Our Favorite Keto Side Dishes | High Fat Veggies!

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Our Favorite Keto Side Dishes | High Fat Veggies!
Full Recipes: https://bit.ly/2Dn0jjM
🍳Our Cookbooks: https://bit.ly/2O2Ypq4

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  1. For the second one, can I leave it in the fridge for a couple of days? Thanks for the video. I love your channel.

  2. We do brussels sprouts with bacon all the time! So good! I like to do green beans (french style) and asparagus and cabbage in the same forms

  3. I just wanted to say I love your channel, When I run out of ideas for side dishes, you guys are the go to

  4. This is sooooo just like my gf and I. We are doing Keto but she dosent like very many veggies so she will always do brussel sprouts and I will do broccoli. The way I do my broccoli is to bring a pot of water up to Boiling and then put the broccoli into the boiling water and take it off the heat and put a lid on it and let it sit for about 5 minutes then drain it then add in the butter salt and pepper

  5. Help I literally been on keto for like 4 weeks and I only lost 7lbs please help I wanna cry right now 😭😭😭

  6. Following n shared on fb..i was over 450 ..got to 500…now am 200…thank you for sharing n still got 100 pounds to go💪💪💪

  7. Try using chicken broth instead of the water.. I always through broccoli in when I roast chicken it makes the broccoli taste delicious

  8. I like to add just a touch of sugar free maple syrup to my bacon and brussels sprouts. Not enough to turn it into dessert, just to give it a little contrast between sweet and salty. 😉

  9. My dad liked his bacon nearly raw. He’d put the bacon in the pan, flip it after a minute and one more minute, done! Keep bringing us all the delicious recipes. Thank you.

  10. I make pretty much the same dishes , except I don’t like Brussel Sprouts. I use Chopped Cabbage instead , and I get my bacon crispy. Delicious! Bacon can also be put in the Broccoli dish. Pecan halves toasted in there is good too. Ok. Gotta go! I’m getting hungry. 😋

  11. I’m sorry but I rather watch and listen to your girlfriend / wife do your videos. I’m just giving my opinion don’t get all bent out of shape but I really don’t like your voice I don’t like watching you but I do like watching her I find her voice relaxing she goes at a perfect pace and I think she explained everything perfectly. I’m just giving you my opinion because if I see the video and you’re doing the video and stuff I won’t watch it I just can’t. My opinion and everybody’s got one.

  12. Never seen chopped Brussel sprouts before. I have cabbage right now gon na make this tonight. Thanks for the idea! You are making my mouth water for fried cabbage now. .

  13. My family does pretty much the same thing with the Brussels sprouts but we add pecans cooked in keto syrup. We usually do the monkfruit syrup.

  14. I grew up in Belgium eating soggy bacon lol!! When my husband, who is from Louisiana, cooked bacon for my parents when we were engaged, they though he burned the bacon hahaha.IAso grew up putting lemon juice on green beans.It all looks amazing. Thanks!

  15. The recipes look delicious, but seeing you cut that butter directly on your countertop made me cringe.
    (Okay, it was very gentle, but, still…!)

  16. The side options on keto are defs the hardest part of the diet for me. I DESPISE brussel sprouts, cabbage (coleslaw), mushrooms, and can’t eat cheese. Leaves me with a cauliflower rice/mash or zoodles with my greens being either broccoli, green beans or asparagus. So limited it hurts. Going to be an interesting next 6 weeks, but I am determined to give it a chance. 💪🏻😅.

  17. I’m so glad I found your channel! You guys have awesome videos! I started at 312Lbs. about a week ago and with the diet and exercise I down to 297. I know it’s mostly water weight put it’s a positive start!

  18. to prevent your garlic from turning green, grind or chopped ( i usually grind 3/4 heads) once done pour lots of olive oil on top, enough to cover the top of it and place in the fridge.

  19. Dude, don’t use green garlic, it’s bitter. Also, saute your garlic, onions and mushrooms in the butter first, then add your broccoli, you’ll get better flavor.

