna, bone broth for a month or Twinkie diets? Not very sensible or healthy.
    Lastly, my advice (and policy) is, don’t ever recommend (or discredit) anything you haven’t tried yourself (within reasonable limits).
    Who knows, you may be blown away with the results…just like I was! Keep up the good work!

  129. You should read more studies comparing low fat vs low carb diets. Most of them show low carb has more metabolic and cardiovascular advantages over low fat : HDL, trigliceride, inflammation, hypertension, HBA1c. Low carb is much easier to maintain in the long term because you are not hungry. The problem with other diets is the rebound effect because people get so hungry.

  130. I am epileptic and I have to use the ketogenic diet for my epilepsy, I have need of it more during the exam period or in stress period, I used to do it for 2-3 weeks with an interruption of 1-2 weeks of normal diet. Can you give me some help to understand what can I do to have a good training (muscle growth)?

  131. Fact Im keto Fact I was 400 pnds Fact I know weigh 304 so I don’t care what anybody says go eat a burrito I’m staying keto

  132. I’m sorry…you are wrong about keto. My type one diabetic daughter dropped from 9.9 A1c ti 7.4 in 5 months with keto, triglyceride levels dropped from 267 to 87…so….this is blood work…not brutal at all, not nausea, no more fatigue…so…your reference studies are not enough…Steve Phinney studied keto for more years than i’ve been on earth.

  133. I’m only doing this diet because I have a serious problem with low cholesterol which is affecting my hormones. You mentioned that there is a significant rise in HDL & LDL which is exactly what I need.

  134. I like to do keto and IF to burn fat. I am a natural bodybuilder so when I bulk I still do IF but not keto and this is how I stay fat adapted.

  135. Organ meat, eggs and raw dairy from animals raised on pasture is nutritionally complete. As a matter of fact, far more nutrient dense and bioavailable than any plant food.

  136. THIS is a much better video by Jeff nippard the others don’t actually lift you’re the one who actually understands the real science

  137. How much weight is okay to lose at first? I’m 5’9 with moderate muscle mass, my plateau for weight lose is around 170ish and you can see most of my abs at that weight. I was at 187 three days ago and now I’m at 177 with a keto & intermittent fasting along with large amounts of cardio. When I did a fast for 3 days straight before I was at 190 then went down to 182ish. I seem to lose a lot of weight fast. Likewise when I was training for running I ran 5-6days a week around 6-7miles per run with normal calorie intake and lost around 20 pounds in 2 months. Do I just store a lot of water weight? I know I gain fat easily too because my weight on a high calorie intake & no exercise shot up to 200 pounds.

  138. You’re wrong about a few things. Increased protein does not increase weight loss when on keto. In fact it will throw you out of Ketosis if you’re much over 100g a day. Any study that looks at keto without respect to protein simply isn’t true ketogenic and can’t be relied on. Also you failed to mention the actual metabolic pathway that Ketosis works through. In order to store fat, you require glucose. You literally can’t store fat without it. Also ketones like beta hydroxy butyrate are preferentially used by both the heart and brain in the presence of both ketones and glucose. The facts are out there and plenty of research you failed to mention displays Ketosis as the most effective way to burn fat, and lower insulin and IGF levels (which are both bad for longevity), other than water fasting. Not a great video.

  139. Nice overview that vibes with my understanding. I’ve been doing keto a year and have lost over 80 pounds, but I’ve had success in the past doing the “slow carb diet.” The common element that I believe worked for both of those was that I was not allowed to eat the foods that I tend to overeat. I’m very bad at controlling how many carbs I eat, and tend to go nuts whenever I get my hands on bread or potatoes. Having those be off limits makes it much easier for me to stay in calorie deficit. For me, I’ve stuck with keto because it’s easy for me to stick to. I have a similar lunch at work every day of meat nuts and cheese, and I like those things a lot so it’s not a challenge for me anymore and being able to do it long term has translated to consistent, steady weight loss.

  140. I don’t think people should do Keto for Fat loss.They should do it for all the other unquestionable benefits.

  141. I love your videos, but you are wrong on this one. I can’t argue the science with you, but I can talk personal experience. Same food intake (maybe not calories/had to cut sugar), keto helped me drop 50 pounds fairly easily. My wife, who has always been fit, was able to pretty quickly loose those little problem areas that working out would never get. Also her calorie intake actually went up on keto, but she lost about 4 pounds, all fat in areas she never could get rid before.

  142. Jeff, sorry man but you’re cherry picking research material overarching the scientific consensus amongst scholars. Keto simply works and overwhelming research supports this.
    -Dr. S

  143. You should research Ben Bikman. You can get all the info you need on insulin from him. Who knows the validity or credibility of those two studies you cited. I can point out several more which say the opposite, and vice versa.

  144. Would love to hear Jeff expand on fasting. Keto is very subjective, someone can be Keto, eat shit fats and graze to achieve no gain. I like Keto because it fine tuned my thinking towards cleaner eating whilst fostering an interest in nutrition. I would also be interested to see research on reduced insulin (increased insulin sensitivity) and the relationship to anabolic growth.

  145. I don’t know if I’m on a conventional “Keto” diet or not since I don’t really track my macros, but ever since I’ve eliminated carb heavy starchy foods from my diet and switched to a diet heavy in meat, seafood, vegetables, nuts, etc. my blood sugar has stabilized when it used to be pretty high, my digestion has improved significantly, (no more upset stomach and diarrhea DAILY) pain and inflammation in my shoulders has gone away completely, and I have overall more energy. I’m not some diet hard Keto diet fanatic at all. All I know is that the only thing I’ve changed in my life is the elimination of carb heavy starchy food, and munchies life is better for it. Studies aren’t the be all, end all. The best thing you can do is experiment and do whatever works for you.

  146. I recently started the “Targeted Ketogenic Diet” or TKD. this works great for people who exercise regularly. You basically consume enough carbs to get you through the workout. The formula most are using is 1 carb per minute of workout. So I do 60 minutes in the gym, so I eat 60g of carbs 2 or 3 hours prior to the gym. You should burn off the glycogen and glucose, carbs during your workout and return to Ketosis within a few hours. Your post workout meal should be keto. Works great for me. I get to eat carbs and fats….perfect. Thanks for the study.

  147. Jeff Nippard, i went on vince gironda’s “steak and eggs diet”. Basically an extremely strict form on keto, with a carb reload 1 to 2 days/week. In the past 3-4 months i’ve cut about 35lbs and leaned out quite nicely. I’m not 100% sure if it’s just that I feel more satiated with fewer calories, or if it’s something else, but I’ve retained/gained strength, put up a benchpress PR of 225 at 155lbs bodyweight and increased strength on other lifts as well, and have had great energy levels. Adaptation wasnt bad for me personally. I will say that now that I’m getting into the lower bodyfat percentages, I feel like I need more carbs to retain my energy levels, and have been slowly been incorporating more carbs into my diet. Long term transformation (3.5 years) 235lbs at about 50% bodyfat 40″waist to 155 at about 14% bodyfat with a 28″ waist.

  148. The keto flu hit me hard the first week, couldn’t function at work and school and decided to walk away from it. Great video!

  149. Only halfway through but I just have to comment. Each counter argument is just “they probably just didn’t eat enough protein/calories hence the weight loss”

    Are you saying that they aren’t hitting their macros daily? Are we assuming they’re not even tracking they’re macros?

  150. ive been doing keto for 10 months.did 75/20/5 lost 42 pounds,.but now stalled…. sometimes i goto popeyes ( like 1 time every month) for some spicy chicken, the next day i do great in the gym. go figure… im gonna increase my protein and lower my fat.. and raise my protein slowly… so i can lower my body fat percentage.. personally, i just dont like bad carbs anymore.. even after my weightloss if it happens, i still wont eat carbs,, so many people are overdosing on sugar all day long… i see no point in it. sugar is the real killer… but the government wont tell you this because their pockets wont get fat,,,, …

  151. I normally respect your videos about lifting technique, but this is the most superficial straw-man take on keto imaginable.

  152. Keto probably works better for people with sedentary lifestyle, who sits in the office most of the day, never go to gym and are happy to just take a 1 hour walk after dinner.

  153. The two biggest things I have heard from the keto evangelists online is 1. that your relationship with food will drastically change for the better, 2. the fact that you use fat (ketosis) for energy just tends to keep you a bit leaner if you’re not eating too much. I haven’t given it a shot yet, but I feel that getting fat-adapted (doing keto for 10-40ish days) would be a great way to take advantage of intermittent fasting, as your body could use fat during that period. If you are not fat-adapted, you are burning 0 fat while doing fasted exercise.

  154. My performance goes up on keto VS normal diet. Dough what is best for me is low carb, high protein diet. Low carb being below 100 grams for me. Higher carbs shoots up my blood suger (pre-diabetes levels) and leves me lethargic.

  155. I found gradual transition to keto, then gradual transition to intermittent fasting, then gradual transition to full fasting very easy, i.e. no hunger no adaption problems, no keto flu. I found just cutting to a caloric deficit more difficult, straight caloric deficit made me always hungry the other route didn’t involve hunger. e.g. doing in steps was essential for me….Going straight from a high carb diet to fasting is like deciding to exercise and going straight from no exercise to marathons. Get your body used to fats in a maintenance mode, cut out carbs by gradually eliminating them from breakfasts, then lunches, then dinner. Then when you body is used to burning fat (in full ketosis) start extending the non-eating time during the day (intermittent fasting) .Then try eliminating meals, then try a full fast. Remember salts minerals and vitamins (if you get thirty while fasting,.. remember salt so you can still absorb the water you drink).

  156. I’m 5’11. Until two years ago I was a fatty weighing in at 248. Faithful to Keto, since then. I’m now lean and ripped within the range of 183 to 190.
    Keto saved my life, and I am as happy as I’ve ever been.

  157. Considering how deep Jeff Nippard is in the fitness industry you would have thought that he would’ve at least tried the keto diet for a few months. It would probably make it so he did not seek out articles that are relatively negative about the diet. Any common sense as well would look at the diet in terms of how humans have evolved and understand why in many cases it makes much more sense then consuming a lot of carbohydrates. Try it out Geoff you might really learn something.

  158. I cut down to 8% body fat eating over 300g of carbs a day, Cals in vs Cals out is what matters and that’s facts. But I pass on debating with Keto fans

  159. It’s not really hard to understand…. Insulin vs. Glucagon has a HUGE difference in your bodies fat utilization. Secondly, gluconeogenesis is known to cause your body to burn more calories. It’s kinda common sense, if you are transforming proteins chemical structure it is obviously going to require additional energy, and it happens to be fairly expensive to do so. Third Keto diets absolutely help mental health, which in general has been shown to help people with cortisol levels and mental fortitude.

    I don’t like cherry picked videos like this in which there is a clear bias.

  160. I eat less than a 100g of carbs a day with high fat and moderate protein… And I’m liking it so far… Anyone else doing a modified keto diet?

  161. I think you cherry pick what the studies show and also other studies in favor of the keto diet, specifically the studies based on fat adaptation studies that run over 12 weeks.

  162. I think the biggest advantage of studying keto is the knowledge you gain regarding the inflammatory effects of poor carbohydrate consumption. On keto I always feel healthier but the carb cravings do for me after a week or so. Not withstanding that I always lose weight and always feel better, but struggle to keep it up for any length of time.

  163. I actually think the keto diet for type 2 diabetics has been shown beyond a doubt to be the most effective diet for treating type 2 diabetes, i.e., getting diabetics off their meds. Take a look at the work over at Verta Health. Also, you didn’t address the presence of ketones themselves, which is another point the keto community points too. Take a look at Dom D’Agostino’s work with ketones and exogenous ketones. Last question, why do you believe grains are healthy or nutritious? Love your content, thank you for the vid.

  164. Quit following him.. keto is saving lives…he is missing many many scientific details on ketogenisis, ldl cholesterol, and insulenemia. He also spoke about the many benefits of keto: good skin, lower insulin levels etc, but then poo poo’s keto anyway. He’s just genetically gifted with muscles and 180 wrong on keto.

  165. So many holes in this video. I’ve been on keto for 2 months and lost 35 pounds. I loose a pound a day almost. And muscle mass has not gone down. You’re wrong about a lot of things Jeff. I don’t think you fully understand keto. Intermittent fasting and keto will make you drop FAT quick. Muscle is staying and I’m getting more lean. And you can eat fruit on keto. You’re just so wrong about a lot of things in this video Jeff. You should try keto the right way because I don’t think you understand it fully, then see the benefits.

  166. Absolutely any diet in the world works if you are able to adhere to it. I have tried everything and there is nothing I was able to stick to like Keto(going onto the 9th week). Eat in moderation, translated to restriction and binging for me….Keto gives me the liberating feeling of knowing what is off limits and endless possibilities to make Healthy alternatives cooking recipes!

  167. So I hate to say this but since you have not tried it. You are not the right person to say whether KETO works or not.

  168. It’s great for fat loss, I loss 30lbs in 6 months, but I probably lost about 7-8 lbs of muscle from not getting enough protein I’m guessing

  169. lost 191 pounds (390 to 199 in 340 days) in 1 year on Keto. I do not like the normal metrics though. I am 10% Carbs, 30% Protein, and 60% fat. I also do the warrior diet.

  170. Did keto for years and lost around 80 pounds on it. Been high carb with adequate protein lately. The main benefit of keto is to cut water from your physique and keep from bloating

  171. You present a lot of very interesting facts, but since you’ve never actually tried the diet, your opinions on the matter are very suspect, and you seem to have a personal bias against it based on your tone and the little remarks you throw in. If you’re going to talk science, then perhaps just stick to science and leave your opinions out of it, especially since you have no real frame of reference. My 0.02

  172. I have epilepsy and was told by my neurologist that the Keto diet was not proven? There’s a lot of confusing and conflicting information..

