The BEST Keto Snacks 2020 PLUS Must-See Movies

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The BEST Keto Snacks 2020 PLUS Must-See Movies.
The Very Best Keto Snacks 2020 PLUS Must-See Movies.

The BEST Keto Snacks 2020 PLUS Must-See Movies
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193 Comments on “The BEST Keto Snacks 2020 PLUS Must-See Movies”

  1. its not a movie but a Netflix series with Stephan Zane from the Sopranos– welcome to Lilyhammer– it was a hoot with the two different cultures in a small Olympic Town.

  2. I am so glad y’all showed up on my page u have totally changed my way of keto really appreciate y’all taking ur time to teach us 😍

  3. “HOOOMANS! It’s time to watch my furry magnificence, now watch me lick my….HEY, what did you move me for?” Lol, what a scene stealer! Great video, folks!

  4. Highkey Frosted cereal is the absolute best! I eat it with vanilla almond milk, 11 T had , a shake of salt. The bomb!

  5. Keto Mayo
    2 eggs
    2 T. Vinegar
    2 tsp salt
    Blend in blender and slowly add avocado oil or olive oil or a mix of both til its thick like mayo should be.

  6. Love all your great info. I am diabetic with stage 4 kidneys. That being said….I have used a lot of your tips. I can’t eat a lot of protein per meal (because of kidneys). But I am on very low carb. Pounds are coming off nicely, feel better. Thanks for all your great info on low carb stuff and your input. 👍👍👍👍❤

  7. Great snack list. And I loved seeing your kitty. My kitty, who looked very similar to your kitty, passed 2 weeks ago and I miss her terribly. Your kitty made me smile. Glad you let her(?) be in the “show”. 😊

  8. The Critical Drinker said he didn’t like Mulan because it went full on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon acrobatics with Captain Marvel invulnerability.

  9. Keto really is a joke. I’m way leaner now I eat a few more carbs, more lean protein and none of the processed foods I ate on keto. Yesterday’s macros were carbs 12%, protein 44% and fat 44% of calories at 1800 calories for the day.

  10. You MUST watch the movie PCU it is sooo timeless for all that’s going on in the world (America) now. David Spade is such a youngin in the movie and I just love Jeremy Piven. ahh sooo funny!

  11. I love plain popcorn with Valentina hot sauce, but that’s not Keto. So it will have to be lil pizzas: pepperoni and Parmesan cheese, (cooked of course), olives, jicama and pork grinds. I love the movie Up and the Notebook. Old time favorites: The Beach and Dirty Dancing lol

  12. Do you plan on making a video about how to end kids hyperactivity and prevent it? I’ve found so many people seeming prescription meds is only answer. I don’t want to say its the only answer for kids that demand sugar n lots of carbs. Keep praying for their maturity? Laying on of hands and water baptism? Exorsism? But if you have to think of resorting to exorcism just cut sugar n caffeine out of their diet it should change their behavior dramatically.

  13. If you like twists watch Skeleton Key. Not too scary, definitely not gory, ABSOLUTELY CREEPY, and the twist will totally catch you off guard!

  14. I categorize Inception as cerebral. 🤷🏽‍♀️ My favorite action movie is Mad Max: Fury Road. I’m a sucker for dystopian future stories.

  15. The Departed and Frankie & Johnnie

    Also, you guys are compromising a lot on your snacks, Catalina is junk, Bulletproof is totally junk but to each it’s own. Don’t sell out, you guys were super authentic and honest in your past reviews that’s what made you! Stay safe 😷

  16. One of my favorite videos from you guys!!! I loved the back and forth of snacks and movies with your personal anecdotes, so fun thank you.

  17. Favorite action movie: Commando! (Transformers The Movie if we’re talking animated movies—yes I am most definitely an 80s kid).

  18. The best part of the video was Miley being a kitty and grabbing all the attention. Love it. I like Lily’s milk chcolate, Pork rind with french onion dip. Brie cheese on low carb crackers, low carb ice cream with pecans and chocolate pieces or my own hot fudge sauce, spicy pecans and bacon pieces, snackage plate which is usually a charcuterie. Favorite movies of all time are Lord of the Rings- Return of the King, Harry Potter Series, Italian Job, Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly and just about any romance with Matthew McConaughey.

