Keto Recipe – Keto Sandwich|LCHF Recipe|Omelette Sandwich

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It is a weight-loss meal. This sandwich is typically a Low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF)/ Keto diet strategy sandwich. those who remain in this ketogenic diet strategy or LCHF diet plan can take pleasure in the taste of sandwich in this technique …

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Omelette Sandwich.
It is a weight loss meal. This sandwich is usually a Low carb high fat (LCHF)/ Keto diet plan sandwich.

Butter -2 to 3 tablespoon
Onion – 1 tablespoon
Carrot -1 tsp( optional grated).
Cabbage – 3 tablespoon( carefully sliced).
Capsicum – 1 tablespoon (carefully sliced).
Pepper powder – 1 tsp.
Salt to taste.
Eggs – 2.
Cheese pieces – 2.

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300 Comments on “Keto Recipe – Keto Sandwich|LCHF Recipe|Omelette Sandwich”

  1. Bravo…its good for keto diet. And yes,looks like a sandwich. Keto ppl cant have a normal sandwich so this is a KETO SANDWICH.

  2. Hiii our dout choduchotte thangalude vedioyile watermark moneteration chythappol enthankilum issus undayo.

  3. This is what my grandparents ate in the 60’s too bad they died of coronary disease… low carb = high fat = high cholesterol = poor TC/HDL ratio.

  4. Is carrot and onion ketos????
    Sorry but holding the omlet in your hand doesn’t mean it’s sandwich ???

  5. Go to buff dudes for a true carb free buns with only three ingredients to make it with! They are cloud buns, you can make them with cream cheese too instead of yogurt!

  6. I made this today, it went amazingly, it is delicious, but I didn’t add capsicum though. Thank you for the recipe

  7. Bravo. Is someone interested about Egyptian food plz subscribe me ❤❤

  8. Too easy, too delicious, too inexpensive, yet, wholesome nutrition and not too filling and yet KETO FRIENDLY.! To me it looks like an everyday treat to wake up for.

  9. Love your creativity. I never put cabbage or carrots with eggs or made a sandwich that way. Can bring to work for lunch and reheat. Thank you.

  10. I don’t understand why carrots are on keto ???? I saw so many videos that included carrots in the metro diet which is not allowed . Am I wrong ?

  11. You can’t call this a keto recipe. These vegetables you have used are not allowed for keto meals. Don’t mislead the people

  12. Remove the carrots if you are on keto because carrots are starchy veggies. Good job on flipping I always fail on that part. Also you can try cream cheese instead of cheese slices because cheese slices are highly processed and contain sugar and no cheese at all it’s an option for people who are really health conscious. I will try this soon. But instead i will put chicken or turkey inside and make the eggs my wrap.

  13. all the people complaining abt this being an omelette. Like what do u expect?? A whole a*s sandwich with flour and filled with meat? It’s keto. Go eat ur Mcdonalds if u don’t like this. bruhhh

  14. Found your video, tried it and it is delicious 😋 thank you for posting this recipe. 👍🏼 I greatly appreciate it.

  15. Had me interested right up until they added that god awful processed cheese ! Spend a couple of bucks more and purchase the real natural cheese. I mean why wouldn’t you use some grated american cheddar or grated mozzarella or swiss etc…

  16. What’s so keto, about this so called sandwich, which is just a ordinary egg & cheese etc., omelette! Duhhhh!!!!🤪🤓

  17. Add mungbean sprouts and shredded instead of chopped cabbage, hold the cheese, and call it egg foo yung.

  18. Oh yum. Sandwich omelette with cabbage!!! I’m so going to make this. I’m already dreaming up Asian variations & creamy french variations & spicy Italian variations & indian variations.
    What a fabulous base recipe.
    Thanks for sparking my interest in cooking again.

