Keto What I Eat in a Day!

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Hey friends! I got a lot of requests recently to film another What I eat in a Day Keto Diet video. This is what I eat in a day to Lose Weight, De-Bloat and have more energy! After a few months off I’m ready to get back into it – I’ve switched a few things up and I wanted to share what I’ve been enjoying eating! Even if you don’t follow a Keto diet I hope you find this video helpful for healthy meal/snack ideas. If you would like to see more videos like this one, let me know!


What I Eat in a Day to Lose Weight – Keto Diet

How I Lost 15lbs! Keto Diet, Weightloss etc.

What I Eat in a Day – Starting Keto again?


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  1. Trying to lose a stone off my belly as I am on 66.8 I think I will write that down in my diary in a minute TN which me luck I’m going on the keto diet tomorrow evening as I will be out all day wish me luck also will be very good for my epilepsy and mental health

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  3. I only believe in AgogeDiet. They provide you with personalized meal plan, training plan, fitness tips, healthy recipes. Thats everything you need to transform your body and get six pack 😀

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  8. Sorry, i might not understand but isn’t the keto diet about not snacking and do more intermittent fasting? if so how come your eating breakfast or do you fast between breakfast and dinner?

  9. A keto or ketogenic diet is a low-carb, moderate protein, higher-fat diet that can help you burn fat more effectively. It has many benefits for weight loss, health, and performance, as shown in over 50 studies.

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  11. I lost 70 lbs in about 8 months. Went from a size 18 to a 5 in pants. If you’re considering keto, TRY IT!!!

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  14. 2 months on keto and I’ve lost 22 lbs…just started intermittent fasting the last couple of weeks. I’m going to start alternate day fasting starting Monday.

  15. Thank you for this amazing video! I just started my keto page and would love your thoughts on it! 🙂

  16. For keto – I’m just starting , so I’m suppose to drink electrolytes drink ? Or if I drink water each time I drink water it need to have salt ? Why is this ?

  17. I am thinking about it, but I don’t know witch sweetener else to buy that I actually like, stevia didn’t work and I can’t have my coffee bitter ☕🤔😁 any ideas what does not change the taste of coffee?

  18. I’m following Ketogenic diet for last 5 years, What I learned from it

    *Super easy to follow once you are adapted which takes around 15 to 45 days.

    *Only after you are keto adapted you get all the brain related benefits( more focus, occasional high :p, no brain fogs and super concentration as I can sit at one place and work for about 8 hours without running for food or snacks)

    *8 weeks ON Keto and next 4 weeks OFF keto works for me as by doing that I face less Keto issues like dry skin, hair loss, occasional tingling in finger tips etc.

    * Do not cheat on a regular interval it increases your cravings for carbs, If you don’t cheat there will be no cravings.

    *You can’t judge this diet just by trying it for a week or so cause that’s just the transition period and you don’t see many benefits and because of your system changing to fat friendly from carb you may feel pathetic about it.

    *There are many tips and tricks I can share but this is becoming very long comment, I have a page on facebook with the name ‘Himalayan Keto adaptation’ where i occasionally share my experience and keto recipes and also help you in following.

    Feel free to join for friendly help with your Keto journey and suggestions. See you there 🙂

  19. Hi this is a great video but I just worried about you because you didn’t clean/washed your chicken with lime, salt and water before you put it to fry I mean before you even cook it cuz the chicken come with a lot of bad bacteria so that’s why you have to wash it . 🙂

  20. Okay so im new to the keto diet, and im trying to resesrch things you have eat and cant eat so i hope this video helps

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    So grateful it exists.”

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  22. “I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists.”

    Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  23. Hi Mikayla, I’m sure you’re a great person. You talk way too fast and this makes it seem as though what you say has no value to you. And I can’t understand what you’re saying. I’m English, maybe that’s it.

  24. I was really enjoying your video …. until you seasoned the chicken on the actual packaging it came in. I really hope you wash it. But then again your eating it not me 🤮🤮

  25. Just bought the Vega sports electrolytes powder!!! I need it!!! I always had trouble with electrolytes even when I did keto back 8 months ago. I can’t wait to see results again!!!

