Most Frustrating Keto Questions ANSWERED | Keto Tips for Success

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Most Frustrating Keto Questions ANSWERED | Keto Tips for Success
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Most Frustrating Keto Questions ANSWERED | Keto Tips for Success
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449 Comments on “Most Frustrating Keto Questions ANSWERED | Keto Tips for Success”

  1. I completely agree. I plan on eating what everyone else is eating on Thanksgiving, the day after (I love the bowl of everything mixed together for breakfast) and Christmas. I will stick with my ketovore otherwise. I’m not making all of the other mistakes I used to make. I would justify and claim it was only for the whole holiday season, then just keep eating junk. Whenever I make it back to Germany, I will enjoy the deliciousness there and even as I travel to other countries, but will go back to keto after each time because that’s how I feel my best. The thing I like about Europe is that the sweets aren’t as sweet as ours.

  2. Every time my daughter sees me abstain from a high carb or sugary food, she asks, “You can’t eat that?!” I always respond, “I CAN eat whatever I want, I’m CHOOSING not to eat that.” Seems to make sense to her, she just giggles and leaves me alone about it.

  3. Ugh you said OREOS! That’s probably my biggest missed item! I’ve been Strict/Lazy Keto since February 2019. No Dirty Keto or Cheat Days since.

  4. Is it necessary to reach fat macros goal daily if obese? If yes, why? My body already has a lot of stored fat.

  5. I find with social situations when invited to dinner…asking to bring a side (something keto) is usually a good idea and I’ve never had anyone get insulted or say no.

  6. I really like your “common sense” approach with interaction videos like this one! Keep them coming.🔥💥

  7. Kids really dont have access to school lunches -you have to buy them or have a card to access them. And they are absolutely horrid – (worked in a school kitchen myself in the past) please dont ever feel pressed to allow him to eat school lunches. I would be more focused on the access to food from family and friends! They are the ones to look out for! I like your idea. It is a good thing you two are great cooks because your child will never be deprived, he will have dupes of all the crap his friends are eating lol.

  8. Mega, you are amazing. Love your take on personal motivation. It’s obviously working. You’re very grounded in yourself and who you are. You’re going to be such a good mommy

  9. I am brand new to the keto diet. I’ve been doing it for 4 days…I just LOVE you two! Adorable, funny and very informative! Thanks y’all. Love, Kelly from Kentucky

  10. uh, do the Kardashians really “have their lives together”? LOL! Just b/c they have money and influence LOL.

  11. I have been thinking for so long (since you all moved into your new place) that a baby was coming…I tend to binge watch your videos & have not yet come across an official announcement, but please allow me to take this opportunity to say CONGRATULATIONS Megha & Matt!!! 💝🤗

  12. Thanks for this video. I am slowly realizing that it’s possible to live my life and eat ketogenically or low carb even when I want to treat myself with foods I would normally not eat. I went to Italy and France recently and planned to eat authentic Italian Pizza and French bread and did fine. I enjoyed my food because I knew my chances of eating that again would be low. Also, the foods were less refined, tasted great and didn’t make me feel bloated. In all I realized that I can finally have a sustainable diet where I can splurge once in a blue moon without feeling guilty because it’s not an everyday binge or crave. This lifestyle is awesome!!!

  13. Hi, loving watching you both, you are so in tune with each other. I love your little dog, he is so cute and so well behaved. Hope you both have a great week.

  14. Expectation: *raising healthy nutritious baby*
    Reality: *kid eat doritos from the floor and keeps fruit loops in their ears*

  15. Can somebody please explain their accents to me? I find it interesting, but I have no idea, I’m not a native speaker. Thanks 🙂

  16. Thank you for your encouraging and life perspective on this Keto lifestyle….I don’t have a large Keto support system, so you guys are truly a great encouragement!! Can’t wait to see new baby! God Bless you both! Much love!😊

  17. Being doing keto for 3 weeks I’ve lost 17.5 lbs I literally researched and jumped right into it cutting carbs back slowly now I’m down to about 40g daily it’s been relatively easy and the shopping is expensive fun🤑…..don’t give up! Fight the sugar!!!!

  18. You’ve educated me so much on the keto way of life. My joints don’t hurt anymore and that’s enough for me!

  19. Hi..I have just recently found you two.. I’m 2 weeks in to keto and I’m on a budget. Why are peanuts frowned on fir keto? Their carb count is in the ballpark of other nuts. Thank you so much! I really enjoy your channel!😁

  20. Plan ahead for food situations or time your IF around and just have tea or coffee with them. Most people don’t give me a hard time if I say I’m not ready to eat now or plan ahead. If you are going to a potluck, take something you can eat like a cheese assortment or d-viled eggs. You can always make it work if you want. PS: pack your child’s lunch if they are in the school system; tell them they are allergic if you have to. Parents do have control over your child 🙂

  21. Love you guys! Lost about 25lbs on Keto partially due to your videos and guidance! Then fell off the wagon during a family emergency that lasted for months. Now is my first day back on Keto again and ready to take on the world! Thanks for all you do!

  22. Good day would of gladly done the survey but I didn’t see Phoenix on the city list 🤔 Many thanks for all your help with understanding Keto living. God bless you all and your new addition coming soon. 👏👏👏👏

  23. If I really want something…. I eat it. I mean really really want something. Occasionally it won’t kill you.

  24. Thanks for keeping it real! It has been great seeing you both grow and get to where you are now. Mega you’re glowing! Can’t wait to see the kiddo!

  25. Sooo, you’re giving me permission to go to Fago de Chao in Sandy Springs for my birthday and enjoy the FULL experience?

  26. I,m read and watching you, learn everything I can. I’m starting slow, cut down on carb and sugar. Vacation, then flipping over. TFS

  27. I started with Dr. Berg on my keto journey, and will always listen to his medical advice, but 7-10….really! Now I have stumbled onto you guys and I am having a blast! You both are so real and down to earth! My favorite saying….KISS…Keep it simple stupid! You make it easy to understand and follow. Great recipes!  Love your videos! Keep up the great work!

  28. The only thing I miss is beer. No need for pizza, sweets, pasta. Keto for 10 months and down 70 lbs! Don’t give up!

  29. Read Rich Dad Poor Dad this week because of your prior post. Absolutely loved it! Changed my mindset. Keep the book recommendations coming please!

  30. 3:03 – absolutely. I’ve spent 20 years being obese. I don’t need Lays anymore, I need to be healthy. That’s what I tell myself at least.

  31. I just found your guys channel and love you two! Your so relatable and I love that you guys are just real people ❤

  32. If you want something, you have to do something youve never done….

    Sounds like “Discipline Equals Freedom” 🇺🇸😎🤘

  33. Its like I told my sister “I am a grown ass woman and I can eat what I want, I choose not to eat certain things”

  34. I’d love to do the survey but I’m UK 🙁 Can’t wait to see the infographics though!

    When I had FOMO, I would have one bite of the food I thought I was missing, then I would remember why I didn’t eat them VERY QUICKLY!

  35. You guys just blew my mind right now. Sometimes I feel like I have failed on Keto but when you guys said that rice, goldfish, pretzels and all the snacky things are no longer a part of your diet, I just realized those things I use to eat, chips mostly, I never even think about anymore. Keto truly has changed my life. We don’t need to be perfect to make this a lifestyle

  36. Hi, Love your channel. I have a question, I have been doing Keto for a while and seeing good results. I do use My Fitness pal to log my food for my MACROS. So it also counts my calories. I also use a Fit Bit to track my calories out. My calorie deficit is pretty high ( in the last 7 days it is a deficit of 8344). I don’t seem to be seeing the results that seem to happen. I am intermittent fasting about 14-18 hours a day and a typical day off eating is a bullet proof coffee, sugar free Rockstar, lunch and dinner vary, but I do meal prep every week. I eat grass fed beef, eggs, cheese, spinach w/spring mix, cauliflower and cheese w/ a meat, tacos ( homemade seasoning, which I do track), chicken thighs. ect… By what you see is there anything I can change to help me get better results? I also do not consume any sweeteners, occasionally I will have your vanilla mug cakes with berries.