  20. Love both of these! I eat them a lot. Another go-to side vegetable for me is steamed sugar snap peas with lots of butter. I also like to get a cast iron skillet very hot, add a little extra virgin olive oil until it smokes, then throw in some fresh whole baby green beans, haricot verts, cover and toss around every minute until done with a few blackened spots. They taste very smoky and delicious! but you have to salt them a little or you just lose the flavor. However, my absolute favorite go-to vegetable side dish is similar to your Brussels sprouts. Get a large microwave dish with a lid; cut a head of cabbage into 1.5″ to 2″ chunks, salt and heavy pepper, then chop up a whole pound of bacon and add to the cabbage and add a bunch of butter over the top; cover and microwave for 5 minutes. DO NOT add water. Stir around and eat!! Billions of times better than it may sound 🙂

  21. Ugh bacon is over 30 bucks a pound here in Jerusalem. Can’t wait for my 6 weeks in the States! I will be making the brussies Thx!

  22. I have one question. Do you really eat that much volume? If I ear half that quantity the carbs are through the roof. I’m trying to.stick to.about 20g of carbs. By the way I really love how you both put it out there how it is and don’t make things so complicated. I enjoy your videos. Have helped me a lot. Keep up the great videos.

  23. Nice recipes and I love Brussel Sprouts. one of my favourite and easy to make dishes is ground pork cooked in a pan with butter until caramelized and then I put in Brussel Sprouts (mostly frozen) and simmer that for 20 minutes till the sprouts are tender and remove from the heat. Then i put in 3 or 4 cloves of cut Garlic. Cut the Garlic at least half an hour before to develope the good allicin but dont cook them. The green sprouted Garlic cloves are good because sprouted greens or seeds double or triple their nutrients!

  24. I use a different version of the bacon and sprouts as it was better.
    I use diced pancetta, 2 teaspoons of ghee then add chopped Brussel spouts. I add a bit of mixed Italian herbs and garlic powder and a bit of pepper. Beautiful. The ghee really makes it even better tasting!

  25. Lovin’ the brussel bacon recipe @keto connect— my new go to side dish— delish! 😋 Next to try broccoli mushroom side 😊👍

  26. Here’s a little tip for you: before chopping your garlic, slice it in half and pluck out the root. The root can’t be digested and this is the reason the taste of garlic comes back on us for the rest of the day/night. No root or inside membrane will remedy this.

  27. It’s “duhliishez” … That’s duhlishez… it’s duhlishez, if it’s not duhlishez forget it .Guys..it.has tuh be DUHLISHEZ!!!!

  28. The Brussel sprout’s are so jummy, i ad a forth of a red pepper little thin sliced rings and drizzle a little honey to this recipe. Try i promise it is so goood!

  29. Do you eat one dish or the other a day or both? So how much of each dish do you consume? Thank you so much for sharing the tutorials. Enjoy watching you both.

  30. I’ll try this, but I’ll add a smoked cheese or blue cheese or some sort of cheese to give it a slight twist change up each time

  31. I just made the Brussels sprouts and bacon. Thanks I wanted more recipes with Brussels sprouts and your video looks delicious.

  32. Megha wowwww u look so fresh and beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Matt handsome dude…😚😚😚😚😍😍😍😍

  33. My worst issue on Keto is that my list of liked veggies is very slim. I don’t like many cooked green veggies like broccoli or spinach, and of course the veggies and fruit I do love, I have to limit. Like bell peppers, tomato and onions. Thank goodness I like cauliflower, asparagus, cucumber, artichokes, salad and avocados.

  34. I make the bacon and brussels sprouts all the time, I love it! When I cook my broccoli I also put in some sliced almonds. These are two of my favorite dishes! Yummy!

  35. Do you have to exercise doing Keto? I work 12-14 hour days. Then it’s time to cook for me and the dogs, then a bath and I go to bed. I’ve been doing Keto for three weeks. I’m only 2 pounds down in 3weeks 🙁
    I do about 5% carbs, 75% fat, and 20% protein everyday. I’m allowed 1700 calories, but usually eat between 1350-1550, I’ve tried increasing and decreasing that. Nothing seems to help. The only thing I have not done is exercise.

  36. Sounds good. I am allergic to lemon. So no but the other two dishes ok. Trying to get menu so I can start keto. I have your cook book, but I am having surgery on left hand. So I can work on them.

  37. I just found you guys channel. I can not wait to try the bacon and shaved Brussel sprouts. It looks amazing. I’m really enjoying your videos.