  173. I personally don’t believe that a ketogenic diet is relevant to bodybuilding or weight loss. The real benefits of the diet are its effects on the brain, and sex and stress hormones. Check out this video:

  174. You can’t bust myths based on papers, only by experience itself. I’m working out for 15 years now, started keto begin February and never had such results as I do now. Keto isn’t <50gr carbs, more <30gr carbs. And too high protein will even kick you out of keto. Results: never again a bloated feeling, no energy dips -> stable throughout the day, no muscle loss -> muscle and strength gain, mental focus improved, haven’t been sick once after coming in contact with multiple sick people, stretching long periods without hunger. Study had to be done correct to measure the correct results. My advice: try it out first exactly how it should be done for at least 6 months, THEN talk about busting myths 🙂

  175. 9:20 All the video has correct info except 9:20 Low carb is thee best diet for type 2 diabetes and if you believe the diabetes assosiation take on it , then you have not been paying attenstiom

  176. I wouldn’t trust anything the diabetes business has to say lol just like the cancer industry. Watxh the documentary “what the health?” Diabetes and cancer are corrupt organizations in bed with businesses that cause more diabetes and cancer.

  177. So he’s basically saying keto has no advantages over other diet lifestyles and it depends on the individual whether or not they want to follow a specific diet lifestyle long term. Keto is working for me so far with intermittent fasting and making sure to get all necessary vitamins and minerals through diet and supplementation 👍🏼👍🏼💪

  178. I’ve tried Keto twice, the 2nd attempt was better than the first. I feel a lot of water weight is lost during Keto. I did try the salt + water increase to counter the side-effects, but to no avail, I felt weak every time.
    Gym performances were horrible especially since my aim is for hypertrophy, I just felt weak in general. There are probably things I needed to do better regarding Keto, but I think I’m done with it and sticking to the standard diet (no Junk food).
    As long as I can perform at the gym, not feel lethargic, gain muscle and stay looking lean, I’m sticking with the normal diet and IF.
    Thomas Delauer being one of the faces and a strong proponent of Keto, the one thing I question is did he gain his physique from Keto, and from my personal experience of maybe 2 months 😂, maybe I did it all wrong, but I can’t help but be dazzled if Keto was the result of a physique like his if anaerobic performance seems to deflate so drastically.
    End of the day, whatever works for you works for you.

  179. Keto is a fantastic tool. It helped my overcome a serious sugar addiction. I’ve now reintroduced SOME carbs into my diet. Sweet potatoes, occasional fruit, and I don’t count carbs in veggies. It’s what works for me.

  180. I really really wonder why so many people think ketosis is dangerous.. Ketosis is the natural state of the human body. Every human throughout history of humanity was in ketosis. Just think about when you get into keto, no food, no bread, no cake, no potatoes… That’s what ‘normal’ food was like until maybe 200/300 yrs ago…. No fridge, food got bad, what people had left was the eggs and few veggies… Hunger periods were a normal thing, only one (sparse) meal per day was normal…. It’s a pity science only started to investigate metabolism about 80yrs ago. Otherwise we would not have this debate.
    Btw, yes I do keto, and yes I eat carbs, it’s just like our ancestors finding a field of apple trees, eating all the carbs for two/three days, sleeping happy in carb coma and getting back onto the keto track the day after. And yes, I actually studied this shit.

  181. I’m a fan of keto; I lost 20 lbs, fairly easily since it does reduce hunger and you naturally gravitate to eating less. I also felt sharper, my shits were healthier (lots of sugar turns them to treacle), and it worked for me. My other half runs ultra marathons (upto 185 miles) and she’s a fan of low carb (not keto) and she can run for several hours without needing to fuel herself with anything other than water.

    YEAH EVEN WEED… *sorry weed :(*



  183. Always hilarious to see people talk about keto without having tried it. Lots of bias in this video under the guise of “science” and “common sense”. I did the same thing before I tried it myself.

  184. I started strict and healthy keto + intermittent fasting in December 2018 and today it’s July 3rd. I’ve aimed at 20 or less carbs a day (I’ve gone a little higher occasionally but never over 50 and no cheat days.) I’ve gone from 265 lbs in december to 185lbs today. It’s been effortless, I’m not hungry most of the time and I feel fantastic. I eat mostly very nutrient dense food so If im not nutritionally complete im very close.

    EDIT: I did get very sick in the beginning though. For three days I had headaches stomach aches fever etc. but I wasn’t eating healthy foods I was just hitting macros.

  185. I don’t mess with JIF peanut butter on keto, if you do eat peanut butter you get no sugar added but don’t eat peanuts anyway they’re super inflammatory.

  186. Keto has been the only thing sustainable for me. I watched both of my parents have success eating a low carb diet so I did some research and found keto. A little over a year later and I’m down 110 lbs. My wife has also lost 50 lbs following a low carb/keto diet.

  187. I went from 400 lbs to 225 lbs (18% body fat) on Keto. Glad I didn’t pay attention to any of these “studies”.

  188. Keto is not hard to stick to after adapting. From my experience, and research, it is a lifestyle that promotes far more benefits for the average person than focusing on calories in – calories out. I do like that Jeff recognized here that carbs are not an essential macro nutrient for survival.

  189. I tried Keto and it wreaked havoc on my digestive system. I did continue, but keep my carbs around 15% (eating them before bed to help sleep) and my protein at 30%. This has worked well. I love how much less hungry I am throughout the day.

  190. i’ve done Low Carb, Keto, IF, Vegetarian, Vegan…

    lost weight on all versions… thought about trying fruitarian…

    common theme
    -processed foods eaten only on special occasions
    -Still eating a bunch of vegetables is best (clean Keto)

    easiest of all these types of lifestyle eating
    -Internittent Fasting

    People can just eat healthiest organic foods as much as possible. In my experience, Fiber from fruits & veg make u so full it’s actually hard to overeat… but overeating a bunch of grains, pasta, meats is easy to hit a caloric surplus.

    the good thing with all these lifestyle eating patterns is that it’s moved people genuinely concerned about their health are investigating what will help them long term… instead of just blindly trusting the old main stream beliefs (which not all of it is wrong).

  191. People don’t go Keto for strength or size though. They go in it to BURN FAT, I don’t think its a myth. Its work for a lot of people long term.

  192. I think you are vastly under stating the real reason why keto has been so successful and is so popular. I wonder what the literature says about the high adherence rates of the ketogenic diet versus some equivalent low fat or low calorie diet that have proven in the past to be very unsuccessful. There is a reason that so many people are switching to it and you should look into that because that’s the real answer to the real question.

  193. I tried keto for 3 weeks, it was the most horrible experience of my life, couldn’t keep up in the gym and it was painful and really depressing. i still went forward and did it, i won’t do it again.

    i really hope this keto cult really blows up in everyone faces. i don’t think it’s healthy for someone who has high intensity trainings or want’s to get bigger

  194. Dude, I like your videos, but you veer outside your expertise here. The whole entire point of Keto is to suppress appetite so you can fast more effectively. The strongest advocates of the Keto diet would never tell you to go on Keto without fasting. You are debunking a myth that actual practitioners of Keto don’t believe in, so it’s not very useful. Now, if you have a different way of suppressing appetite that works as well, please focus on that. One look at you and I know I need to listen to anything you say about your own experience. BTW, to answer your question about keto adaptation, its different for everyone. I was already eating very healthy, so it was amazingly easy for me. The only real side-effect was mild constipation, which I easily fixed by adding a small amount of fruit. You are allowed to do that, by the way. As you point out, Keto was invented for a purpose entirely unrelated to fat loss, so there’s no reason to adhere to it striktly if fat loss is your goal. It’s just a tool.

  195. Cutting down on carbs HAS been helping but I don’t understand. Are you talking omega 3s when you say eating fat to lose fat?

  196. The insulin issue isn’t so much that it stores fat. The issue is Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes and other health issues.

  197. In short just up your protein intake, little bit of loswring of carbs every week, this in a Cutting fase so while cutting on calories. Done.

  198. I respectfully disagree with nearly every conclusion you drew in this video. Not only did you see what you wanted to in these studies, but you no doubt chose the ones that supported your conclusions. Several times you overlooked actual statistical improvements that are a result of the keto diet due to a lack of control in the study, fair, but the way you casually dismiss them as irrelevant makes me question your overall research methodology. While there is a lack of long term data to draw from in relation to the keto diet, you clearly enter this video in a mindset to debunk rather than make an objective analysis. It is clear that this diet is very foreign to you, perhaps you should try it first. Stating that someone is missing out on nutrients by not getting any grains or fruit in their diet is outright fallacy.

  199. I have dieted plenty before. Never got much result. I used almost no effort on Keto and I lost 25 pounds in the first 6 weeks. The first 2 were hard. You need to look at the research presented on the “low carb down under” channel. Keto is the best thing ever!

  200. Any diet where I have cut out carbs completely led to little difference to weight lifting, especially strength in the earlier sets. My endurance, especially high intensity endurance performance was massively reduced.

  201. Jeff, I was pretty disappointed with this vid, and it made me worry that you’re falling into the naysayer trap of just reflexively looking to counter anything seen as fashionable or trendy.

    Specifically, you really gloss over the benefits of a keto or low carb diet for those individuals with diabetes and pre-diabetes … even though that is more than half the adult U.S. population. At the end of your vid you note that keto may be helpful in treating certain types of CANCER … is this an insignificant point in your opinion?

    I don’t know that you busted any myths with this video, more like you cherry picked studies to bust a faddish straw man understanding of keto.

  202. Adding to the science, keto was used in the late 1800’s early 1900’s for a diagnosis of diabetes. I’ve been on the keto diet for several weeks and it takes integrity and will power to maintain. I did my homework on keto and feel it’s a good way to go for weight loss. Lastly, anyone can choose their science to make their side look better. There are numerous medical studies showing keto to benefit multiple disorders. Prolonged high protein diet can affect the kidneys. Based on my research, I think keto does have benefits and works like many other diet approaches.

  203. I read it all over the internet if I just do some research. *Keto saved my life!!* or, *Carnivore diet saved my life!!* Hell, i’ve also seen dosens of articles stating that veganism saved their life.
    Bottom line is; NONE of these diets are superior, nor healthier, than an overral balanced, healthy diet. That is, a diet that excludes proccessed crap, sugars and fake food. And that’s the one thing all these diets have in common. They force you to cut the crap, eat whole foods and also forces you to actually cook your own food. OF COURSE doing this will ”save your life”. These extreme fad diets just comes to show how total shit our standard western diets are. If meat and vegetables truly were so magical that they saved lives, your life would be perfectly fine, because the majority of our regular foods contain these things already.
    If you’re one of those guys on a diet like this, thinking you’ve found the holy grail of life, no. You haven’t. You just elliminated shit foods from your diet. No shit this is going to make a difference. But also, whatever rocks your boat. If it works, it works. Fuck the science and studies behind it, you did this and it works for YOU. So keep at it, champ.

  204. Carnivore over here which some would say is Keto if fats kept high enough. Love this way of eating. Definitely have a boost in mood, more stable energy and very simplistic food prep. Adaptation period is not that bad if you keep fat and electrolytes on point. Very easy to maintain weight without counting calories.

  205. But my 65 year old mom lost 8 pounds on keto? SMH I hate talking to her about “dieting”. I’m 6-2 230 lbs 15% body fat but what the f*** do I do mom lol.

  206. I feel way better eating keto. The biggest problem I have is food cravings, eating low carb suppresses my appetite to the point where I rarely feel hungry and have no food cravings, even after a prolonged fast. More importantly, insidious type II diabetes runs in my family. While my family tends toward the leaner side of body composition we still have problems handling carbs. I now have a normal A1C (Glycoslated Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)), in the past even as a competitive athlete with high training loads my A1C was elevated. Fasting glucose was fine but my GTT and A1C was off and borderline diabetic inspite of being very fit with a good diet. Switching to a low carb lifestyle very quickly corrected my A1C. I typically consume around .7 grams of protein (or more) per LBM and keep carbs <5-10% of total calories. I don't test for ketones but I have all the signs of ketosis. The adaptation period is rough, honestly it really took me about 1 month to completely adjust. The first 72 hours are the hardest, it is easier after that but really took until about 4 weeks until I felt completely normal. Also, with the right dietary support I was able to completely resume the same volume of lifting after about 3 weeks. My lifts continue to improve on keto.

  207. Keto works extremely well for people like myself who work out hard, yet can’t seem to moderate my diet. That’s right. I can’t have one slice of pizza. I have 3 or 4. Not one tub of ice cream, but two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s. Having been on a low carb, keto “ish” lifestyle since August of 2018, I am down 58 pounds 206 to 150 pounds and so close to shredded abs, I can say it does work for people who have a hard time balancing some small cheat meals all the time. I wish I could do a flexible approach, I really wish!! Lower carb with thigh protein just makes me more focused, happy, and satisfied. The sucky part is the lower strength in heavy lifting. Now that I am at a lean body mass, I think I may have to jump off the keto train in order to build more muscle since I am lacking the intense strength needed to lift really heavy. It’s a good lifestyle though. For sure

  208. I do better in the gym . I mean physical performance has improved dramatically. I think you follow the keto diet!!

  209. Caloric deficit wins again. So simple, so painful, so often denied or complicated for the sake of selling a book/plan/website/video . . . *sigh*

  210. Keto is not a reduced calorie diet, I eat average 3000 a day, I feel amazing and keep dropping weight and I now weigh 190 and I exercise only a average of once a week, so a calorie is not a calorie, it’s modern dogma, there’s no such thing as having to eat 3 meals a day it’s food industry dogma

  211. Listening to the big pro-keto people, it sounds like good studies for Keto & performance is few and needs to be improved. However, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that the people’s endurance performance (running, biking, etc) improves with Keto. Also, being metabolically flexible (IE more mitochondria adapted to using ketones for energy) is a performance hack that endurance athletes are using more. The idea is to be keto adapted, which your body will create more ketone utilizing mitochondria, and then on race day, take in some carbs along with your fats, which allows for more fuel to be burned. Again, this is more anecdotal, but video of Thomas DeLaurer goes into more detail and references the studies showing this. There does seem to be a lot more evidence that Keto helps a lot with type II diabetes. I look at the keto subreddit and see story after story of people doing keto, losing weight enjoyably, and dramatically dropping their A1C levels. Keto also helps a lot with inflammatory conditions since those tend to be linked to carbs.