  26. I can’t stand that silly over acting . You are an adult, but talk like 5 years old. Don’t sell yourself this way…go do something else.

  27. i want to do keto so badly but cannot do bulletproof coffee 🙁 is there any options i can get in Canada that are sweet and keto friendly but not gross aftertaste like stevia drops?

  28. – Please contact me if you would like inexpensive, science-based nutrition advice from a qualified nutritionist.

  29. For the brits…. we can do babybel instead of cheesestrings. Your Brussels are huge! Add cream cheese melted as any sauce….. your meal looked dry

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  31. Keto was created for epilepsy! So I’m posting videos to educate and help those wanting to get on keto 😊

  32. Much love for all you Keto people I’m Keto too I’m a 26 guy and an athlete and I’ve got so much more endurance since starting it’s brilliant :)!!

  33. ahhh miisu kitticat:))), let him be there, he is a beautyful bonus:))), and he needs to get the taste of meat products also, cuteness!

  34. My hubby haa done keto and lost 35lbs. The first time I tried it I lost 7lbs in 7 days. But we gained it back so time to kick it back in gear. I love more tips and recipe ideas!!

  35. You talk to much I had to leave you should make videos quick and short do not show your face or life just talk make meals quickly

  36. I’m English and hearing you explain how to make the matcha tea gave me anxiety: use a spoon to stir and add milk not cream- thank you (also love these videos)

  37. Omg!!! Your respect each other intro was the funniest… it’s sad we have to be reminded of this kindergarten lesion as grown ass adults… but I needed that today… lol I’m sitting up straight now and hands to myself… love this video

  38. You’re eating wayy to little! You should consume way more fat, therwise you won’t see any results in your weight

  39. Super long video 🙁 . It would have been helpful if you could please cut through all the fluff and make more concise videos about the topic in question Thank you xxx

  40. I LOST 40lbs!!! You ask how? I visited website called *Next Level Diet*. I selected only food I like and they provided me with DIET MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PLAN, FITNESS TIPS and HEALTHY RECIPES.

  41. What are those sweeteners, because if they some kind of sugar, I have to say that you can’t consume any kind of sugar, even those sweeteners.

  42. Haha keeps throwing cat off the counter (dying). You should try training your cat to get off the counter by saying “no, off” in a firm voice and directing his way off the counter. My cats (5 & 1yrs old) are both trained to the point if I see them looking at the counter while I’m cooking I say no and they normally don’t get up there BUT when they do I say, “no, off” and they get off on their own! I don’t mind if they get up there when I’m not cooking so I think cats get confused lol

  43. Use the coconut oil instead of the avocado. Avocado oil breaks down easily when using heat , you destroy its nutrients by high heat. Coconut oil is saturated fat it can stand very high temperature for s long time. The coconut oil in your coffee isn’t necessary. You should eat a salat or something non heated with algae oil it contains huge amounts of important omega 3 oil!

  44. Now this is absolutely disgusting she didn’t wash that meat you posed to wash your chicken off and clean it that is sickening this is why I do not eat everybody’s cooking

  45. I’m starting keto tomorrow and I’m very excited! I have a horrible sugar addiction and it’s just written in my brain chemistry I can’t get away from it but I’m moving into paleo after 2-3 months of keto (I don’t really want to lose an astronomical amount of wait I really just want to change my brain) I’m gonna move in to paleo and beat my food addiction🥳

  46. Whan you stop from keto and start eating normal again do you gain all that weight you lost and if you do how fast??

  47. I’m on Day 4 on Keto and have lost at least 10 pounds so far. It’s most likely primarily water weight, but it’s definitely showing on my body already. So excited!!!

  48. First video watched after two years of not being on Keto. I was on Keto close to almost a year and lost a total of 41 lbs. Today going back one it, especially because of this quarantine.

  49. The Vega drinks that you’re promoting… Seems to come in some kind of container… Does the container hold the powdered pouches?

  50. Hello I have a question I’m currently doing the keto diet but I only eat one meal a day because I don’t get that hungry but when I eat my meal I typically only eat 5g of carbs is that bad? Will eating only that much not get me into ketosis?!

