Keto Hacks to deal with Lazy Keto by Dr. Boz

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Heres a quick video of what I think are some great Keto Hacks to Deal with Lazy Keto. If you enjoy these Keto Hacks then dont forget to Like this video and Share it with Friends!


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Heres a fast video of what I believe are some terrific Keto Hacks to Deal with Lazy Keto. Throughout this July 4th Holiday you may find yourself practicing “Lazy Keto”. Whatever the reason may be, I have some easy Keto Hacks to assist get you back on track and boost yourself into Ketosis. If you delight in these Keto Hacks then dont forget to Like this video and Share it with Friends!

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89 Comments on “Keto Hacks to deal with Lazy Keto by Dr. Boz”

  1. I’d love to be able to follow a ketogenic diet, but I know myself, it wouldn’t be possible. So I guess, fasting will be for me

  2. I’ve been STRICT keto since 8/27.
    My morning Dr. Boz ratio has been consistently under 100 since I got my meters on 9/16.
    Fasting more than 24 hours still makes me sick, BHB or no BHB.
    If I don’t eat fat before bed, I don’t sleep well and my morning ketones are low 0.8 instead of 1.1+ (bs is in the 80’s either way), so I still eat after 7.
    I’m giving myself a week off the last week of October.
    I’m hoping that by then my drive to have that week off will diminish, but for now, having that on the calendar helps me through the weak moments.
    I’ve been losing an average of 9 lbs/week, but I started with an enormous amt. of inflammation.
    5’8” 400 lbs CRP 16.1, fasting insulin 45.8 😬

  3. Good information, the hard part is really sticking to and getting the determination to do it. I try each day but at some point lose it…need to figure it out.

  4. Dr. Boz, you mentioned that it has been 3 years since you have been on the Keto diet. Why did you stop? I thought Keto was a lifestyle change, not just a diet to lose weight. Just wondering why you stopped?

  5. Hi Annette, I have been Keto for 9 mts now and just got myself some ketones in a can and some strange things have happened!! I take them once or twice a day.
    1) my blood sugars have settled and are not spiking for no reason.
    2) my ketone levels are slowly rising!
    3) and I am finally getting some really good Dr Boz ratios.
    My only concern is… is this real, or fake ketosis? I am a lot warmer so burning lots of energy.
    Plus I lost 2 kg this week. So it doesn’t feel fake. But many key Keto advocates say don’t take EK. What is your opinion?

  6. My impression was that lazy keto was just counting carbs and not keeping macros on anything else. No keeping tabs on fat and protein, not counting calories, but just counting carbs.

  7. Having the powder in very warm water actually tastes better. I learned this from Lachlynn. I’ve never mixed it with heavy cream because I’m not sure how much to use or if you whip it or just drink it. Can you mention that in a video?

  8. Hope your enjoying the summer you truly deserve it. You do so much for our keto WORLD and summer goes by way to fast . I know my wife and I are going as much as possible. So please enjoy your family and we will be looking forward to hearing from you later.

  9. I love your enthusiasm and the way you simplify the process. I purchased your powder and pills. The powder doesn’t dissolve very well. But the energy it gives me is phenomenal. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, beautiful lady.And also the powder makes a terrific tea in place of coffee. Blessings to you.

  10. I haven’t had liverwurst in years Now as for this ketones in a can or capsule, it’s not necessarily to buy products to create ketones. our body has the efficiency to create Keytone’s so ingesting ketones isn’t needed. As for the keto flu as long as you are in taking electrolytes and or pink salt you can keep the keto flu at bay.

  11. I know you are a busy woman and Dr but I haven’t found a FaceBook group page for you!! I’m go to the other FB’s Keto group pages recommending you and your video’s, all the time!! These other Dr’s don’t highly recommend a ketone monitor. So I just bought one on my own! Please consider a FB group page for your book and fans!!

