SIMPLE MEXI KETO DINNER | a crowd pleaser

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Happy Monday everyone!

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Dan had strategies tonight and I wanted to make certain he had a full belly prior to he left the house. This Mexican meal makes sure to be another house favorite. It can be tailored in a lot of ways. I know youll just enjoy it. Works great for meal prep too!

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Dan had strategies tonight and I desired to make sure he had a complete stomach prior to he left the house. I understand youll just enjoy it. Functions excellent for meal preparation too!

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132 Comments on “SIMPLE MEXI KETO DINNER | a crowd pleaser”

  1. I am making this tonight for my work tomorrow I’m going to add a few twists but I will definitely give you credit.

  2. I have saved this to the recipes I want to try playlist. Are you going to Georgia to the adapt event March 21st? I would love to meet you in person

  3. This was better the second night after it sat in the Fridge overnight…… LOVE THIS!!!!! I forgot the olives those will be on top the next I make it which will be VERY soon,! WOW just WOW

  4. That looks so good! I re watched so I could write down how to make it. Thanks! 🙂 Oh, and I sing your spatulator song when I use mine. 🙂

  5. Just forgot to add the sour cream to the cauliflower mix 🤦🏻‍♀️ I guess I’ll just put a dollop on top 😋

  6. I just made this recipe today I just made it a little different I had two bags cauliflower and broccoli mixed, I use cream cheese cheddar taco seasoning,

  7. Do you ever include the full written recipe somewhere? I am lazy and would like to just print it off after watching your video.

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this recipe!! I cooked a grass fed chuck roast and it turned out like shoe leather. I put the roast in the food processor and added it to the chorizo. I just tasted it and IT’S SAVED!! The chorizo added the fat/moisture needed. Omg thank you, this meat was expensive and I was almost gonna toss it! 😊

  9. In the oven and I’m excited. Smells amazing. Next time you are in Target, look for Market Pantry brand SOUTHWEST CHIPOTLE seasoning blend. Just tried it with this dish and it adds a special little something I’ll bet you enjoy. I added a little bit, like 2 teaspons along with the taco powder mix stuff. Good stuff.

  10. OK I made this for dinner. Halved the recipe and put that into two baking dishes. So the one I cooked tonight I put in the cake pan for my air fryer. Cooked it in the air fryer. Burnt the flip outta it in the air fryer. Didn’t take a picture cuz it was fugly and thought it was trash. OMG the burnt cheese was like bacon crumbles and it was friggin delicious. Everyone needs to burn their cheese, LOL. GREAT RECIPE AMANDA. Thank you

  11. Can’t wait to try this…’s just too hot right now to turn the oven on. Just started following you, and your recipes look amazing.

  12. Made this as a meal prep meal. I just added everything all together with the hamburger. I call it a Mexican Casserole or Bake. It’s so good. 💕

  13. Ahhhh…the only way that dish would last me the rest of the week is if it went straight from the oven to a vault somewhere up in Alaska and then at the end of the week they flew it back to my house in time for dinner. Lol. Will definitely be giving this a go.
    Cheers from B.C.

  14. I made this dish for my husband. I left out anything hot cause I’m a big baby, but the hubby absolutely loved it and so did my grandkids. Thanks for sharing your recipes. Right now I’m making your rice and crab Rangoon to go with my modified cashew chicken for my birthday dinner. I so appreciate you for taking the time to share all of your amazing recipes to help all of us on our Keto journey. God bless y’all

  15. This turned out awesome, I made a similar version with ingredients I had on hand. Delicious it will become a staples dish in our Keto house hold.

  16. I know you are super busy but do you think you can put the recipe in the notes? it would be so great. Thanks so much.

  17. First time viewer and I’m going to make this weekend! I started Keto 6 weeks ago and need recipes badly. Thanks so so much!!!

  18. Amanda- I’ve had to go off Keto because my car broke down and my house flooded in this horrid cold weather. I could not get to Aldi to get my food. I noticed that you had onions and tomatoes? Are those allowed? I love both but had cut them out because of the diet. I’m confused- can you inform me? I would love to add them back in.

  19. I love your recipes! Just watch the cheesecake and can’t wait to make it. Thanks so much! Blessings you guys!

  20. My fiance is not a fan of cauliflower at all; however, I think i’m going to give this recipe a whirl. My thought is that the taco spices, hot sauce, and jalapeno will be enough to mask the cauliflower flavor lol. I make a crustless taco pie for us pretty regularly, and it’s good, but a bit eggy and I think i’d like this better. Fingers crossed that it will be a hit so I don’t have to eat it every day for lunch and dinner for an entire week. That’s a good way to get tired of even the most delicious food haha.