  51. Thanks for sharing. BTW, the best nutrients in the avocado are in the darker green part next to the skin. I recommend scraping that out because it’s so good for you. A little salt helps the taste if the avocado isn’t quite ripe.

  52. Not a good idea to cook with olive oil since the heat causes more harm than good, coconut oil is best since the heat does not break it down.

  53. Morning
    2 eggs, salt, pepper
    1 avocado
    + electrolytes (keto bone broth f.e.)

    Bulletproof Coffee: Collagen Peptides + coconut butter + heavy cream + vanilla + Fat Snax Cookies
    Matcha with heavy cream

    Cucumber + cheese strings + some blueberries + pecans

    Chicken tighs + avocado oil + salt pepper + seasoning salt + brussel sprouts + heavy cream

    Before bed
    Chocolate bar dark chocolate
    Tea with cream

  54. Thank you so much for posting this video you are super adorable with the softest energy I am trying so hard to start this diet and I already started but I don’t think I’m doing this correct

  55. Do you know if you put some aluminum foil on your counters when you’re not there when your cat jumps on the counter the aluminum foil scares him or her and he or she we’ll never get back on The counter again just an idea if it annoys you that he or she keeps jumping on the counter

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  57. Just to say, if you need to lose weight, go for the lower fat meat. You will then use more of the fat already stored in your own body for energy.

  58. Not saying anything negative, but please note when you start keto and initially drop weight, it’s water weight.
    Carbs make you hold water, so when you drop carbs, you drop water (which is why she’s saying keep your electrolytes in check). Your weight loss typically slows down not too long after you start.

  59. I’m a student…. & I prefer to study till late in night….. So i feel hungry till late night….if I’ll not eat properly n then I can’t study….. I don’t think I can go with keto diet.

  60. I love this video. I’m on keto and I do 16 hours fasting with my valvular heart disease . I’m on my 19th day today.

  61. Besides your videos being awesome, I had to subscribe because of your awesome personality!!! 🤣 I loved your intro btw! Specially how you advocated for respect ✨✌️

  62. Just stopped in to hear what you eat in a day.. but wasnt looking for yet another “look at my overdone hand gestues and I think I’m cute” type of video.

  63. I’ve been wanting to try keto diet but its impossible for me to keep on it for long terms like because of the environment i live in it and guys seriously it is so hard
    Like i need to live alone avoid all those fam meetings and events to keep my keto diet
    So i was wondering if i did keto diet for a certain time and then i want to switch back to my usual diet what should i do and how to so i want gain so mich weight back?

  64. “I recommend using this custom keto guide if you want to get slim: ** it works great in 2020 for me”

  65. Wow really appreciate and inspiring. I’m just started my Keto diet. Let’s hope for the best insha Allah.

  66. If you love Brussels sprouts so much, you can make a snack out of them by slicing them in half and roasting them with a little olive oil and salt and pepper on a cookie sheet and serving with an aioli dipping sauce. For the aioli, I just mix a little coarse ground mustard and garlic paste into mayonnaise and it’s really delicious, high fat.

  67. Anyone know how to do keto on a budget. I’ve blown my month living budget (literally all money left over after rent) in 2 weeks trying to do keto :/ so I’m gonna have to just fast every other day or something until my next pay check at the end of the month. Really don’t want to have to do this every month. Any help?

  68. that coffee looks more like hot chocolate. What kind of coffee was that? ALso, its not suggested to eat fatty cuts of meat unless you are sure the animal has eaten either free range and has had no hormones ever or has been grass fed and grass finished. Otherwise, the fat on the animal will collect all the “bad stuff” consumed by the animal. Add fats to lean cuts of meat to avoid this factor. Make sure the brand of Himalayan Pink Salt isn’t a fake product. Some manufacturers color regular salt and sell to gullible consumers. Lastly, the fish treats…even one can throw you out of ketosis. Are you even wanting to go into ketosis? It doesn’t look like it.

