The DO’s [and DON’Ts] of Alcohol On The Ketogenic Diet Explained

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“Can You Drink Alcohol On The Keto Diet?” is a question I get asked all the time!
YES, you can drink alcohol on a ketogenic diet – but there is a little bit more to it than that.

In this video I explain:

1. How alcohol affects us differently when we’re in ketosis
2. How alcohol affects ketosis
3. How alcohol affects weight loss while on a ketogenic diet
4. The best options for alcohol to drink on a keto diet

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Please note that this video is not promoting the consumption of alcohol. If you feel like you’re struggling with your alcohol consumption then please, please seek professional help!

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362 Comments on “The DO’s [and DON’Ts] of Alcohol On The Ketogenic Diet Explained”

  1. Seltzer, vodka and lime is called a High-ball. But that is not rude in the USA….another name is a Joe Collins…..Tom’s brother I guess. But still not rude.

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  4. In the US, we have Club Soda and Seltzer. The difference is that Club Soda has sodium in it, whereas Seltzer does not have sodium.

  5. I do. White or red wine. Per glass I drink 3 times the amount of water. Still in full ketosis. Burn it off with a good long walk which includes a hill or stairs.

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  7. Wrong on USA seltzer water. Seltzer water is carbonated water, soda water is carbonated water with sodium products and minerals added. It has a ‘taste’, where as seltzer does not. NOT the same. Seltzer water often costs more. Most young bartenders or at low end bars do not know the difference.

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    Tequila also is the only alcohol that doesn’t bloat you

  12. Dr. Dan,
    Can an alcoholic be successful (loose weight) on keto? If someone that only drinks vodka soda in excess loose weight and be and stay in ketosis?
    Thank you in advance for the answer!

  13. Ice, big squeeze of Lime and Lemon, Gin, 1/2 diet tonic, 1/2 Club Soda. Refreshing, no carb, about 90 to 100 Cal.

  14. Hi dr Dan, (and everyone who might also answer this question)

    Here is a question which might not come off serious. But it is.

    So i’m 25 and recently started keto.
    I do my diet and sportd accordingly.
    However once every two weeks I’ll have a drink with friends. Now that is really frequent but whenever i do drink. I down a bottle of whiskey by myself. Is this still okay for my keto?

  15. I’m 61. Intermittent fasting for 4 years.
    I now don’t get drunk as easily and find I can handle more (than I should) drink in a session. I suspect my liver is considerably healthier than when I started intermittent fasting.
    But, I do feel the affects quicker when fasting

  16. He says drink on a full stomach, but since you will use the alcohol for fuel instead of the food, doesn’t that mean all those food calories will be stored instead?

  17. I have goals… I have a vacation planned in November and I’d like to be 50 lbs less by then… that said, I gave up alcohol when I started Keto/IF. So far so good… but I’m a bit worried about that vacation as it is a cruise… and Most of the cruises I have enjoyed have been with way more alcohol then A previously normal amount. Should I try having a couple drinks ahead of my trip to make sure I am not the girl who spent her vacation in the bathroom throwing up for days? I DO PLAN on staying as keto as I can while o. The trip.

  18. What is Custokebon Secrets? I’ve noticed several amazing things about this popular weight loss method.

  19. I need to know what the offensive name for a vodka soda is lololol. Also in California I hear soda water way more often than selzer. Unless its marketed as a selzer. Like the new fad hard selzers (not a fan so far).

  20. great video! informative and honest!! THANKS……………I’m 16 days into this new-found diet………..

  21. I’ve only just found your videos and see the comments are a year +old so just wondering if you’re still doing new ones in 2021?

  22. If you hydrate yourself during and after drinking, you won’t get a hangover. I never get hangovers anymore.

  23. Had three shots of whiskey! I don’t about other people, but it taste sweet and was very smooth. Mmmmmmmmm🤪

  24. I live in France where obesity isn’t a particular problem . The normal diet here is virtually low carb anyway, especially in the south where i live and the Mediterranean ‘diet’ isn’t a diet at all, but a way of life.
    Having said that, alcoholism is rife, because it is s cheap here, but don’t think we are all raving drunks!
    Red wine is our staple and we take it in moderate levels ..WITH MEALS !
    If you are on a low carb diet, it doesn’t interfere much, but on a Keto diet, yes it does interrupt the process…However…Having experinced an over indulgent’ binge ‘ on a low carb diet…You probably will be more careful the next time.
    Anyway, If you are going to adapt low carb eating as a way of life, and you WILL have weight loss even with alcohol, what’s the rush?

  25. I’m in my second month of keto….and abstained alcohol until yesterday when I attended a celebration. I was so tipsy after one glass of dry white wine. Before keto I was able to drink about 3 glasses before feeling anything.

  26. Excellent explanation of a difficult subject. I am overweight and starting a low carb / keto diet / lifestyle and, although not tested, I am pretty sure my liver is fatty. I won’t fully give up alcohol, but will sure take all this into consideration. I always thought that since alcohol, especially spirits, are carb free, then they were OK in a low carb diet. The fact that they are a source of energy all on their own was a great takeaway from this video. You got me subscribed. Thanks!

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  28. That’s true!!! I tried water fasting and beer fasting before. I got water fasting significant than beer fasting, but beer fasting still works. So, my conclusion is you can drink beer when you are fasting, but fasting is more effective if you drink less beer.

