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  1. Man! That looks crazy delicious! I’m gonna have to try that sometime, if i’m lucky maybe even to woo someone like you, you dog you ;P

  2. That looks like some good chicken! Your girlfriend is beautiful! Thanks! And please keep cooking for us!

  3. Have you ever “vegetized” this gravy? I am thinking potatoes or paneer would be really good in it, yum. You and your girlfriend are so cute!

  4. This looks so good wanted to try it right away but only had kangaroo meat in the fridge might sound a bit strange but it tasted so good with sweet potatoe mash on the side. used master foods lemmon pepper ….will try again with chicken later this week!

  5. Wooooo hooooo! I’ve gotten so excited with your passion. I’m going to cook this tonight. Your girlfriend is beautiful. It’s my dream to go to India one day, I love your accent and I can’t wait to see what else you cook. Stuff Netflix, I’m excited about your channel! Best wishes from England.x

  6. :Looks fucking delicious. Would adding vegetables and using some garlic-paste alongside the lemon pepper be okay or is that too much?

  7. I made a veggie version of this tonight using paneer instead of chicken and it was INSANE! The only thing I changed was to use some onion powder I had lying around instead of chives because I forgot to buy them (and I was too lazy to chop an onion). Oh and I used cheddar. Bestest easiest recipe ever!

  8. I wanted to say that you are rather a handsome chap but then your gf came on so thought better of it.. Oh, and the chicken doesn’t look bad either ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Sahil, we tried this last night and it was absolutely “incredible”! Thank you for posting this super Keto friendly, Gluten free meal ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. It would be cool if you could post some more indian recipes. Authentic indian food, cooking, metal = it doesn’t get any closer to Nirvana than this.

  11. This was quick, delicious, easy to understand and healthy. Thanks a million. Turned out great. Just ate it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. this looks amazing! do you think I can substitute coco milk for the cream? just because I already have coco milk at home.

  13. Mmmm made this tonight! It will be a regular from now on – it was delicious. Thanks KCKO ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I dont think you should shutdown ua channel. You are a passionate cook and who loves to cook. U should just keep cooking and doing what you love.. the rest will follow. Many youtube s started they channel in 2006 or 2008.. n still gettn new subscribers. Be consistent and post video’s and see..how ua channel will grow. love all your recipe’s

  15. cheese and cream. doesn’t seem a healthy combination. well everyone is busy selling some stuff

  16. m/ awesome ,i like spicy so i added green chillies and red chilli powder and it tastes great !! thank you

  17. Thank you for sharing your family’s recipe ! I made this tonight for dinner and I was so happy how it turned out. After browning the chicken I de glazed the pan with a tbsp of butter, then added heavy whipping cream. It is an amazing dish ! thank you to you and your family.

  18. Love your vids. Just ran across them and I’ve subscribed. Your recipes are awesome for us Keto people. Not only that but you are supremely entertaining. Thanks.

  19. this looks amazing!!! i just started keto diet and ive been trying to find a good meal! i am totally making this for dinner!

  20. I made this and the cauliflower rice yesterday and it was just AWESOME !! Finger licking good !! thank you for the recipe !!!

  21. I’m making lemon pepper chicken tonight, with the salt, garlic powder, pepper, chive and parsley…with a dash of poultry seasoning, marinaded in lemon juice, and I plan to pan fry the chunks of meat and splash with water, like you did, and add some mozzarella cheese. I hope it works out. Wish me luck! Sure sounds dreamy to me…

  22. just finished this it was yummy. Thanks for the video made something delicious with what little i had thanks

  23. Hi! Great recipe! Just made it and ate half skillet before it even cool down)) Just one question, do you know how many carbs in one portion? Thanks!

  24. I made this yesterday and it was SO GOOD! Really simple and easy, too! I’ll be making this a lot. Thanks!

  25. I love how easy and delicious your recipe is!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! You and your girlfriend are just too cute together!! Have a great day and keep cooking!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Thanks so much for your simple and delicious recipes! Will definitely try this out! The other ones I learnt from you works amazingly well too!