  12. So this is July 6. I was suppose to be on a sugar fast but I caved and had a quest bar, 2 fat bombs, cottage cheese and pineapple. Yum. I’ve been on a plateau and it got to me esp. With the holiday. Sooo, I decided to fast today. It is a 27 hr fast so far; my BS is 90 and my ketones are 1.4. Whoop. Ratio 64! My ration is usually well over 110 so I’ll take the win. My goal is a 36 hour fast. I hope you are having a wonderful vacation and your dad is doing well. Oh, I found out another You Tuber’s sister has stomach cancer. Her sister said, her doctors office – Kaiser, gave her information on the Keto diet. You can see her sisters story, tippy tales.

  13. I do a “modified keto”…..never taking in more than 50-75 grams of carbs per day. Keto made me lose too much weight…I had to incorporate some carbs back in to my diet as to not get too skinny! I did not want to lose all my muscle size and look ‘flat’. Another observation I made on my version of Keto is that the workout suppplement,Creatine, works better. I get the increased strength and pumps,,,,but not the water bloat since I am not taking it with the recommended high carb diet.

  14. When I use the term “Lazy Keto”, for the people I help, I tell them there is NO tracking, no recording, no extra wasted time. Just keep in mind that a Carb is a Carb, so knock them out at every chance you get. I have seen much success especially with the truck driver men. Using the term “LAZY” tricks them to doing KETO!

  15. Our bodies evolved on an intermittent fasting keto lifestyle. Let the sugar burning type complain. We don’t care.

  16. What are they ketosis numbers 20,40,80… When i test here in Canada I see 1.6 up to 2.3 ketones … So i dunt know what the 20,40,80 are. It’s this an American measurement? Ah capsule dunt sell to Canada in amazon. 😢😢😢

  17. Hi
    Your videos are really very useful ، Thank u . Can u plz advicde us abt P shot and also abt true niajen capsaules .
    Thank u

  18. Hi Dr. Boz,

    I am from Myanmar. I am age 33 years, 174cm height and 200lbs. And i have hypothyroid disease and high Uric Acid disease. I have plan to Keto diet on next week. It’s safe for me?

  19. Dr Boz, have you read How to starve cancer by Jane McClellan? Only certain forms of cancers respond to keto while other types are accelerated by keto diet.

  20. For me lazy keto means I stay at or under 20 carbs a day, but I don’t really track my other macros. It’s working for me so far. I’ve lost 30 pounds in 4 months.

  21. I’m still trying to wrap my head around keto. May 1 I dropped sugar and starchy carbs. Breads pastas and potatoes.
    Used lemon and apple cider vinegar and cranberry in a drink to cut the carb cravings. Tried a couple of apps to choose wisely for keto eating. I believe I was having too much fat for me the app recommended 123g a day. I have been switching between 2 meals a day and OMAD. my energy has increased. I have started walking more but the scale is not moving much. Hoping that because it’s not moving I am healing my liver but it’s hard to tell. Will keep going …have 70+ to lose. It just seems my body is very resistant unless I am doing this majorly wrong.

  22. For me u r dead wrong on this. I’m 72 and lost 120 lbs in 14 months and improved my health dramatically. I have never used a ketone meter and never explicitly tracked my macros in that whole time. I’m sure I’m in ketosis most of the time as my hunger reduction and energy increase indicates to me. I do pay attention to the carbs in things and avoid them whenever I can while not being afraid of protein and saturated fat. This is my version of lazy keto and it works for me.

  23. can you do a video again about hair loss. My twin sister and I started in January on Keto and here it is June and we are losing our hair Yes we are old , 66. so we have questions thanks

  24. Excellent video – Thank you Dr. Boz for this video! Extremely helpful! Been on keto diet since May 7th – learning learning learning! You are my go to Doc!

  25. Awesome video. Thanks! One word of caution about Buffalo Wings: Sauce. Often the sauce has loads of carbs. Good solution: George Stella’s Food You Crave the Low-Carb Way cookbook.

  26. Really enjoyed this. I’m an all or nothing kind of person and you explaining the sure way to get into ketosis suits me fine. I did atkins many years ago and it workedas advertised. Kids now think they[ve invented it again with Keto. Something I’ve learned this time is there are degrees of Ketosis. It’s not all or nothing. Don’t think that was made clear by Atkins.