  29. I’m on a very low carb diet, but still drink moderately. I don’t have lower alcohol tolerance, at least not so I notice. However I don’t get hangovers any more! I really used to suffer when eating carbs but now I barely notice the next morning when I have a drink

  30. You’re liver is heavily reliant on making ketones and alcohol takes 72 hours for the liver to rid the toxins. This takes you out of ketosis as alcohol becomes your predominant fuel source and inhibits the production of ketones in the liver. This is what i have experienced. That being said, cheers folks 🍻

  31. Experiencing this weird phenomena while keto adapting on and off. Why do I feel so much more energy when drinking hard alcohol in my first week on keto… Day 5 here and thinking about drinking, I know I’m sacrificing total weight loss but when I know I can drink away this first week of low energy. I’m wondering if I’m discovering a cheat code nobody has explored.

  32. I have a question about what are the circumstances under which our bodies burn alcohol to co2 and h2o vs burning it to acetic acid. We excrete acetic acid very well, so why do we burn it to co2 and H2o ?

  33. Very very informative ..and great layman’s breakdown to understand information! I do line a glass of wine while cooking and with dinner! The challenge is cooking Keto for myself and the was a struggle getting easier! Constantly reading and watching recipes for low carb and trying to combine with not low carb!!!
    Just a side medical note when I received bother my Covid vaccinations not felt like keto side effects of flu like symptoms both shots. I wonder if my Keto diet affected my symptoms?!

  34. So happy to have found this Dr, all his information has been very useful for me since I found out I have diabetes 2, and reading all the comments lets me know I am not alone.

  35. Having read that wine and whisky were OK on Keto , now not too sure! Perhaps I”m just drinking too much

  36. I’m a brand new subscriber — this is my first video of yours. Thank you so much! this has been very helpful. Information I’ve not heard elsewhere. I’m starting Ketovore today. Mostly Carnivore with a little bit of vegetable. I watch Dr. Ken Berry and his wife Neisha (Neisha Loves It), and now you.

  37. I almost did exactly what you did for weight loss, losing 70+lb in 6 months. I am maintaining weight 4+ yrs but I had alcohol related questions.
    1. This is pretty simple – Alcohol has 7 cal a gram if we burn it to co2 and h2o. If we just turn it to acetic acid it has 1.12 cal. When and why do we burn to co2 and h2o vs acetic acid. We excrete acetic acid very well, so it creates no problems. But what happens when its circulating ? Is it same as apple cider vinegar ?
    2. If in fasted state you drink alcohol, it needs to be processed by the liver, which was maintaining BG levels. That causes your BG to start dropping. Wouldn’t that trigger glucagon ?

    Hope you see this and reply, this is almost a 2yr old thread.

  38. Thank you SO much. My birthday is coming up and I was worried that having a glass of champagne would throw me out of Ketosis. I am reassured that it is simply paused as I have found the last week and a half since starting Keto very challenging. Prior to Keto I enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner and loved my morning almond milk coffee. Now I know that I can have a glass of champagne on social occasions. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  39. So you adopt this stringent cult-like diet and you STILL can’t abstain? I gave up alcohol for 16 years just because I had a kid to set an example for. The only downside was all our friends ( mostly church members at that) treated us like some kind of freaks and constantly asked if we were reformed alcoholic, fruitcakes, or what not. try it. you don’t really NEED alcohol at all.

  40. I honestly had to google the name of a vodka soda with lime- it’s a Skinny Bitch! Haha! I prefer lemon, but whatevs! And, soda water and seltzer water are not the same thing. Soda water has mineral salts added (sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, potassium sulfate are a few). Seltzer typically does not have added minerals and tastes more like water, just carbonated. Cheers!

  41. I quit drinking alcohol after about two months of KETO because I only lost a couple of pounds, but did feel much better. Since then I’ve lost a few more. When I hit my goal I’m going to have a gin martini. Shaken, not stirred.

  42. I’m curious why this video does not address the phenomenon of alcohol lowering blood sugar levels.

  43. Ive been drinking heavily everyday for about 5 yrs. Once in a while I go a day without alcohol. But if I’m doing this diet how can I do this safely? I’m trying to quit alcohol at the moment as well.

  44. So as an alcoholic if I drink while doing this diet I will end up hospitalized? Or will I end up there ONLY if I drink and do the diet? Btw I’m trying to quit.

  45. Thanks for the very helpful info. I’ve been doing keto for a while now and haven’t seen this topic covered as thoroughly as you. Nice job!

  46. Very helpful Dan, i’m inulin resistant but love a drink, or at least did! Best avoided I think as I wondered why I felt so crap when I drank just a small amount of beer it all makes sense now!

  47. Love the information, I started a keto diet four months ago, and abstained from all alcohol. It’s nice to know that if I’m out with friends for dinner I can have one glass of wine. The alcohol question was something I didn’t see anyone else answering, so thank you for your information and for putting up this video.

  48. Hi Doc, amazing video. Thank you!! What is the best food to eat when consuming alcohol on keto and in the pause zone?

  49. different alcoholic beverages have different levels of sugar as well so even though you mention alcohol consumption momentarily pausing ketosis — the glucose can be enough to knock you right out of ketosis.

  50. my doctor says avoid carbs not because I need to lose weight I am not heavy I need to lower my glucose levels he says they are dangerously high and I don’t want to end up with diabetes can I still drink red wine. it’s very hard to figure out what to eat trying to keep at a zero carb level can’t fish and lentils are getting really boring I need to stay this way with my medication for 3 or 4 months before I check my glucose levels again what can I eat and drink

  51. I am not doing Keto But have been looking for something to help me Shred at least 10Kg So i have started 18/6 FASTING THIS WEEK
    just breaking fast at 1pm so boiled Veg & Poached Chicken breast to start
    Keto and Fasting is how i want to go
    What’s your opinion Dr Dan

  52. Very very informative. You are an interesting and knowledgeable man. And I appreciate your information. I am just starting the keto diet and I enjoy a drink every now and then. So this is really important information. Thank you

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  54. I tried this customized keto diet, worked better than expected, i have lost weight, satisfied with the result, and recommend you all to try it here is the link @t

  55. What a great video. Well presented. I really love the taste of a good craft beer, but I think I’ll wait until I get to the end of my journey 😢. I’ve worked too hard to get to this point … and I have a LONG journey! Thank you for an excellent video and discussion Dr. Maggs!