  27. I’m making this for a girl tonight. I’ll let
    you know if I get panties ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝlol

  28. Amazing and simple – I reduced with white wine and it added another fantastic dimension to an already amazing dish! Thank you!

  29. I really don’t like chicken, I think it tastes like wet dog smell, but this recipe mad it tolerable. I made it for dinner tonight, I think the scallions add a freshness to the sauce. I still don’t like chicken, but I’ll be more apt to eat this!

  30. Thank you so much. Please, what cream are we to use? Is it whipping cream, heavy whipping cream, sour cream?

  31. Your channel is excellent. I absolutely love your recipes. I will definitely be trying this soon. It looks delicious.

  32. just cooked this tonight and it’s sooo yummy..so simple and easy to do..my family love it! thumbs up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I am making this for me and my boyfriend tonight. I am on keto and he is not. I will be eating my serving just as it is. Will this go well with plain boiled rice for him? Any suggestions on the rice?

  34. FYI .. that much of cheese when your on Keto will kick you out of keto as cheese is more in carbs compare to Buttter, clarifuied butter,Olive and Cocanut oil please google it for more info.

  35. There is no way that anyone will ever feel deprived eating keto when they follow your recipes. I made this today and it got rave reviews from everyone in the house… Thank you for the time and love it takes to post these recipes. I appreciate them very much.

  36. Hello from California, USA.
    I just stumbled onto your channel, and although I’m not a fan of headbanger music, I do like your recipes and your delivery.
    Looking forward to making your Keto recipes.

  37. I just made this recipe last night.ย  My husband eats Keto but I do not.ย  I love my carbs and I don’t want to lose any weight so I eat the protein and fatty stuff with carbs.ย  Anyway, this was absolutely amazing.ย  I used half swiss and half provolone cheese in this recipe.ย ย  Also made a side of spinach to go with it.ย  Thank you for a wonderful recipe.

  38. Soooooo, I just made this 20 mins ago and loved it. I never would have thought to use cheese in this dish. Thank you!!

  39. OH. MY. GOODNESS! I made it tonight, it’s so delicious. The lemon pepper gets lost, but…the chives set everything off. This recipe will be in heavy rotation!

  40. Hi I am watching your lemon chicken can you please give the quantities for the chicken and all the other ingredients tks fri Gillian in Toronto

  41. How did you get your cast iron skillet so well seasoned? I have a relatively new skillet and i’ve seasoned it twice but when I cook, food still seems to stick. Will it get better with time or do I still need to season it more?

  42. so um….. this looks really good. I’m wondering however, if there is anything to use other than cheese and heavy cream. I normally don’t eat those because too much of it makes me feel sick. I am trying keto but all the dairy is overwhelming to me.

  43. I think I found my new favorite channel!!! Metal, cooking and comedy. I’m definitely trying this recipe. Keep it up!
    m/ (-_-) m/

  44. when it says cream, is this sour cream? I want to make this recipe. If someone could answer and clarify, I’d greatly appreciate it.

  45. Looks delicious and not too hard to make, my kind of meal ๐Ÿ˜‰ I will make this tonight. Thank you !!!

  46. this looks absolutely delicious! But what are the macros?, they don’t seem to be noted down anywhere.

  47. THANK YOU! Made this July 3. We’ve never had Lemon Pepper Chicken, & this was the 1st recipe we’ve tried from you…although, we’ve looked at many. I’ve been on the lchf-ish diet for around 16 weeks. SO far, your recipe has been the biggest hit we’ve tried! I had never used lemon pepper seasoning before, so I went a little overboard on it. Also, Our lemon pepper had the first ingredient “SALT”, and later in the ingredient list MSG. Is that how yours is? It was VERY salty. (But, SO good!) Anyway, the other question we had was about your “fresh cream”. It looks like “creme fresh” to me…are we right? We ended up using heavy whipping cream and then adding sour cream to help thicken it at the end. (We also might have added too much water to deglaze…might have messed us up on the thickening?) This is totally going into the ‘KEEPER’ pile! I will be sharing on my husband’s Facebook.