  69. Oh for Gods sake would you stop and get right to your video
    So politically correct you are makes me sick
    Do what you want and so will the rest of us
    And you speak way too fast

  70. Hello,
    I have some questions, is it okay to have other fats such as cheese, sausage, ect.? Some that may not be the healthiest and may have more saturated fat? Is that okay or will that impact your body in a negative way. Should you have those in moderation? Could you list more of the fats you have frequently. Also, I know how carbs and sugar impact skin (acne) is it proven fats help acne research given? I’m also around 72 kg (160 lb) 5’9 what would you suggest for how many fats per day?

    Do you have any carbs??

    Hope to hear from you Thank you:)

  71. i thought that avocado oil should be eaten raw/uncooked because otherwise it gets toxic like all the other vegetable fats….

  72. I have some questions:
    What workouts do you do?
    Proteins shakes, yes or no?
    Do you intermit fast for days or only after a certain time in the day?
    How many meals do you have in a day? 1? 2? 3?
    Detox teas, yes or no?
    Digestion helpers, yes or no?

    Really want to start Keto but seriously dont know where to start!

  73. Powerade zero tastes just like regular Powerade but it’s zero carb, zero cal, perfect way to stay hydrated and get electrolytes

  74. Do not go to ketosisbreakthru in the comments. Matrix computer trolls. None of the commenters have content on their channel. 🤨

  75. Who else is here and she’s so confused because thy are so many videos on YouTube and thy are all somehow different 🤦🏻‍♀️

  76. I like Italian zesty dressing & 1 tbs. real butter not margarine, 1/3 cup water salt simmer till tender with lid on ,remove lid turn up to med heat till water cooks out& browns.. Love your video…….

  77. i would suggest waiting a while after eating dinner to eat dark chocolate or else it will inhibit nutrient abosrbtion!

  78. I have to go back on Keto. I was so much better on Keto. I need to go back on it. 😩 I’m so busy but I can make it work. I need to. I will feel so much better once I start again. I can do it!!!! JUST DO IT!!!

  79. Spoiler Alert: is an ad for a Keto pill to be taken with ACV in lukewarm water… your magic fix 🤢

  80. Summary: 2 fried eggs and 1 avocado followed by coffee with creamed coconut, drink water and cucumber to go hungry between meals, 3 chicken thighs, brussel sprouts fried with avocado oil. For dessert earl grey tea and dark chocolate. How many calories was this? How many calories do you eat most days? Thanks.

  81. I know this kind of coffee sweetener it’s called skinny syrup. I’m not a big fan of coffee but when Iut that in it tastes soooooo good. It comes In all kinds of falavoures such as… peanut butter cup, blueberries and so on but I’m telling you that you need to try it. And it’s good for the diet

  82. OMG thank you for this video. I’m actually dying knowing that there are COOKIES I can eat while on Keto.. so many good suggestions 😍

  83. If you do keto then the keto pills from will take your weight loss to the next level

  84. I finally found something that works for me. I’m taking the keto pills from and so far I’m down 12 pounds in 14 days

  85. If you do keto then the keto pills from will take your weight loss to the next level

  86. I finally found something that works for me. I’m taking the keto pills from and so far I’m down 12 pounds in 14 days

  87. Thanks for your video. However, we should avoid processed cheese and animal fat is saturated so it should be limited and avoided. Avocado and eggs are my favorite breakfast choices and Keep me full for a long time. ☺

  88. This morning I stepped on the scale to see I’m already down 12 pounds this month using these keto pills

  89. I was thinking she would put the avocado on toast..then I remembered you can’t eat bread on keto😔😔😔

  90. i’ve just started keto diet so this video is really great and i will probably ask my mam to make and bye some of the thing you mention

  91. Lol who cares about the chicken… the cat on the counter did it for me. No cat hair in my food/drink plz 😂😂

  92. I just wonder how many cat 🐈 hairs have you ate in your life lol 😂! Don’t get me wrong I love cats but not on my kitchen counter that I cook…

  93. Holy wah that is such a good idea to pan the chicken before you bake it!!! I’m So doing that from now on!!!

  94. highly recommend keto to anyone looking to get healthy FAST. I’ve lost 50 pounds on the keto diet and going on this specific diet was the best decision i ever made.