  56. Alcohol is chemically similar to sugar. I can’t see how anyone can be on any diet and use alcohol.

  57. So the old advice of drinking a couple of glasses of water before bed when you’ve been out on a binge to reduce the hangover effects still applies when you’re on a keto diet then. Right?

  58. If anyone is wondering, the drink he meant (vodka, soda, lemon) is called a skinny b*tch 🙂

  59. That’s interesting about wine, I was told that white wine was actually higher in carbs than red, dry wines. I guess it depends on the fruits and added sugar in non-organic wines. Great video, thanks doc!

  60. Hi Dr. Maggs, i have been in ketosis for two weeks, but I drink whiskey but urine strips still show i am in major ketosis and havent changed, so as long as my strips show that i am ketosis, i am good?

  61. Weirdly my tolerance to both alcohol and it’s after effects has improved dramatically on Ketosis, it’s harder for me to even get tipsy ;).. it may be that my organs like the liver are working better, but I don’t know

  62. I’m doing a ketogenic diet and a intermediate daily fasting program and decided to try drinking tequila one day during my 8 daily eating hours… and I actually found a much higher tolerance (which really surprised me because I hadn’t eaten for 16hours prior!) Plus I didn’t experience any hangover what so ever at all! However I did notice that my daily weight loss decreased a bit and I was hungrier in the evening during my normal fasting hours! I’m on a ketogenic diet and intermediate daily fasting because of insulin intolerance and a heart condition which is complicated by my overweight condition which I started developing after my first heart attack because I could not longer exercise… that was over two years ago and I’ve suffered a total of four heart attacks in the past two years! And the extra weight is extremely hard for my heart! The ketogenic diet and intermediate daily fasting program is the only diet that has worked for me with my now sedentary lifestyle! In fact it has increased my energy level enough that I can now finally start going for walks again! (Farther than just walking across the room!)

  63. This answered a lot of questions I had. Great video and easy to understand. Thank you so much!

  64. Honest question here…not knocking the keto diet. Do you have a video or info of what to tell people when they say you need carbs in your diet to get certain vitamins or that eating so much fat clogs your arteries? I know that it doesn’t but that seems to be the main opposing argument out there to eat this way…thanks

  65. I’m so thrilled to have stumbled across Dr Magg’s chat about Keto. I wonder if hormones play a part in weight gain and if a Ketogenic diet is effective for weight loss…. Menopause is not for sissies!

  66. Thanks ! You talk very clearly and slowly so you are easy to understand 👍 And your contents are very valuable 👍😔I had a look at the range of recipes you have downloaded.. I like the fact they are filed by ingredients it’s very helpful Thanks again !

  67. I love that u said dry wines. Thank god… I love to have a glass or 2 on a weekend. So far in the ketogenic diet I lost almost 40 lbs in 6 months. I did come off the diet for a month and I had lots of cheats because of my social life but I try to get back on right after

  68. If I drink a Full bottle of Morgan’s spiced Rum with Pepsi Max, the next morning my ketones are through the Roof! Can’t figure it out at all!

  69. Thanks Dr. Dan! I just found you today. Quite interesting. I am a 20 year long Type 2 Diabetic, and I am 45 years old. I am wondering while fasting or living the keto lifestyle, which I have not committed to yet, but I am trying to work up to it (so far I have been trying to fast more and for longer frequencies. In your experience, do patients who are in a similar situation to mine, do better by going off insulin or staying with long acting insulin. Clearly I am asking for your clinical experience and not any advice for me! 🙂

  70. I started keto 2 weeks ago i have been missing my wine.. i have had few Vodka and diet cokes .. looks like that needs to be with fizzy water and lime instead🤣

  71. stick with carb free liquor and only drink once a month or so…at least thats the way l do it….carb free isnt calorie free.

  72. I quit drinking for 2 months when I started Keto. I’m a beer drinker and used to drink micros. Especially IPAs. When I restarted drinking I went with Miller Lite. (It only has about 3 carbs) After taking that 2 months off, I was pleasantly surprised by how good that Miller Lite tasted. I now have 3-5 Miller Lites once or twice a week. I’m down 70 lbs in just over a year now and am continuing to lose weight. I have about 30 more lbs to go to reach my goal of 185lbs.

  73. I drinks 6 beers on saturday an 6 beers on sunday when i loading carbohidrates in 24 h period, do intense and short time exercise mon-tue-wen, i don’t know if i maintained in ketosis enough time but still lose body fat and increased musle.

  74. Nice one Dr Dan. I’ve been on keto for a long time now but had wondered how drinking was affecting my weight loss, or lack there of. Thanks for putting it in perspective.

  75. I went through all the comments. Can’t figure it out. Why is “Vodka Soda” a bad name? I don’t get the joke! Is it a “proper English” thing?

  76. thank you for the info dr. maggs.
    im a “functioning” alcoholic whos trying keto for weightloss. i love the diet, but wonder about my alc consumption. mon thru fri i drink for abt 4 hrs afterwork (5% beers mostly 6 or 7) trying to relax and get a buzz b4 bed time so i can sleep. i never awake with a hangover and go to work just fine. my weekends are about double the amount. can i get weightloss results at all using keto? my job has very active with lifting and moving. im 49yo and 310 lbs.

  77. For more on how alcohol affects weight loss/gain, watch Dr Robert Lustig’s video about “Sugar, the Bitter Truth”. He goes into how alcohol is metabolized in the liver and how it creates fat in the liver (alcoholic fatty liver disease). Once your liver is full of fat it’s just about impossible to lose weight from other parts of the body.