    However, Keto does so well because you’re not riding the insulin train, which is especially good for those obese people because they’re food addicts and having a steady blood sugar level greatly helps them stay in control. This is why its a lot more sustainable for the food addicts because they don’t feel so deprived. A lot of diets restrict fatty foods, which is partially why food addicts fail – fat tastes good. Keto has enough good substitutions for carbs to really make you feel like you’re not deprived.

    Personally, I’ve done Keto and really enjoyed it, but I stopped because it did affect my HIIT/weight lifting performance (Keto is great for strength training (since creatine system isn’t affected) and endurance, but not hypertrophy/HIIT since those are anaerobic activities). I didn’t feel bad at all during the ‘keto flu’ window because I did my research before hand. When you start Keto, you want to increase your water intake, make sure you’re supplementing additional electrolytes (I used pink salt & cream of tartar (potassium) for my ‘ketoade’), and eat 7-10 cups of leafy greens a day, since they contain a lot more electrolytes and are rich in nutrients.

  212. I attempted keto for a month during my 100 pound weight loss journey, I felt limited and bloated from eating so much meat, my weight started dropping from 270 to about 260 in that time i began to plateau, I was doing circuit training and running daily, when I finally quit and added about 150 – 200 grams back into my diet I saw my weight drop to 250 within the next week and a half and then eventually down to 205 within 7-8 months

  213. If you’re not overweight, a pro bodybuilder, have celiac/certain food allergies, or make money with your body…. You don’t need a keto diet 100% Live a little, life’s too short. Have a fucking cupcake 💪

  214. No benefit?? I’ve been keto for 2 years, completely reversed my diabetes (after failing on all other diets), and am off insulin. Complete reversed my metabolic syndrome and off of high blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Lost 110 lbs put on a ton of muscle and it has been the most satisfying and sustainable way of eating I have ever ben able to maintain long term that keeps me energized and not feeling like shit after a high carb blood glucose spike and crash. I can loose or maintain my weight at will. You should try it yourself before advising people there is no benefit to it.

  215. Yo Jeff, you are certainly the man… I got guys I really respect on each extreme of keto, paleo and fasting spectrums, but I can always count on you to walk the middle path and bring everything into perspective

  216. Hi Jeff, thank you very much for this. Have you ever heard of Stu Mittleman? He is an ultra long distance runner crediting his endurance to being able to burn fat instead of sugar. He also seems to advocate a plant based diet and saying you don’t need meat. I’m not a fan of vegetarian diet just because I like meat too much but I’m interested in knowing about being fat adapted and endurance.

  217. I gotta say, this video seemed pretty biased. There is tons of scientific literature out there showing several different beneficial health effects of Keto. Why wasn’t any of this mentioned?

  218. But keto isnt even low carb it’s high quality fats, how exactly did those keto studies conduct diet. Also most keto eaters are still eating shit ton of veggies, some fruit which idk I REALLY doubt their keto eaters were even fully nourished

  219. I know this is an old video but everyone should see this, regardless whatever diet you’re on and especially the “bro-science-fitness-guru” out there. Two thumbs up Jeff!

  220. Like you mentioned towards the end of the video, ” It is personal preference ” . Keto has help lots of people struggling with weight issues as well as many other health conditions. I look at likes this, the same way a body builder has to work hard to build muscle to achieve there desired goal and someone want to loose weight has to work as hard to achieve the goal. Both in muscle building and weight loss you have to overcome some discomforts to reach that goal.

  221. 23 kg down more lean muscle than I have ever had, down 4 dress sizes more energy better, numbers over the board, I had gestational diabetes, and low carb really helped keep my diet controlled while pregnant, so I needed no drugs to control it. My BP is better, my numbers in all of my blood work is better, I am very healthy keto you can eat healthy foods I eat loads of greens and berries, and there are heaps of veg you can eat, you can live without potato’s it is great lifestyle. I am 41 this year and am in better shape than I was ion my 20’s. So for me it is amazing, but everyone is different.

  222. Is there any data supports that high carb diet supports dopamine production as an athlete? As an elite endurance athlete, I’ve played around with both low carb diet, and can definitely say that my cravings were down, and satiation much more stable. But I feel happier with more complex carbs like bananas, potatos, and other fruits and grains

  223. You don’t understand health.
    P.S. weightlifters are not healthy unless they also are good at cardio.
    You really should shut up!

  224. I dont do keto but lowering your insulin level by lowering high GI carb like sugar and bread is the way to go for your health regardless of weight. Many scientific papers show it lowers cardiovascular risks. It also lowers cancer , neurodegenerative and inflammation related diseases. You are not obliged to go as extreme as keto but low carb high fat is definitevely good for your health.

  225. Having a rational conversation with someone on a Keto diet about Keto is like trying to tell a flat earther the earth is a sphere. Why can’t there be benefits and negative aspects? Take any “diet” and cut out all sugar and you will see benefits because essentially at its base that is all Keto is. Keto works I did it for a while but to say it’s better than anything and there aren’t any side effects in regards to cholesterol levels over the long term is ridiculous. Who here has been on a Keto diet for 20 years? Than how can you say there are no negative health consequences. I know plenty of people who have smoked cigarettes for a couple years and didn’t get cancer. Does that mean it’s great for you?

  226. I dont know man. Im open minded but if I eat carbs at all. I cannot compete at the same level. I have endless cardio on ketosis and I cant compete at the same level on a carb diet. I also read a lot faster(tested). I wish more came up then these topics. It lowers my testesterone and lowers my metabolism considerably, and i believe thats making me way more energy efficient. I know its not enough evidence but i promise its there.

  227. I wouldn’t be watching this channel if it wasn’t for LCHF (or Keto). Why?

    I’m a 60 year old male who has yo-yo’d weight my whole life. I’ve gone on every conceivable diet there is and gotten slim each time, only to shortly regain to heavier weight.

    The problem with every diet, including the 7 months I went plant-based only, is that it was not sustainable. I simply found it difficult to implement, or would be hungry all the time, or felt deprived of enjoyable foods.

    But then, 15 weeks ago at the height of my weight ever and issues with blood sugar, I came to learn about LCHF. After doing my research I implemented this plan.


    Within a few weeks I lost a bunch of weight. More importantly, I lost cravings for even my favorite stuff (pepperoni pizza and ice cream). Never hungry. Able to go many hours without eating, so I shifted to intermittent fasting 16/8 to add benefits.

    Another amazing thing is my desire to workout everyday at the gym. It used to be tough for me to be motivated to exercise, so I rarely did. This time I have so much energy that I’m addicted to working out and have built a physique that rivals my best showing in my 20’s!!! My abs , arms, chest etc is whipping in shape that is blowing my 60 year old mind! Are you kidding me?

    So all I can say is with all these “studies ” that seems to support or denounce both sides of the Keto debate, my own experience for a diet where I can eat this way for long periods without issue and see massive health and physical benefits is that this is the BEST thing that I’ve ever seen or experienced.

    LCHF rocks!

  228. The latest twist is the publication in The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday of details from Dr. Atkins’s confidential medical report. The report concludes that Dr. Atkins, 72, had a history of heart attack and congestive heart failure and notes that he weighed 258 pounds at death. Dr. John McDougall, a member of the Physicians Committee and an internist who had debated Dr. Atkins, said there was no doubt that Dr. Atkins had lost weight after his cardiac arrest, but before that was a different story. ”I knew the man,” he said. ”He was grossly overweight. I thought he was 40 to 60 pounds overweight when I saw him, and I’m being kind.” As for the buildup of fluids in his final days, he said, ”I never heard of anyone gaining 60 pounds of fluid in nine days. While Dr. Atkins had an episode of cardiac arrest the year before his death, Dr. Trager said, he was unaware that he had had any history of heart attack. Source:

  229. Obvs, take everyone’s opinion with a grain of salt… do your own research and reading. (Try Dr. Mark Hyman’s books/research, if you’re interested in low carb/keto.) It works for a ton of people, for varying reasons (and also there’s more research going deeper into the cholesterol stuff – not as b&w as he makes it seem.)

    Low carb diets, esp for people who don’t strength train regularly, can absolutely be life-saving. No
    exaggeration. It really seems to kill off the excessive amounts of sugar/processed food intake, and you can eat plenty of veggies, and even fruits (just be mindful of your intake).

    Honestly, we’re just now learning so much about this stuff bc even doctors weren’t taught a lot about nutrition, and what we did know wasn’t thorough bc it’s hard to do accurate studies on what people eat. That being said, we do know now the connection between our gut and our mind/overall health, AND the horrific impacts of sugar/insulin resistance on the body and the mind…pretty hard to say “eating anything in moderation” is healthy; there’s def stuff we shouldn’t ever eat, at all.

    Also – shout out to all the people re-citing studies for different conclusions – this is the kind of stuff we see a lot in the fitness/science world.

  230. Hopefully, someday you get to try the keto diet and tells us how you feel while working out and the numbers you push out. Somewhat like going bear mode, it would be really interesting to see how it is, especially if it can be a better alternative for quick cutting. I’m going to do it on my own, but it would be very informative to see your take on it like meal plans, volume pushed, gains and so on.
    I’ve done keto before twice in the past 3 years and the mental status is quite euphoric.

  231. The literature you site is based on bias studies. You actually think it’s in their best interest for you to be healthy? Hell, they even tell you corn oil and Cheerios are healthy. Who pay them for the studies? Oh yeah, the food industries. I look at individuals results. And KETO is kicking ass. Have you seen weight watchers stock lately?

  232. My experience with keto was awesome. Lost 2 pants sizes in the 2 months I did it, was never hungry (even till the next meal), felt fantastic and I wasn’t even exercising. Like, I felt great but it was expensive. I also had the same experience trying vegan out except I was starving to death all the time but was still constantly eating.

  233. This is a very narrowly approached video, and i strongly disagree. this video is to say that calories in and out are the ONLY factors in weight loss and that there are no biological factors involved. you are effective stating that hormones have NO effect on weight. sorry but that just sound ridiculous to me. I do appreciate your videos Jeff, and have learned a lot from them, however i think this one you may have not looked deep enough into the literature.

  234. I love your stuff and I greatly appreciate that you did work here. I found the specific myths interesting because those myths needed to be busted. If this is why you’re exploring Keto, you’re exploring for the wrong reasons.

    The only thing I’d challenge you to investigate are the studies that discuss the other benefits of Keto. Lipid control over time, recidivism to higher caloric habits, fat adaptation’s effects on mental state.

    Others have mentioned the specific people you should reach out to, but I’d say you should read more from Dom D’Agostino and talk some stuff over with Thomas DeLauer. There are many other scientific keto folks that could point you to some great advantages even for people who are strength training.

    Just my 2 cents. Thanks for the analysis!

  235. My personal experience with Keto 9 a nice long winded comment for you)

    I have used keto in 3 month stints with usually 1-2 months returning to a moderately low carb diet in between for a little over a year. It was suggested to me as a diet to help regulate my hormones and return them to a more atypical state by a hormone specialist as I have PCOS. It is not something that I recommend to others, and while I am a fairly good cook, with a long term understanding of nutrition – it is not a diet I have ever taken enjoyment of. I love fresh fruits and vegetables and have struggled with restricting these things, although I have heard many first hand accounts of people who have loved the diet and seen great results. I lost a significant amount of weight on the diet which I had gained a few years back when the PCOS issues first popped up. Completely aside from the weight loss side, I have seen a significant reduction in the amount of pain I experience while ovulating and menstruating and my cycle itself has returned to almost completely regular. It is worth noting however, that in many cases a significant reduction in bodyweight/body fat percentage has helped also reduce the symptoms, so keto’s part in this could be correlation rather than causation. I currently use more of a TKD approach as I do find the diet extremely limiting when it comes to training. I rarely have sufficient energy to give maximum effort and lift much lighter than I did prior to the diet (even when I was at a lower weight than I currently am)

    I personally think that I have benefited from the diet with my particular situation, but do not consider the diet as better in anyway than a regular caloric deficit for people without my issue, except that some people simply seem to stick to it better because they get to eat a bunch of bacon and butter. I have seen many people who do not put a nutritional focus on the diet, which is unfair as here is certainly meant to be a focus on whole foods and grass fed/organic/pasturised meat and dairy products. I will return to a more macronutrient balanced diet as soon as I have the all clear that my body once again functions like a “normal body” which I am very close to. Unfortunately there is not a huge amount of research on things to aid people with PCOS, so all we can do is go wiht the most recent research – and given both yours and Stephanie’s backgrounds I would be extremely interested in a collab between you two on how different foods affect different hormones. Such as how cruciferous vegetables are advised against for people with thyroid issues due to their effect on the bodies utilisation of iodine.

  236. A debate between you and @Thomas Delauer will be an interesting one to watch since I find you both have a point. Thanks for that video!

  237. Pick your energy metabolism fat or carbs. Becoming a fat adapted athlete has a lot of advantages. The science is lagging. You should actually try it for 8-12 months and really find out. It is not about the keto diet it is more about can you become a better athlete staying fat adapted and using carbs strategically? The Steak and Eggs Diet was an old school Ketogenic Diet. It’s carnivore. I’d rather have a ramped up fat metabolism. No matter what diet you are on fat loss is a function of calorie deficit and hormones. You can get fat on keto. You should interview and do a workout with Dr. Shawn Baker a world class athlete eating a keto carnivore diet. 👍 I hope you remake this video someday. Cheers.

  238. I read that you can get into autophagy quicker if you fast while on a low carb high fat diet, are there any studies on this?

  239. For me individually the ketogenic diet is not only for calorie restriction but for medical reasons. I was prediabetic and 66 years old with high blood pressure. My blood glucose normalized, my blood pressure normalized, my acid reflux disappeared, and the nerve pain in my feet is also gone. I lost 25 pounds and felt so good I was able to join a gym and go 3 to 4 days a week now and building muscle. And I also do 16/8 intermittent fasting routine. For a younger person in normal health any good whole food diet and exercise will work. But for anyone like me the ketogenic diet could be a lifesaver.

  240. I hope you’re not trying to say that keto is the same as Atkins because Atkins didn’t have the high fat ratio just to no carbs.

