Meal Prep Easy Keto Dinners for the Week | ALL DONE IN ONE HOUR!

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Spending only 1 hour in the kitchen to meal prep keto dinners for the week.

Welcome to another episode of ‘What’s for Keto Dinner’, where I show you how I meal prep some of your keto dinners for the week. As a busy mom and full time pharmacist, I don’t have time to always cook a healthy low carb dinner at night for my family. I’ve started meal prepping some of our dinners on one night a week and it has made a huge difference in time management and relieving stress when it comes to figuring out what keto meals to cook for dinner.


In this video, we make a low carb elk chili, keto pizza made with chicken crust and keto egg roll in a bowl. I picked these three meals because they can all be made during the same time. While the chili is cooking, I’m making the chicken pizza crust. While the pizza crust is baking, I make the egg roll in a bowl recipe.





Prep all of your vegetables first – wash, cut, dice, chop etc.
Add all ingredients for the chili and get it simmering over low heat for an hour.
While the chili cooks, prepare the chicken pizza crust. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes.
While the pizza crust is baking, make the egg roll in a bowl in a skillet. This recipe should be done by the time the pizza crust is ready to come out of the oven.
Add toppings to your pizza, then broil to get the cheese bubbly.
Remove chili from the heat.
Pack all meals in the refrigerator once they are cooled.


Chicken Crust Pizza: You can choose to bake the pizza completely or just make the crust and store the unbaked crust in the refrigerator to bake the day you want to make it. You can also store it in the refrigerator with the crust baked but toppings not cooked. Finish in the oven at 350 for 10-15 minutes to get the crust heated through.


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67 Comments on “Meal Prep Easy Keto Dinners for the Week | ALL DONE IN ONE HOUR!”

  1. Is there a substitution for the siracha sauce in the egg roll in a bowl? My friend I would like to make this for doesn’t like or do spicy.🤗💗

  2. I have made a different recipe for eggroll in a bowl A couple of times. It was good, but it didn’t knock my socks off. My husband wasn’t a fan. Watching your video, I decided to give your recipe a try. I have to say, Your recipe is absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend the Sriracha mayo with it as well. The only thing I did differently was I added a package of miracle noodles to it. To top it all off, my husband loved it! I am definitely going to make this again.

  3. I love your videos. I used deli sliced chicken breasts in the recipes you have used them in and love this as a noodle substitute by the way. Anyway, I made an old favorite meal today using the deli sliced Chicken instead of Lasagna noodles. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I did however double the sliced meat as the meat was thinly sliced. This dish only contains cheese and spinach. MMMMM it is delicious. Hope it turns out using your method of sliced deli meat. There is no sauce of any kind in this recipe.

  4. I like how you don’t have everything perfect. I also like that you eyeball measure, that to me is the best cook in my eye so I’m definitely following.

  5. Made the egg roll in a bowl tonight. My family didn’t even realize it was Keto plus made the sausage biscuits… yummy

  6. I really like these videos! Yes there are so many recipes for keto dupes of treats & breads. But we can only do so many chicken or egg meals. So these help me think of new meal ideas.

  7. Meal prepped last night. I made the keto chili & egg roll in a bowl. Printed recipes BUT for the chili changing to ONE tablespoon of chili powder ya’ll must have cast iron stomachs. It was really good but I took an indigestion Pill. (before I finished eating). I didn’t have ground Pork for the eggrolls so I used mild Italian sausage. It was super good. Eating some & freezing some. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to get a recipe using just one pound of meat! 🌲🧑🏻‍🦳👍❤️

  8. Thank you. I started adding black olives to my keto chilli to sub the look of beans and add texture to mine. Absolutely love the change.

  9. When it comes to peppers and onions, a little goes a long way and the flavor they add is worth it provided they don’t negatively affect you.

