KETO SNACKAGE!! | Trying Out Keto Snacks And Foods | Bread, Cheesies, Crackers, Sauces! | Tesco Haul

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Skinny food company (always loads of deals and giveaways!).



Almond Flour.

Atkins Crackerbread.

Cacao Butter.


Fattbar (register to newsletter to get 10% off).

Cheesies (get 10% off).

Marine Collagen Peptides.

Lo-dough (get 15% off).

23 Comments on “KETO SNACKAGE!! | Trying Out Keto Snacks And Foods | Bread, Cheesies, Crackers, Sauces! | Tesco Haul”

  1. Awesome video Lexx – I’m just starting keto again, so this was really helpful – defo going to buy some skinny sauces + crispbreads 🙂 yum yum XXX

  2. Hello Lexx🙋🏻‍♀️your channel was in my recommendations, no idea why but I took a look & I’m hooked! Really interesting channel as I know others who are doing keto & I can pass your channel on to them. I don’t do keto but I’ll watch your channel regardless. Do you have family or do you live alone? only wondering as I’m interested in how you manage your diet with others to feed? Thanks!

  3. thought Pepsi max had a lot of false bad sweetners in and be the worst of the lot , but could be wrong as I dont understand how Keto works and how it can be good for you with all that fat, as I do calorie counting and a balanced diet (its a bit low carb ) without cutting out any food groups . But find this interesting so open to learn about it , if its good for weight loss , understand sugar is the enemy xx

  4. thanks Lexx. Very interesting. I’ve no idea why but couldn’t see the links on laptop, but could get them on mobile. Anyway, I’ve ordered from the cheesies, and the lo-dough so looking forward to those arriving. Can I ask, does the lizza stuff have long use by dates as I’m not sure how quickly I would use them all.

  5. Amazing video Lexx, thank you so much. Been on my low carb now for almost 2 weeks (started by watching the yummy food in your vids) and really enjoying it.

  6. Lexx, been doing keto for a month. Can’t believe how much more energy I have. Used to need a regular afternoon siesta. Not anymore. Also feel calmer and thinking more clearly. Can better focus on the eBay death pile. Thanks for sharing your knowledge x

  7. I’m wanting to try low carb stuff for my two adult children who both have type 1 diabetes. I have been watching lots of youtube videos about how carb counting does not work for diabetes and that very low carb diet with a lot of protein helps maintain a much better balance of blood sugars. The idea is to balance the amount of insulin you need with the protein – not the carbs – so the lower the carbs the better. It is contoversial as it completely goes aganist what all the dieticians (who advise type 1 diabetics) advocate. So thanks Lexi for your video with plenty of links for me to check out.

  8. Thanks for doing this type of vlog, your knowledge of KETO is invaluable and saves me time and money trying stuff out for myself. Currently on OMAD but once I reach my target weight I intend easing up a bit but sticking with KETO to stay there. You are looking great and so exciting to hear about your surgery, you deserve it 👍👏💕

  9. Enjoyed watching you eat and choose food. Not so keen on Google/YouTube’s choice of ads though…one minute I’m watching you nibble away on nice food, the next there’s an earwax removal ad with very close-up images lol! 😭

  10. Hi Lexx..loved this video ..interesting to see the different snacks .The cheese snacks look nice …I’m gonna get some from H &B to try .

  11. Hi Lexx,I’m quite sure we are not the same species.I would never eat any of that food.We are like chalk and cheese where diet is concerned.Interesting none the less.❤️

  12. Great video I enjoyed the grocery shopping and sharing how many carbs were in the food. I’m interested in trying the Keto Diet so I appreciate your knowledge thank you!

  13. I think extra virgin olive oil is only for salads etc and shouldn’t be heated. You can however buy light virgin olive oil which is refined and safer at high temperatures so good to fry with etc 👍🏻

  14. Fab video Lexx, thanks for sharing….. I will be trying some of these for sure. You are costing me a fortune 😁💕x

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