  241. My only rebuttal to a lot of the studies cited as evidence against low carb diets as a means for fat loss (such as those in the review from the intro) are considering a diet with 30% carb intake as “low-carb”. This isn’t even close to what’s required for keto, and frankly I wouldn’t even consider it to be “low-carb” at all

  242. I tried the caloric deficit approach and couldn’t sustain it past 6 months, every time I had to reduce my calorie intake more and more to get the results I wanted and even workout harder and/or longer per day. After eliminating carbs all together and still being at 38% body fat, from 52% body fat at the beginning of the 6 month caloric deficit diet. I wanted something I could enjoy eating virtually anything and still get results. So I looked into Keto and Intermittent Fasting. There is a man named Dr. Jason Fung who has reversed type 2 diabetes in people just by putting them on an IF and/or Keto lifestyle.
    I have been doing Keto combined with Intermittent fasting (true keto, your body goes into the deepest state of ketosis approximately at the 12 hour mark on fasting) for 5 months now, and during my eating window have eaten keto meals. Typically I do a 16 hour fast with an 8 hour eating window, but anywhere between 2 to 4 times a week I will do a 20 hour fasting window and a 4 hour eating window. Both causing me to be in a caloric deficit to some degree.
    During Christmas, New Years and at the super bowl party I attended I splurged on any and everything I could eat. I gained less than 6 lbs after eating horrible (still during my eating window) for the WEEK between Christmas and New years and lost that weight in less than a week.
    Currently my wife and daughter are both sick with the flu and I am doing all I can to avoid it, but since it is around valentines I have been bringing them chocolates home. I have eaten those chocolates with them and have hardly seen a fluctuation in weight outside of typical daily weight fluctuation and my cloths haven’t been getting tight.
    Initially I lost 30 lbs and what looked like muscle mass (within the first 2.5 months), but it turns out it was fat over my muscles and any muscle size I have lost was due to becoming leaner; not losing muscle itself. Also Glycogen stores can make your muscle look or seem bigger, and you typically deplete your glycogen stores when on a keto and/or IF lifestyle; so in essence my muscles are just more lean than before. I won’t deny that probably much of that 30 lbs was water weight, but between then and now; my waist went from a 40 inch waist to a 36 inch waist and I am pretty sure I have another 6 inches to go. I remain around the same weight at 205lbs at 5’11”, but my body fat percentage continues to drop as long as I am keeping a calorie deficit per day and do IF with keto.

    When I started back in October I was approximately at 38% body fat, just before Christmas I was at approximately 22% body fat and as of this month I am at approximately 18% body fat. I am saying all that to say this, if his lifestyle of eating is great for him and sustainable then awesome and good for him. However, in terms of a diet becoming a lifestyle way of eating; the majority of people will find Keto and/or IF to be completely sustainable. I can cheat virtually when ever I want, but when I want to see serious results I remain in true keto and IF for at least 4 weeks consecutively. Jeff claims that based on those studies that this isn’t true, however I on a personal level have proven it to be false and so many other people from my church have proven that as well and they have been doing keto and IF longer than I have.
    Either way, watch this video; it is Thomas Delauer talking about the neural impact keto has on your brain to make keto sustainable (and this is just one video).

  243. Bro, I cannot tell if you seriously cherry picked all this stuff due to your own bias or if you just failed to look at advocates of keto and what studies they pointed out (aka seeing the studies that are pro keto says to your conclusions). In terms of a “diet” being sustainable, keto (typically combined with Intermittent fasting) is a “diet” for the majority of the general population. It is a fantastic base to start at and shift your “diet” to eventually become a long term lifestyle. If someone doesn’t need keto to maintain or get results, then great; good for you. However, the keto and IF lifestyle is very sustainable and a fairly easy base to start at and shift your diet lifestyle to better fit your results.

    I lean on the Jeff Caviler (athlean-x) position, that a diet is horrible because it isn’t sustainable; however, if it is sustainable (like the keto and IF “diet” in the majority of cases is) then that is what you need to do for you.

    Already looking for a Dr. Berg, Dr. Jason Fung, Fledge Fitness, or Thomas Delauer rebuttal type video.

  244. I have been doing keto since 40 days. I know this is not a lot of time but still it has changed my body. It has almost reversed most of the diseases in my body.

    You look more convincing and geeky when you use these kind for papers but one should listen to his body not these papers.

    No you didn’t bust any myth in this video but you just jumped from myth to fairytale.

    Weight loss is just one effect of keto. It could do many things to your body.

    There is nothing wrong in cutting out a food group from your life for few months. The only things that you have to remove is grains and starchy vegetables.

    Actually it is not tough in early days. It is the people like this man who make it look like the early days of keto are difficult. No it’s not. It’s easy.

    Actually people should stop calling something a myth bust without actually trying that thing.

    Not all diets are like keto. They destroy your metabolism but keto doesn’t.

    So, ya if anyone is thinking to start Keto then do it.

  245. Found multiple papers stating that high fat Keto diet can cause hepatic insulin resistance in animal study. Love it when people who never read any scientific literature or understand how cautiously the research is performed just claims that everyone should follow his or her way of diet cause he/she “believes” it. It takes courage to speak truth to them and witness the reaction, you are doing a dangerous thing……

  246. People only work for themselves. People deceiving others say I work for you to take benefits of their evil actions.

  247. Keto diet makes body more sensitive to insulin. You are healthy while your body is sensitive to insulin. So if you are resistant to insulin this is the diet you should try. If you fat you will lose weight. If you skinny you will become more skinny. (bc of loosing glycogen and water) So this diet is not for weight gain. If you whant to gain weight you need to eat healthy slow carbs also and do resistance exercises, wait and pray…

  248. This talk is about theory. Mad respect but most of these studies produce theories that are are laughable to someone who has actually done keto. First off calorie counting is a myth and my experiences without a shadow of a doubt proven this to myself. I’m doing similar daily calories and similar rigorous weightlifting. The change….20 lbs fat loss first month. ~5 lbs muscle addition. Next couple months another 10 lbs fat loss and another ~7 lbs muscle addition and im middle build 5’6″ 150lbs who lifts and is active in sports. Strength and inflammation never been better and im not getn younger in mid 30’s. Nutrition levels are fine…get plenty of polyphenols, fiber, vits, and mins. Exercise performance is pretty beast. Also intermittant fasting is amazing and im not sure i could do it without keto or vice versa as the carb cravings would do me in eventually. Oh and good luck going into an over the top calorie day as a consumer of fats. Talk about self regulation. Fat satiates and when you start paying attention to fats as nearly all keto folks do you tend to get smarter about quality and types of fat consumed. I would also say that about ~90% of what i hear about keto diet, lifestyle, difficulties are NOT true and rather laughable to anyone who has tried it. Worst case scenario you starve cancer cells in your body by denying the fuel aka carbs they need to grow, and worst case you burn fat ,like literally never though of levels, and cut inflammation down all throught body, oh and save a ton of money on foods we dont really need. So jeff….your show is awesome but best to have someone who knows or practices keto diet to describe it because the theories are like a scientist describe theory to someone who in real life practices such experiments. Maybe talk to someone like Thomas delaur or have someone like him on your show if you want to “inform” folks about what keto does to ones body from a purely holistic health or weightlifing practice.

  249. I’m doing keto – losing weight, feeling great, all bio markers improving. The keto flu was nothing much – a bit of a headache one day early on. This mythbusting effort of yours is pretty selective with the available studies – seems groomed to match your conclusion. I’m surprised you haven’t quoted Ancel Keys.

  250. Good lit review. I do wonder if people eating 20% protein are really keto or just using gluconeogenesis. They’re still probably restricting kcals considerably by eliminating an entire macronutrient group. The classic keto diet was closer to 90% fat.🤔

  251. regarding the appetite: since you eliminate carbs from your diet, you pretty much ditch 90% of the processed foods as well?

  252. I would take a look at who is funding the different studies out there. Nowadays you just don’t know what to believe. I’ve been looking at studies saying keto does nothing for you but then you have all these people that feel amazing with perfect labs when following keto. I am confused tbh. I guess trial and error is the best science on such a controversial subject.

  253. His delivery is annoying. Look, keto is not for everyone but it does work. After a month it gets a lot easier to resist craving bad food. Your percentage of carbs should be around 3% of your daily intake. Physically you feel amazing, mentally feel clear and my anxiety dropped next to nothing. If the “keto flu” lasts more than a couple days, you’re doing something wrong. Keto is great and it does work. Science has been telling us high carbs are good since the 70s and when did people start getting really fat? Hmmm. If You want to kick it up a notch, I intermittent fast 5 days a week. My belly fat and back fat completely melted away, not even eating healthier and hitting the gym fixed that until I switch. Not to mention those two combined actually fix your hormone levels which is key to staying healthy. Not to mention the times you’ll feel euphoric. I’ve done keto for 2 years, a year ago I stopped due to family issues and my body felt like crap for almost a month. I’ll never go back. You can’t always listen to “science” and these guys that interpretate its results. Listen to the people that are on it. People that you should listen to aren’t trying to sell you anything, they just give you advice because they back up the lifestyle that has truly made them feel physically and mentally amazing. Don’t forget to exercise, not required but your body will thank you and it is key to getting rid of the “keto flu” a lot quicker. Oh and once you have become adapted to burning fat, give yourself a reward like a cheat window once in a great while. Not a whole day, but maybe a few hours. Comes in handy when you’re on a date or when you just wanna have that milkshake etc.

  254. I’ve tried keto. Rapid weight loss only occurs in the first few weeks. After that, it’s a matter of tracking your calories. Which you can do on any diet, or by living healthy. Keto is not magic.

  255. wait wait wait wait !!! they did not look at the supplementation of Creatine in keto diets! you don’t really need carbs for high intensity workouts because your body uses creatine phosphate to power such activity ! Carbs are not harmful, they do help with high intensity workouts because our body has adapted to it all our lives, but you can get somewhat similar results with creatine and extra salt in your diet as keto ! There probably is no research on that though :/

  256. love that although you may not 100% agree with the diet you encourage it if it means people are adapting to some kind of healthy lifestyle. That’s the positivity needed in the health industry

  257. Keto definitely controls hunger, you don’t feel bloated, does’t give you a carb coma after eating and it maintains you alert, and active.
    At least it worked for me, and i find it sustainable.
    Some people dont like it, thats fine. As long as you get results.

  258. Keto works for me, period. I’ve been keto or low carb for years with no issues craving anything but more meat and fat. Carbs are insignificant in my diet… mostly consumed, if consumed, before leg or back workouts. What you said around the 10:10ish mark about keto being nutrient-lacking…. that’s patently false. The lack of fruits means nothing… I get more nutrients from say, broccoli, than any piece of fruit would give me. Also, the “lack” of grains is wholefully a non-concern… grains provide nothing that meat and veggies don’t already provide. Non-fibrous carbs serve one purpose and one purpose only… a quickly absorbed source of glucose for intense exercise. Overall, not a bad video. Thanks!

  259. In these comments, a bunch of butt-hurt keto-people “refuting” science with anecdotes about how awesome and fit they are while insulting Jeff.

  260. Never had any significant keto flu effects, might have felt a bit tired sometimes, but I think that was more from crashing off coffee, made sure to get sodium and other electrolytes though, which is main thing causing keto flu I believe. Have lost lots of weight pretty fast on it, like 20 lbs a month when I was really fat, and def gained like half that back since I came off it, cuz I cant control my cravings to eat and drink everything when Im not on keto back on it again and dropping weight again.

  261. I love how he doesn’t show where he is getting this information from! Ahahaha 😀 Also misses out on pretty much ALL benefits and only criticize all possible negative points. Compare it to normal diets instead of criticizing all the possible negative benefits. Please explain how the sugar/carb diet is better than keto and instead of saying probably and maybe get your facts straight… Terrible video!!!

  262. I have got word just how carbs were connected to an increase in weight and so typically to stay away from carbohydrates, but yet had under no circumstances regarded using them to slim down. The central concept behind the four stage fat loss solution would be to train the entire body to burn off fat for energy as a substitute for carbohydrates.

  263. Although I won’t deny the facts stated in this video, in my experience, Keto cut my appetite far more than any other type of diet or strategy, and that’s a huge huge advantage. You can do Keto and be very healthy as long as you keep leafy greens up. You can minimize Keto fly by pairing it with intermittent fasting and an increase in electrolyte intake.

  264. Seriously? You’re going to say that Reduced Appetite and Food Elimination are the only factors at play when people lose weight on keto? That is total bullshit. First time I’ve heard you make an error. You clearly haven’t experimented with it yet, and you are missin out big time.

  265. I’ve been on keto for 2 years lots weight, off blood pressure meds, off my metformin for my type 2 diabeties, insulin resistance completely gone. My testosterone has shot up and so did my sperm count, cortisol levels perfect, infact I’d say I’m alot more mentally clear. It’s a wonder lifestyle. I’ve tried vegetarian, vegan, Atkins, Mediterranean, sirtuins diet you name it I’ve done it. Keto worked for me maybe not everyone else. Unless you’ve don’t it long term and properly you can say all the science you want. Every body is different. Ice-cream for one person can be bad and beneficial for another person.

  266. If you’re planning on incorporating training while on KETO. Consider that glycogen has a big role on your training volume, specially when it comes to training heavy. The type 2 fibers for the most part are stimulated by high intensity meaning taking carbs out of the ecuation will diminish your performance most definitely. KETO works in the high rep, LISS Cardio and general fitness, but for hyportrophy and muscle gains isn’t that great.

  267. Speaking from personal experience. I lost 80 pounds of fat, gained 10 pounds of muscle in a year. For the first time in my life I can control my eating habits. I’ve eliminated food coma, cognitive ups and downs. My already prediabetic state is completely gone. My liver function ast/alt is normal (it was elevated).

    Sugar addiction is real. If you experienced it yourself you would know. On the way back from work you walk into a donut shop without controlling yourself, stuff yourself sick and then sit there depressed wondering what the hell did you do and why?!

    No mention of cognition on ketobodies, no mention of insulin resistance or combination of keto with TRE on grelin control.

