KETO Snacks At Sam’s Club❤What To Buy

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76 Comments on “KETO Snacks At Sam’s Club❤What To Buy”

  1. really wanting to join sams,, so this is great to get an idea what to get,, so hard to not over do at new to us stores

  2. Think I need to get a Sam’s membership again – seems like they have a whole lot more than Costco! Hopefully the Sam’s in my area will have a lot of the same stuff….

  3. The net carbs on the vitamin water zero I think is lower then the label indicates as one of the sweetness is Erythritol. No way to confirm that but it is the second ingredient on the one I usually will grab to drink from time to time.

  4. Didn’t know that about zip fizz, I love them but will start getting away from them, not a fan of xylitol and just found out the ones I have have 2-3 carbs each, when I’m done, I’m done 😩

  5. Ok, this makes me want to go to Sam’s and get a membership! Looks so good and so do the prices for such quantities of everything.

  6. My favorite keto dessert is frozen blueberries, sugar free syrup, butter pop it in the microwave for 1min add sugar free whip cream, so easy and delicious, it hits the spot

  7. Need to update my membership so I check these out. Quest protein drinks are good to mix with cold coffee with some Ket o skinnysyrups and heavy whipping cream. Like having a dessert in the morning.

  8. I love the white cheese you showed at the last. It lasts for ever in the fridge. Great for pork rind nachos.

  9. Random but I always think how amazing your eyelashes are!!! Thanks for all the low carb motivation!😊👍🏻

  10. My problem is I don’t have the space to shop Sams (or Costco) often. Lol. But I have been known to stuff my clothes closet, the kitchen, and laundry room full of stuff. Haha.

  11. Well you’ve showed more than I ever get. I always get these good items: rotisserie chicken, salad mix, bacon, meat and coffee. CREATURE OF HABITS 🤣🤣

  12. Love your snack videos so thanks for doing a Sam’s version! My favorite keto snack at Sam’s is pistachios, one of the lower carb nuts and I think even lower than almonds. They have a box of snack size bags of pistachios which I prefer over buying a big huge bag.

  13. Those Spicy Dukes Shorty’s are my favorite!. Also, I don’t know when you filmed this but those Jack’d packs expired the 3rd of July!. 👀

  14. I get so excited when i see you posted a new video! You give me so many ideas!💜💜💜

  15. I would stay away from the Monster Energy Drink, even though it is sweetened with Erythritol, it also contains Acesulfame Potassium, which is a sweetener too and has been known for knocking people out of Keto. Avoid drinks with AP. Diet Drinks without AP are Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper – All other diet drinks usually contain AP. Great Video BTW!!!

  16. OMG Kristi, thanks for all you showed me im going to Sams tomorrow so now i no what to look for!!!! you looked so pretty today in your video..Thanks again for what you showed me..

  17. Love your videos!! Ordered some quevos chips today from one of your earlier videos, excited to try!

  18. Wow!!! I have walked by so many of those items at my Sam’s and I have never heard of Pickled Sausage!! Is that a Southern thing? I’m from California, lol!!

  19. You are such a sweet heart! I love how real and honest you are. It is so hard for those of us who deal with emotional or binge eating. Thank you for being vulnerable and all you do to help. Your Facebook group is amazing and I love how helpful and non-judgmental everyone there is. Thanks for being amazing! ❤ 🤍 💙

  20. That white cheese dip is AMAZING! I love to eat it with low carb tortilla nacho chips. I also love those olives but you gave me some new ideas, thanks!!

  21. Good mornin beautiful…great video…hope ur doin better with ur anxiety…mine is still crazy…luv ur beautiful friend😚💖💖💖💖

  22. Wow thank you so much for this. I definitely have to go back and get some of the things you mentioned!!!!

  23. Sam’s is so cool! They have such an awesome keto selection! I cant believe they have kiss my keto bars now

  24. Hey queen nice video mmmm yup snacks I like the premier Protein but high but now dollar tree have them now I can get more for my buck and these pork grinds is a great price I those a lot

  25. My favorite sparkling water at Sam’s is Topo Chico Lime. 30 bottles for $20.98. It’s far better than LaCroix.

  26. I could live on all these snacks! My son loves the pickled sausages. I can’t bring myself to try them. We do love everything you highlighted, but we prefer the Jack snacks cheese over baby bell. So yummy!!!

  27. Thank you Kristi!! Going to Sams today so I’m gonna pick up several of these things you mentioned. ❤️❤️

  28. Thank you for showing all the great items. I finally place an order with Perfect Keto. I got the peach base. Can you tell me how you make the peach slushy. Do you have a favorite drink that has electrolytes but not all the filler types of sugar? Thanks for all your hard work for these great vlogs and Facebook page. 💜

  29. Today is almost like Christmas! At your recommendation I ordered Southern Keto cookbook, and it arrived today! I can tell right away it will become a favorite. Thank you a million times over for all you do for us!

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