  48. Love your channel dude. Made that two minute keto bread and it was awesome with the burgers I had. Fast and easy.

    I got a few questions about this. I’m new to cooking food and I started because of keto. When you season your chicken did you put any oil on it or do you just put the seasoning on it as it is? Also did you have the heat on high or medium high? How much water, cream and cheese did you use? Only asking so I can plug it into my macros. Thanks a ton man! Rock on brotha!

  49. Where the heck this channel was before when i went on ketogenic diet few months back. This inspires me to go back to keto next month and get rid of that final piece of shitty fat in and around my belly

  50. I made it, it is delicious. If I ever venture to India, I shall bring you 2 containers of Lemon Pepper spice ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. sir u r great … just love ur recipe fast n yummy… mouth watering… May ALLAH increase more zaika in ur food.. insha Allah i will try ur recipes โค

  52. Would you ve able to make keto momos?thats mt fav but dont know what can I substitute for the flour.

  53. I would suggest finding actual Lemon Pepper Seasoning for this recipe. I tried making it with a substitute at first, and it was not so good. The lemon juice makes chicken too moist, and it’s harder to get a nice caramelization.

  54. Eager to make this but I don’t usually keep cream in the house. Would butter make a good substitute? Or maybe coconut milk? Thanks much for your wonderful videos, I always enjoy them ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. U are awesome..my savior ๐Ÿ˜€keto will be very difficult with out your channel..!! I just prepared lemon pepper chicken and it was ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ #yummy thanks!!
    Glad i got to know abt this channel

  56. hey you should start mentioning chicken grams, olive oil tbsp/tsp, how much cheese? etc… it will be great help… thx…

  57. Fabulous! It’s definitely on my Must Make List. I’m not on a keto diet, but love your recipes and spicy Indian foods.

  58. hi, the website url on the description box has a typo. Pls correct that. You will lose visitors to your site. Cheers.

  59. I suck at cooking like really suck, but this was easy to follow. Mine came out perfectly. I just used mozzarella instead of chedder as i had no chedder on hand, but next time i will try with chedder. Thanks for your brilliant vid!

  60. Thank you for this recipe. Iโ€™m currently cooking it right now and tasted the sauce and hot damn itโ€™s delicious.

  61. Bhai hndi mein kyon ni baat karte app indian log u feel same on ur langauge bro…every body jst try to keep talking in english..wat da fuck ..english is jst a language not knowldge bro..

  62. U all fuck proud to be wat u r..lyk american oh oder people proud..lyk chines..bankong…even many oder countries they lov to talk in their language..why indian people lyk to show they r so educated..coz of english speaking hahahhah so funny…

  63. Made this tonight for me and our lass and must say 10/10 we loved it. Great recipe great channel can’t wait to try more recipes. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜

  64. Looks delicious. But, I watched it twice but couldn’t figure out when to add lemon juice. Trying to make it tonight. So, hopefully you will reply soon.

  65. I have been in Ketogenic diet for almost 20 days and your channel has been a great help for me to make my food delicious and the diet easy.. I have something to ask you.. can you pleas make some easy keto smoothies

  66. This dish looks amazing. Iโ€™ve been stressing out trying to find recipes for keto meals and no offence to other channels but your recipes appeal to me the most. Question- would it still taste good if I add a boat load of spinach to the pan?

  67. I made this tonight. I’m not a very good cook but this looked easy. Not only was this easy to prepare but it was delicious too! Thank you!

  68. Oh my god๐Ÿ˜ฉBest chicken recipe EVER! I just did it now ๐Ÿ˜‚ i thought iโ€™ll finish it before my husband come ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  69. Hi, I have tried about 5 of your recipes and they have all turned out great (favourite till now being the Kerala style curry). I just have one question. Usually when I read up on Keto, they ask to stay away from processed cheese. So is it safe to use the Amul processed cheddar and mozzarella that we get here for this recipe (and otherwise)?

  70. my husband loves the pork dishes that i’ve cooked based on your recipes. i’m going to try this chicken dish tomorrow night. love your vids!!

  71. I had to come bk to this video and tell you, the recipe was AWESOME . I used shredded Colby Jack cheese instead ahs spooned the sauce over cauliflower rice. So tasty! Will make again

  72. I just made this dish with Mrs. Dash no salt Lemon Pepper seasoning and I used Sheepshead fish instead of chicken. It was delicious.