  78. Interesting fact here is, the worlds first succesfull banting diet, this by the ear specialist dr Banting, WAS a LCHF-diet. If it was pure enough to cause a real ketosis, I dont know, but it was undoubtely a low carb, much fat and protein diet. And he was quite liberal with non sweet alcoholic drinks… 🙂
    Yet his diet did worked OK, his patient lost much fat, and his hearing improved dramatically.

  79. Oh just get on with it and quit pissing about. Over 3 minutes in and you haven’t said a damned thing.

  80. Keto is NOT A DIET…….. its a life style…… if you think of it as a Diet, ….. YOU WILL FAIL

  81. Alcohol is absolute poison to the body. The liver has to go into overdrive to process the poison. It does nothing but damage the body. Believe it or not, you can live a life alcohol free. Once you get there you will wonder why you ever drank in the first place. Also, the realization of how many so called friendships revolved around drinking will be a HUGE eye opener.

  82. Wine or bubbly of any sort is absolutely NOT GOOD if you are trying to stay in a state of Ketosis. A single glass of red or white wine has approx 125 calories of which, 98% is carbohydrate! To remain in Ketosis you should try and take in no more than 5% carbs every day so assuming you need 2,000 calories (for a working man) you should keep carb intake below 100 calories. That means 1 glass of wine takes you 25% over the carb limit and you haven’t even eaten anything yet! This Dr. sucks find another subscription…

  83. The USA is a big place with many regional differences in language, believe it or not. I grew up in upstate New York and we always said “soda water,” though there were products labeled “seltzer water,” so it would not have been a confusing term. Club soda, was also term that became sort of generic, like Xerox.

  84. I don’t actually drink much at all. But I do want to know well before I get into a social situation where it’s going to happen so that I know what to buy or have on hand to make it a lot smoother to deal with. PS For all of those searching for the name – Vodka, lime and soda is called a skinny bitch

  85. If you are going to do a video on alcohol you should have added at the start that it is an addictive drug that kills 3 million people a year. That’s a crime against humanity.

  86. I’ve been on a strict Keto diet (no more than 10g net carbs per 24 hours) for 2.5 years now. At times I drink heavily, but only non-carb liquors like gin, vodka, rum or whiskey. Dr. Dan is correct that drinking alcohol pauses ketosis and that the more one drinks, the less the diet is effective for weight loss. Dr. Dan is not correct about the intensity of hangovers. My hangovers are considerably less intense (about 85%) than they were when I was consuming over 250g carbs per 24 hours. Length of hangovers have also lessened (about 25%). Worse hangovers are not a symptom of the Keto diet. It’s the carbs than intensify hangovers, not dehydration, though, dehydration from alcohol consumption on the Keto diet can lead to deep muscle cramping.

  87. I always thought that alcohol, being fermented sugar, sort of unferments back into sugar when you drink it – since you don’t pee out alcohol… no?

  88. Be careful with your mixers as so many contain brain dumbing/decomposing artificial sweeteners. I stick to gin and Fever-tree tonic and drink two large glasses of water first. I also take zinc with my drink as like Hydroxychloriquin the quinine in tonic may help get zinc into the cells. Although my twenty year old cat eats Greenland prawns for the zinc every night as otherwise he is very restless and irritable, so it definitely works for him! He also has a bit of avocado and coconut kefir with his prawns. Way to go if you want to live to 140? Namaste 🙏

  89. Thanks! Great information.
    No one has made it as clear as you have in other videos I have seen. Good help to dieters and everyone in general.

  90. So if alcohol is the fourth macro and I have vodka with diet soda am I getting energy from that or am I still burning fat?

  91. I’m from the US and only certain parts of the states call it seltzer (northeast mostly). Where I am, it’s still called soda water not to be confused with club soda. That’s an entire story in itself

  92. Really found this video useful. I just started my keto journey. I live in Cape Town, South Africa’s wine region, so wine is definitely part of our culture. Had one glass of wine last night. Felt like I had enough and that was that. Only 3 days in, but im feeling the need to drink a lot more water. Is that normal?

  93. I have been on a keto diet for 3 weeks, and I have only lost 9 pounds. I am taking in less than 20 grams of carbs a day. I thought I would lose weight faster than that.

  94. After watching this, I just placed an order for a bottle of champagne. Gosh. I badly need my me time. 😀

  95. Good, informative video that I came across while searching to find out if I could have a glass of wine with my first ‘eat out to help out’ meal.. only been doing KETO for 3 weeks and still learning the basics but now subscribed and will visit the back-catalogue over the next few days… thank you

  96. Yay, at last one of a few doctors that does not simply say “no alcohol”. I lost 14 kgs from May 2019 to end Jan 2020, when I reached my target weight. I am maintaining that weight. I do drink in moderation, virtually every evening during and after my meal. I have also found that you lose weight quicker and easier if you drink less. Hard liquor does not contain carbs as far as I know, so I try and stick to a glass of red wine and perhaps a whisky in the evening. My liver is fine, and although I don’t weigh or measure anything, I keep my carb intake very low, and focus on the good fats and protein.

  97. It’s a good thing I don’t get hangovers or drink much. Shortly, the best are the adult stuff. Brandy, Whisky, Wine (Red and White)

  98. Sorry but… What is the PRP In Italy? Istg I’ve never heard of that term.. And I live in Venice!

  99. I’m on a carnivore diet but it’s my birthday this weekend 😅 Want to drink for the first time in a while…hope i don’t ruin all my hard work

  100. Down 100lbs 6’4″ . 360 to 260 ..Alcohol messes me up bad. I was a good drinker now I’m a cheap date. Light weight horrible hang overs. Lol what a lush.