  37. You have to take the opportunity to not derail your progress. That’s what I always tell myself. It doesn’t always work, but it helps.

  38. I’m new to keto, trying to lower A1c and loss weight. What is you’re recommended substitute for Erythritol? I really can’t get used to it, and hate the taste…..Bought your cookbook, love it, just need an alternative to Erythritol. Thx

  39. I get annoyed when people ask “can I have?” my answer is always you’re a grown-ass woman you can have whatever you want but is it keto? no

  40. I love you guys and I’m so excited about your new addition.😁
    I don’t feel so bad when I have a plate full of bacon and tri-tip

  41. Keto connect. Do a video on “performix protein wafers” the fruity charm flavor has 4g net carb, 13 protein and 15 fat

  42. I wish you would speak more specifically to being low carb (maybe with tracking) during pregnancy. I’m pregnant and was happily keto before getting pregnant but now want to eat all the cheese and yogurt! Also if you could speak more to checking blood glucose I would appreciate it! I’m still so confused!

  43. Love your videos so much. Ive lost 281bs on keto..i would like encouragement and support so this is great! Ive started a you tube channel as i need support but its the best. Thank you so much x

  44. ON PLAN, PLAN TO PLAN.. I SOOO agree. If you want to have pasta, count it, plan for it and enjoy it. same for any other so called cheat. I really think we need to rethink the psychological ‘need’ to cheat ( don’t let those carbs / or junk put pressure on you!) and try to eliminate the ‘idea’ of a cheat, or excuse .  It just seems so contrary to the idea of developing self control and growing in skills and self improvement.  The rationalization that if I cheat, who am I cheating? myself? What am I cheating? Am  iNOT doing self improvement?   naaaa.   My thinking is : Make decisions I can live with. do not compromise- then I will not have to live with the results of the compromise.  Intentional, present and totally at peace.  I want to enjoy the whole process.  Thanks for this today.

  45. I’ve made the decision to go Keto. I am a nurse and I have researched Keto for weight loss but your channel, website is probably the best resource to get started. I’m 44 and ready to look good…not just for my age but just to LOOK GOOD. I’m looking forward to feeling energetic and healthy. Again…thank you for the resources for us newbies!

  46. It’s great to teach your kids how to eat healthy. I will say, your kid won’t have the self control to say no to bad for you foods.

    I would also say be careful about being obsessive about teaching your son about nutrition. I’ve seen my nieces and nephew (age 10, 7, 5, 3) become extreme with analyzing their food b/c it’s all their parents have talked about for the last year.

  47. Hey , I’ve been on kept for a month with few cheat days/ odd days. in-between. I’m more worried on the hair loss which has apparently increased when I’m on kept. I’m on Magnesium and Bitoin supliments. also can keto be a lifestyle habit? or do we eventually shift to Low-carb diet?

  48. When I see packaged foods like chips, cookies, candy, I think “carbage”. Eating low carb for health is not giving up but gaining great health benefits. It is in the mind.

  49. Doctor fung actually recommends doing a fast after a cheat day to let your insulin levels come back down. He gave the example of being at a wedding and had a piece of cake. Did a fast the next day.

    of course that’s going to be easier for people that are used to doing period/intermittent fasting.

  50. I loved this! I felt like I got to know you guys a little more, I assumed you never cheated and were always perfect. I ate ice cream about a week ago and I haven’t lost any weight since and I’ve been feeling guilty but hearing that you guys occasionally eat carbs really helps!

  51. I was at a picnic the other day. I did good with the main part of the meal, BUT, when dessert came along I just could not say no to chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.. I was soooo good. BUT….afterwards I did not feel great! I have been doing keto for about a year and a half, and staying mostly on it, but cheating sometimes. I feel better knowing that is ok. Thanks for addressing all of these situations.

  52. Talk about how y’all make yourselves separate food. I’ve seen that you do that in your videos. Some people feel they HAVE TO eat what their partner eats at every meal. Like all meals must be shared and there must be one person who cooks all the food at that meal. Talk about how that isn’t true. I think it’ll be liberating for some people.

  53. I’ve been doing strict keto for 5 months and have lost 47 lbs so far. When I do go out to eat i will order whatever I want (within reason of course) and the next day I go right back to my usual keto friendly foods. I find keto very easy to do and I never feel deprived of anything. If I do have something that’s “taboo” it usually doesn’t taste as good as I remembered it anyway lol
    I’ve never felt better in my life and even my doctor is thrilled with my numbers as far as my bloodwork. He wasn’t familiar with the keto diet but I educated him last time I was there. He told me to keep doing whatever I’m doing. I see him in 2 months and I can’t wait to see his reaction about how much weight I’ve lost since March.
    Thank you guys so much for all of your wonderful advice and great recipes! You’ve truly helped me on my keto journey!

  54. My husband and I lost 35 pds in 4 months and were doing great. But wow, we went on vacation for two weeks, we only went up three pounds, but we just can’t get back on track. (it’s been a month now…) Personally I think it’s all the coffee I’m drinking although the coffee is “sugar free”

  55. It was so hard for me to concentrate on what you were saying while your dog was being so adorable at the table.

  56. You guys are awesome. First time commenting, but I have been following for years. Finally took action 4 months ago and have felt amazing.

    Really looking forward to that crowd-sourced project!

  57. Hey y’all! Running a half marathon in a few weeks. Any tips on what to focus on eating on the Keto diet? Should I up my carb intake or stick with the 20 net carbs and power through the fatigue during the run?

  58. I made some smoked chicken wings with your BBQ sauce, a variation of the cauliflower salad, and jalapeno cheddar biscuits and it was all so good. Huge thank you for experimenting and finding a biscuit recipe and BBQ sauce recipe that are really good!

  59. Im just starting keto, and I’m not hungry at all. The thought of eating makes me nauseous. Will this mess up my ketosis? I was told to eat when hungry.

  60. You’ll get sick of breastfeeding when you wake up and the kid is helping itself to the boobs, I sure did

  61. 7 Splenda packets per cup of coffee?!? I don’t know why I’m surprised: my mother puts like 16 sugar packets into McDonald’s coffee.

  62. The survey isn’t working for me 🙁 It keeps saying “Oops, something went wrong.” when I click submit

  63. lost 55 lbs over 5 months since starting keto. Just hit a major roadblock…I have a stomach ulcer. If you look up what not to eat with an ulcer, it’s basically keto. NO fatty foods. Suggestions? Should I pound white rice until i get past this and then restart keto?

  64. I cook as healthy as possible for our 12 year old and he watches keto videos with us. Over time, he has reduced sugar on his own and tells us all about the sugar his grandparents eat. Lol So I think it’s rubbing off on him, but I am not pressuring him. Leading by example. 🙂

  65. Question 1 in the survey is super dumb… at least have a “not from US”… – No wait… The first 5 questions are stupid….
    And then for website… I really have to write “https:// …. `??? Are you kidding me? I havent done that since I had a dialup connection 20 years ago…. I had to correct several times… first I added .com… then I added www. stil… that wasnt a website… You can do better 🙂

  66. I tried to fill out the Survey but PA isn’t on the list. Yardley, PA has some amazing restaurants. About 20 minutes from Princeton, NJ. Canal Street Grille is one of my favorites. They offer Greek and American food and are overlooking the Delaware canal with some lovely views of the water. They have Prime rib, lamb, shrimp, wings, salmon and chicken dishes.

  67. 2 months in and down 27 pounds hubby is 60lbs down but I feel like I’ve hit a stuck point🙄same weight for 2 weeks and its getting rough to not eat snacks.