  38. I love soggy bacon. Just started keto a week ago and have lost seven pounds. Loving the way I feel and the mental clarity You’ve made this process so much easier. I was running out of good ideas for recipes and will continue to watch,listen,learn.

  39. I already do both of those recipes near enough but add heavy cream at the end to mix in instead of butter. Plus, try chopped chorizo instead of bacon in both of those.

  40. I had no idea you could get shaved, bagged brussell sprouts. Hmm. I’ll have to look more carefully, because THAT is way more convenient than all the chopping I’ve been doing. Great looking recipes, as always. Thanks for the consistent great info!

  41. I’ve got broccoli in the drawer–that’s first on the list. Gotta get some Brussies! (Hint, if frozen is cheaper, run them, partially defrosted, thru the slicing blade of a Cuisinart or other food processor.) Keep the high fat veggie recipes coming please! (PS, Megha, I appreciate seeing your hair pulled back.)

  42. On a cooking show I saw they said if you add salt to your chopped garlic and let it sit for a few minutes, it makes the garlic creamy-like.

  43. To kick this up a notch use maple bacon and add some sugar free maple syrup right at the end of cooking if desired. We’ve been making a version of this for years and even the most anti-keto, anti fat members of your friends and family will attack this dish and ask for more… so make extra.

  44. It’s best to use bacon that’s uncured.. no nitrites!.. some are ok with turkey bacon.. as long as there is no nitrites.

  45. Thanks for the recipes, but I must tell you that the stuff you are calling SHALLots, with the emphasis on the SHALL, is properly called shuhLOTS, with the emphasis on the LOTS! It took me a while to cotton on to what you meant.
    Check this on howjsay.com which is a pronouncing dictionary.

  46. OMG…on a 72 hr. fast before Thanksgiving, but my mouth is just watering for both of these…Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!

  47. Serving of broccoli cooked as described is 14 net carbs, Brussels sprouts, 11 net. As per their website , a serving is 1/2 of what they cooked.

  48. Brussels are so much better when you toast them and get them slightly charred. It really give them a good flavor.

  49. I’ve been doing the brussels sprout recipe for months. And I absolutely love that you guys have it now. I got excited because I totally know what this taste like

  50. I love floppy bacon!! It stays floppy (soggy) if you cook it in the air fryer. I love it and it is so easy

  51. You should start with sauteeing the garlic and onion in butter to maximize the flavor rendering! set aside and add the veggies to the fat and steam up! The Mrs did it right…veggies after the garlic n onions!

  52. So what’s the best electrolyte stuff and fastest acting should we buy.. I went to CVS and got adult electrolyte drink cuz I’m feling a lil light headed.. Kind of scary when you live alone..

  53. Inspired by this video I made sprouts with bacon and cream along side my steak and eggs last night and it was delicious!
    Been doing Keto for over two months now (although taking ‘carb-up’ breaks) and getting really into it. Admittedly I’m doing it for mostly nuro reasons |(I have Cerebral Palsy) but physical differences are showing too!

  54. Love these recipes! Looked at the link you shared but it says it’s a chicken fryer? I’ve heard of Dutch ovens so that’s why I’m questioning? I have a gas stove and find it hard to not have things stick even in medium heat 😒 I’m not a great cook either though haha

  55. I just devoured the Broccoli dish, it was so easy to make and incredibly delicious. I will definitely be eating it again and again, that is saying alot as I have never been a big broccoli fan. I would also like to thank you for having so many vegetarian receipts. I am a vegetarian and I started Keto about 2 months (down 25 lbs lot more to go but feeling great). I watch most of the popular Keto channels on youTube but your channel is by far the most informative, down to earth, entertaining and actually vegetarian friendly (even though I know it not your focus) Keto channel out there. I just wanted to let you know you are helping me in my journey to get health and loss weight. THANK YOU!

  56. You are talking about snacking on eggs or egg salad, I eat mine with mayo, salt & pepper, and a dash of curry. Delicious!! Love your channel!

  57. These are two of my all time quick and easy faves as well. Thanks for sharing, and yep, more high fat side dish ideas would be most welcome!!