  101. I had three glasses of wine one evening with a meal after doing keto for about 4 months and was sick as a pig and didn’t feel right for about a week after that. I’ve never been a heavy drinker and perhaps this is the reason but my oh my what an experience and gives a new understanding about talking to God on the big white telephone lol

  102. Interesting and good to see a doctor accepting the reality of alcohol in a person’s life.

  103. What about creating simple syrups with sugar subs? Before going keto I learned how to make an AMAZING mojito. I was considering experimenting with stevia based and erythritol based sugar subs so I could create a lower carb version. Any thoughts?

  104. I have stopped drinking Alkohol with 16 years I’ve done it from 12-14 years for the most part, but then I changed school and hated that school, because of the students there. So I saw where my Alkohol consumption got me and decided to stop drinking I basically only had one glass of Alkohol on a birthday from different friends but everytime I did that it came out the next day. I also used to secretly get rid of the Alkohol by pouring them in the bushes. With 16 then I officially decided to never drink Alkohol again because I didn’t like the taste of it, it made me sick for the next few days and I only drank it, because of the groups around me. My last Alkohol consumption is now about 3 years ago and I am doing keto since 2 weeks, so I don’t even know why I watched this video. xD

  105. Gin and tonic or a glass of savingon blanc and yes more than 2 glasses and I wake up with a hangover

  106. I’d love a beer. Haven’t had a beer in weeeeeks! Put a bit of tap water in to a glass of white wine and it’s ok with a meal. So ”seltzer” means sparkling water. And hard seltzer is sparking water with vodka?. I could make that. I haven’t seen it on the shelves though.

  107. I got drunk while doing the Atkins diet (going back like 20 years). I was watching my carbs and only drank dry wine. The ketosticks turned bright purple the next day, so it apparently didn’t stop the ketosis in my case.

  108. Hey Dr Maggs. Love your videos, downloaded the PDF guide. Was wondering though, would it be possible to have the original document so that I can translate it into french ? Much easier for me to do groceries in my language! Of course, I’ll send the translated version back to you if you’d like to give the option to other people 🙂

  109. Just started 16-8 keto. I’m the Mornings I drink a bullet proof coffee, and i can go until 12 no problem. A friend says bullet proof coffee is cheating and I flipped him the finger. 😂 any insights on how bullet proof coffee effects ketosis?

  110. Alternate booze with water. Great tip! I stick to spirits when on the Keto but they go down a bit too easily… I shall try this alternating tip.

  111. Honestly becoming more sensitive to alcohol may actually make me drink it less even if it’s just red wine. I do question whether the occasional dose of an edible would ruin ketosis though. They tend to have sugar, but the amount is small since the doses are just a piece like the size of a chicle gum for a weed gummy.

  112. Yes, I can drink Alcohol on moderation. The last time I got really drunk was like….. 22 years ago.

  113. I’ve just started my Keto Journey so I’m still learning and I’ve come to realise that it’s best to just listen to/follow a couple or so experts on this subject or else you just feel totally bombarded and could even get information that contradicts the other. Your channel is just fantastic and you are most definitely my Top One To Follow 💯 %
    I’ve also signed up for your free Keto Food Guide.
    Looking forward to receiving it and checking your .com and youtube platforms out lots more.
    Very clear, concise and easy to understand. Thank You so much.
    – Lisa (UK)

  114. 20th day on keto and feeling great, but last night I had some drinks, woke up the next morning and ate a whole pizza! Home Made and carb free of coarse 😁

  115. Thank you. I live in Florida, though I’m Polish and like my wine , its nice to see a regular looking ,and i mean this with up most respect, person rather then muscle bound pea brain , yelling at people not to eat or drink this or that. Thank you .

  116. I’m mostly following keto whilst intermittent fasting but I like a glass of Rum chata with milk and ice during my eating window ……am I spoiling my hard work ?

  117. so when I drink a glass or 2 of wine I check my ketones on a strip and I’m still in ketosis but at the .5 side of the scale. When I’m not drinking my ketones can reach 8 on the chart on an 18 hour fast. Is that bad?

  118. Great videos. You, Dr. Barry and Dr. Berg have given me the knowledge I needed to enjoy my life again. Thanks. Hey. do you Brits spell tolerance with 2 L ‘s?

  119. I have been on a KETO diet plan for… week 2. I am doing great, BUT I did have 2 glasses of wine.. gave my the HUNGRY HORRORS… anybody else ? I decided to just stop all Alcohol for a while until I get those HUNGRY HORRORS figured out.

  120. I use wine for cooking lol I like a red wine sauce, I let the alcohol cook out until only the taste is there

  121. It’s called “beer belly” for a reason. Most winos are underweight due to the fact they’re in ketosis if they’re out of control of their habit.

  122. Dr. THANK YOU for your open honest, adult conversation (as you put it) about consuming alcohol. Almost always when I ask a medical professional this same question I inevitably get the sermon about the evils of alcohol and we should just not drink any ever. They don’t seem to research a valid answer as you have, but take the easy way out and just say “Don’t do it” which is not helpful. I know too much is too much, but it’s probably not going to stop for most of us and a little poison (carbs, etc.) is still better than a lot of poison. Over time small changes add up and you have helped me to cut way down on the beer and if I do need to have a drink, the harder spirits with a no calorie mixer, after a keto meal is the best option. I also liked the suggestion of having a glass of water after finishing an alcoholic drink. Again, thank you for the honest communication without the usual judgemental sermon.

  123. Do you have any videos on good blood glucose numbers? I started keto in November and finally bought a ketomojo monitor in January. I have been tracking my ketones and blood glucose. But it isn’t helpful if I don’t know where I am supposed to be. I’ve heard 70-90 and I’ve heard 80-100, but I would love it if you had a video as you explain things so well! I lived your video on not chasing ketones, btw. Thank you!