  68. What do you guys know about WIO smart flour? It seems to good to be true. I tried some bread made with it and wanted to know if it was false advertising

  69. I’m Puerto Rican 🇵🇷 and being on keto I had cut out what most Puerto Rican’s eat which is rice and beans. So I always suffered in family gatherings 😂. But I’ve learn to not deprive myself of my culture so I set up a “small portion” cheat day which is always Sunday and just eat a small portion of rice and beans with baked half of baked chicken. I’ve been doing this for about a month while being on keto Monday through Saturday and I’ve lost almost 20 pounds and counting. Thank you guys for your videos

  70. How I wish that I had found keto years ago my kids are all grown up but they had asthma and eczema and psoriasis due to the the process food I was giving them the pasta the pizza the hot dog with a bun all that junk once they stop consuming that now that they’re older their skin is flawless and they were telling me mom why were you giving us that junk I didn’t know any better I was doing what everybody else was doing Society wants you to think that those are perfectly good foods which they’re not they destroy the walls of your stomach.

  71. You guys are awesome and I appreciate all the time you spend sharing your wisdom. I am a 60 year old woman with bad thryroid issues and knee inflammmation. Keto has given me back my life. If I eat too many carbs my knees hurt so I know this is a lifestyle change for my good. Thanks and God bless..

  72. Think you will give the baby anything he wants and needs you’re clever and soft. milk ridden babies aren’t always that content they regurgitate a lot etc you will enjoy finding your way yourselves though
    Much love 💕

  73. one thing i have noticed. not many keto people on you tube actually answer any of the questions us little people have,,, they just cover what they wanna tell us and nothing more… its great what your doing but the important questions we have never get answered.. its so frustrating

  74. If you’re going to a cookout, take some keto buns with you. The ones I found from Keto King sound (and look) real yummy. He has a gluten-free recipe, too.

    Sprouts has some Coconut “Tortilla” Chips that are low carb, too, if you want some chips and salsa/queso.

  75. It’s never the night of being out drinking that I carb binge, its the next day when I’m hungover. Chinese food is my hangover cure.

  76. I have been keto for 19 months and for the first 12 months I was very strict. Three times I went off keto for a weekend but got right back on again. Never experienced any gastro-intestinal issues or bloating. Though I avoid sugar even during those ‘cheats’, I have the occasional high carb treat under certain circumstances. For example, the other day I did a massive workout and decided to treat myself to a bacon breakfast sandwich on a biscuit. I believe my carb-threshold is fairly high so I just figured it into my total carb intake for the day. I am well fat adapted and seem to have no problems moving in and out of ketosis. I just don’t make a habit of it.

  77. carb “binges” are like candy corn, you go so long without it you think “hey i wonder if i miss that thing” then yeah the regret of what you ate and then the affirmation that you were doing the right thing all along.

  78. I am seriously addicted to carbs, especially sugar. Now that I realize that, I can NOT start down that path. When you’re addicted to something, you can’t even have one, it doesn’t work for me. So for me, this is the best route. I KNOW I can’t have those carbs, I just can’t. It’s a dangerous path…..for me!!

  79. Basically I need to give up the peer pressure at the movies which I’ve improved. I have the discipline and the will power. It’s not worth it especially if I’m seeing results staring with my blood sugar going down!

  80. The problem is expecting drastic results immediately and only committing to something for a week. A carnivore diet most certainly doesn’t fit everyone’s lifestyle, but it does take time to adapt, just like it takes time to adapt to a traditional ketogenic diet. I would say you should give any major changes 30 to 60 days before you analyze the results too much.

  81. I’ve lost 41lbs and it seems like im not making anymore progress. Any suggestions to help get the weight coming off again

  82. Yes! Avocado is a great first baby food. Easy to mash and delicious! Thin it down with breast milk. It will be too thick.

  83. I say this to comfort you: your plan to breastfeed and to feed your child certain foods may not EXACTLY go to plan. Because you and your baby may have problems with breastfeeding, or issues with certain kinds of textures or flavors. Babies are one thing consistently — surprising! And they are always changing! Don’t worry if you have to make different kinds of choices than the ones you imagined regarding feeding your baby/child. You’re going to be thoughtful about it and that’s what matters!

  84. Thank you for all of the information you share. I love how open and honest you are. I just started listening to your podcasts and loved the ones about oxcolates and Omega 6’s. You have helped me, my wife and my daughter lose over 140 lbs between the 3 of us since January.

  85. So recently, me and my bf dipped from keto after, a year (for me) and OH MAN. I fell so bad. Im hopping back on keto. not even for weight, but just to feel better.

  86. I don’t eat out, so I can’t really answer your questionaire, my fav keto rest. IS my husband’s slow cooker in the backyard!

  87. I would love to see you share your childs diet, later on ofcourse! I don’t necessarily try to give my baby Keto only, but he eats what we eat. I did try grains at first, but felt guilty giving it to him! lol My family on the other hand says I deprive him, but I think it can only help him to eat healthy! right!! It’s so hard when they try and give him the foods I don’t agree with, as I don’t like to argue!! lol

  88. It must drive you guys nuts to get all these dumb ass keto questions that are so stupid people could look it up themselves 🤦🏽‍♀️

  89. Yes to breastfeeding and no rice cereal/oatmeal! We are starting solids soon since he just turned 6 months and avocado will be his first food.

  90. This is more of a constructive criticism as a long-time follower. More recently in your videos, I’ve seen the tone shift a little bit more negatively, specific to some of these viewer Q&As. A regular pattern I see (more so with Matt than Megha) is this quick harsher-toned response with a lack of empathy or positivity. Granted, some of your viewers may be more seasoned or experienced in their keto journey and others may just be starting and some of their feelings or questions they’re looking to your help for require support, empathy and encouragement, not dismissal. Megha: I feel like you do a great job of speaking to your own preferences, journey and are encouraging of others to find their way also. Thank you guys, I truly do appreciate all the content and work you put in! My intention is not for this to be a negative comment, just a vibe I’ve been picking up on lately that I wanted to share back with you both as a loyal follower and fellow Keto-er! 🙂

  91. Love your book recommendations!! Looking forward to having audible read them to me. I just finished Atomic Habits by James Clear and it totally changed my life and mindset and is a big reason for the beginning of my health-focused journey that led me to Keto. I can’t wait for your cookbook to come out…congrats you guys and thank you both for all of the info and inspiration you share on your channel! ❤️

  92. You guys ever review/try Great !ow Carb Bread company products? Tastes almost like real bread many flavors 1 net carb a slice ,2 for buns . Very high fiber which drives down the net carbs yet still remarkably soft and “bread like”. The find of my KETO journey!

  93. No cant eat junk. Been keto for 3 yrs. Got down to 143 lbs. Then I ate keto delicious stuff and gained 25 lbs. Now I’m struggling to loss it with calorie counting. So far not working very well. Been fasting too. I think my metabolism is messed up now that I’m 66.

  94. Our Pastor says that .. when you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.. I love Matt’s version best! Thanks guys for doing what you do best and that’s motivate and teach us! I’m 11 months today Keto and down 87 lbs.. I’m 62 and I’ve NEVER been able to drop the weight before Keto… and I have people like you and Dr. Berg and Thomas DeLauer to thank for it.. <3

  95. Honestly my cheat days are for close relatives birthdays. Cake is my weakness, I can go over board with it. Usually it’s a battlefield in my stomach, suffer the consequences ☺

  96. I,m in my goal weight right and trust me now that I have knowledge l never wanna go back to old eating habits.I,m so greatful to discover this diet and have it working for me 😀

  97. Tell yourself “you don’t want something” instead of telling yourself “you can’t have something”.
    People that eat junk food are on diets, people that eat healthy live a lifestyle
    Work on accepting that this is a lifestyle, not a diet.

  98. I wanted to make the survey just to realize it is sadly only for someone living in the US (questions 1-4, 8). Other than that you’re awesome!

  99. I can’t get fasting to work for me. Do Most people in these comments do you fasting and do well on it I’ve tried so many times but it puts my weight loss at a standstill

  100. Why you blow it? in 2 places, being a caregiver for 88 old mother who is now finicky in what she eats, having to cook for 2. Plus having crap in her house, which I dont buy= temptation. Overtime, get worn down. This week at home so have more control, able to do what I want to do, less distractions, regroup.