  10. You might be on to something with using ground beef for the pizza crust. I think it would make a great taco pizza!

  11. Why are there so many ads in these videos? Is it to try and make you buy the ad free viewing? BTW the meals look good.

  12. This is one of my favorite series; thank you for more great ideas. This is just fun and relaxing to watch, even if I’m not cooking with you! 🙂

  13. Non-starchy veggies are such a great choice over “keto products” that use funky math to make the numbers look good. Veggies don’t lie lol.

  14. Just ask yourself did you become obese because you ate too many onions? No you didn’t. It might of been the cake or lollies

  15. Aw, you caved! Now I’m bummed you didn’t defend yourself, stick to your guns, and use your hands. Not a thing wrong with it – feeding just my family and wash my hands well before and after. Ok, done making a big deal of it.

    Many of your recipes are my recipes. How cool is that! Good home cooking – healthy.

  16. The book is 100% FREE to buyers, they just have to pay for shipping. Limited quantities while supplies last.
    The physical version of the Essential Keto Cookbook with 100+ Keto recipes including breakfast, appetizers, entrees, desserts, drinks, and snacks

  17. I made and/or prepped all 3 of these tonight and doubled each recipe too! The pizza WAS really good and picky eater kid approved! I am freezing the second crust and will let you know how it turns out !

  18. I am loving this new series, thank you so much. Also, may I ask what lip gloss you are wearing lol I am not a makeup gal, but I love that color so much. Your makeup is always so pretty. Hope you had a wonderful day😊

  19. Thank you for a great video as always a lot of ideas ! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year ! And thank you for your inspirational keto!

  20. I dont even know if I’m ever in ketosis!
    I do about 20g carbs ..I think!
    I have one meal in the evening
    As for counting calories… I dont 😑
    Macros .. dont do those
    I’ve read so much about keto, but it annoys me because no one says the same. Count calories dont count calories, eat vegetables dont eat vegetables?? Keto cakes ect, I like one piece a day..all ketoed!
    With the fat dough, cream, butter, eggs, oil, cheese and meat the calories are astronomical ! Im frightened to count them ! Xxxx
    At the least I’m sugar free ! Ha x
    Your channel is the only channel that doesn’t make me nervous about what to cook and eat.. Thankyou x
    K from UK x

  21. That pizza crust is genius 👌 I can’t wait to try it, is it possible to air fry the crust? The egg roll bowl looks amazing 👍

    I can’t believe you have viewers that are worried about how make the dough? Nothing but pansies 🤦‍♂️

  22. Great recipes – thank you! I can’t wait to try the chicken pizza crust. I hope you feel better soon, but it’s OK to not always feel chipper and cheerful <3 Much love my friend!

  23. I so love your channel and appreciate all you share with us. Thank you! ❤️ Oh…and I totally agree with you…”Get over it!” 😂

  24. Pressure takes away all wild game flavour. I don’t like wild flavour so I use pressure cooker and it is just like beef

  25. I must be the only person that doesn’t like using that type of tool. Everyone else I know or watch on videos loves those things.

  26. Hi there. I just want to say, your egg roll in a bowl sounds delicious. I always add cilantro to the top before I eat it. My family loves cilantro. It brings it up a notch, like Emerald Lagasse says. 8very always wanted to make 3 meals a week, like on sundays. Then all I need is some salad to go with the main dish. I’m 70 years young, so I need my greens. And I make my salad dressings from Amanda Rose, book,”Eat like a bear” program. Shes bbn on YouTube, and Facebook.

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  28. Ginger root is great kept in the freezer. Last forever and it even grates better with a micro plane. It’s like ginger snow. Then, just throw back in a bag in the freezer.

  29. OK, you’re recipes are always excellent and so much variety!! Today, I decided to ask you a question about your skin because before I ever get into the recipes I ALWAYS find myself thinking, “She has the best skin!” What do you attribute your great skin to? PLEASE don’t tell me ‘genetics’ as I’m looking for an answer that I can implement!! 🤞

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