  19. Had to give a thumbs down for CLICKBAIT! Hopefully you’ll remember next time not to commit one of the worst YouTube sins. DON’T USE CLICKBAIT

  20. La recomiendo, yo la hice para mi hija y para mí y está buenisima, además es super ligera. Le puse como guarnición unas alcachofas al vapor y una ensalada de apio, manzana y queso de untar. De postre unas fresas con medio yogur griego. Ayuno intermitente de 23/1 y al dia siguiente 1 kg menos. Genial.

  21. We’re all just giving you a hard time…. We DO appreciate your time and effort that you put into your videos! THANK YOU!!!

  22. I eat this everyday- it’s called an “omelet “, lol
    The one in this vid looks delicious, tho

    Make more with different ingredients!!

  23. Looks delicious, but please keep stainless steel stuff out of the teflon pan. Use wood or plastic. Your pan will be gratefull.

  24. I’d like the omlett sandwich… but hold the bread,please. No wait! I’ve changed my mind… I think I’ll have the omlett instead.. 😜

  25. I make this very often but I cook some Pak choi, that’s a green leafy veggie, and I sandwich that with grated cheese in the omlet. …very tasty

  26. Its a sandwich if it got bread. This just a veggie omelette with cheese. I thought you put it on a bread made of almond flour or something 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  27. Total carb count would be nice. Opt to leave out carrots and trade white onion over red for lower net carbs.

  28. This is Klancy, the KETO Konstable, and we’ve had komplaints from the KETO Komments Kommunity that you are klearly kommitting sandwich fraud. I kommand you to drop the spatula, kwickly kome outside, and face your konsequences…….

  29. Me bohat prshan hn meri shadi ha 6 mah bad or mera weight 90 kg ha mjy koi achi se diet btay plzz

  30. I want you to know I saw my gf watching this only to immediately pick up my own phone and find this video to let you know that you made an omlette.

  31. So you made an omelette… do it with organic musclegg egg whites and use one slice tillamook white cheddar. I am doing this tomorrow morning 🙂 Thanks!!!

  32. Wow super yummy po nyan for sure ..andami po cheese ..may bago po ako natutunan sa inyo ..salamat po .

  33. Thanks for the recipe my family loved it…I added the onions spinach bacon crumbles added to mixture and served topped with sour cream and sriracha quick easy and satisfying

  34. Looks good ❤🙌 but I wouldn’t call ot “keto” with the carror adedd to it even if it’s”optional” don’t name keto 👍

  35. Again with more butter! Can’t eat that allergic to cow stuff & eggs and peppers!:( But nice grilled “cheese” sandwich.

  36. It’s not ketogenic. You’ve put carrots in it. Carrots contain little amount of sugar. From next time omit it. Beetroot also, of course, you’ve not used it in this dish. Try avoiding onion also. It too contains little bit of sugar but lesser than carrots. But ok. It’s a small compromise.

  37. 멋진 요리 영상 너무
    잘보고 힐링하고 갑니다
    즐건시간 되세요😀😀👍👍

  38. I still don’t understand how do people lose so much of weight eating this much butter and cheese in keto diet ? I am vegetarian and hardly use 2 spoon oil for full day meals but I can’t lose as much weight …

  39. What about cholesterol levels and heart issues with so much of fat in keto diet ? I always have this question

  40. Keto? Seriously? With loaded of cheese and butter? Please do your research about keto recipes. 😲👎

  41. Very nice and healthy recipe 👍👍😊. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. Subscribed with bell on 🔔🔔🔔. . Stay connected 😊

  42. Wow superb recipe dear friend 👌👌 big like….. thanks for sharing 👌👌👍👍

  43. Mouthwatering recipe 😋😋
    Subscribed 👍🔔
    I hope you will do the same 👍🔔 Plz Watch nd support

  44. Looks so yummy 👌 very healthy and testy recipe friend 👌 nice cook 👌 thanks for share 😒 have a nice weekend 👌

  45. Wow look so delicious so yammi 😋😋 feeling hungry 😍😍 hey new friend stay connected ❤❤❤

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