  73. My mom’s gonna try making this version March 16. I’ll let you know how it turned out.

    Edit: It come out great! We made it a few times after that.

  74. I cannot believe how good this is! My entire family loved it! They had no idea it was a Keto meal. Iโ€™m serious each one, 13, 15 and hubs said it was so good. I used mozzarella cheese, served with a side of spinach. Thank you for the recipe. New sub.

  75. Tried this recipe last night and it was so good!!!! So good that I did it again today!! New subscriber!! Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ˜€

  76. lemon pepper seasoning has the rind of the lemon in it, so i think you need the rind rather than the juice for flavouring.

  77. we did this yesterday and as we didnt have the seasoning we did what you suggested i used 1/2 lemon rind and juice and it was YUM!

  78. Just made this and it is soย so good!!!ย  Will definitely be checking out your other videos. Thank you!

  79. I advise to add lemon leaves (the thai lemon leaves ) it will add a zest and more flavor

  80. Need clarification please. The recipe itself says 2 servings but right above the recipe it says this recipe is 3 servings.

  81. Just made this tonight. My girls loved it as did the wife. Iโ€™d bought lemon pepper seasoning about a year ago and never found a recipe to use it and then stumbled on this one from the headbangers. Will definitely be cooking this one again so simple and verrrry tasty!, ๐Ÿ˜‰

  82. Sahil and Deepti are meant for each other.
    This dish will be my next chicken keto project.

  83. Iโ€™ve been struggling to find good recipes that I can make well in the first few years of my marriage, but I have to say โ€” I made this for the first time tonight and it was far and away the best chicken dish Iโ€™ve ever made for myself. I have you to thank for that. Thank you so much for sharing.

  84. That looks AMAZING!!! I got a bunch of chicken breast so I’m going to hunt lemon pepper down and make this!!! ๐Ÿ˜

  85. I am gonna start my keto diet from next week and I was searching for keto diet recipes and now the search is over. Loads of love from Pakistan ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐโค๏ธ

  86. Please put a link in your website about the various utensils you use and where you bought these from. Buying a good cast iron skillet or non stick pan is very important . You could help us in choosing the right ones.

  87. Just started Keto and this recipe was the first we tried. Oh my Goodness! It is headbanging amazing. Thank you. New follower!

  88. Just made this for dinner with cauli-rice. It was excellent. Next up, your cheesecake recipe.

  89. Great recipe video! Iโ€™m going to have to try this this weekend for me and my gf ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ Keep the recipes coming!

  90. Love the recipes but I can’t eat cheese, I can’t eat nuts, don’t like cinnamon so find it’s limiting. I just omit it n try it out. Thanks for the recipes, you’re great x

  91. Your Channel is keeping me doing keto so glad I found you as Iโ€™ve given up when trying it before!! Thanks so much guys

  92. People with acne and trying to avoid dairy products,what can be the alternatives? Also normal butter can be consumed if dairy free? Though you have an amazing channel.

  93. Lucky wife?
    Where are you from?.i know wife from Kerala.i enjoy all your keto meals from north to south . Many thanks.

  94. I just made this!! And it’s so fast and easy! Thank you for this recipe.
    P.S. I made 12 servings to feed my family. Everyone is happy!

  95. Please put the ingredients in the description. It’s a small courtesy.
    I’ve come back to view this video again and now have to skip around all over the video. Thanks for the video

  96. Although I do live in the US and can easily get this type of spice blend… I prefer to make my own. I sprinkle salt, white pepper, minced garlic flakes and minced onion flakes onto the chicken. Then… during the last 2-3 min of cooking, while the sauce is reducing just a bit, I grate some lemon peel over the top and then mix it in. (You really only need maybe a 2 teaspoon full. Make sure itโ€™s an organic lemon and wash it really well, before zesting. Conventional lemon peel can hold on to pesticides and also often has a wax coating added, to make them look โ€œpretty โ€œ… all which may not taste as good and isnโ€™t all that healthy.)