  101. “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” Wow, while I know I’ve heard that somewhere, sometime before, never before did it hold so much meaning to me. As I get older my health issues get more significant; and yet I find myself saying exactly what you just said…”but I don’t want to give up____”, or “but I want what everyone else has and I shouldn’t have to sacrifice ____”. Have I ever sacrificed anything long term to try to feel better? No. But I’m so close, more so than ever and with the encouragement you guys give us I know I can do this…especially when you make me feel that it’s okay to not be perfect at it all the time and that I have to at least begin before I can say that I can’t.

  102. Took survey..some questions wished there was a third option to write in or explain.
    Liked comments on people who go to extremes, and if you”blow” it to not stress about it..get back on track, think about the bigger picture/goals, not be so anal about diet.

  103. I love the 4th of July and made a Keto bbq feast. I made Keto potato salad with cauliflower. It was awesome! My family couldn’t tell the difference. We had bunless burgers with all the toppings and your cheesecake sugar cookie bites with blue and strawberries. A full Keto summer meal. Keto has been the best thing for my health in years. Losing weight is slow due to thyroid, but inflammation way down. Feeling 100% better. First “diet” I feel like I could do or ever. I’ve leaned a lot from you two and bought your cookbook for the wonderful recipes.

  104. Glad to hear you mention Cheez-its Megha!! I was an addict and it was hard to kick! Sugar too! I’m only 12 lbs away from my goal weight!

  105. Who cares if you cheat, you really think you’re gonna go backwards in a day or two? Cmon people live a little bit. The only thing you may gain is water weight, who cares. It’s worth it to cheat. I cheat all the time for 2,3,4 sometimes 5 days straight and bounce back stronger and have better lifts in the gym and maintain 10-14% bodyfat year around. Stop living and dying by keto smh.. most of you have no clue what it takes…after all, to lose it weight it all boils down to calories in/calories out. Whether that’s a high carb or keto diet, doesn’t matter. If high carb was the fad diet you think this channel would still be keto connect? No they would jump on the bandwagon and be high carb connect…

  106. Thanks for this! I’ve been on keto for a year now & my birthday’s coming up. I was debating on whether I should make it a cheat day or not. I think I will, & just get back to normal (keto) the next day.

  107. Is there an Amazon or Good Reads list of all your book recommendations? I would love to see them all in once place.

  108. Love your advice Examining the reason for a cheat- I didn’t have a plan for sweet tooth at night. Learning about how to live keto

  109. Lol I stopped eating keto this weekend for my birthday, tomorrow Monday will start again, I did work out but ate Junk. Hopefully I can get back in track lost 40 pounds maybe gain like 5 pounds now but will start again!

  110. Great questions, great answers! You touched on a big one- can I do this for the rest of my life? That can be daunting, I realize, but it applies to other things. Can I be with just this one woman for the rest of my life? Can I really do dialysis/chemo/put on my prosthetic leg every day for the rest of my life? Yeah, it’s tough but people deal with tough every day. Coming from a place where I’ve dealt with alcohol it’s hard early on…again, can I really go without a drink for the rest of my life?

    For me the answer is yes, yes I can. But for some it might be one day at a time. Today I won’t pick up that drink. Today I won’t eat that box of Goldfish. Today I’m going to be with my wife. Every day is a chance to say no or to recommit.

    One thing I can say though; I can’t go back to the SAD. It was killing me and I knew it. In the US no one will bat an eye if you eat McD’s every day but it won’t get you where you want to be.

  111. you should read THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill amazing book will change the way you think of everything!!

  112. I think a good answer to can I do this my entire life is yes because this is how we should have always been eating. The standard American diet should have never existed. It’s not a real option

  113. I’m 76 years old and went on Keto 3 years ago and lost my weight! Last Fall I started gaining again! I’ve cut my calories and exercising, plus drinking water. I’ve started losing again, however it is very little at a time. Any ideas how l can get back on track? Thank you!

  114. Two weeks into Keto and your videos have been EXTREMELY life saving. I have lost 10 lbs. I really feel great. I think increasing the good fats have helped instead of starving and surviving on eggs, bacon, and cheese. What is really weird is I have no cravings for sweets and my focus is really sharp right now. Thank you.

  115. As far as your child goes it will be a learning experience for you. You will discover what humans do best with because you will be presented with a new one.

  116. Really like yalls channel! Yall both have taught me so much about keto and about health and I’m a nurse. Keep pumping out all these good videos coming. Thank you both!!

  117. Good advice about slip ups ! People stress too much over carb slip ups . Relax ! Everyday is a new day !!❤️👌🏻

  118. I appreciate your prospective, but I do have a question. I did strict Keto (at or under 20 g of carb per day- I tracked and measured everything) but my energy level was always low, I couldn’t lift weights or go for runs with my family and that was psychologically very hard for me because I enjoy doing those things. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong but I’ve been in and out of Keto since but my low energy always drives me back to carbs. I do have Hashimotos and low thyroid (on meds) and I’m in my mid 30s with two kids. I would love any advice you might have, because Keto was helpful for my food allergies and gi upset from foods and migraines but I just couldn’t sustain the lower energy (I have a 1.5yr old and 4 yr old- I need energy to enjoy them). Also I was eating a good amount of calories- roughly 1800-2300 depending on my activity level that day and losing weight slowly. I want to go back to strict Keto but I’m not sure how to make it better

  119. I’m excited for your new book!!! I don’t understand fat adapted at all!! My husband wants nothing to do with my Keto life style so I’m in this on my own 😿 it’s very frustrating but I’m trying to hold strong! I’m a mom of a 11 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. Trying my best to keep it together. Thank you and Bless you for all the information!!! Please keep it coming 🙏🏻

  120. “I know what I know now, I can’t un-know it” – wow, that can be your new motivational keto slogan. I’ll say it to myself when I feel like slipping on keto.

  121. I can only focus on what is the dog thinking about. “Blah blah blah blah snacks. Blah blah blah food.” ” can we play now?? ” And you can tell he loves his mommy and daddy!

  122. You guys are awesome I love your videos, I’ve watched them for a while as part of my research to start keto and I will be starting tomorrow. You guys are always inspirational and informative. Also you guys are such a beautiful couple 😍

  123. I just finished the survey and I’m so grateful for you guys. You honestly taught me a lot about Keto. I always look forward to watching your videos.😊

  124. Do you guys do ‘doctor’ numbers (weight, ketones, BMI, blood sugar)? I would guess not, but I don’t know.

  125. my kids were breast fed for a long time, plus my boys ate lots of veggies and meats no juices, no colas, and no desserts and today they continue the same diet no colas no juices no junk foods and they are healthy, they do not crave desserts or colas but do like coffee.

  126. I have been on ketosis for 3 months now I check everyday and I feel very good don’t feel bloated and lost a bit of weight, plus I don’t feel like eating carbs anymore and hate chips and all, I have never like chip and doritos

  127. I’m getting to the point where I dont even want non keto foods anymore, I have slipped up a few times and just felt crappy and bloated. So in my mind I feel good on keto foods, it’s like what’s the point of going back?

  128. I love Keto, before I stared I had trouble getting up and down the stairs, my body’s was inflamed due to sugar and carbs. It’s like a miracle for me. I screwed up for a week, ended up eating snack bars with minimal sugar, after a few days of this I was stiff, had trouble getting in and out of the car barely able to get up the stairs. I just couldn’t find Keto deserts at the store, I’ve decided to order strictly Keto snack on line. In the mean time bacon and pork rinds, eggs, lol. Actually Lilly’s just launched a bunch of new Keto treats, they’re delicious

  129. I’ve lost 15 lbs. and I’ve reached the proverbial, dreaded plateau. Any advice on how to break past this plateau? Thanks!