  27. Thank you for this information and reminder for myself. When I’ve had some higher carb days( within the realm of low carb 100 gms or so) I reset by getting back to the basics. Fast for 36+ hours, to decrease my inflammation and then ease into fat and proteins. I check my DB ratios during the process to make sure I’m on track. That’s the beauty of our intelligent bodies. When we stray away from what our bodies really require, we can get back and reset. I don’t do it often, but it’s great to know we can reverse things and get back to feeling our best. Thank you for all you do for this community in trying to educate us. God Bless. ❤

  28. Actually, fasting is the laziest thing of all, lol. That’s why I like it. I don’t have to deal with food.

  29. Is there any evidence that exogenous ketones are safe during glycolysis? After all, there aren’t many ways this condition can happen in the nature. Concerned about the possibility of ketoacidosis.

  30. Dr Boz, please explain why the pills have so fewer mg of bhb compared to the drink mix powders. Are they just as effective using less and how?

  31. I’m so confused, I usually do 16 to 18 hours of fasting and my numbers at the end of the fast are great ! 1.7-3.0 in ketones and 60 to 80 sugar leves.
    Well on the last 3 days after I eat for some reason I get headache so I check my ketones and I’m out of Ketosis ! 😥 what’s going on ?
    I’m been on this diet for the last 3 months so I know my food is keto friendly. Please help!

  32. My understanding of lazy keto is completely different than yours. Lazy keto to me is not tracking your macros beyond staying below 20 carbs a day.

  33. Lazy Keto to me means I’m only using urine strips twice daily. As long as it says I’m in ketosis I’m good. But I intermittent fast daily.

  34. You teach us with such enthusiasm that your eyes are brighter than ever in this video. Thanks for keeping us all healthy.

  35. Been on the Keto lifestyle since Feb. 4th and I haven’t looked back. Cholesterol dropped from 221 to 140, blood sugar is normal and I’ve lost close to 60 pounds. Started at 300 to date I am at 242. No turning back, my goal is 185 but I’d settle for 200. Encouraging to hear that Dr. Boz has been doing this for 3 years now. I have heard that it is a short term diet. I will revisit that thought in 2 1/2 years. For now, I just plug along. Thank you, Dr. Boz, I try to send people to your Youtube Channel whenever we talk Keto!

  36. Stevia does not spike blood sugar but it DOES raise insulin! It is my understanding that research shows that Monkfruit does neither. Could it be the increase in insulin caused by stevia without actually having the blood sugar increase that results in the craving?

  37. I wonder how much the so-called “keto flu” is really withdrawals from grains (see Dr. William Davis).

  38. there to costly and not needed, the cheaper MCT are more affordable !! and you don’t need it after your on keto a few months !!

  39. In the lazy keto Facebook group I’m in we consider lazy keto to be minimal tracking-carbs only instead of all food. I practice intuitive ketosis and just check blood ketones and glucose instead of tracking my food

  40. Great video, the foracare meter has been a big help for me in keeping my diet clean and cutting out foods and drinks that spike insulin.

  41. I know the best answer is to take it and test… but are the capsules likely to break a fast? I’d like to know before I purchase them if they are more likely or most likely not going to break my fast. I don’t have the energy, clarity, focus that supposed to come with keto (been on it 6 months now). But some one gave me BHB and the 3 doses Itook made me feel better.

  42. I do also know… if we share our information with ones we Trust…
    The Benefit always increases…
    Read Lies” if you will…
    by Yevgeny Yevtushenko…
    There is no Higher Truth.
    Peace out Guardian.

  43. Take a look at Autopage”.
    That Principle can aid the Time issue of Metabolism by giving our Digestion system full time Required
    to empty the Colin and replenish that cycle for full absorption and utilization of changes in the Chem transfer of one cycle to the other… Packin it all in tooo tight to function is half that issue.
    we can review many issues…
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    and im gonna want you to look up the GE majick” ok
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    I am giving you What I got… choose the value fo yourself.
    as we Both must see…
    The question has Become
    is The Value of Humanity
    Wasting in the very Blindest of us.