    I love your videos brother, but this one is not finished.

  268. I think there is a massive misunderstanding of human biology when discussing these diets. Ketogenic diets are great for getting your body back to being able to utilize fatty acids for fuel. It is commonly known that the human body ‘when healthy’ should be able to use both carbs as a source of fuel and also ketone bodies as a source of fuel yet due to our modern diet, lack of activity our bodies struggle to use the ketone bodies as a source of fuel (why should they when they have a surplus of carbs (glucose) that never ends and keeps on replenishing the body when it want is (or even if it doesn’t want it). Therefore I think the major benefits that people on a Keto diet refer too are actually the body being forced to use fatty acids (ketone bodies) as a source of fuel. Is it necessary to maintain strict ketone diet for ever? I would say NO. But does that mean you should revert straight back to a carb diet as you main fuel source? I would also say NO. So what is it that you can do? I would offer that by keeping your carbs mostly low and your fats reasonably high you can maintain a float between the two (as long as you are what is known as fat adapted ie having been in ketosis – ketone bodies measured in the blood above 0.5 mmols) then if you are training enough and especially bodybuilding I would increase my carbs loading up after a workout thereby training your body to utilise carbs and also utilise ketones (fatty acids) as our bodies are designed to do through millions of years of evolution.

  269. keto stops you feeling so hungry so its easier to do, this video is BS, if you match the calories on diets of course the results will be the same !

  270. basically…….eat real fresh food. Cut out processed and pre packaged food and added sugars. And don’t eat too much of anything (but that’ll be pretty hard to do if you’re eating real fresh food). That is the easiest base line to health. You’ll lose weight, feel better, and be healthier if you do that. Period.

    Carbs are good for short, high intensity things. Fats are good for sustained energy. (because it’s literally just stored fuel.)

    It’s probably not a bad idea to “train” your body to be able to use both efficiently. And for it to know how to use one in absence of the other. Easiest way to do that is to build fasting into your life/routine. Just like you block out your training phases….just block in some fasting into your eating lifestyle.

    Going extreme either way is inadvisable.
    Eating straight Keto for life is probably a bad idea and will probably bring a host of potential problems……just like eating super high carb for life causes all kinds of problems (that we’re now seeing).

    If you’re a person that has lived within one extreme already and has developed problems from it….you probably need to swing back to the other extreme to try to balance things out. This is partly why Keto is helping so many people. Because like 90% of our society has glucose and or metabolic problems (from eating tons of sugar, and being super sedentary).

  271. I’m on Keto, a week in… first few days were awesome, amazing energy… I decided to add a ‘re feed window of carbs in to replenish leptin to boost metabolism… I ate shit loads of weetabix… I went back to keto and am experience little aches and pains in my feet and legs, I’m now taking electrolytes in the hope for the aches and pains to pass, I felt like I kinda wanted carbs today, but I didn’t. Love the energy and being able to eat cheese and bacon and eggs

  272. What about growth hormone being released in the absence of insuline, due to the low leves of this because of the keto diet being so low in carbs?

  273. Lots of respect dude, but fat loss is not about calories its about insulin. The keto diet and intermittent fasting help lower insulin so you can burn body fat. I doubt you have ever tried keto for bodybuilding.

  274. I’ve been doing keto for almost a year now, & I weight train 5 days a week. In the initial stages (first month), there was a decrease in performance, but all information available about transitioning to keto informs you of that, & that it is short lived. A month after that, I was back at the weights & at my pre-keto energy levels.

    I feel like your analysis at the end was rather harsh & a little fearful (unnecessarily so). If one prepares for a keto diet (research), one is aware of the ‘keto flu’, but there are also ways to avoid this or at least minimise the effects (e.g. carb timing, use of electrolytes, etc). There are also varieties of keto that can be adapted for people depending on their needs, such as carb cycling (which can be necessary for women due to hormonal fluctuations).

    As someone with food allergies & intolerances, my body has never been happier. I know this wasn’t the point of this video, I just thought I would throw that in there. My body seems to thrive on very low carb, moderate protein & high fat. I, of course, cannot speak for other people who have the same issues that I do; simply that as using myself as a guinea pig, I’ve found the diet to be highly beneficial. I also make sure to supplement my diet so I’m not missing any necessary nutrients.

    That being said, I don’t think that keto is for everybody. But I would encourage people investigate the diet themselves & see if it would benefit them.

    Otherwise, an informative & interesting video Jeff.

  275. Jeff, I like you videos, but you really need to vet your sources. The very first study you are referencing uses a study that tested a control group over 2 different 6 day periods and the Low carb control group was given 140 grams of carbohydrates. Keto is less than 50 carbs a day and 140 grams is lower than the standard american diet but would not be considered low carb. This study is totally worthless except to push an agenda.

  276. Keto + IF has worked so well for me (much better than Atkins) that I will continue. Visible results are the only thing I care about.

  277. 12:30 so true !!! whatever you says about the people who have tried it.. I totally agree with you here.. I’m one of those who tried it.. and trust me it’s not worth the extreme discomfort and streds you cause yourself.. there are simpler ways and efficient ways.. !!

  278. Keto fools disliking the video.. the most pathetic diet one could ever try.. bull fuckin shit.. !! There are simpler ways to achieve more than what keto can.. !! No offense !!

  279. Jeff, with all do respect, stick to exercise and leave the nutrion out of your videos (just because this was terrible display of lack of knowledge, proper research and hearsay.) Very disappointing..

  280. wonder why keto would probably be worse for endurance training…I thought fats were the main source of energy for low intensity prolonged exercise

  281. I love your videos. However on this one you’re way off base. When you start supporting the American diabetes Association‘s recommendations, you are supporting the wrong side and the wrong science.
    To say that a ketogenic diet is somehow not doable for “carbohydrate intolerance“diabetics is flat out non science and goes against common sense.

    The only way for a diabetic to eat is a very low carb diet. The example is Dr. Richard K Bernstein’s diet called the “Diabetes Solution” where he recommends 30 g of carbohydrates for a type one and 50 g of carbohydrates for a type two. Dr. Richard K Bernstein is the oldest living type one diabetic with no complications. His book, the Diabetes Solution, is the only book a diabetic really needs to read.

    I’ve loved your videos so far but when you step into the world of Diabetes you better go back and do the science. What works for diabetics are healthy young adult blood sugars round the clock.
    Healthy young adult insulin round the clock. The only way to achieve this is the the low carb diet.
    I am a Type 1 and a proponent of the ketogenic diet for disease and obesity.
    Dr. Bernstein is not a ketogenic proponent. His diet is high protein/low carb.

    Check out the many videos on Dr. Bernstein’s University on YouTube.
    Keep up the great work. I am a fan and only want the best science behind what you put out.

  282. My dad has developed diabetes and his doctor put him on a 1200 calorie keto diet. He lost almost half his weight w/in 3 1/2 months. He looked and felt even worse than b4 he started the diet. And it didnt fix any of his diabetic symptoms. He stopped w/ the low carbs and has since gained back weight and looks much healthier.

  283. I think most people missed the point of this video. He isn’t saying the Keto diet doesn’t have its advantages (he did mention how it is a useful treatment for epilepsy, cancer, neurological disorders, etc.), but in terms of fat-loss, it doesn’t have any SIGNIFICANT advantages compared to other diets on calorie deficits. The word “significant” is important, because in scientific literature it means that, even if there is a difference, it’s below a statistical significance level. In other words, the results don’t vary enough for it to be given much importance. You have to keep in mind that diets work on an individual level as well. Just because it works for you doesn’t mean it’ll work for everyone. One size does not fit all. *And again, this is talking about fat-loss and not all of the other benefits that may or may not come with the Ketogenic diet*

  284. Ignorance is bliss! But I just hope you keep your ignorance to yourself. Don’t come off as some kind of expert if you do not have the credentials to analyze the data in front of you and merely cherry picking the ones that support your hypothesis.

  285. Nice video, Jeff, as usual. I recommend addressing processed foods/ chemicals, processed oils and sugar. Keto is effective BECAUSE most keto dieters move away from those ‘isles’ of the grocery store. The Calorie deficit strategy is a very blunt tool, and doesn’t address eliminating ‘food products’ and other things we consume that can be toxic or deprive the body of nutrition. We also have to not put Atkins and Keto in the same category, because Atkins dieters were encouraged to eat processed foods and other things that are known to be toxic to the body (factory and industrial food products). As far as caloric restriction, let’s take it to the extreme: What happens if I eat under my BMR and only eat high fructose corn syrup – theoretically, what would happen to my body? Or intake all my calories in sugar or fruit loops or nutragrain bars? I think we can conclude that the body would not fair too well. People should eat whole, healthy foods that have not been screwed with for taste enhancement, sprayed with or fed chemicals if they chose to invest in their health. A solid diet might include some whole grains. This is why responsible “paleo” eaters do well also. But my opinion is based on my own experience and the experience of others. Keto has been very successful and sustainable and those who execute it well seem to thrive on it. From my own experience, life is good when I IF (16/8), low carb, zero sugar or processed foods, paleo, organic. Takes discipline and willingness to spend the money on food now, to avoid the healthcare bills later, but well worth it. Thanks again.

  286. Satiety. Even if you don’t go on keto, pass on the carbs and have more fat instead. Especially for breakfast. Have several eggs, avocado and some shelled hemp seeds. Or have some turkey/leftover meat, etc. Toss in some olive oil and or tomato and onion. Super healthy, you feel full for hours. Outside of many, many things to be said (like if you have undetected cancer, sugar is fueling its growth), if just focusing on calories, it’s ironically easier to consume less calories on a higher fat diet. Aim for half or more of your calories coming from fat, and research which oils to minimize. This of course doesn’t even touch the insulin discussion, which is long.

  287. Jeff, been following you for 2 years now, I really enjoy your content, but i gotta say, you didn´t covered a single positive review, and there are a LOT of them, its nice to hear a different opinion, but you seemed really biased in this video

  288. Keto is as good in fat loss as any traditional diet. It depends at the end in the caloric intake but the supression of hunger is legit. Any keto can confirm this and the health benefits in a long term diet wasn’t mentioned in the video and are very interesting. Most of the “keto doesn’t work” studies are very short. Some of them are actually wrong in what foods were chosen.

  289. For everyone pissed off and getting their panties in a wad.. Do yourself a favor and read the disclaimer.

    For those who know Jeff you know what his channel is all about. He gathers up as many reliable sources of information and provides us with that info. You do what you wish with the info provided.

    I can 100% guarantee you Jeff would encourage each and every one of his viewers to look deeper into every topic he touches on. Why do you think he leaves comments such as “What’s your experience been with keto?” He’s not claiming to be an expert.

    All that being said I think this was an unbiased video since he does acknowledge that people are having success with this diet but he believes (as I do) that it isn’t “better” than an overall well balanced traditional diet.

    After all, what matters is and always will be calories in vs calories out. You can’t tell me you will lose weight eating 4000 calories coming from nothing but fat when your expenditure of calories is 3200 every day. Eat a tub of lard every day and lose weight and feel like you’re 19 again! Get out of here with that nonsense.

  290. Jeff Keto works. I’m not hungry and my energy has been way up! The only modification I make is I cycle healthy carbs once or twice a month. My blood pressure is back to normal. My skin is healthier. My testosterone levels have increased. The key is mixing intermittent fasting with keto.

  291. I tried Keto with my husband for about 4 months, it was definitely hard to follow for me and I had very low energy levels and was hungry all the time.

    There are many variables that I did not do right in this, considering that I wasn’t really hitting the gym, (possibly because I felt less energetic?) and was also trying to lower my caloric intake in general, while trying to stick to high fat meats and meals and cut out bread completely.

    I’m unsure why, but I feel as though I am happier and have more energy eating carbs (like sweet potatoes with dinner or a sandwich for lunch, careful not to gorge myself of course) than trying to cut them out and replace them with high fats, and I am much more excited to hit the gym nowadays than before.

  292. Jeff you should do a “Science explained” about Insulin resistance and how that effects diet and effectiveness for fat loss plans. I’d be curious to see if there are any scientific studies that support people responding differently to different levels of carb levels when it comes to fat loss. Just a thought! Thanks for another great video!!

  293. The best diet anyone can adhere to would be eating junk!! Don’t go for this suggestion from him and improve the quality of your life 😉 😉

  294. Keto has benefits dry fasting full day is easy. As there are energy storages 1. carbs 2. protein 3. free fats and after that 4. stored fats to use as energy. Using stored fats needs low level of previous storages. With keto you still need cardio but you restrict certain storages going too high.

  295. Can you do a video on the soup diet? Or what you may think of eating certain soups for an extended period of time how it may affect ones body?

  296. The insulin resistant population needs it as a lifestyle. But in the bodybuilding world, Dave Palumbo’s high protein and moderate fats with green vegetables works well.

  297. Duuuuuuude Keto diet is a HIGH FAT diet not a low carb diet. Keto+FASTING= THE TRUTH.
    I could science the shit out of it, but ….fffff…i am bored and this is youtube.Please check the man Thomas Delauer.

  298. Hey Jeff,

    Any thoughts on body fat composition? Although there isn’t any change in weight loss compared to other diets. What about changes in body fat percentage?

  299. 2/3k+ subs since yesterday. This is looking pretty good for you. You’re like the only Fitness Mentor i really enjoy watching, the science and just your overall attitude. Let’s go multiple million subs. Goodluck and cheers o/

  300. Why would anyone trust Jepp Nippard with science? This guy lies to his audience, no joke. He lies while doing this whole nice guy bit, it’s incredibly dishonest.


  301. So you haven’t done it but you’ve made up your mind. That’s pretty typical and not at all a basis for a final determination. Also, there are a myriad of other benefits which I have personally experienced, including but not limited to: increased focus, memory, cognition, clarity and an abundance of energy.
    – Its been linked to successfully treating epileptic patients and migraine patience.
    • Fighting some types of cancer. …
    • Preventing Heart Disease (lower blood pressure, lower triglycerides, better cholesterol profiles) …
    • Decreasing inflammation (which improves acne, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, IBS, pain, etc…)
    And the list actually does go on and on, but I won’t argue with someone who won’t experiment with this. You can’t know if you don’t experience it yourself.