  58. In the beginning only aluminum was linked to Alzheimer’s, but now more links are to iron (Dr’s no longer want supplements with iron) and copper. Puzzling about the recent influx of cheap copper cookware… I got rid of my cast iron and now use stainless steel and enamel as well as granite. I don’t like pointing to brands, but Woll has a line that is very versatile for stove top to oven, but others may be as good. Gayle’s Low Carb Recipes is where I saw Woll first. German technology I am pleased to use. Think about researching. Be all you can be and that includes prevention I guess. TY for sharing. Be well. Bye for now

  59. Thanks guys! I have been following ya’ll since Oct.31 and I have gone from 220lbs to 215lbs which is awesome for me. I’m not sure if you guys still live in Philly or not, but maybe you two should do a corner store or convenience store keto find since there are a lot in the Philly area and people on the go need to know what choices they have for keto. Maybe WaWa can endorse you guys. But I kinda want to see what you can find at a Mom and Pop type store. I’m in Wilmington, DE, you should try there.

  60. Hi love your videos. I’ve got to have as less carbs as possible. Should I delete something ?. And you eat the whole lot for dinner?

  61. Tried this dish and love it . thanks because eating Keto can get boring. I have a tip for you. If u use a wooden cutting board your knife will stay sharper longer and it is cleaner to use. The plastic cutting board u use keeps the germs in the little cuts in the board. the wooden cutting board is easier to clean.

  62. Lol, the red ramekin that you poured the water out of looks suspiciously like the exact ones from Costco that come with amazingly rich & sweet Chocolate Lava Cakes 😉

  63. I cook broccoli in microwave just add a cup of water to it in a bowl and cover with a napkin it steams it in 90 seconds (if looking to save time)

  64. Both the side dishes were super tasty and great…. you tonned down a lot girl.
    Do let me know what else can I do to speed weight loss since I suffer from an under active metabolism, thyroid.

  65. I recently heard a piece by Dr Berg in which I thought he said we could eat veggies without counting carbs. I cannot find that video

  66. I lost 38lbs in 7 weeks. I’m pretty sure I have been doing lazy keto. With 0 slip ups. Also 15lbs before I started keto, so 53lbs down in 2-3 months. Love keto love this channel thank you for the health info ❤️

  67. You’re supposed to have different cutting boards for meat and vegetables. It’s not sanitary to cross contaminate. Sorry, didn’t mean to be critical. I love you two and asked for your cookbook for Christmas.

  68. Thank youuuu for this! I’ve been needing some simple sides. Something that would be cool would be like a “week of eating” so us keto neophytes can get more of a grip on what different combos to come up with

  69. It’s a running joke in my family how much I love Brussels Sprouts and shaved Brussels Sprouts are my all time fav. In addition to bacon and butter, I also make them with Italian Sausage and olive oil. You can also toss in hard boiled eggs. Second fav is brussels sprouts roasted in butter and EVOO with bacon and onions per Ina Garten’s recipe. Heaven.

  70. Wow you guys literally have the same exact thing I eat almost daily. I just got done cooking Brussels and bacon for dinner haha. I throw some hot sauce and some feta cheese in the mix should try it sometime it kicks it up a notch.

  71. Looks great guys, thanks! So, is that shirt Matt’s official video shirt now? Did someone say something so you decided to wear it all the time or do you just like it a lot? I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! You all have helped me so much and also motivated me to actually lift weights in the gym and not just do the machines. I am dying right now from pain but I am glad for it hahaha!

  72. Any idea how much lard I should add in to my calorie tracker for 4 slices of bacon? I don’t think the nutrition facts on the bacon accounts for all the delicious drippings

  73. It’s funny I just picked up a bag of shaved Brussels sprouts yesterday at Trader Joe’s and had no idea what I was going to do with it.

  74. I know it’s technically a fruit, but for high fat plant-y goodness, have you tried frying avocado in bacon grease? I was honestly shocked, it is SO good. It went straight into our breakfast rotation.

  75. If you notice a green/sprouting clove before you peel and chop it, plant it in your back yard. Really fresh garlic!

  76. Great video. I need more how to enjoy veggies in a tasty simple way. Also simple methods for cooking different meats

  77. I LOVE soggy bacon! Awesome video, never think of making a “side” it’s always straight up fried or roasted veggies and meat. I rarely diverse from this. It’s simple and fast. But change is GUD 😉

  78. hey matt—–try a little granny rap—boogaloo down broadway or funky broadway find it in youtube search
    50 year old rap sing it wilson

  79. I add sliced or blnached almonds, which I toast in a dry pan first, to my brussel sprout/bacon recipe. It adds a nice crunch to a somewhat soft dish. Everyone in my family loves this!

