Keto Pecan Pie Recipe | The NO SYRUP Keto Pecan Pie (Gooey & Carmely Perfection) with easy crust!

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The perfect keto pecan pie without using any syrups…gooey…luxurious…carmely.

We use allulose, butter and xanthan gum to create just the right texture for pecan pie. Plus, with only 2 net carbs per serving, this keto pecan pie is difficult to distinguish from the real thing!

In making this recipe, I learned quite a lot from reading traditional cookbooks and learning how traditional pecan pies are made. I decided that I wanted mine not to use any of the expensive sugar free syrups on the market… I wanted to stick to more whole food ingredients.

Get the printable recipe (and nutrition info) for this keto pecan pie here:

The press in Almond crust in this photo was cooked uncovered, if you’d like less browning, go ahead and use a pie crust shield when you put your keto pecan pie in the oven.

Now for the ingredients you’ll need to make this keto pecan pie:

Almond Flour

Xanthan Gum


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Another sugar substitute such as:
Bocha Sweet

Lakanto Monk Fruit Blend (save 20% with coupon code KETOKITCHEN)

You’ll also need:
Butter, Heavy Whipping Cream and Eggs

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21 Comments on “Keto Pecan Pie Recipe | The NO SYRUP Keto Pecan Pie (Gooey & Carmely Perfection) with easy crust!”

  1. Thanks! This is one of the few recipes I’ve seen that looks exactly like the real thing. I can’t wait to try it for Christmas!

  2. The frustration with all of your keto pecan recipes is just about every one use a different sugar substitute , some different syrup or fiber etc. something different and those of us like myself are not skilled enough in keto to know whether we can substitute or not. One called for 1/4 tsp of something none of the others call for. Very defeating.

  3. I just made this today and it’s cooling on my counter. I literally have not smelled anything so delicious in a long time!!

  4. Your channel is awesome, but dang there are so many ads trying to read the recipe on the website, especially on a phone, it’s nearly impossible

  5. Looks incredible! I noticed you used two different sweeteners. Is that because of how they combine to produce just the right amount of sweetness? Both are pretty costly, so I am wondering if I need both.

  6. Bocha sweet and allulose don’t seem to be readily available in my neck of the woods….can I just use Truvia stevia? And if so, how much?

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