  302. This dude videos are good, science backed, however, I want him to make videos like how Dr Berg made because at times people want real time examples than science facts.


  304. I dont know if science has anything on it… But to keep size/weight… What i do is eat healthy foods, carbs only in the morning up to mid afternoon, protein in every food i can add it, from monday morning to thursday afternoon i eat in deficit(like in cutting season). .. And from thursday afternoon to sunday evening i eat as if i was bulking… I found out i only move about 1 kg up and down, but my performance gets better and better right now…

    What is your opinion on that?

  305. Keto helps with eating habits for sure. Fats keep me satiated longer and I naturally eat less, therefore lowering caloric intake. While the end game is caloric intake, fats if eaten right is more nutritious than many empty carbs. Heart healthy fats trumps carbs and proteins imo

  306. Go check out the documentary “the magic pill” on Netflix, it may change your thoughts on the health benefits!!

  307. .I have had more muscle gains and fat loss since being in keto in 2 weeks compared to training hard for the last 6 months, im gob smacked…, despite being in caloric surplus or deficit i still wake up bigger and more ripped everyday. Everything we’ve been told about nutrition is so backwards.

  308. Thank you Jeff I just checked this out & found it amazingly interesting while studying to become a nutrition coach. I appreciate your content man.

  309. I did the Keto diet with my daily carb intake being under 40 grams of carbs per day. I lost 28.5 lbs in 30 days. I did this without exercise. I had blood work done and all my levels were good. I stopped losing weight as I stopped the diet due to my own laziness.

  310. If protein is more thermogenic (is harder to digest resulting in more burnt calories), and more satiating (leaves you feeling fuller and therefore you will not eat as much throughout the day), why have people been saying to eat complex carbs for the past 20 years, basically saying it does what protein actually does ?

  311. Have done all sorts of ‘diets’. Including keto. It was as bad as going vegan, it’s the other extreme side of the coin. I did it for 6 months, went through the so called ‘adaption’ phase, never got any more energy though, felt lethargic, always hungry…. the worst part was being very moody and short tempered, very irritable, and problems with my monthly cycle (female). I was also gaining weight because I was eating too much…. because I was always hungry. Carbs solved all of that. So, good ole fashion calorie counting for the win… and because I move a lot, I get to eat a lot… no hunger pangs.

  312. Did about about three months of keto with a 4-6 gym appearances a week doing only strength training and little to no cardio. I lost 45 lbs and unfortunately didn’t measure BMI or body fat %. I’m sure I gained muscle and lost fat making it a recomposition however I was lifting long before the diet started so I’m not sure how I re-entered a recomposition phase.

  313. People try so hard to go on special diet’s and go crazy on it. Just cut 1000 Calories and for sure your going to loose 2 to 2.5 pounds for sure. Am going it and loosing weight. Just make sure you balance your nutrients.

  314. Losing 135lbs, reversing diabetes, and fatty liver totally disagree with your studies…not being a jerk but Results are always the true standard of how good a diet is

  315. I was against Keto for the longest time. But, I’ve been Keto for 2 years and have never felt or looked or performed better physically and mentally.

  316. IF is Awesome, Keto is meh. I think the biggest reason why Keto “supresses” hunger is that 1- your eating dense food and 2 – the food on Keto does not taste as great as carb and sugar rich foods. If you want to argue that, see fruits just to even begin. I know I am still in Keto and as a foodie, it gets boring as fuck even though my wife is amazing and comes up with tons of nice recipes to help that a bit lol. Now you can cheat on Keto without any side effects if you do it rite and also be rite back into Keto quite fast if you’ve mastered it and IF.
    We’ve both cut down on weight and size but we also have insane discipline in the gym and with our cheats. Will we do Keto forever, probably not but at the same time it has helped us to know how to eat the best foods even if they do have carbs. Certain foods are bad, but moderation, discipline and self control can give you the flexibility to eat pretty much anything if you throw in some excercise and fitness in the mix. Many people are healthy and fit and do not follow Keto or even low carbs…keep that in mind when your thinking of some foods you’ll be giving up.

  317. How bout get your lazy fat ass off the couch watching utube with people telling you how to loose weight…….
    Try exercising off more calories than you eat.
    Brilliant !!!!

  318. Around 9:30 in your video you mention vaguely a study that reports an increase in good and BAD!!!… cholesterol found in the blood from those on Keto diet. . I think that point should have been stressed more. I can’t believe that eating a stick of butter every day would not greatly expedite ones journey into cardiovascular disease… especially those with a strong family history.

  319. The combination of Keto and IF is the answer. Keto on its own doesn’t hit all of the marks when you’re eating all day. Keeping your body in ketosis and fasting 16+ hours everyday greatly helps insulin and metabolism, a lot of which wasn’t mentioned in this video. Doctors all over YouTube rarely recommend Keto without the combination of IF. Keto has done wonders for me. Nearing 50lbs lost in two months, eating healthier than I ever have, no more afternoon naps, no cramps, no headaches, blood pressure lower than ever.. I could go on and on. I’m still consuming over 2000+ calories per day like before. It’s not the calories, ya’ll, it’s the insulin.

  320. I’ve been Ketogenic for nearly a year.
    It’s been amazing for me. Is funny because I can give studies that conflict with the ones he cited.

    Again, I’m a believer, do your own research. By the way Halle Berry has been Ketogenic for years (she’s not the only one) and she’s better looking than women HALF her age lol

    If you want some of the research I have been finding hit me up 😊

  321. Thank you for your in depth look at the keto diet, their different studies and comparing the information available to you for comment. Thou you were very thorough i felt there were a couple perspectives left out like taste as one example, or maybe even how did people feel, Maybe some personal opinions from actual keto diet followers would have been interesting their possibly commenting on the studies you elected to share. and last but not least comparing the initial phase of all diets in comparison to the keto diet would have been more balanced and a fair myth busting Monday idea. I believe you had an initial personal perspective and it came out in the video by highlighting those arguments and not allowing different and opposing ones to myth bust the research. instead of what i think was your honest attempt to make up our minds for us.

  322. Anyone who hates keto is a sugar burner or a vegan butjob.
    I’ve lost 170 pounds on keto. Kept it off 14 years. My bloodwork is better than a teenage athlete according to my doc. I’m 63.
    I don’t haveuncontrolled hunger and I’m very muscular with zero workouts.

  323. I like how there’s not trash talking your arguments, you always bring the research and practicality to every topic! You’re the top fitness page by far my dude

  324. Jeff I appreciate your objectivity. It’s a shame that people get so defensive when all you was doing was giving your opinion on a topic that is very trendy and “popular” within the fitness community. I for one am not a “fan of the Keto diet”. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I don’t think totally minimizing a macro is the way to go if you want to live from a naturally strongest position. Jason Wittrock and Thomas Delauer are both big fans of the Keto diet, and that’s fine. I think that Ketosis is indeed the way to go, I just prefer to get there through IF and exercise rather than by nutritional means.

  325. “the keto group replaces calories from carbs with calories from protein”… then either they don’t know what keto really is or you don’t. This would *NOT* be a keto diet.

  326. Dude good info but your boring its almost like im listening to a teacher in a history class. I fell asleep and ended up dry humping my blankets.

  327. OK. So I wasn’t going to leave a comment but I kinda feel like I have to. I really like this video. I’m going to save it so I can refer a couple of people to it (one being my Mom). The thing is that me and my husband started keto (him last September, and me this past January). Initially, I completely hated the idea. I was so against him starting keto because it flips everything I know about nutrition on its head. I used to be big into weight training, and I worked as a nutrition educator or Virginia Tech for a while in the SNAP-Ed program. All throughout school, and college I’d been taught the sanctity of a balanced diet, and why the pyramid (now MyPlate) is so important. While I don’t disagree with it’s importance, especially given the research it’s based on, I do doubt its sanctity. When I say that I used to weight train, I mean that literally. I have PCOS. I was diagnosed at 16 and have Fought weight-gain ever since. My struggle has never been to lose weight. It’s always been to keep from gaining more weight. With PCOS this is a losing battle. Since starting the Ketogenic Diet I’ve lost 35 pounds. I’ve never even been able to lose water weight. So when I had that initial loss of water weight I fell to my knees crying because It was so monumental for me. I’d had to give up weight training when I hit 180 because my joints simply couldn’t handle it. I had to give up running when I hit 140 for the same reason. Throughout all of this I’ve worked consistently with an MNT and my primary care physician. I stuck to the pyramid, or myplate, in the very literal sense. I didn’t deviate. I was religious with it. I measured everything for the proper amount of food weight or volume to match proper serving sizes, I never consumed more than the prescribed number of calories which fluctuated for the day to match physical activity. I walked that line like a pro to keep my body from going into survival mode but still not storing any more fat. A lot of this, for many women with PCOS, comes down to hormones. Now, I still monitor my macros like a my dog eyeing ham, and I measure and count everything as I always have. For the first time in my life, I’m down weight. Like I said, just losing that initial water weight was monumental for me. One thing I do get to enjoy now is that I don’t have to restrict my calories. Since starting keto, caloric restriction and measure has not been a thing so that’s a major weight off of my shoulders. I do miss grapefruits, but I still get berries. I don’t necessarily enjoy some of the things about Keto, but I do like the fact that I can start facing getting back to the gym. The thing about the SAD is that so many institutions push it as the one and only healthy way of eating. That’s simply not the case. A lot of people on Keto do the same which is kind of nerve racking. Now, I hold to the mantra that If I could live off a diet on which I burn carbs, I would not have been so fat. Because, like I said, I made a profession out of maintaining that perfect balance for so long just to keep my weight gain manageable. Had I not worked so hard, I would have been nearly 400 pounds this past January. Now, I work to lose the weight I couldn’t fight off. In my case, I have a specific (medical) benefit. For others, keto would not be so beneficial. From what I’ve observed, there is no one holy sanctified diet for all individuals.

  328. I think your summary is a good one: Pick a diet plan that you can stick to. I also think its a great idea to limit simple carbs like refined sugars. Those clearly have no health benefits.

    I think much of the antidotal evidence surrounding an improvement in health on Keto (not just weight) may come from people who are sensitive to certain food groups, mainly wheat, which are avoided on Keto.

    I personally am reducing my carb intake and counting my calories at the same time. We’ll see how that works out for me. I guess my eating looks more paleo than keto.

  329. I did keto for almost a year, it was very rough in the beginning but after that I wasn’t as hungry and I didn’t crave sugar anymore, until about a year I started to crave it again. I lost 40 ibs even though my calorie intake was high (lots of cheese and peanut butter and meats), and after I started eating carbs again I gained back 50 ibs.

  330. I wish other diets were good as ketogenic. But thankfully doing keto is not a diet. Its a lifestyle. Most people got into this, actually shred all that fat they used to carried on and were able to stick to. Because there is no way back to old habits. In comparison with other people. Trying low fat diets they always put most of the weight back on because they just cant live with chicken breast, boiled veggies, salads, low fat highly processed foods, cravings, depression , sugar crashes, etc etc. Thank god we discovered keto. Awww i think we werent not actually discover it. We were always keto adapted. Carbs came after. It just took couple of.thousands of years to realise it. Nowdays they re substitues for bread, pasta, cereal , desserts, rice, cookies, plain flour. You cant really replace meat and cheese taste right ? Well played. I dont believe in the calories thing myself anyway. People get fat from fucking carbs not from fat… its so simple to understand but nobody does it.

  331. I believe the keto diet would be good to implement for a 3-4 week period after cutting from a long period of time, in order to balance test and hormones over all since keto implements healthy fats and cholesterol.

  332. I lost 30 pounds on keto. It’s worth a try for a lot of people who find dieting difficult. I think if you are the type that benefits from it, you will probably want to do it long term. That isn’t hard to do unless you’re doing high intensity activity. In which case you don’t need the diet. If giving up most carbs is so hard, you should wonder whether you have an addiction to them. I did.

  333. I lost 80 lbs in fifteen months following a ketogenic diet. That being said, I don’t think it’s the end all, be all. It worked really well for me, but being so strict isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I find I need the strictness otherwise I struggle with cravings way too much.

  334. Isn’t the presence of a high amount ketones in the blood cause it to become more acidic? Which can….you know, kill you?

  335. I think that carbs are an essential though, not for physical performance but for optimal brain function. Carbs are the main source of energy for brain function and at least 90 grams of carbs are recommended for daily intake.

  336. This was a great video.

    I find it funny though for those commenting saying Keto worked for me so you’re wrong Jeff!!!

    Where was he wrong? He literally says it can be a tough diet to maintain but it can help you lose weight and possibly lose it quickly. Also added there is no added health benefit from Keto than other diets. He didn’t say Keto is bad and you shouldn’t do it. He even encourages you to use it if you feel like it works for you. He’s basically saying it’s not a “magic pill” like the documentary on Netflix says. Keto May work for some people may not work for others. If it works for you great. If not then try something else to get you to your goals.

    This was a solid video Jeff. Only people that won’t like it are Keto Natzis that run around and promise health miracles. Do Keto and your grandma will come back from death 😂😂😂

  337. Then the 2013 study is an invalid keto reference, correct? Protein was not regulated, and as you stated earlier, protein also causes fat storage – along with insulin and excessive caloric intake. Are there any true keto studies? caloric deficit, proteins under/at 20%, carbs at/under 5% from vegetables with fat taking up the rest (without sugar solutions when testing in rats). Just seems to be a lot of dishonest research out there.

    It has also helped me with knee pain. I had cut sugars before starting keto, and still had knee pain so it seems attributable to the diet – at least for me.

  338. Wait why did he get sources from the American Diabetes Association??? Of course they’re going to be biased! My parents are doing Keto and it’s saved their lives! 😡😡😡

  339. You linked a study showing keto keeps almost double the weight off compared to other diets… yet this is apparently insignificant. You conclusion makes no sense given your own data.

  340. Jeff, I think you hit the most important items.  I just did a research paper on Ketogenic dieting as well.  For the average/normal person, no benefit over a balanced diet/nutrition plan.  If you have other medical conditions (insulin resistance, seizers, Alzheimer’s, etc), it may be advantageous to give it a try.  I will say there is room for much more research to be conducted for long term use.