  21. Soooo good Amanda, I made this today, I swapped out the jalapenos for a can of diced Green chilies. I forgot to add the sour cream. I put a dallop on top of my serving. I will be eating this all week! So yummy!

  22. Omg i am making this for my next meal prep!! My husband LOVES your sausage bake recipe, it’s his most requested keto meal

  23. Because of you, I bought a “spatulator” over the weekend. 🤗🤗🤗
    P.S. I’m a New Mexican and we like it HOT! Here in my state we put green chile in/on EVERYTHANG! 😂 Making green chile cheeseburgers with your air fried bacon wrapped onion rings tonight! Will definitely throw this recipe into rotation next week.

  24. So I don’tt have a spatulator, but, that doesn’t stop me from singing the song while I cook! lol Good recipe!

  25. Hi! I’m new to your channel and I’m so glad I found you (subscribed)! I love your recipes and you guys are so relatable and downright fun! Can’t wait to see what’s next! Keep up the good work!

  26. OMG I cannot wait to make this as a meal prep for myself! I wish I could make it for the fam but we are Mexican so my husband definitely would miss the rice lol 😂 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  27. That looks delish! I’m doing it this weekend. It’s only me so can I half the recipe and it still turn out just as delicious?

  28. Did anyone else catch the “glad Dan wasnt home when I squeezed out that chorizo” comment?!?! I laughed out loud!!! 😂 I made the Mississippi Mud chicken this weekend, it was fabulous! Put some ranch on it, awesome. Put some hot sauce on it, amazing! New staple recipe in my house! Keep the recipes coming! Love your food!!

  29. Cant wait to try this it looks delicious! I just made the sausage bake today for the 2nd time! Looking forward to the cheesecake recipe!

  30. I’m making the original version of your cheesecake tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to make it for weeks- but Tomorrow I’m really going to do it!
    I have tomorrow off and I’m going to cook and meal prep the whole dang day ! Can’t wait

  31. I think I share the same tastebuds with you lol YUM! Shared this to FB to make sure all my KETO friends and family get to enjoy this !! ❤️ Thank you!!

  32. All right girl, you’re killing me with these recipes. I’m a single mom with MS who works full-time and I just am so tired when I get home to even think about making dinner but your recipes look so easy and so quick I’m going to have to start working on those. I had to put a halt on my Keto because I was feeling bad and it wasn’t keto flu. It was however all of the artificial sweeteners that I was trying out to see if I could do them. So no artificial sweeteners for me, but I’m excited to try other things. You guys are great I love watching you live your best life. Rock on

  33. Looks and sounds delicious. I just made something similar over the weekend…the cauliflower mixture I made was nearly the same as this recipe but instead of beef/chorizo topping I used shredded chicken mixed with cream cheese, cilantro and green chillies it was amazing. I can’t wait to try your recipe…you post the best keto recipes Amanda!!!

  34. Anything Mexican… YUUUUM!!! I wrote all the ingredients down before I watched thru the video. I knew it was one I was going to want to make. Thank you! 😁

  35. Hi Dan and Amanda
    I have to tell you Dan your Anger Management talk was amazing. I am so proud of you. You may have planted a
    seed in another man’s mind and maybe they will go to see a professional. Don’t hush it up I think maybe you
    wanted to. I know that it is not appropriate all the time but you did good.
    Amanda you are amazing.

    Many blessings and peace to you and Levi and Lincoln.

  36. Just made this tonight! (With my 10 year old in the back ground singing: “Spatch-u-later! Spatch-u-late!” ) 😆😆😆 it’s his favorite part of your videos!

    The recipe turned out delish! Thank you for all your awesome simple yummy recipes! This single momma appreciates them! ♥️

  37. I need a spatulator. Do you have a link? Thanks in advance. Great looking recipe. I have been so out of ground beef recipes so I appreciate this new one.

  38. I’m definitely making this asap. I usually hate cauliflower rice but your sausage bake was the first one I loved and I am so excited to meet it’s mexican cousin!

  39. I just made Mississippi roast last night so I’ll eat that all week, but this will definitely be my meal prep next week. Looks fabulous! Thanks for all the delicious, real people recipes!

  40. Free advertising for Ree Drummond, lol! Watching you taste your delicious food makes me think of Julie and Julia – they all make this great yum face when they’re tasting food. 😊

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