  130. Pretty excellent idea with this new venture guys. Are you thinking about going world wide as well? I live in Edinburgh and there is barely any keto food options when it comes to eating food out (other the obvious steak). Would be nice if we as a community share that information with each other. Would be pretty awesome if you do! Keep up the good work! Good luck with the baby as well, it’s amazing you are doing so well! Been following you for a while but I think this is my first comment. Again excellent work! Live long and prosper.

  131. How do you feel about feast days? I have been doing one feast day a week on Sunday, even eating dirty I have found that I still stay in Ketosis. Thanks guys!

  132. Hv you don’t the baking soda, and first am urine mix in am…. Heavy foam over… Boy… Almost nothing… Girl.

  133. Trying to start Keto , you guys seem pretty knowledgeable . How long should it take to get into ketosis and What will throw me out of ketosis?

  134. Heyyyyyy you guys might want to check the Bulletproof coffee part of the form. It’s a trademarked word and they enforce it pretty aggressively. Ask me how I know LOL.

  135. I just love you guys. You always say the right things to help motivate me. My husband and I are struggling on the weekends because we always do our errands/fun stuff and always want to have cheat meals. I like the idea of the once a month cheat day and we are going to see how that works. Thanks guys!

    PS. I love that pbs shirt.

  136. When I see people with JUNK FOOD in their shopping cart,
    I say, “Thank goodness I’m not consuming those poisons anymore.”
    I certainly don’t feel like I’m left out or missing out.

  137. Love this! Was low carb for forever and always struggled when temptations arose. Been Keto for 7 months and I am no longer tempted to cheat. But…I try to be prepared. If I’m going to a party, I bring Wisps or Flackers. I’ll also bring a square of dark chocolate or a Love Good Fats bar in case others are enjoying dessert and I feel left out. Or better yet I’ll bring a Keto Connect dessert recipe, not tell anyone it’s “Keto” and watch them scarf it down!

  138. It also depends on age, health and how much activity we get. CELEBRITIES HAVE EXPENSIVE TRAINERS AND GET PAID TO STAY FIT. MANY OF THEM EXERCISE FAR MORE THAN EVERYDAY HARD WORKING PEOPLE DO. The most exercise I get in each day is walking from my car to work, walking around my job, going up and down stairs at work and doing some stretching and strength training But I don’t have time for 20 TO 40 hours of extensive training.😄 that’s why I love keto. I do cheat sometimes but I’m so used to eating the keto way after almost a year that I can get back to it right away. Just give keto ar least Three monthes before you cheat some. Get used to making more keto choices and learn some recipes so it becomes a daily habbit to eat keto friendly.

  139. I’m new to KetoConnect and a keto diet/lifestyle and I want to thank you for all you guys do to help us and make it more sustainable. I’ve only been on it since June and I’ve lost 12 lbs. My husband said he’d try it(he’s diabetic with an insulin pump) and in the few weeks that he’s been on it his blood sugar levels are more controlled and he’s loving those fat bombs. I took your oatmeal cookie recipe took out the cinnamon and added 3 tbsp of dark unsweetened chocolate and 3tbsp of Swerve confectioners sweetener and they are yummy! Your YouTube videos and info have been a life saver, so thank you guys again and God Bless you on your upcoming bundle of joy.
    PS on the survey I missed the question favorite https//…… it’s KetoConnect of course!😊

  140. I know a while back you mentioned how you were feeding your pets. Could you speak briefly on this again? I probably spend more time studying the labels on my pet’s food than I do my own. I recently switched to Primal freeze dried food . Love your channel

  141. I tried keto for a week and I’d feel really loopy during work I ate some peanut butter when I felt that way and it stopped ? Idk why ?

  142. What is your feeling on Zero Carb Bread and Low Carb Pasta? Are they good for helping to resist the slip up? I am a afraid it I go there I will want more !!!

  143. Ive been doing keto for 2 months. I lost 29 lbs in the first month and 20 lbs the second month i feel great

  144. I don’t think I would be able to stay in as much shape, as I did before. If I didn’t work out every single day. I know some people who do keto, Who don’t work out at all, I’m not that kind of person. I encourage people to work out every single day, move your body.I’ve been doing Keto for a year and lost over 40 pounds. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, and I’m almost 50. It’s totally achievable

  145. I leave my cheat days for birthdays and holidays but the day after I feel like I’m having a hangover. Do you feel the same?

  146. I had a Coke Zero cherry the other day and it is sooo much sweeter then I remember. Things definitely taste differently to me then I remember them tasting.

  147. You guys are just adorable. This is very nice to hear these questions and your answers. Very down to earth and informative. All the best.

  148. Just finished two weeks in Europe traveling hard (longer trip) for the first time on Keto. Avoided gluten and carbs everywhere I went and fasted each morning (enjoying awesome espresso). Came back two pounds lighter and ate happily and heartily each meal. Very happy it all worked. All about choices

  149. i’m not keto, but i’m definitely high protein and i’m starting to let go of bread. you guys inspired me to watch out for soy and once I took that out, I felt soooo much better!!! i’m getting braver and braver saying “no thanks” to people when they offer baked goods containing soy. it’s the devil! lol

  150. Quality content: no unnecessary intros, just straight to the point 🙂
    I would have loved to take part in your survey but I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden (I am from Finland). I have visited the US of A twice so far, but back then I knew nothing about the ketogenic diet. Keep up the good work!

  151. I 100% agree that preparation is key to eating better. I always have snacks on hand and I carry them in a stylish lunch bag that looks like a purse so I don’t look “crazy”. But seriously it has saved me so many times from temptation. I don’t care how fat adapted I become, that bag will always be with me lol

    Also I’m so glad you guys are realistic when it comes to “living your life”. I’ve learned to not sweat it if I’m eating 90% keto and then have some non keto ice cream one day because I want it. As long as I don’t downward spiral I’m good.

  152. Been watching you both forever. Thank you so much for the keto help. Love you both so much. 💋💋💋💋

  153. I am new to keto, also in February I had vsg. I know with Keto to stay under 20 net carbs a day but what about total carbs?

  154. Since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes my decisions for food is to make sure it won’t cause major problems with that. I like Keto because it works for me. I did the carnivore diet for a month and felt fantastic but I know I couldn’t do it for long term. Keto I know I could and will. Thank you for all that you do. It has changed my world and health. My A1C went from a 8.1 to a 5.6 over a 1 yr period. And lost 52 lbs! 🙂

  155. So smart. We travel all over the country and measure restaurants for keto AND carnivore. Would love to add reviews and get reviews. App or just a database?

  156. If you like those money books, you should really, i mean really read… ‘your money or your life’. It’ll blow your mind in a similar way that rich dad poor dad did.

  157. There is almost always a Keto replacement! Your cookbook speaks to that💗💗💗
    Definitely paleo for the kiddo!

  158. I’ve been very light headed lately and I’ve been keto a little over 2 years. I can’t figure out why though.

  159. i did carnivore for like 5-6 months (unlike a week from that other person xD) and i was hoping and i agree with that person, didnt feel as good as i did on a more “standard” keto. the first few days after lowering the protein and upping the fat a bit i felt alot more energy. one of the huge positives was the gains on carnivore oh man. once i lose the weight il probably go back to put some size on! great video guys as always

  160. Oh we adore Keto Geek Ghee. Have yall tried. Worth it. Also, would LOVE a video on back to school Paleo/keto kid snack n lunch options

  161. I started my keto journey just over a year and a half ago. Just like others, I found you..but as a recommended video from a sous vid video 😂😂 I was about a month in and your recipes really kept me on track. But I really wanted to say that its been interesting seeing my personal growth and the trajectory of your growth and ive also attributed it to not being able to unknow things. Each day I choose to make better decisions than the last day. I learn some lessons the hard way which motivates me more. I always chased health by a measure of my weight; and now at maintenance for 6 months I realize how wrong I was. I was actually worried I’d lose sight of the goal posts when the weight was gone… Seeking the truth after uncovering the BS will take a lifetime.. So thanks for helping me on my personal journey to find health, it’s been a pleasure being on this journey with you. Wish you all the best for when your little ketone comes 😘😘😘

  162. Wish I could do the survey but I’m Canadian, really wish you guys could branch out for a Canadian road trip experience lol. I started Keto almost 2 months ago and I’m down 27 lbs, I feel so much better physically and mentally. I knew nothing and you guys have helped me tremendously and for that I am so grateful. I hope your cookbooks are available in Canada would love to have them. Best wishes for the expected bundle of joy. ~Eileen

  163. Everytime i go off keto i regret it – Do i miss certain foods- heck yea (i mostly miss the convenience), but so far i have found substitutes/work arounds for everything i want.