  19. I like the Quest Chips, I just ordered the Catalina Cereal, so I’m anxious to try that. I can’t eat Sucralose in baked goods, but in drinks like “Ice” it doesn’t bother me. I read that heating it changes it chemically and that makes sense, if it bothers anyone else (gassy☺️) thanks so much, and I LOVE your recipes!! I like old movies like Showboat, Casablanca, Roman Holiday and Bringing Up Baby

  20. ↖️ We’ve lost 100lbs thanks in part to this channel so thank you so much! Blood tests for type 2 diabetes coming in two weeks so fingers crossed 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  21. The most suspenseful movie I’ve ever seen is called Intensity! My palms sweated and I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack. The movie is probably over 20 years old. I can’t remember the main characters name but he played Perry in Scrubs

  22. Hi…I just finished streaming Wanted (2008 action and thriller a little scifi) Mehah you should check out Hush (2016)..edge of your seat!… Love movies with strong female characters!
    I munched on taco pork rinds…I ate more than I should have…lol…

  23. Keto Cauliflower “Popcorn”, Pepperoni and Zucchini Chips with Guacamole, Almond Butter or Tahini Cabbage Chips (because you can just eat and eat), Nacho Kale chips.
    Movies (forgive us, we’re older so a lot of ours are from a ways back): Action: The Mummy/The Abyss, Animated: Finding Nemo/Wall-E, Comedy: Uncle Buck/Airplane!, Crime: Usual Suspects/Chinatown, Drama: Portrait of a Lady on Fire, My Left Foot, Fantasy: LadyHawke, Legend, Horror: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane/The Shining, Romance: The Princess Bride/Out of Africa, Science Fiction: District 9, Blade Runner, Thriller: Rear Window/Cape Fear, Western: Unforgiven, Django Unchained, Survival: 127 Hours, Touching The Void.

  24. FOR SHAME!!! You guys missed the best movie ever! The Princess Bride, it has everything “Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles!” its perfect. also some kissing, don’t worry its not a kissing movie and by the end you wont mind so much.

  25. Just recently stumbled upon a movie called Searching (2018). I guess I’d call it a mystery. Pretty good 👍🏻

  26. I love the Scuta pumpkin seeds and Ross chocolate (which is hard to find). The Hilo guda/pecan pack was in August Keto’ Krate-it was very good!! Favorite movies; Pretty Woman, Beatlejuice, Rain Man. I was happy to see your cat, hadn’t seen her in a long time 🐈

  27. Comedy: Meet the Parents
    Romance: Sex and the City the first movie
    Drama: True Romance
    Horror: The Shining

  28. Nobody talking favorite movies in the comments whaaatt!
    Drama/Crime: There will be blood
    Drama/Romance: Brokeback Mountain
    Classic movie: Taxi Driver
    Romantic comedy: Trainwreck
    Comedy: Observe and Report
    I’m gonna throw a sports movie in there too – The Wrestler is amazing

  29. Love the hilo cheddar. Not so much the ranch. But they sent me my last order expired 2 weeks after receiving them. That sucks

  30. Poor kitty was just looking for love. Lol. I am a sucker for chips and tried Quest chips cuz you guys recommended them. They did not disappoint. As for the cereal, is the Catalina Crunch all that good, and are their ingredients good, cuz I saw the ingredients on their new cookies. The carb count is awful, and so are the ingredients. For movie nights, I make my own barbecue flavored sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and toss them with Whisps or Moon Cheese. Sometimes I throw in some Lily’s dark chocolate chips for a sweet and savory treat. Also, I wonder what your thoughts are on the High Key cookies. The texture is so nice cuz they are not soft and mushy like Quest cookies…which are not awful (chocolate chocolate chip…hands down the best flavor). And have you tried the new Quest lemon flavored bars? I’m a sucker for all things lemon, but I’m curious to know whether they really taste like lemon or do they taste fake?