  95. Don’t cook with avocado oil. It has a low heat resistance and can become a transfat. Try olive oil or coconut oil.

  96. I’m happy that you feel better on the keto diet. I have a lot of food allergies and I’m still trying to find a balance between stuffing my face and eating healthy.

  97. I’ve heard people who say when they first start keto, they feel really sick. was that the case at all with you? im curious on trying keto or the 21 day meal plan!!

  98. So what can u eat more in the middle of the day… breakfast could be easy. I wanna go to the gym monday till friday. So i need to eat healthy i think keto diet sounds pretty good

  99. Usually they say keep to fat content high for a Keto diet I Cooked my 2 eggs with lard with a piece of meat and a cooked jalapeño all cooked in lard 😀

  100. I’m on my 8th day on keto and I’ve lost 3” of my waist. I’m doing keto with my own twist on it so I’m getting faster results MashAllah

  101. Does anyone know what kind of cat is that! I have a older cat it’s like that and recently found one in my garage. Lol

  102. oliveoil is not to heat , because if you you heat it over 180 Degrees celcius it will develop poisioning steam , so baking and frying is not good for Health, just usee other oil, sunfloweroil or cocnutoil

  103. I love your cat it’s so cute and adorable by the way I am 13yrs old can I do the keto diet ??? I’m a girl

  104. *Snacks cheese ect.*

    One hour later: “it’s one hour later and I’m starting to get hungry now” LOL! 😊Btw, I do it the same way👍😁😋

  105. I’m starting this in the morning and love the fact of keto diet allowing good fats ,loved this video really inspiring and good wholesome tasty food ,not boring rabbit food ,will post an update of my journey !,cheers keto Kellie from Australia !

  106. I had high hopes that this viedeo doesn’t start with an intro and just goes down to the thing… 😑😂

  107. Thank you so much for the fat snax cookies and smart sweet recommendation, i bought both products and i loved them, especially the cookies 🥰


  109. Hi I love you video. New to your channel. My husband I just started the keto diet. We both love it. Do you have any info you can give for first timer on keto. Thanks Allie

  110. I’m sorry for all you guys who think you have to wash your meat when you cook the meat all the germs and bad bacteria gets cooked away therefore making it edible that’s why tartar (basically raw meat that’s been slightly cooked) is edible cause it is cook for a little bit so all the germs get cooked away. You don’t see Gordon Ramsey (one of the worlds top chefs) washing his meat cause its unneeded.

  111. Hey. Is it necessary to ollow the keto diet while having keto tablets? Is it like without following the diet there won’t be any effect?

  112. Wash ur meat girl! I don’t understand how people do that what if it was dropped on the floor before it was packaged yuck

  113. I used to think fingernails on a black board was the most annoying sound in the world… but then I came across your video…

  114. If you google fat diet atherosclerosis, then there are countless sites stating that diets high in fat and cholesterol cause clogging of the arteries. Only one hit states the opposite. What does this tell you? All experts and doctors are idiots? Only members of the keto cult know the real truth? Ridiculous. Sooner or later, Keto will clog also your arteries, even though you might loose weight.

  115. New to you tube and to your channel. Looking forward to learning your journey. Smashed all the buttons…ty for sharing

  116. when you do the keto diet do you gain it all back again?
    like, if you don’t do it for a week or when you can’t anymore let’s say 1 or 2 months later, will you gain all the weight back again, cause i’m thinking about trying it but if the weight comes back again i won’t-

  117. I was having a lot of trouble burning pounds but finally ended up going with and couldn’t be happier. Down 12 LBS in 3 weeks.

  118. Loss 60 lbs in 2 Months just following 28 Days challenge its easy and simple to Follow Instructions Here is the Sign up Form :

  119. If your into sweet coffee you can find sugar free coffee syrups at T.J. max and Marshall’s. My mom is a big fan of the skinny girl brand. She is also on the keto diet.