  341. Good analysis as always Jeff. My opinion is that Keto is the current fad diet that people who can’t stick with just a normal healthy eating style like Mediterranean. Understanding why the “yo yo” people exist is probably a psychological topic to analyze

  342. Do you have a video in relation to carbohydrates and how much you actually need?
    I ask because I completely disagree with percentage based diet structures.
    This is mostly due to the undervalue these diets tend to place on fats (epa/dha).

  343. I started off the diet January 1st at 400 lb right now I’m at 305 I do the omad with ketogenic it works for me

  344. A colleague of mine is currently undergoing a study under her physician for keto. She gets blood work regularly and compared to her old carb-included diet, her inflammatory markers have dropped significantly. 🤷🏻‍♀️ interested to see what comes out with keto in the future

  345. This is cherry picking studies and comparing keto with low carb and coping out when there are no long term studies. This really should be called a busted myth, there is much more to study and more information to cite

  346. Keto “flu” – effects depends on individual, prior nutrition, etc., but in any case upping electrolytes is very effective in combatting it and making transition smooth(er). It is also important to get over “fat-fobia” and embrace healthy saturated fats, including and especially animal origin to properly benefit and adapt. It is also important to not overtrain sugar-burning, glycolytic activities, such as HIIT, and emphasize power and aerobic endurance instead. The latter is a good overall rule regardless of diet.

    My many years of research and most of all, personal experience as both a strength and endurance athlete demonstrate that if anything, the benefits of keto have been UNDERplayed by proponents. It is the first diet and/or exercise lifestyle that has delivered on every claim and additional ones I didn’t hear about or anticipate. Call it “placebo”, “n=1” etc., but I have been at this for 45 years, and it is truly the most revolutionary paradigm in health and fitness I have experienced, period.

  347. keto works well for me. Pick a diet you can do long term and for me that’s keto.  I started low carb 6 years ago when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I’ve never had “keto flu” or anything like that. For me personally I can eat about 5-600 more calories daily and lose weight while in ketosis where as if I’m not in ketosis I really have to keep my calories about 1000 to lose and 1500 to maintain…that’s no fun at all!Collab with keto connect!!

  348. Keto worked for me. Lost 30lbs in one month and I’ve lost a total of 60lbs over the last 4 months. Went from 270 to 210. I feel way better. Also all my stomach and bowel issues went away when i switched to keto foods/ healither foods in general.

  349. Have you done a video on chocolate milk as a recovery drink? and if not I think it would make a good one.

  350. I will have to say it does come down to what people will stay on. I’ve had awesome results, especially with intermittent fasting. They both keep insulin spikes low. Protein should be kept between. 05-.08 because to much will spike insulin. When starting keto the best is to take sometime cutting carbs down. You can easily avoid the flu supplementing with magnesium and potassium, its important to keep sodium levels high with this way of eating. Pink Himalayan sea salt is excellent, chicken and beef broth are easy ways to get sodium in and like anything keep ur water intake up. It is a great way of eating you just need to know how to properly do it. Thanks for the content Jeff.

  351. Please, do your research again and look for Dr. Michael Greger and T.Colin Campbell (PhD) talking and showing REAL FACTS with real science studies that a WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED DIET can not only prevent but also revert most of diseases, and that animal food is the main cause for most of diseases.

  352. so does keto actually switch your body into a fat burning mode where the calories that you burn from resting metabolism is purely fat

  353. Damn!! such a great video ! beautifuil editing.. comprehensive talk!, and even with the scientific studies and papers backing every calim, and all this information organized and broken up for simplicitryy! MAN! I think the keto fanatics will have to rely on some sort of conspiracy to hold the myth that keto is somehow superior diet! insta subcribed to your channel keep it up!

  354. I’ve tried many different types of diets and keto just works for me. Down 65 lbs in 11 months so far. Keto isn’t magic. Like Jeff said any diet will work as long as it fits your lifestyle and you can stay consistent.

  355. The Bell brothers (who have made two really good documentaries together before) have apparently got a documentary that is quite supportive of Keto (the doc is about diets in general) and I’m not looking forward to that at all… Sounds very pseudosciencey and will get more people on this Keto hype

  356. Keto is the best thing for my diabetes… A1C went from 13.6 down to 6, just doing Keto… Great Diet IMHO..

  357. I know some people where the keto diet worked for them. My mind can’t even get into it lol hey I think it’s a good idea to collaborate with Nick Dompierre

  358. Y’all Keto freaks are missing the point !!!! This is a lifting channel so his studies are based on solely on weight loss….YES there are cognitive advantages but Jesus Christ all he did was debunk wether or not it actually made you lose more fat then if you were to do a non-keto diet… answer NO, NO DIFFERENCE …. on my 5 th month of keto and feel way better than when I was on a Non- keto diet but my Fat loss was exactly the same … find what you like, you opinionated fiends !!!

  359. I have a skin condition called seboreic excema. I have been on this diet for 20 days, after day 5 the skin condition I have had for 15 years is all gone. Its insane.

  360. Jeff Nippard I am not trying to discredit the benefits of a ketogenic diet, as it clearly works and everything you said is spot on. However, I’d encourage you to research high fat diets and hypothalamic inflammation, which is my main concern with ketogenic diets

  361. this was a weak video.. too much fluff talk.. and you didn’t even mention fiber.. carbs in the form of glucose is not essential, but carbs in the form of dietary fiber IS essential

  362. My two cents on Keto Vs. Higher carb diet: got the same results when it comes to fat loss. With keto I saw faster results because got rid of body water quickly but also at the same time muscles got much flatter Vs. Higher carb diet. On HCD my strenght levels at the gym were better and I also slept little bit better and my overall energy levels were better through the day. So to me HCD worked better. But I recommend people to not to only read studies, but go and try different things, because that is the only way to really know what works the best for you. But remember there’s not a single diet that is superb compared to others. It’s hard work and short term diets are never the solution.

  363. With keto/LC I eliminate acne from my face, no vegan farting, much better to reduce hunger. It’s not just about weight, but that you start to eat really nutrient dense foods. For sure many keto geeks mainly eat only stakes and eggs, that’s why they might see some nutrient deficiencies. You have to include organ meats, see food as well. Not much benefit from veggies, much less nutrient biovalability. I include fermeted veggies and some raw with lower amount of toxins. I do some cheating days. So balance is a key, but most important factor is health in general, not just low body fat. Low body fat not always mean healthy, and opposite sometimes true as well.

  364. I feel your use of the studies you used are not anymore than others who bash krto and the medical system are out to allow us to die faster to help the government in getting rid of baby boomers….. This is only my opinion! I am in better health now on this diet for almost 6 months.

  365. I’ve been keto for about six months now. I had been “eating clean” for quite some time before going keto and for me eating 4-5 times a day became a chore. I hate chores. I almost came to dread eating because it took up too much time. Now I eat twice a day, I typically go 8-10 hours between breakfast and dinner. On gym days (currently three days a week for two hours) I have a smoothie before I go for a little extra kick. I personally love keto. I feel better than I ever have, been putting on more muscle than I ever have. When I was in the adaptation period I felt slightly lethargic for a little bit but for the most part it wasn’t that bad. It’s going to be different for everybody obviously, if your a heavy carb eater it’s probably going to be more pronounced. I eat some complex carbs and fruit (mostly berries) so I don’t miss out on that good good nutritional action. You can eat these things on keto just not large quantities. Worst case you’ll boot yourself out of ketosis but you’ll be back in quite quickly. Really not a big deal. For me personally keto is great, I haven’t seen any hinderance in my performance at the gym. As far as results/gains go it’s been quite the opposite.

  366. Every professional bodybuilder has been using a low carb or keto style diet since the 70s for fat loss.

    Let’s ignore the history of how the body works though and all of this real world evidence that we have seen with our own eyes. Let’s instead trust these “medical” papers (medical malpractice being that highest murder rate in the USA btw, they know their shit obviously) that you never actually saw evidence of these 132 people in the study. No progress pictures, no evidence of meal preps for the 1 year, etc. Nothing. You just have to “take their word” for it. Meanwhile, we have a ton of evidence and proof spanning over 4 decades of how well low carb and keto diets works for burning fat.

    I bet all these professional bodybuilders since the 70s chose that way of eating because of a fad report from 2016 in Google Trends.. lol. “These diets don’t help metabolic performance. It only helped with a calorie deficit through food appetite and food elimination.” LOL You can eat a 1,700 calorie diet which would technically put you into a caloric deficit. Eat just french fries and mt dew. I promise you. You won’t lose body fat. You will lose weight, but it would be muscle first. And once you’ve lost enough muscle, you’ll start losing body fat because you’re at a caloric deficit. I promise you that’s how it will go because that’s how the body works. That’s why there are so many skinny fat people and fat people with hardly any muscle.

    Every person who does low carb and keto basically loses fat and increase their muscle mass. Even if you do this “balanced” diet. Which I am in no way saying doesn’t work. It’s just a slower process doing it that way. But the same principle even applies to these “balanced diets.” You still have to restrict carb intake to lose fat on a balanced diet. You are not restricting protein intake to get a caloric deficit because that is ignorant. You are restricting carbs or fats. Why fats, because you’re eating too many of those to begin with. If you’re eating the right amounts of proteins and fat, you’re only left with carbs to manipulate in your diet.

    It isn’t rocket science. Carbs help the body store fat. Low carb/keto helps the body burn fat. Increasing carbs helps the body store fat. Protein helps the body build and keep muscle. Fats literally do everything else from delivering nutrients to helping develop cell membranes.

    If you’re wanting to lose fat. You’re in a caloric deficit to lose fat, and yet you’re going to eat carbs that help the body store fat. Why? That’s taking 2 steps forward, and 1 step backwards. Your fighting your own body to burn fat by eating carbs and making it want to store fat. Just let it burn fat without fighting it. When you get your optimal bodyfat %, re-introduce carbs and eat a “balanced diet”. Unless you don’t mind taking months to lose fat slowly fighting against your own body while you’re in a deficit.

    You should do a video on who funds these “studies” that are in these “medical” journals that also say refined sugar is great for you.

    I’ll stick to real world evidence like Nikola Tesla did.

    “Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.” – Nikola Tesla

  367. Wow!! Finally, I found someone to make the ketogenic diet easier to understand and you did it. Thank you so much for this awesome video!

  368. I’ve lost 40lbs (still losing) on IF/Keto since the New Year. It’s one of the best diets I’ve been able to stick to. I’m rarely hungry on keto, most other diets I was way too hungry even though my calorie intake is about the same as when I’m on Keto. That’s why I like it. I’ve been on a lot of diets in my life… this one has been by far the easiest to stick to. Most other diets makes you eat the most bland food… at least with this one I can eat chicken wings, bacon and cheese. The first week was hard, but I took it as my punishment for eating so much sugar in my diet and took as a detox period. I really don’t miss carbs at this point. My body doesn’t crave it, it’s easier to say no to donuts because I’m not hungry. Will I stick to it forever? Probably not because when I go on vacation I like to eat everything. But I can see myself be Keto except on vacation.

  369. jeff one thing to add is the positive inspiration, that comes from the initial fat loss. Me and my mother found that to be incredibly encouraging and help us to loose lots of weight

  370. It’s important to note that not everyone will get the “Keto Flu” A friend of mine had it for 2 weeks and it was really bad, but I never even slightly got it. Whenever I’ve told people about the diet I make sure to mention it, especially if the person does manual labor for a living. I recommend starting the diet when you have time off from work so you can try to get over that initial impact (if you get it)

  371. I’m all about the science, but I’ve realized that it’s hard to deny how good i feel on keto and how many factors of my health have improved. I have been very healthy my entire adult life too. So it’s not like this is my first step into healthy eating.

  372. Lots of incorrect information in this video. It’s actually a quite harming video. Clearly not enough research done on this video.

  373. This skipped quite a few papers from 2016 and 2017 that are quite relevant.
    This was more of a “My way is the right way” video and less explorative.

  374. You lost me at “grains” dude. I love your vids jeff, and dig how healthy you are. But honestly, you are still talking about calories? You need to dig deeper before just saying its a myth. Ive been this way for 1.5 years and ive lost 150 lbs. Its not for everyone. But you can never convince me that wheat/grains are good for you.

  375. Im on day 4 now and yesterday i ate two meals ended up at 2700kcal under 20g of carbs, and only carbs from greenes.

  376. Sorry. But you don’t study studies. A lot of them are done incorrectly. Keto works and keto adopted sportsmen do have better fat oxidation rate.

  377. ; Jeff, i have a question for you, due to all the research youve been doing this long. so, my question is that : is fasting more beneficial in losing body fat, mantaining or even putting muscle on, than keto diet or atkins, or even carb cycling?

  378. You obviously don’t do much keto…… Also Compare Grains nutrient value to red meat value, Clearly grains lose. Our biology is set up to go no carb or low carb. I get my diabetic clients off there meds and there A1C below 6.0 using fasting and keto. You make great videos man, but this one was def swinging toward your conclusions and not what the real benefits of Keto are from a clinician or practice standpoint…..

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  380. Great video. Couple of points to make :
    Green cruciferous veges are way more dense in terms of nutrition compared to most fruits, especially the commonly eaten ones. in term on enjoyment, fruits ftw

    The keto flu can be counteracted easily by watching your electrolytes, but for the common person following this diet, this may not be as easy making the diet itself too difficult.

    Ive tried it and the appetite suppression is more from being fat adapted and then having an abundance of fat stores leading to a reduction in appetite, rather than the satiety after a meal.

    Personal choice i guess. The calorie deficit is the key

    I have commited to OMAD IF, so a balanced macronutrient profile makes my one meal way more enjoyable and the protocol easier to follow.

  381. I used it to loose about 20 pounds, but the me to flu was too awful to get back on every time I fell off. Now I’m just on a whole food diet. I skip the sugar and flour, and that makes it easy to keep my calories, and hunger down.