  124. Fantastic info… I’ve just finished dry January and started Keto. I’m due to go out with friends on the 10th day on this new way of eating. My choice of alcohol will be Gin and soda.
    Thank you.

  125. I started doing IF Oct 2018, drinking beer and wine almost daily. I lost 20 pounds initially and have easily maintained that weight to this day. Yes, I continue to drink beer and wine almost daily !

  126. Hi Dan, I really enjoyed your videos. I recently started Keto (10 Days) I am a type 2 diabetic, when I checked my BS the past few days it has been elevated 8.5-9.8. My carb intake has been less than 25 gm per day. Any idea as to when I should be expecting an improvement of my BS?

  127. I’ve been T total for year now and don’t miss it. It saves me money and haven’t woken up to a sore head since. Feel great every day.

  128. for anyone interested, alcohol is 7 calories per gram. take the volume of liquid (ie 250ml wine = 250 g) divide by the percentage (ie 12%), then times that by 7. that will give you the amount of calories in each drink. 1 250ml glass wine at 12% = 145 calories.

  129. In a nutshell NO. Your body will be to busy healing itself from the poison of alcohol then to switch over to keto and indeed good nutrients and minerals can not be absorbed.

  130. Short answer no. If your non dieting way of drinking is six beers, then eventually you will drink more than one. I did and gained weight, so that is reality for everyone because I said so on the internet.

  131. I may not be typical, but there are doubtless others like me. I like ANYTHING fermented, including sauerkraut, cheese, and smelly tofu. That includes drinks, but I don’t like the feeling that alcohol produces. Alas, my favorite music (traditional jazz) is played in venues in NYC that often have no cover charge. We tip the musicians and order food and drink from the establishment. I don’t eat after 6:00 pm, so food is not a possibility, but I still feel the need to add SOMETHING to the establishment. My remedy is to order a shot of whiskey neat, and to sip a tiny drop from time to time, savoring the grainy flavors as they’re distributed by the alcohol. A quick intake of air into the mouth helps the process. A single shot can last for a whole set, but if sipped very slowly, creates no feeling in my body. It’s expensive, so I don’t feel like I’m taking unfair advantage of the bar, I taste a delicious treat, and I don’t feel anything. (I had a hangover once, some 50+ years ago, and never cared to repeat the process.)

    This may not apply to many people, but is surely applies to some. I’m happy to see this video kind of “clears me” to continue the practice.

  132. Excellent presentation. Good easy to understand explanation on effect of alcohol on ketosis. I’ll certainly be taking the advice on board.

  133. A good shot of bourbon like ‘Makers Mark’ with a shot of water and a couple of ice cubes. And/or a shot of good vodka with a squirt of lemon over ice with plain club soda. Keep it to 2 drinks per day max………

  134. Been on low carb but doubt I ever reached ketosis, still it has been helpful though not in such radical speeds as I hear reported often.
    Still lost a lot of weight and my blood glucose levels have improved immensely, I still drink far too much and eat a pizza on each sunday though.
    But I keep mostly to gin with sugar free mixers.

  135. tequila shots with lime and salt for the win…and i drink just a bit short of a pint a night…and im still testing good on ketosis…but thats not my focus its my glucos levels being a diebeted and im now testing normal levels…and im losing wheigh in the process…

  136. I’ve just hit my 65lbs weight loss goal in just under 5 months with keto. Drank 6 double vodka sodas, every Friday and Saturday nights since I started! (male, 31, 6’4″, 245lb down to 180lb)

  137. Are you an actual doctor or just another you tuber who bought a chiropractic “doctorate” from America?

  138. Are we talking about a drink or drinking? The bad decisions segment is definitely referring to drinking, likely to excess. Does 1 drink, scotch or whiskey on the rocks pause ketosis for that considerable of a period?

  139. Thanks for this Dr. Dan. I have subscribed and look forward to learning even more. God bless you.

  140. I found this honest guidance very helpful. I like vodka and Pepsi or coke zero. But I also like Guinness so I will need to plan on increased exercise to compensate

  141. The vodka soda/seltzer water that Dr. Dan is referring to is often called a “Skinny Bitch” in the States. You would hear the term more at a bar then a restaurant or with younger people. You normally wouldn’t hear Grandma Myrtle asking for one at a family meal out.

  142. Alcohol is drying, and like i keep reminding dieters, keto is drying, i think that could be an answer right there.

  143. Excellent video! I much prefer a gin and tonic but tonic has a much sugar as a regular soda, and no bars here in the US offer diet tonic.
    The drink you mentioned, I order as a vodka/soda so I don’t know the name of it where you are. Before I knew better, I was drinking a lot of red wine, because ya gotta get the cholesterol down (right). Wine is grape juice, which is sugar, so it really pushed up my triglycerides
    The same may not be true for others but I want that number at 150 or below in 2 months at my next physical. Also, in the US ther is a great line of soda called Zevia, because stevia is the sweetener. Vodka with that brand of ginger ale is wonderful.

  144. For those wondering what that offensive cocktail he was talking about was called. It’s “Skinny bitch”
    Your welcome.

  145. Unable to find an alternative name for vodka, lime and tonic/soda unless he is referring to the one where it said with soda it is called a “skinny bitch”. With soda it is less calories. My goodness that is very tame by today’s standards!

  146. I brew my own ridiculously strength cider from organic apples , I add sugar but it is turned into alcohol by the fermentation process , does this mean that it is keto friendly?