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  121. I was going to probably subscribe to you at the end of this video, but as soon as I saw your beautiful cat I was like “YUP I LOVE HER, let me subscribe now”

  122. Just ordered the shark tank keto pills this morning from but I think there is only a couple left in stock

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  124. Just ordered my new keto pills from after my friend told me she had been using them to lose 1 pound per day

  125. The Keto challenge works good with the right routine of exercise. I lost over 51 LBS by combining a moderate exercise routine with this supplement

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  127. I was having a lot of trouble burning pounds but finally ended up going with and couldn’t be happier. Down 12 LBS in 3 weeks.

  128. I’m surprised the shark tank keto pills on aren’t more expensive. Complete no brainer before summer

  129. Extremely impressed with how well the shark tank keto pills from are working for me

  130. Seasoning salt has a sugar on its ingredients
    You’re not really on ketosis! You’re just eating less, and look at those sugars you’re eating and cravings sugar. If you’re really on keto you’re body doesn’t look and craves for sugar.

  131. Great video, i like it. Guys checkout this great channel about keto diet. Lots of weight loss and keto videos.

  132. It doesn’t matter how many ways you cook Brussel sprouts You will never get me to eat that. I’ll take regular cabbage please. 😂 I love this video Thanks for sharing ☺️💜

  133. Please people make sure you clean your chicken!!!! This young lady did not!!!!! Took it right out the package! An please keep the cats and dogs out the kitchen….other than that!!! This was a great video

  134. It’s so cute that you call it “cheese string” instead of “string cheese”. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your meals!

  135. Hey guys copied this from another group but thought it had great info for beginners:)

    For the newbies !

    No fruit, unless it’s berries in moderation
    No wheat
    No sugar
    No grains
    No pasta
    No potatoes
    No rice
    No beans
    No starches
    No milk as it’s loaded with sugar. ( unsweetened almond milk is recommended.)

    Meat, cheese, eggs, vegetable, nuts, and healthy fats. It’s simple. Stick to that, and you should be ok!

    Vegetables that should be avoided are :

    Sweet potatoes
    Carrots – can be used in moderation, just don’t go over board.

    They are full of starches and not recommended.

    Make sure to drink half your body weight In oz of water as well if you aren’t getting the adequate amount of water it can be bad for your kidneys! This applies for all forms of keto.

    Do not forget your electrolytes, they are needed daily.

    A good form of electrolytes is:

    Powerade zero
    Pickle juice
    Pink Himalayan salt added to your food

    Strict keto – counts all macros, does not eat processed foods.

    Lazy keto – doesn’t track all macros, still eats processed foods, as long as they are on plan

    Macros are a break down of the calories you intake for the day. Which should be :

    5% carbs
    20% protein
    75% fat

    Carbs are a limit – try not to go over your carb limit.
    Fat is a lever – you don’t have to meet your fat macro, it’s simply there to help you get full.
    Protein is a goal- try your best to reach your protein goal, but try not to go over. Excessive amounts of protein can cause you to stall in weight loss.

    Anything other than this food group selection would be considered low carb. Also, if you are in ketosis, and eat outside of this food group not only could it take you out of ketosis, but it could spike your blood sugar! Which can make you sick.

    Hope this helps. 😊

    A Keto Helper: The FREE 28 Day Meal Plan With Recipes,Macros & Shopping List

  136. Great video Mikayla! Tomorrow will be 1 month since I started Keto and Intermittent Fasting, I feel great and love it. I’m down 27lbs. without exercising. I weighed in at 199.6lbs. this afternoon.

  137. My mom is on a diet and wants to try Keto but I’m on a weight gain diet if she where to cook the proper foods for the keto diet would it affect my weight gain process??

  138. Really enjoyed this video!
    I just started my keto channel, you guys should check it out when you have a chance 🤗🤗🤗

  139. you’re VERY helpful! thank you so much for this video!! i am actually thinking and wanting to start this diet!😆🧡

  140. I kinda live after the keto diet, but at the same time doesn’t I. Fx. I choose the lowest fat in meat and that kind of stuff. I have only done it in few days, but I think it’s work for me, aha

  141. You are very beautiful, attractive and exciting I have a pcos but I’m thin how to follow kittogenic diet without losing weight?!💜

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