  382. You speak about a subject as science and haven’t even tried it. Your say is no valid as a personal experience and I’m sad for those who listen to you also. I hope you stick to speaking about things you actually have walked through in your life. I understand if you want to fill your channel with extra things, but they have no actual stand in the real world. Blessings man and hope you get new and good ideas about your own walk and how to help people with living experience from within rather than with only science and that can be altered in any way regarding the studies and who actually made the studies and what was their intention for doing them. This is something to take into consideration when talking about science. It’s not complete. Let’s not make it a God because there most certainly is One and He has all the information there has ever been created. I wish you well and bless you much. 🙂

  383. hi jeff, you can do myth busting monday on the topic neels after the leg fingers like in “bad” squt.until now i am was sure its not healthy but after I see the video “leg dey with julian” the quad guy “smith “He said. I am not soo sure if you can do it, its realy help my.

  384. Friend sent this to me. Spent a half hour tearing this apart. So much cherry-picking and strawman building. Deep misunderstanding of the basics of Keto in every challenge. This video is busted… my texts…

    “Science of the day rejecting Atkins was corruptAF as Big grain/sugar was pouring tons of money to change how Americans viewed health “fat is evil”

    Protein is also insulinogenic, which is why keto also limits protein totals and certain proteins… Whey…

    ASP (vs insulin) for fat storage only happens in a caloric surplus environment, therefore not in Keto. WTF?

    Have never heard of this “metabolic advantage” he debunks from one line in one paper, and I’ve read a lot. This dude’s thing is debunking, so he has an agenda.

    He lists reduced appetite from hunger-causing blood-sugar-spiking/crashing food elimination as a byproduct when it’s actually a tool. Good luck succeeding with intermittent fasting eating sugary fruits or worse grains and starches. You’ll be starving after 6 hours. All diets you can stick to work? Then ease of sticking to a diet is a major factor, POINT KETO.

    His meta-analysis study point against Keto DOESN’T INCLUDE KETO, just Atkins which has big flaws. LOL this guy

    50 carbs/day ain’t Keto bro. I can’t

    1. Higher HDLs is a good thing. 2. Not all LDLs are created equal, if my LDLs are up from buoyant MCTs while 3. my bad triglycerides and pre-diabetic markers are non-existent from staying away from inflammatory foods I’m winning.

    Oh no, I’m missing out on all of the nutrients in grains? Pass the gluten and lectin supplements bro.

    “Unlike quite a lot of vegetables, fruit’s are quite enjoyable to eat.” This fool was raised on nuggets, hot dogs, and orange slices. I blame his nanny for this video.

    Half his evidence against KETO is actually from studies of so-called “low carb” diets of 50+ carbs/day (probably funded by Big Sugar).

    The last part of this video says it’s not good for building muscle mass. No s— Sherlock, never claimed to be. It’s good for cutting. No one in their right minds claims muscles depleted of glycogen are gonna get ripped or that ketones are enough to compete in high intensity sports.

    He defines a “balanced more traditional diet” as the kind we’ve been eating for the past 100 years and disregards the traditional diets our DNA evolved on over millions of years. DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT BRO!

    I’d pay straight cash homey to watch Dr. Rhonda Patrick tear him apart.”

  385. You are totally wrong! I’m living on keto for 1 year and half. I’ve lost 20kg of fat! My natural testosterone is higher than ever. I’m ripped and feeling like a champion. I eat a lot of vegetables, very most nutrients are. Moderate protein. If you do it correctly, it’s something for your entire life. There’s no down side. That’s a lof of studies showing that. Poor sources that you are looking

  386. I personally find Keto much more effective and “comfortable” than other diets (I gained weight on a bodybuilder chicken, rice, and broccoli diet in a caloric deficit). However, the one thing I didn’t see in your sources cited, was the protein macro. Eating too much protein will promote glycogensis, which will kick you out of ketosis. Eating standard 1g per kilo removes me from keto.

  387. Fast reps vs slow reps ? Sciences behind it?
    Or macro consumption like why all protein need to come from animal source?

  388. Once you tired keto properly and unbiased you will see how ignore you were in this video. Just get fully into keto for a month (which you can test positive easily) and you will see. Do not be scared like you said it won’t kill you.

  389. Perhaps worth mentioning the known variations of this diet such as cycled Keto or targeted Keto. Also, standard Keto approach is low carb high fat and moderate protein NOT as you mention where protein intake is often higher due to lack of carbs. The Keto flu often mentioned is mostly due to ill informed people not getting enough electrolytes during the adaption phase or also not eating enough fat during that phase. The advice is often to up the intake of sodium and potassium or sip bone broth which helps offset this symptom. Lastly, I think it is always good to balance scientific study with actual empirical evidence. Because it is always possible to quote all the figures in the world, but the real evidence comes from testimonial results. Whilst I know that is not the intention of this channel, I do think balanced viewpoints in such matters is important.

  390. Even though this man put a lot of work into this and has lots of good points, there is one glaring flaw. He mixes up a law of nature (calories in vs calories out, aka thermodynamics) and actual causation. The reason people eat more calories is because they are hungry. People are hungrier than they should be because they have too much insulin in the bloodstream. This prevents fat from being used as energy (this is one of the effects of insulin). As a result they eat more calories than they burn and they store the rest as fat (another effect of insulin). Thus anything that lowers insulin allows one to use more fat and store less, and vice versa. Carbohydrates are far and beyond the #1 driver of insulin since it’s required to remove blood glucose from your bloodstream. Thus when you lower your carbs (and don’t eat tons of protein since it will also stimulate some insulin, albeit much less) then you will tend to eat less calories. This literally works for nearly everybody. So my main point here is the CAUSE of people eating more calories than they burn is insulin. “Calories in, Calories out” is not a cause. It’s simply the law of thermodynamics restated and always much be true and says nothing about what the causes are.

  391. Not much ‘science’ as the title would lead you to believe nor much evidence. Just regurgitate selective studies.

  392. The adaptation period is not bad at all. Been on keto 2 years and had no issues and have enough energy to complete workouts without issues

  393. Before you make a video on keto you should try it first I’ve done all the other diets had luck low carb but when I reached a weight I wanted to stay at I still had to do a ton of cardio to try maintain weight when went on keto kept the same calories and lost 15 pounds very fast had to reduce cardio to every other day and keto flu only lasted a couple days the fast you burn through glucose in the gym will reduce flu symptoms

  394. Who said anything about increasing protein? Might want to hit the books again…..70-80, 20-30 and 5-10

  395. The biggest advantage of the keto diet from my perspective is not the fat loss but the improved mental status. You can get the same mental status by fasting but does not last as long as in ketosis and it’s easier to stick to the keto diet than fasting twice a week.

  396. This came just in time. I recently just started the keto diet about 3 days ago and so far I’m good I only lost 2 pounds so far to say maybe cause I don’t have many options to eat but I’m always satisfied.

  397. Why were most of the studies over low-carb diets and not the ketogenic diet? I understand that keto is a low-carb diet but you seemed to have studied low carb as a whole rather than the keto diet itself. I usually like watching your myth videos but this one seemed like it was skewed some. I feel like this video could’ve been more accurate/ believable if you went over ketosis data rather than low carb data, even if the outcome was the same.

  398. The majority of these videos are really silly… someone reads an article and decides that a certain diet is not all it’s hyped up to be… and then another person reads 10 different articles – with actual trials – that say that it is. Why don’t people just do what works for them.. and stop trying to debunk what other people are doing… Everybody on the internet these days thinks that he is the God that has the absolute truth!!! Nothing personal against the gentleman doing this video… this is just me feeling after watching a WHOLE bunch of different – so called “scientific” – videos!

  399. I had heard how carbohydrate food were tied into weight gain as well as generally to stay away from carbs, but had practically never viewed using them to slim down. The main idea behind the 4 cycle weight-loss strategy is to train your whole body to melt fat for energy instead of carbohydrate. It’s founded on the latest scientific principles into the high carb diets of the Japanese coupled with their remarkable long-life expectancy. The final results indicate that it’s their elevated carb-cycling dieting strategy that helps to remain healthier into old age with a reduced body mass index (much lower incidence of excess weight).Read even more here

  400. You and Stephanie are the only YouTubers I trust when it comes to sciencey stuff.
    My brain& ears are ready, I’m listening.

  401. At the end of the day all these diets are about self control. Over consumption of anything is never good. I have tried Keto before and it worked well for fat loss and has good health benefits but i think people only think its superior because you tend to lose the fat faster. If you only want to use Keto for fat loss purposes it is good but only good if you can stick to it and it is not the only way to lose fat. Carbs will not kill you or make you fat, most people just eat too many of the wrong carbs e.g processed sugars. Cut out / greatly minimise the processed crap and if you’re sensitive to starchy carbs just eat them around your workout.

  402. Jeff nippard: I’m on keto for 1 year and half! I think most of litterture are done on too short terms for most of them. Why? Because i’m endurance athlete, and now i can after 1 year et half i can use carbs like performance inanhencer juste before and staying keto. The other fact are: my bowel syndrome complety desepeare, my anxiety also, no sartving, no hypoglycemia. Other thing is mord you’re keto for a long time less your diet is strick. Now i cant eat fruit that i can’t eat befor

  403. I did keto for fat loss benefits. I agree that there is a dip in muscle growth for a bit. And since this channel is mostly for weightlifting and muscle building I can see why it would be seen in a negative light. However, a lot of people going keto are obese. We’re not necessarily interested in the beginning with being body builders so much as getting massive amounts of weight off our bodies. Keto and intermittent fasting make sense for people like us who aren’t even close to wanting to be bodybuilders, we just need to correct a lifetime of fat gain.

    That said, keto isn’t for everyone. The benefits for some might not be worth it to others. Its really up to the individual. Life is short. Figure out what works for you and keep living life. I’m pro keto only If you do it correctly (that is, consuming your freaking veggies as your carbs.) Most people are lured in by the promise of eating bacon and eggs every day. What a terrible idea. You’re ruining your body that way, you’ll never get any micronutrients. Research first. Then take steps. If it’s not for you. It’s not for you.

    But for the love of all that is holy, Eat. Your. Freaking. Veggies.

  404. This video sucked, and you suck (I will downvote and not watch any video I see of yours from now on!)

    Please delete this video full of misinformation! Doctor’s Gary Fettke, Jason Fung, Benjamin Bikman, Dom D’agostino, Thomas Dayspring, Jeff Volek, Ted Naiman, Robert Lustig, Thomas DeLauer, Ivor Cummins, , and Gary Taubes all should have been referenced and cited in your research. Your lack of knowledge of these experts and their findings proves that you are clueless and that your research and experience is surface level and a waste of time. What you said at the end about Keto flu and your lack of experience made me enraged enough to write this comment.

    I have a public playlist on keto on my channel, I encourage anyone with a brain to it check out.

  405. Great, someone who has never tried keto talks about keto and, in doing so, fails to remain OBJECTIVE on the matter. This video was quite blatantly biased as well as incomplete. It simply makes me question your thoroughness on other topics (I’ve been subscribed for a while now). Whatever you’re DOING is working for you, and that’s great, but that doesn’t mean everything you’re SAYING in all of your videos is exactly correct. If you decide to do a video on fasting, please try it first or at least do some more in-depth analysis

  406. I’ve lost fat but gained quite a lot of muscles on Keto. I don’t do intense cardio or weights but I have abs for some reason. I’m a female with PCOS so maybe the decrease in insulin spike is the cause? :/

  407. I think most of the benefits of the Keto diet come from eating more vegetables and less sugar. I’ve definitely felt much better on a low-carb, high-fat diet than the other way around. I think, however, that Keto tends to be a bit too extreme when it comes to carbs. Sometimes I just need a burrito or a burger to stay sane.

  408. I think some of the disadvantages you identify might actually be positives in some cases. The ‘high barrier to entry’ in the form of keto flu could well result in a more committed population of dieters on the other side, because people who are aware of having gone through difficulty in order to achieve the special status of fat adaptation will be invested in keeping that status; this difficult initiation will also put off anyone who isn’t sufficiently convinced that this regime will work for them, meaning a higher degree of adherence (and therefore success) among people who do make it through the first few weeks.

    Similarly, a strict/restrictive diet can sometimes be easier to comply with than one with less rigid rules, because it removes ambiguity and the need to determine one’s own diet parameters; at the same time keto creates an attractively simple dichotomy between good fats and bad carbs, which incentivises adherence by rewarding obedience to the rules of the protocol by allowing unlimited access to highly palatable foods in the form of fat, so the restriction on food choices is compensated by abundance of choice within those restrictions.

    I also think there’s a possibility that part of the population who are drawn to and thrive on keto will have come to that point after a history of problematic consumption of highly processed, high-sugar foods, so eliminating carbs (and pursuing the concommitant necessary education about nutrition) will by default cause them to eat a more whole-food, home-cooked diet, which could be partly responsible for the perceived health and mental benefits (which might also have been achieved by swapping highly refined carbs for wholegrains etc.), although those keto dieters might not be the same ones watching this channel.

    I haven’t tried keto, because it limits a lot of the foods I enjoy and consider important for health; I can believe it has many benefits, but am not certain that they would outweigh the potential costs of restricting pulses, wholegrains, fruit and vegetables.

  409. As a research RD who likes to keep up with consumer beliefs: you are a breath of fresh air. Please keep using your platform to promote evidenced-based information!!

  410. Sometimes I dont give a fuck about some videos (perhaps I’m not interested in the topic) and I feel presure to come and watch beacuse of you (Yes I’m bisexual, half gay half straight) Bye.

  411. Has anyone else noticed that Jeff waves his hand around in circles and taps the air with his fingertips a lot in these types of video?

  412. how do you get access to full scientific literature? tried NCBI but it’s not enough. it’s for my own research for my presentation coupled with my subject needed for my exams

  413. Hey jeff, I have some difficulty finding a gym that has everything I want. My current gym is from my university, and others around me are your basic commercial gyms.
    So, I’m wondering if you have any tips on finding someones ideal gym and your experiences with various gyms.

  414. I am 39 years old and have had great success with keto. I started march 1st for my cut, and have dropped about 15 pounds as of today. Issues keto has resolved f