  147. Alcohol is an attractively packaged poison. The fact that ‘so many cultures’ drink alcohol does not make it a benefit. Also, your point about in moderation is OK, or good for you , is also nonsense as this belies the fact that it is the polyphenols in red wine that give it a ‘benefit’ form an antioxidant point of view. Again, this is utter nonsense as polyphenols are in most berries, dark chocolate etc etc
    There is no discernible benefits to drinking alcohol, whatsoever, besides those who interests lie in the production of such. So many people comment on generalities about alcohol in small amounts can have a benefit etc but this is wrong and panders to so many who choose to drink. If alcohol is a benefit from a mental health as in relaxing and socialising aspect, then so is Cannabis et al !!

  148. I’ve been drinking white wine (chardonnay) but I’m still losing I’m a vegetarian

  149. Thanks for using Kilograms and pounds instead of stones when talking about your weight loss. This is a very informative video and I appreciate the explanation about glucagon and alcohol. I enjoy a single Irish whiskey and club soda after dinner.

  150. With food prices going up so sharply, the power outages, the war looming and the economy the way it looks, I’m interested in putting up a few weeks worth of keto foods for a short or long-term emergency so I don’t get sick or gain too much weight on the carb heavy typical emergency “survival” foods. What do you suggest for food storage since most fats are not typically shelf-stable for very long. There are some options such as canned meats, like tuna in oil, or spam, but generally their quality is pretty low and the prices expensive for the serving size. Thanks for your ideas. 🙂

  151. I had 3 large wines last night be ause of new years eve.. . my ketones jumped from 1 that day to 3.4 the day after….. and my insulin from 81 to 50… 🙄

  152. Woke up one morning and had a epiphany in my dreams to loose weight. No I’m note joking. This lead me to the Keto diet , and that was Low Carb hi fat diet I’ve lost 13 kgs in 3 months. A good start do not touch Sugar , Milk ( Go Almond milk check the carb content ) No Bread No Pasta ( Find substitute Soy Low carb substitute ) and make your own Tomato Sauce easy Cut Grill add Oregano or Italian spice blend . Touchdown. Great vid Dr M.

  153. Warsteiner zero alcohol beer tastes good. Very like its full alcohol equivalent. Just for Christmas. Don’t want to interrupt my progress to reversing diabetes.

  154. I have been on Keto for the last 10 months. I am 1.72 metres (5′ 8″) and have dropped from 80 kg (175 lb) to 65.5 kg (145 lb). My general health is far better. Oddly enough, my tolerance to alcohol is more and I get up with a much clearer head! I consume about 150 ml (5 oz) about 3 times a week. So, am I an exception?

  155. I am having the time of my life 58 years old been a fitness guy all my life wish I found this earlier dam .

  156. As a female You can have ONE small drink once a week or twice a week MAXIMUM. BETTER than nothing. Id say avoid it for the first month though. Agree with the presenter if you are doing it as a long term lifestyle you want to be able to have ONE drink on a Friday or Saturday night. Keto can be slightly flexible, its not set in absolute stone.

  157. Watching this video hungover and full of regrets, until hearing my progress is paused rather than reversed. 🚦

  158. Low carb beers are nice, I don’t have a bad relationship with neither alcohol nor food, so having a friday out isn’t making any difference for me (motivationally), but still cutting carbs where one can.

  159. Hi Dr Dan, I’m a new subscriber and I’ve just discovered your channel, I’m 70yrs young and I’ve gained 60 odd pounds over the last two years which I really need to lose due to being diagnosed with emphysema and have decided to try the keto diet, my question is I make my own milk and water kefir can you please tell me what affect they might have on a keto diet. Love your straightforward way of explaining things and the information you impart, many thanks all the way from Scotland best regards Carol x

  160. My problem… one glass of wine always leads to another. So I think cold turkey is good for me for now, and I’ll reintroduce it during maintenance in the future…

  161. Hurray to all the people in this world who dare to talk about the things that could be tabu! That includes you mr! 😀 welldone

  162. Nicely done, with good information and good advice (without over judging or ignoring reality). Personally, I want health and eat right. On occasion, I enjoy a little alcohol.

  163. Don’t overindulge. Limit to 2-3 drinks then wake up decently rested and go for a 5km run. That should burn off any remaining glycogen stores and get you quickly back into ketosis.

  164. Alcohol actually boosts ketosis and if you drink on an empty Stomach, then your body is unable to process the booze as fat.

  165. High quality vodka mixed with diet lemon-lime soda with a generous splash of fresh lime or lemon juice with plenty of ice. 🍋🍸👏🏻😋

  166. No you cant i felt awfull drinking alcohol i tried spirits and had a bad head that night and felt awfull next day .

  167. Thank God… someone actually addressing a problem we all face when we go out. I usually have Vodka and slim tonic. but wine is good too. never beer …boo hoo.. than you.

  168. I am 65, I have T2 diabetes, fatty liver, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and I use to drink alcohol in moderation: 125 ml of red wine (home made) or 35 ml of spirit drinks (vodka, whiskey). I use to drink this about 3 times a week (not both together, wine or spirit). Since a few weeks I try to follow a low carb/keto diet.

  169. I can be in ketosis while drinking even 3-4
    7.2% alcohol 🍺 s a day. Unfortunately no weight loss… 🙁

  170. I’m about five months into my keto adventure, and I’ve lost almost 40 pounds. I subscribe to your channel because I think it will provide me with much useful information, thank you so much!

  171. I loved alcohol before Keto, 2 drinks a day, it always gave me a nice buzz feeling. But, I’ve been on Keto for 6 months and drinking alcohol really sucks now. I no longer get the nice buzz feeling and it makes me feel drop dead tired (mentally depressed) requiring a late afternoon nap that really messes up my sleep at night. I rarely drink now, it’s not fun for me while on Keto… I don’t plan on quitting Keto so I can enjoy alcohol again but I miss the good effect I used to get from alcohol. After 20 years of moderate drinking I assumed I would drink that way for the rest of my life but Keto killed my desire for alcohol… life is about change I guess.