  31. Hey Matt and Megah. It’s been a minute. Still keto with IF. Finally reached my under 200lbs mark and feeling good. No longer on the curve at the moment but still following your YouTube videos. You two are the reason I started keto and I appreciate you both. Keep up the good mission.

  32. My favorite comedies are Due Date and Game Night. I’ve been watching Stone Cold Steve Austin movies here lately for some reason, Condemned is actually pretty good.

  33. I looooved this video. Was just all about everything I’m about! I love movies and movie snacks and the things they were saying were so familiar to me. Made me laugh!! They disagree with each other constantly and that makes me laugh too!! Inception! Sooo good. The Break Up loved it! Totally agree with not watching trailers and going in cold. Best movies I’ve ever seen were that way!

  34. My favorite Genre by far is action/ thriller (no horror) I recently watch Machine gun preacher (based on a true story) also has Gerard Butler in it! Also check out The Peanut butter falcon, best feel good movie I have seen in a long time! I’m not a snack person I like meals, so I usually watch a movie with my dinner.

  35. Check out “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.” This is one that I bought only because I am a fam of Terry Guilliam, and had no idea what it was about. It is now one of my favorites. Heath Ledger also died when this was being filmed.

  36. Pork King Good pork rinds are the best!!! They have: buttered popcorn flavor, pink himalayan salt, salt and vinegar, white cheddar, and sour cream and onion. Addictive. I probably forgot some flavors, a little pricey, but sooooo good! 🙂

  37. I have too many favorite movies/sitcoms. My husband and I have close to 4,000 movies/sitcoms on DVD and digital combined. We love movies!! 🎥 🍿

  38. Movies:
    Action: The Road Warrior
    Comedy: Adam Sandler 100% Fresh.
    Crime: Jackie Brown
    Drama: Argo,, Wall Street, A Bronx Tale
    Romance: Silver Linings Playbook, Crazy Stupid Love, Saving Silverman
    Suspense/Thriller: Mr Brooks. Stars Kevin Costner, William Heard, Demi Moore, Dane Cook. Sleeper film. Everyone I show it to loves it and says they can’t believe they’ve never heard of it.
    Fantasy: Pan’s Labyrinth.
    Horror: The Hunger. Stars David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon. Trust me, you will like this one, Matt.
    Indie: Rid of Me. Weird little movie that I happen to love. Introverts will identify with the main character.

    I agree with Megha; Uncut Gems was great!

  39. Hate Horror too Matt. What did you like about The Favorite…so weird. Haven’t seen a good movie in 6 months. Typically go Bristish. Last I saw was Emma in theatre. I love popcorn with lots of butter, so would do the pork rinds as a substitute. Will have to try the nachos! Sounds delish! Loved seeing Mylie..ahhhh..kiss her.

  40. On Netflix: (Thrillers) The Killing (2011) will keep you on the edge of your seat! The Bridge (2011). Make sure it’s the one from Sweden, lots of twists & turns. Tense & suspenseful, Great great show!
    The Fall (2013) It’s a Crime Thriller with Gillian Anderson, Fabulous show, a real nail biter!, kind of dark so be prepared.
    Broadchurch ( the murder of a young boy) crime drama very intense!
    Marcella, very solid thriller by the BBC!
    RIVER, (2015)a brilliant police inspector whose genius lies side by side with the fragility of his mind. and last but not least.
    The Kings Speech: In a Movie Theatre: Fried Green Tomatoes, Second Hand Lion, Red 1 & 2, Raiders of the Lost Arc, 27 Dresses, The Mummy, Harry Potter (all of them, Something Gotta Give, Casino Royale

  41. Best action movie is definitely Gangs of New York!
    Best family movie is The Princess Bride!
    Best suspense movie is The Jacket!
    Best comedy is Dodgeball!

  42. I love your choice of inception just because the concept of that movie is so unique and intriguing. But I don’t do new movies past 2012 really. You could turn to eternal classics. Glengarry Glen Ross, Casablanca, Cool Hand Luke, Treasure of the Sierra Madre. None of those are couples movies though. Top notch action though is probably Aliens. But when that movie came out, it was 5 years after Alien and that was still the reigning movie monster. So multiplying them was very intense.