  164. First time I’ve ever been sad to live in Canada because I can’t take the quiz! Sorry guys but great video as always.

  165. I have been doing keto for 2 months now. I’ve lost a ton of inches and 20#s and it has also helped me quit smoking. Came across your channel and recommend it to all my family and friends

  166. How much rise of blood glucose is normal an hour after a meal? How much blood glucose fluctuations is normal throughout the day on keto? Thanks

  167. I was at Sprouts yesterday and I happened to look over at someone else’s cart that I thought was mine actually because it had Zevia sodas, heavy whipping cream, Lily’s chocolate and then I noticed a keto magazine. The Shopper and I were both reading ingredients in the frozen food section of different ice creams. I figured it was safe for me to talk keto with her. She was pleasantly surprised that I was doing keto as well and we started talking about you guys and how much we love your videos. To make a long story short we at that moment exchanged Facebook contacts and since we live in the same city we might even become real friends, all because of Keto and ketoconnect!

  168. Where’s the survey? Love you guys and thanks for sharing your knowledge, but also the fact that we are all individuals and that we need to use common sense and think for ourselves. There are no hard-and-fast rules only the roles we set for ourselves.

  169. Lol I like how you guys said you don’t have baby yet cause you never know how it is till you have the baby, but you guys are gonna rock at parenthood cause you already want to do good, just know things always don’t workout how we plan and that’s ok too.

  170. You are absolutely right about the lack of control when your child is in someone else’s care. My son has a sugar sensitivity that people don’t understand until they see it for themselves. We pulled our son from public school because of it. They sent permission slips but then didn’t honor it when our answer was no. We found an affordable private school where he excels. He gets more carbs than my husband and I, but a VERY healthy diet and at almost 9, he understands why. He is very athletic and burns through carbs quickly. He is satisfied with the “no sugar” rule because he gets to eat Rebel ice cream and keto desserts. He does not feel deprived. Depending on day of the week and time of day, we will allow stuff like snow cones with his baseball team once a week (max), but again, we make sure he does not feel deprived by making keto sweets. Also, because he is so athletic and growing, he gets the cereal, hot dog bun, mac ‘n cheese, etc. (But even those are not often)

  171. How to let go of FOMO….One word, Ribeyes….missing snacks or chips or pasta, I just remember “oh wait i can have a ribeye for breakfast lunch and dinner” and I don’t have to feel bad about that at all, alternatively you can think about natures candybar…..Bacon, couple of strips of bacon anytime you want… how can you get down when you know that.

  172. I make my keto raspberry cheesecake every Friday night. Then I snack on it throughout the weekend. This is my little piece of heaven. Its not made totally carbs free. I use raw almonds that I grind for the base. I use soft cheese and a suger free raspberry jelly powder for the flavouring and setting of the cheese in the cake. The jelly has a few carbs. It works out about 3% net carbs per slice. I can live with that. I look forward to eating my slice and it keeps me on the straight & narrow. Every 2nd Saturday I eat noodles and Chinese with my family 👪 but I don’t beat myself up about it. I drop out of ketosis maybe for 1/2 a day or just a 1 day.

  173. how long will the survey be available? (New Orleans trip coming up next week. First trip there since starting keto). Thanks.

  174. Philadelphia should be added to your list. It is the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, Rocky, Philly cheesesteak and so much history.

  175. Can you do keto without eating alot of meat? I can’t eat much meat cause it makes my stomach hurt! I need to lose belly fat big time. I’m 224 and it’s all in my stomach!

  176. I love how timely you guys are with your videos.. I got a notification for this video an hour after eating a slice of pizza.

    I also got a notification on your top keto items from target when I was in a target parking lot.

    You guys are great – thanks for being awesome!

  177. Keto makes me anxious day 3-4. Day 5 I start to settle down and enjoy the loss of hormonal carb deprivation anxiety.

    What I love about Keto is freedom from insoline resistance hormonal hell!

  178. Love your honesty! I’m 55 my wife 53. We LOVE your channel. We are making the healthy change to eating. So many health issues, so we now know, eating healthy is the main answer. Slowly making change to keto, losing weight each week. Now ready to go keto, 100%. Thanks for all the helpful information!!!!

  179. I e been doing Keto for a year and feel great and have lost 50 lbs but I’ve had some mishaps too. I was just home in MN with friends for a week and a half and drank lots of alcohol and didn’t eat totally Keto. I didn’t go crazy but I let myself just enjoy myself with the goal of getting right back to it the day I came home. Did I gain weight, yes, but I’m right back to where I started in less than a week. I think it was mostly water weight I gained. My body just holds on to water having too many carbs and sugar. Anyhow, great advice! Oh, I also bought your cookbook at Costco in Minneapolis when I was there on my vacation:) can’t wait to try some of your recipes!

  180. LOL!!! Matt I Loved your answer – we dont have a kid yet… (can’t stop giggling).

    I foresee your channel will EXPLODE as you guys juggle Keto and your child’s food-life. THE most important thing in your child’s life is YOU. Love it, discipline with love, prepare for amazing blessings and uncountable mistackes made by you and your child.

    Plan out some things now. Probably wont see all your plans and strategies work, but hey, it’s worth a shot to plan. Lol.

  181. Have you guys ever done an aldi haul? Also… My hubs and I are from Akron OH but we lived in ATL while we were childless. On a street called Alberta terrace. It was so much fun. So when I see you about town it reminds me of that time.

  182. ? Optimum Keto: excellent answer.
    The ?’s are asked not because the audience is ignorant. It’s more due to the “trending” ideas – science presented (not evil spirited) that promotes a variety of opinions.

    Example: organic is often featured in healthy recipes. Assumption = you can’t be healthy/keto unless you eat organic.

    – Keto generally requires fresh unprocessed foods. Simple. 20 carbs total a day = healthy diet. As your brain, stomach, time and budget get a grip, if it makes you happy, by all means eat organic.

    Thanks for all your hard work. Happy you both are doing well with your channel.

  183. Thank you for reminding some people not to trust all they hear and see on YT!! All these self proclaimed so-called experts that many times get paid by different producers to promote their foods as healthy!! Same goes for vegans/carnivores and others! Study a lot before you try anything. Most of the time its enough to cut most carbs to loose weight and feeling better! For me, it was 7 kilos in 3 months just cutting carbs!

  184. Matt please stop promoting Rich Dad Poor Dad, the guy is a fraud, google him and see how much real estate this guy owns.. I read his book years ago and had the same impression as you do now, until… someone enlightened me about Robert Kiyosaki.. Thanks for all the other great information.

  185. Its so good to watch other people buying all that crap you also used to eat once and both know and feel that you have already passed that level of eating without envying them at all!!!

  186. You guys are almost making this feel like a religion and should never ever venture out to the “carb side”. Chill out guys holy crap. Not everyone has the privilege to have everything ready and planned out to avoid every carb possible.

    I’ve been doing my own version for about a year now and have a carb meal one or twice a week and I still feel fantastic, have lost 45 lbs (170 now), and don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything because it all works out.

    I fast, I workout, I’m doing Keto, and on weekends I relax and enjoy the time with friends and family and i don’t let this stupid “why are you having carbs in the first place” guilt question get in the way of that. I’ll simply get back into fasting, working out, keto, on Monday.

    Videos like these get a dislike.

