KETO TIPS | How Do I Know How Much & What To Eat On Keto

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So, youre getting ready to start keto … and you just dont understand just how much or what to eat! Listen into this Keto Tips brief video. Were going to assist you through those starting keto diet decisions.
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COMMENT below: What did YOU do when you initially started keto?

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Youre getting prepared to start keto … and you simply do not understand how much or what to consume! Listen into this Keto Tips short video. Were going to help you through those beginning keto diet plan decisions.
Creator of Taras Keto Kitchen & Whole Keto. When you click on them and make a purchase, my blog gets a small % as a kickback for referring you based off the overall dollar quantity in your cart.

6 Comments on “KETO TIPS | How Do I Know How Much & What To Eat On Keto”

  1. Someone 250 6 feet needs to lose about 60 pounds. I wish it was 40, because that is about what I was and I’m down 40. You also lose a lot of water weight and muscle. I figure I need to lose 70, and then work on gaining back the muscle I lost. I wish gyms weren’t closed, so I wasn’t losing as much muscle.

    I don’t agree with what people with sweet tooth should do. I used to eat tons of soda and junk food. Eatting a little bit even with artificial sweeteners just made me crave it constantly. I had to stop eatting anything sweet tasting for at least 2 weeks before that stopped. Now I cheat on my diet once a week, but usually it is for pizza, mexican food, or pasta. I’ve dropped 40 pounds with 30 more to go.

    I also don’t think a desk job makes you sedentary. You can still be fairly active with a desk job at least if you don’t have kids.

  2. I just purchased your cupcake 🧁 ebook from amazon. This will be my first time working with coconut 🥥 flour. Thank you for all you do

  3. Some people are j just born greedy so even with keto and fasting they’ll still want to eat lots of food

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