  97. OMG ITS fabulous just made this so glad thank you. I did not have lemon pepper but just squeezed a lemon ‘yum yum ‘

  98. I have a doubt about having broiler chicken in ketogenic diet….Is it allowed? please give me a clarity on this…

  99. Creamy? Cheesy? No thx. All I use is garlic powder, salt, black pepper, lemon pepper, and lemon juice. Never had cheese with it

  100. Are you sure it’s cheddar cheese and not Monterey or Mozzarella? Because your cheese looks white not orange, please advise ๐Ÿค—

  101. So the guys woo the girls by cooking for them nowadays? When I was first dating my husband back in 1993 I wooood him by cooking for him…are there any girls out there still cooking?

  102. I used this recipe today, but i didn’t have cream, so i used almond milk and butter and added broccoli. Thanks

  103. That was good. Just made it and added sauteed onions puls mushrooms. Thanks for having an awesome channel. Horns up!

  104. Thank you for this recipe. I cooked this yesterday and it was quick, simple and delicious. Iโ€™m trying your pizza crust today.

  105. Very nice and good recipe
    And of course yummy as well
    thanks for sharing with us…love from Pakistan…

  106. Cooked this for the 1st time tonight – sooooo tasty – excellent love your recipes – ty

  107. Iโ€™m serving this on top of peppery greens tonight. Just thinking about it is making me SO hungry! ๐Ÿ˜‹

  108. Still love this! Making a double batch (for the first time) tonight. Had to re-watch! Usually use a non-stick….this will be different. We serve ours with rice (for those who want it) and broccoli as a side. Now, time to get to it!!

  109. What are the tips to cook chicken juicy and not dry and chewy ?
    And can we use ginger garlic paste instead of powder ?

  110. So i’m making this tonight. I will use lemon juice because most of the lemon pepper seasoning you get here (the US) have sugar. The cream you used looks divine. I don’t think we have a comparable cream in the US. Heavy Whipping Cream (like a slightly thick milk) is a LOT thinner and i’m assuming i wouldn’t want sour cream because the flavor would be different. I’m not sure how i could thicken heaving whipping cream without starchy thickeners. Any advice.

  111. So Happy to find out this recipe!
    Me and hubby is on Keto!
    I have Done this recipe two times now , it was so good!

  112. Absolutely delicious, I have been fasting for 5 days now and I was literally craving this recipe, so Im going to cook it now!

  113. This is the best keto recipe iโ€™ve ever done!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ thank you for sharing! โค๏ธ

  114. Is it delicious or is it delicious? Maybe it is delicious and yet far more delicious than the standard delicious recopies out there LOLOLOLOLOL BTW , cooked and was delicious! Family loved it. Love you man! Greetings from Glasgow !

  115. I made this dish tonight for dinner and it was amazing. It will definitely be a mainstay at my house. Thank you for the recipe

  116. tonight was the first time I’ve made one of your recipes……and chose this one…….I added 2 fresh chopped garlic cloves and the juice of a quarter lemon (gave it all a good mix!) and it was deeeeeeelicious! My son and I had it for dinner………his only criticism was that I didn’t make enough!

  117. I tried it just now with his keto naan recipe and it was a whole other level …. thank you so much for such delicious recipe ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  118. DON’T EAT THIS RECIPE!!!!!๐Ÿคค๐Ÿ˜

    I made it over the July 4th weekend, using 3 deboned chicken thighs.

    Took it for lunch last night with creamed sauce. NOTHING ELSE BUT A SALAD WITH 3TBSP OF DRESSING.

    I gained 3 whole pounds! It tasted SOOOOOO GOOD, I couldn’t stop eating it!

    I will be making this recipe over and over again! DA BEST chicken recipe EVER!

    So simple, even I can make it. Well, o.k anyone can make it.

    Headbanger! Horns up, dude!

  119. for goodness sake, what does her Tshirt read? ๐Ÿ˜€ looks delicious, trying this next! love your videos!

  120. Just made this and loved it! Started keto a little under a month ago and this has been the easiest dish Iโ€™ve made so far! Also incredible delicious!! Thank you!

  121. I made this for my family tonight, I am trying to do keto but I donโ€™t need the kids doing it too. So I made our meal and cooked some pasta for the little ones, and it has been a success

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