  187. My child never had cheese-it’s, wheat thins, etc until she went to school. My hardest challenge was when sh was in 1st grade and her teacher gave them skittles as a treat and my daughter got extremely hyper with all the dyes & sugar. The teacher could not understand why I said no more skittles or any sugary treats were to be given to not child. Really? The teacher thought it was so bizarre that we used a holistic doctor to diagnose dye allergies.

  188. Wanted to do the survey but, my city, San Antonio wasn’t listed. :(. Never the less, still love you guys! Btw, how can I purchase the slow cooker cookbook?

  189. 2 weeks ago, I was an addict of white bread, pasta, homemade cinnamon rolls, Cokes, Dr. Peppers, every bad carb you can think of. I’ve lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks on Keto and I feel fantastic! Never eaten so many veggies in my life, and didn’t go through any keto flu. Honestly, I was skeptical in the beginning, but I’m all in now. It’s so awesome not to feel like I need a nap every time I finish a frickin meal! Big THANK YOU to all the youtubers who put out great info. Wouldn’t have done it without you guys.

  190. . ALASKA HAS KETO OFFERINGS! And this website is what you seem to be talking about. “My favorite keto”. Anyway, this gave me a list I needed for visiting ALASKA.

  191. I lost 21 pounds in 7 weeks and I feel better then ever. I definitely still crave things I used to eat but I always ask myself if it’s going to improve my weight loss. It’s usually a no so I don’t eat it but don’t feel like you can never try those things again

  192. I’m from North Dakota so a keto restaurant will probably get here in about 30 years like all other restaurants , but luckily you can eat keto almost anywhere 😎

  193. took survey but didn’t work right….too many major cities left out.  Questions far too broadthen too precise. Also it kept jumping around.

  194. I had a cheat meal last friday, the day after I fasted for 24 hours and did a workout with cardio while fasted. Now I’m doing zero to 10 carbs a day, then I will go back to regular keto( around 10 to 20 carbs a day)

  195. When we go to a friends place for dinner or go ‘out’ for food, I usually eat before we go, then eat again there. I don’t want to feel deprived or like I’m starving before or after I find out they’re having ‘pasta’ !

  196. Just another angle on, can I do this for the rest of my life?
    I began the keto diet, not for weight loss (that was a pleasant surprise), but to fix high blood sugar levels. A carb cheat day is not the same for me as it would be for some. I just won’t eat carbs from sugar, breads, grains, chips and such any more…from low carb veggies, probably…low carb fruit, probably. I’m happy to be down almost 100 lb, but only 30 of those were from Keto.
    I’ve gone to the carnivore diet the last month to see if I could get some good reduction in joint inflammation. This does seem to be working, but the carnivore diet? I don’t know how long I can sustain that. That’s a tough one.

  197. Can you guys make your website have at least some freemium content like Diet Doctor and other websites? Would be more enticing to people to go premium than being hit with a “subscribe now” prompt just by visiting the website. It’s how I subscribed to DD. Just a suggestion as if you go to any website and you are hit with a fullscreen popup saying “disable your popup blocker now!” I just press X and ignore that website, I’m sure you can relate.

  198. We’ve cheated once in six months. Pizza hut buffet. It was planned, it was craved, it was done, and it was guilt free. We had been craving “real” pizza for months. So we planned it & executed. Exercise the pros & cons and made a decision. Not the first time we’ve made this decision. It’s the only decision that the positives won out tho.

  199. there definitely a huge difference mentally in planning a day to eat carbs vs just ending up eating carbs planning gives me something to look forward to, but just ending up in a carb binge just reinforces feeling ashamed or weak and can lead me to a binge that’s way longer than a day

  200. It’s not really tempting or hard for me at all to go to people’s houses I know to eat out or have cookouts because they usually make some pretty nasty food and you just supposed to say yeah that’s good I usually working there full tell em I came from another party

  201. I would love to hear about Keto and breastfeeding! I did not Keto while I was pregnant and I found going Keto while breastfeeding (14 months) to be impossible. I woke up on day 3 shaky and weak and incapable of caring for my infant. This happened every time I tried to go Keto while breastfeeding, even when I aimed for “higher” carbs around 50g to 100g. Once I weaned I was able to go full Keto no problem though.

  202. The old school motivators were the best…at yard sales look for Dexter Yeager On Attitude.. cassette tape, that was his best, by far. Also Glen W. Turner records. For those that don’t know Dexter Yeager was king of Amway went from 0 to billionaire. Glen Turner, hair-lipped, created his own MLM and made a $100 million only to have it stolen by the gooberment, Your t-shirts in this video suck. Promote your own products not commie libtards. Still thumbs up for support.

  203. I can eat one Oreo and walk away I do the same thing with grapes if I see some grapes I’ll grab just one great eat it and walk away this way I’ll tell myself you wanted it treat you got it

  204. The first thing I fed my granddaughter when going to a restaurant was avocado. The whole wait staff came over to watch the 9 month old eating a mashed up avocado…advance 2 years. My granddaughter won’t touch an avocado. (” it’s gween”). Go figure!

  205. I am retired and travel a lot. I bring some olives with me and restock as I go. That way if I get very hungry I can munch on them… on the plane or train. So far this year have not had any problem in restaurants in Europe, Vietnam, Japan, and Caribbean cruise. I do allow myself up to 70 grams of carbs on holidays but absolutely no snacks and 2 meals a day. I will have a glass of wine 1 or 2 times a week but will have a glass of sparkling water before and after it. I am 65, no medications just a few supplements. No aches or pains, still wear a bikini when splashing about in The Mediterranean or the South China Sea. My husband is 72. No meds and no pains. By the way. I read the Richest man in Babylon when I was 35. We tried to apply some of the principals. Mainly we bought a house in the best location we could afford. When I retired we sold it and
    We are using the proceeds to travel. We travel on a budget. Keep up the good work. I luv to watch young couples working at making good thing happen for them. Just want you to know it can work out. PS. I was a school secretary and my husband was a teacher no trust fund or family money. And health wise I had colon cancer in 1998 and ovarian cancer in 2002. Look forward to meeting your son!

  206. Thank you for your responses! Addressing why I binge… seeing things as choice… basing your success on the end results… amazing response!

  207. Keto for almost 2 yrs. 130 pounds lost, lots of disease gone! So true! Everything especially keto, depends on each persons body. A lot of keto “rules” don’t apply to my body. A lot of what other keto=ers recommend kicks me out of ketosis instantly. Great vid yall!

  208. I’ve been doing keto for 2 months. I have a trip to Paris planned for the fall. My plan is to allow myself to enjoy the food scene there and just comeback and restart keto when I’m back home.
    I think allowing yourself certain permission to do things is very healthy, and I won’t have to stress out about going off plan for a bit.

  209. Gave thumbs up and watched commercial because I love you, didn’t do survey because of t-shirts supporting racist white hating, America hating, M. Cy and PBS. I know you guys are not racist yet you support racists. Perhaps you just can’t overcome the media programming. It’s ok now to notice the constant BLATANT racism against white males now.

  210. You guys are great! I’m new to keto, but have been watching your videos for a couple of months. You guys gave me the inspiration to start keto. Thanks for answering some of my questions in the video.

  211. Can you guys develop a recipe for a “keto pupusa”? It’s my all time favorite food, I’m of Salvadoran ethnicity and I wish there was a decent keto recipe. If you’ve never had them, you’re in luck, because ATL has a HUGE Salvadoran population. It used to be my favorite reason to travel to ATL for work.

  212. Speaking of the Carnivore Vs Keto / Paleo differences. If y’all could do a video on HPA Axis Dysfunction ie Cortisol issues that require carbs. Pretty complex subject y’all could make easy……

  213. If you screw yourself and cheat, fast, it’s going to be hell but you should be back in ketosis within 24-48 hours. We all have our weak moments, just make sure it’s few and far between.

  214. Been doin strict keto for over a year, fat loss at beggining, but it became a new way of eating and lifestyle, now i never use a scale, I use mirror and do heavy gym, seeing great results with 99% carnivore keto (1% is sauerkraut and broccoli as veggies and treats like homemade chalva from sesame, nuts…)
    I fcking love it!