  43. INCREDIBLES!!! My favourite Action, Family, Crime, Suspense, Comedy!!! Gotta check out Hunter Killer now… Is popcorn bad? with nutritional yeast and Tabasco? If so, I don’t want to know!!!

  44. Love Lily’s salted caramel chocolate bar, fave movie is Raising Helen… and I totally thought your #1 was going to be a meat stick

  45. Best comedy has to be White Chicks. Literally fell off the couch laughing the first time I watched it. Love to sneak in quest chips and 100% dark chocolate

  46. pork rind nachos are BOMB! i love magic spoon and i just got some catalina crunch (haven’t opened them yet.) I’ve only tried the nacho cheese quest chips but I love them because they remind me of the baked doritos

  47. I love Superbad and it’s so nostalgic for me. It was the first movie me and my husband watched together at the beginning of our relationship 😁😁

  48. Totally agree with Matt that Goodfellas is the best. Have you read “The Lufthansa Heist” or “The Big Heist”?

  49. Am I the only one with this opinion? I HATE movies. Ahhhh! People always want to watch them with me and I have to pretend to be into it. I think maybe they’re just too long. I’m always thinking, “Now, who’s this guy? … Never mind I don’t care.” I have 30 – 45 minute window of interest, lmao.

  50. I do miss chips but I need need extra protein in my snacks. I hit my macros with meals no problem. (And if I’m gonna splurge on a protein snack it’s most likely gonna be smoked salmon cause yum.) So now i need to find a low carb chip snack that is also low protein and i’ll be set. We usually snack on Rebel during movie/tv nights.

  51. When it says KETO stuff I have a question. Would you partake even you were trying to lose a few pounds? I am flying in a couple months, Airline snacks are just cookies and water. Do you have snacks to travel well? 🌴🌴Aloha

  52. Speaking of snacks, I purchased the perfect keto nut butters and the PBJ one was highly touted…it was awful and l spent so much money and now Im looking for recipes so I dont waste it…ughhhhh

  53. I really enjoy the Quest chips ranch flavor, but for movie night, I just love snacking on a mixture of pistachio, dried berries, and mini cubed cheese. I place it in a bowl altogether. One of my favorite movies is Insidious: The Last Key. It’s scary, and funny.

  54. I havent heard of the majority of the movies either of you mentioned. I am sooo out of the loop lol

    My fav movie snacks used to be red vines and snowcaps. Does anyone have keto friendly recommendations for those two.

    Favorite movies (in no order) include Mannequin, The Color Purple, Blazing Saddles, Gangs of New York, and The Last Unicorn.

  55. I love the quest tortilla style chips as well but with guacamole. I also love your lemon cookies as a sweet treat. I haven’t been watching any movies lately but I’ve been watching a couple shows. I’ve been really enjoying lovecraft country on HBO. It’s a definite must see in my opinion.

  56. Wilde chicken chips make all other low carb chips obsolete. A little higher in carbs but actually taste and crunch like chips.

  57. Action: Upgrade
    Comedy: Blazing Saddles / JoJo Rabbit
    Crime: The Departed
    Drama: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
    Romance: Somewhere in Time / The Matchmaker (1997)
    Suspense/Thriller: Copycat / Unbreakable
    Favorite: Jurassic Park / Gilda

  58. Action: Demolition man.
    Comedy: Bridesmaid or Girls trip.
    Crime – Drama: The Godfather 1,2 and 3
    Romance: Love and Basketball.
    Suspens: Time.
    Best movie for me is Hidden figures.
    Best snack is any cheese cracker 😉

  59. Great video you two! I wish I could find keto cereal in Canada. That’s literally the only thing I miss since I started keto. 🥺 I will definitely try that sponsor looks good, I’m going to get it right now 😂

  60. I love Schoolyard products (Cereal School). The snacks and cereal both. I total carb. The ingredients aren’t pristine but for treat day I’m good with them.
    Seven is a great movie!

  61. Omg Shallow Hal I love I hate but it’s just too good not to name yeah I agree. Keto cereal I have not had a lot off but thanks for the ideal for movie night good one.

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