  80. Lemon is everything. I make a caramelized onion lemon green bean stir fry as a side and MMM! So delicious.

  81. Hi, Matt and Megha. Great video. If you would like another idea about your broccoli, after you’ve pan-seared your protein, like “chicken under a brick” or pork chops, steak, etc…just slice up a couple cups of broccoli to take advantage of as many “flat” surfaces as possible. FRY (caramelize) those florets without adding a lid. I strongly suggest using Chicken Schmaltz or ghee for leaner cuts. I think you’d love it. Yep, fried Brussels sprouts and bacon is a winner! (BTW, the sprouts are in season…you could really take advantage of seasonal sales, Megha, and stock up your freezers.)

  82. It’s so funny to me, as a kid I hated broccoli, and now it’s my favorite vegetable. I like to char mine in the oven and sprinkle with oil and parmesan.

  83. If I can’t find shaved brussel sprouts can I just use sliced brussel sprouts and maybe cook it a little longer. Or perhaps roast the brussel sprouts a little before adding

  84. I watch you guys almost every day and I can honestly say this is the best vid you guys have done in ages! Well done

  85. Both of these are going into heavy rotation. I’d like a lot, LOT more videos focused on cooking high fat veggies please. Maybe make a series about high fat veggies.

  86. Ewwww soggy bacon !!! lol

    I’m torn though…hate dealing with rendered bacon fat….but I hate soggy bacon…lately I’ve been on a boiled food kick…just easier to clean…and no lost foods…only loss is the steam lol

  87. I’m into the roasting of the veg. Split brussies in big bowl get covered in avocado oil, salt and spices, then hand-mixed to cover them all evenly. Cooked in my convection/airfryer/toaster-oven-on-steriods at 400F for 15 minutes, they’re perfection.

  88. I was like what…what’s going on…veggies have fat?…but soon as I heard Dutch oven…I settled down and got super interested lol
    Lol…don’t often see Matt drop ingredients 😉
    Fumbling a lot …lol…so cool how doesn’t edit out the mistakes…makes the vid somehow more fun and folksy …enjoyed it 🙂

  89. I’ve lost 40lbs since September. I’m a 58yr old male. My favorite recipe is Mushrooms sautéed In bacon fat & butter with Kale & Himalayan salt, pepper, garlic. So good – like Broccoli Rabe

  90. Dude! we had those salt and pepper shakers, so awesome, but the course pink salt recked the shaker😢. Anyway, those sides are our favs as well, along with Cabbage/bacon and cauli-Mac. 👍🏽

  91. primal kitchen vinaigrette is my butter alternative to try and avoid more dairy unless you got some goat butter might be a good option, garlic is amazing, you make meals just like i do

  92. What do you guys use to track/calculate your daily macros? And also I love all your videos, my wife and I have been doing keto for 6 months now and your info and recipes make it so easy for us.

  93. BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!! Not sure what I love more broccoli or BS…
    Okay…the are both my favorite of the green veggies!
    What…no flatulence reference???

  94. Love your video…I didn’t know they did brussel sprouts like that..but just this mornin i chopped 2 cup to put on top of cheese omlet…I will make these….

  95. Hey guys, the link in your description under “full recipes” is giving a 404 error page not found. Thought I’d let you know—I need these full recipes! 😝

  96. I don’t like Brussels Sprouts. But, I wanna try these. Broccoli looks great. I also, want to order Cast iron. Is yours 3q or 5q?

  97. Yuk, I hate brussel sprouts!!! I have’ve it cooked every which away, sorry y’all. However I love broccoli !!! Thanks already have it saved to Pinterest!

  98. A BIG THANK YOU for sharing these side dishes! I have hit a wall with side dishes and I will definitely make these sides. Thank you again and God bless.

  99. G’day from Australia- I have really enjoyed your videos over the last year but this one is great, easy to make and both look delicious! Will be making tonight. Thanks guys ❤️

  100. Wow! Brussel sprout bacon sounds delicious yum!! I’ll be doing that as soon as I get some brussel sprouts! Thanks for sharing guys!👍

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