  215. You guys = Awesome. I love the simplicity and honesty in your vids. Thanks! Question, I gotta have GI surgery which requires me to have a liquid diet for a couple of weeks and then ween into food little by little. Do you guys have tips on how to stay keto on a liquid diet? I’ll have to go liquid, then soft foods and most of their diet includes carbs like mashed potatoes, rice and oatmeal. Any tips on foods that’ll keep me Keto

  216. I want to know what my favorite keto peeps think about this keto beef and butter diet/fast I see people are doing. Have you done it? Do you recommend? 🤷‍♀️

  217. I hate that I didn’t cheat but I might have gotten bumped off of ketosis: was driving and sleepy, asked my son to grab me an energy drink from gas station. He got me a monster drink. I drank 2/3 of it….when I looked and realized he didn’t get me the sugar free one(which I never drink but had to! )
    Now what????

  218. We are from Scotland. Aren’t we included?..It’s always about USA. I’m sure your fan base is world wide.
    Oreos are just gross!
    Breast feeding is the best. Education is best as far as kids

  219. My brother, his wife and 4 children have been eating keto about 5 months. They all love the food and kids are learning about why the family eats this way now. Those who needed to shed some pounds are doing so and normal weight person maintained weight. Improvements in migraines, arthritis pain, hypertension. They shared keto lifestyle with me and I am reaping the benefits. Blood sugar normalized from recent diagnosis of pre diabetes and I lost 15 lbs in last 8 weeks. If you eat keto why would you choose to cook something different for your child?

  220. My 13 year old daughter doesn’t give a rats ass when I try to educate her about food lol…but she never knew what McDonald’s was !

  221. Oh my gosh … you guys lived in Philly, but I don’t see Philly among the cities on your survey! I’m surprised!

  222. Your lap doggie is going to be jealous when the baby is born. How are you going to handle that he won’t be getting as much attention?

  223. “That ship has sailed for me” gotta say thats the best over all thing I have to say for myself.🤣 I use to order whole large pizzas for myself. So I have be of the thats not me mindset. Been keto for 2 years now, never going back.

  224. Thank you…thank you…thank you! I so agree with your outlook about food and Keto. I read some of the stuff on the Keto sites and I just have to shake my head. People want someone else to tell them everything and then get upset when that advice doesn’t work. Folks need to learn to think for themselves.

  225. QUESTION: I was wondering, why are carbohydrates in things like kidney/black/pinto beans okay in comparison to other carbohydrates?
    (I’m doing Atkins if it makes a difference)
    Thanks! 🙂

  226. I plan 1 day a month where I can cheat(usually it’s around a special day AND I don’t always cheat) like last night I went to a Wedding (I did not eat the cake and frosting… yucky lol) I ate a very small amount of pasta salad and beans but mostly the Pig roast and smoked chicken … so I really only added like 10 extra carbs. I don’t shame myself for that and like I said, although I plan for that 1 day, I rarely use that cheat day mainly because I’m more interested in getting my health under control and losing weight etc. Slips happen! As long as it’s not everyday and like 500 carbs I feel good about it. AND as most of you know, after adding extra carbs… you no feel so good 😂😂😂

  227. I always think I want a Krispy Kreme 🍩 I tell myself if I still want it tomorrow I’ll get one…..tomorrow never comes🤣so far💁🏼‍♀️
    (58 yrs strong-keto 2.5 yrs🤗)

  228. Not keto related at all….what breed of dog is Julius? I had a cairn terrier and Julius looks a lot like my Baxter did. Every video I watch with your sweet baby makes me happy and also makes my heart hurt all at the same time. I had him for 12 years….one day he crawled into my lap and took his last breath. Your baby is so sweet. 🙂

  229. 0:47 – How much protein and vegetables to achieve “optimum” ketosis?
    2:00 – How to let go of FOMO (fear of missing out)?
    4:10 – Do you plan on raising a keto baby?
    5:25 – What to do when faced with bad food options?
    6:34 – Why didn’t I feel amazing on the carnivore diet?
    7:45 – How to recover from a carb binge?
    9:24 – Favorite work on mindset and perspective shifts?
    11:22 – Could Splenda really be affecting my diet?
    11:50 – Favorite keto Amazon find?
    12:05 – Can I really do keto for the rest of my life?

  230. I filled out your survey the best I could. I’m just beginning and a little stuck still. I’m reading biodiet hopefully it clears some things up for me. Hope my answers are helpful in some way. Maybe considering a not applicable or unsure option on the survey would help some of us answer, and help you see what some of us need more info on. Just a thought.
    Thank you❤ you two/3 and team are amazing!

  231. How about after a week!!!! im so off its so hard to get back and focus i need to get back i had a hard week and decited carbs helped me feel better😣

  232. FOMO is simply the ego trying to take one out of the present moment. Whenever you get FOMO just quiet your mind and return to the present moment and it’ll go away.

  233. No keto restaurants in my state. Which I think is horrible because they could be making a killing, as long as it is truly keto

  234. Nice video. 🙂 Thanks.

    My first child’s first food was avocado. She still loves it. My second child had a severe sensitivity to avocado, massive projectile vomiting, a trip to the e.r. terrible experience for us all 🙁 it’s too bad, because he loved it… At first…oh well!!

    As for my next kids, (I have 5) it was very difficult with a couple of them, they started out eating a very very diet, and liking everything. And then something changed, and they absolutely could not tolerate the taste of certain foods. And there was no forcing them to eat things. You just can’t do that with some kids, lol they eat what they’re going to eat. 😐😐😐 Very frustrating.

    Best of luck to you guys, you’ll do great! 🥳

    Oh ya, ps- I breastfed all of my kids, some of them even tandem -ly… I didn’t introduce food until probably close to 8 or 9 months? And it wasn’t chips and cereal or that crap. I don’t know why those are the traditional first foods. And they still were pretty much 80% breastfed for the first couple years and beyond. Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s not enough for them! 😆

    Keep it up, thanks for sharing.

  235. I was a kid before the S.A.D. Minimal sugar, a few starches, and grew just fine! Didn’t have weight issues until S.A.D. was implemented.

  236. I had a cheat “week” last week. Death in the family kind of does that. It was my first cheat in a year and I had no idea that I would go through the keto flue again. It was terrible. Makes me never want to cheat again. BTW, I’ve lost 60 lbs.

  237. Usually carb binges from my experience came out of lack of satiation. I tried to eat less because i was scared it would be too much fat or calories (even healthy combinations). GUYS choose your keto meals to feel satiated and you will be good to go 😘

  238. Rich dad poor dad and richest man of Babylon are on audio free on YouTube for those who dont want to read , great books !

  239. Did you know there’s this entire world outside of the US borders? Just reminding you because unlike what you claim, being forced to choose between wheat and corn is not a false dichotomy at all. It’s a reality people face sometimes, and you’re not helping them by telling them to plan better, or not eat at all. I’ve tried fasting. I somehow managed to weigh more after the fast than I did before, and I’ve been unable to lose weight since, so it really fucked up my metabolism somehow. Plus, it’s not an option for many people due to health reasons. So no, you absolutely lost me on that one, and I feel you should’ve just answered rather than boast how you would never be in that situation because you’d take suitcases full of keto food. When one carry-on suitcase is all you can bring, packing snacks isn’t an option. And how would anyone pack for a long holiday? They can’t. The food would go bad, and that’s assuming they’re allowed to take it through customs at all. anyway…. love your channel, I absolutely do. This video, though? Nope.

  240. Just stay 99% keto … eat some ice cream … have a cookie .. workout your fine … life goes on a cookie wont kill you

  241. I’ve been doing keto for three months losing 20 lbs. Maybe I’m not doing the perfect keto but I have left my old eating habits behind and I feel great!! Ty for what you do for the keto community!!

  242. You mentioned Panda Express not having keto options, but Broccoli Beef fits my macros. They also have mixed veggies as a side.

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