  172. A big problem for me is the urge to cheat with a candybar or chips after having even just a few drinks at night. I feel the cheat is as bad for me as the alcohol, but I’m really struggling to resist it!

  173. Not what happens to me. In ketosis, I can’t get drunk, unless I drink a full whiskey bottle myself. And I wake up perfectly the other day.

  174. I’m doing Atkins and I drink red wine every night, no hangovers I feel great. I’m such a cheap date 😀

  175. The alcohol is digested similar to sugar, so there are no keto-friendly alcohol drinks. I think you should correct your title to “Low carb diet-friendly alcohols” because none of the alcohols are keto-friendly. Don’t confuse the people by equalizing keto and low carb diet PLEASE!!!

  176. I enjoy 2-3 oz of V.S.O.P. cognac after my supper. Never during the day or more than that. I love dark micro brews but too many carbs.

  177. Hi Dr. Maggs, thank you for explaining effects of drinking on keto. Does 1 drink “usually” knock you out of ketosis and do you know about how long it takes to burn off one drink before re-entering ketosis? Days or hours?

  178. So.. what’s the dirty name for this Vodka-Water-Lime drink? The internet doesn’t seem to know.

  179. Really like your content could you do a program about keto after thyroid surgery. I’m fully healed with the medication and hormone fluctuations can keto work for someone like me?

  180. Great video, lots of useful information.I drink Jack & coke zero, usually 2 a night.I’m on my 4th week of Keto & lost 13lbs.

  181. Thx a mil for the video. I couldn’t locate the pdf download for the carb count for different alcohols. Please help.

  182. As a fellow Brit, i know what “see you next tuesday” really means 😀 But im sure your use of it was perfectly innocent
    Anyway new subscriber here, about to work my way through your other videos, its great to find a british doctor to hear the opinions of, while im sure the US doctors ive been watching are telling me the truth, its still nice to hear a UK accent.
    Im a Carnivore, only about 9 days in to it so far but im feeling amazing, and even though im still too heavy for my scales, i feel im turning fat into muscle and my shape and posture are already changing (im working out too)

  183. I like vodka but rarely. I heard there was a cranberry juice with low carbs as an option to add. I will occasionally have a glass of red or blush wine. Not much of a drinker though.

  184. Thank you so much. I thought this was probably true, but to hear it aloud by you helped me make the decision to cut way back on drinking at night. I’m a month in on Keto diet, lost 15lbs but I know it’s going slower than it needs to bc I drink a few whiskeys on ice every night. I’m switching to 2 nights off/1on and will let you know the results. Thx for everything.

  185. A Dr has more credit than the trendy posers who just cite sources to appear smart without the education.

  186. Thanks for this. I have been on the Keto diet now for 4 weeks and have lost 6kg, although now I have reached a bit of a plateau. I started this diet primarily to lose weight, but most of my weight gain has been due to alcohol which I have had a problem with for the last 20 years, and especially the last year or so since retirement as I look forward to it by midday… I am an anaesthetist and so have had a very busy working at a large public hospital, and the only time I abstained was when I was on call, otherwise rarely a day would go by without having a drink of some sort. I have noticed that since starting the Keto diet that my craving for alcohol has decreased drastically, and I don’t even think about it for most of the day which has been a real surprise for me. In one month I have had alcohol on three occasions (slow learner) and each time I felt pretty awful. Firstly I didn’t get the effect I was looking forward to, and later felt dull, dry and just befuddled. I’m wondering if this is a common benefit of Keto, or am I motivated to feel this way as I have been keen to stop drinking for a long time and it’s mostly in my head… Thanks again for the great videos.

  187. I do not drink alcohol at all ,and do not understand why we need it. I do not like the taste.

  188. I didn’t drink for 17 yrs and did tons of running. At 178 cm, I could still never get my weight below ~80.5 kg. I always still had a belly, but I did nothing about my diet. Now I am trying no alcohol for 30 days, exercising mostly by walking and calisthenics, and doing a keto diet w intermittent fasting. I am waiting for a bicycle to arrive. Trying to get down to ~77 kg. I apppreciate your videos!

  189. Hey Doc! I have just found you, you’ve got to put more videos out!!! I love your work and want more! Instfan after one video. m/

  190. Hi Dr. Dan, I have a penchant for strong Belgian ale that I have given up since going keto. However, occasionally I would like to indulge on special occasions. Given that a bottle has maybe 40g carbs, which will likely be used to replace glycogen stores, would doing hard exercise the next day help to expedite a return to ketosis? I figure that the sooner the glycogen stores can be emptied, the sooner ketosis will resume. Is my line of thinking here on track? Thanks!

  191. Thanks so much for this video. Since Keto is not thoroughly established as a sanctified diet (at least here in the US), there is a lot of conflicting information. For a future video, perhaps you can talk about “carb-cycling.” Many say it’s helpful, but others say it’s sabotaging the diet. For myself, as an full- blown carb addict, I can’t see it as ever being helpful for me, but maybe it’s different for others.

  192. The pause and rewind effect was very useful as I certainly find myself carb sensitive if I deter from strict keto. 2–3 days to get back in ketosis and can often result in 2-3lbs gain too. I rarely have alcohol now but it’s wine when I do and my tolerance is much lower. I want my bed after 2 glasses! Loved the more in-depth scientific explanations but I would as a biochemist! Top job Dr Dan 🙌🏻

  193. I don’t drink but this is very informational. Something to share with friends who are drinking and is “trying” keto diet. What is the drink you mentioned in your video that you won’t mention?

  194. Don’t drink alcohol and don’t need to lose weight but enjoyed your video! Pleased that you mentioned the devastating effects that alcohol has had in many many lives.

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