  44. know how in the medical Books sometimes there are like 10 questions,,, although you only gotta answer the first 5… are you Familiar with that concept.
    most people only answer those first 5 right not…
    Well… that aint for the Gnosis…or Others Benefit…is it
    it is The Lazy Dr wanna get outta Medical school fast is it not…
    Wonder why? if Not fo The Money.
    Hummmmm…. is it not questionable.
    Most Med student only answer those first 5# questions…
    Law is the Same way…
    pretty much any Discipline that Does is lazy… or willfully Ignorant.
    and Harmful to Others.

  45. I’d Like you to Read something…
    The Emerald Tablets of Thoth,,,
    When you Finish the Third Reading…
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    You might wanna know what im lookin at..,
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    I do Know,,, with what you know…. Your Knowledge will Increase by Magnitude fast…
    3 Times round go ye… got it…
    Try not to share Before you comprehend what you are looking at ok…
    just Be Patient” Doc’.
    be Prudent… open yo mind just a lil wider…
    The Benefit to you and Mankind will Increase…
    Then we can talk…
    you will be somewhat Prepared… ok…
    or well… not so much
    Choose well Guardian.
    peace out.

  46. is Lazy Dr’s a Thing… are Hypocrites All Over the Medical Field… is it Really Ethical Dr’s give Two
    Shiites and a Duck about… is Humanity Really What anybody Cares about.
    when it is One fo the Money,,,
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    I would like to Chat…
    right now…im just Think Bout How Im Gonna say what I need to say…

  47. My wife and I have started the carnivore diet as of 7/1/2019. Starting off with low to no carbohydrates. We both have done keto before with success and improvement in bio markers; lowering blood glucose, weight and blood pressure. In May I decided to do an experiment and go back to eating anything I wanted when I wanted and drinking anything I wanted. My glucose went from 70-80 and jumped back to high 80’s to 115+, my blood pressure and heart rate increased and I gained 14-16 pounds in 60 days. In less than a 48 hours my insulin, BP and weight has returned and my body is starting to produce ketones. Thank you so much for teaching better health, preventive health or health knowledge? Thanks for giving of yourself and changing one life at a time.

  48. Going in and out is not good for me. I love to stay within my near zero carbs as possible all the time. Does that mean I do not have a treat on occasion? No I use proper plan and ensure I check my BG and stay within my limits. Learning your body will help you know when and what you can have.

  49. I’m wondering if Keto is appropriate for Stroke survivors. Stroke victims need ways rebuild the brain cells and make new pathways. I’ve searched but no one mentions stroke.

  50. I’m 11days into Keto diet. My Dr Boz ratio is in the high 30s. Thanks for all your great videos, Dr. Boz. I have learned so much, and I am off to an awesome start on my Keto journey!

  51. *I don’t lose weight on a Water Fast like I expected I would.* It’s full Keto.Can’t be in Keto better than on Water Fast.💥 👉 *SUCCESS IS DEPENDENT ON EFFORT* 👈 💥🏆 *MY 63th DAY WATER FASTING TODAY* 🏆I did an 80 days Water Fast before and gained a bunch back!🙁 *Weighed 166.8 Ibs few days ago.37 pounds to go.GOAL Is 130 Ibs.Was 280 Ibs a few years back.* Was wearing approx size 50 pants.💥🏆 *YOU CAN ALWAYS COME BACK FROM FAILURE!* 🏆🎆 Wearing size 32 skinny pants now and small T-shirts!😁Taking Electrolytes
    (Potassium, Sea Salt, Magnesium),Vitamins & Essential Minerals(Iron every other day).Without supplements you will get very ill.➡️ *Consult your Doctor before doing something extreme like this!* ⬅️

  52. Any chance you could do a video for people that are doing the diet right ( have the fora monitor and in ketosis) and not losing weight ( even though have weight to lose) – at what point does a male with 50 lbs to lose who is in ketosis but not losing starts to fast multiple times a week? Stubborn metabolism.

  53. I would like to see pictures of Dr Boz that’s before and after and maybe even a few each year she progressed.

  54. This is exactly what I needed. I have been ‘thinking’ about going keto for MONTHS and have been afraid to jump in. I meet most of the ‘crisis’ items — 36 hour fast here I come.

  55. I so needed this information, Dr. Boz. Thank you. . .Thank you. Prays for your Dad and to you and your family. Such a tender time in y’all family. God Bless.

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