Keto Fried Pickles | Dash Recipes | Keto Snack | Low Carb Diet

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Fried pickles? UH yes please 🙌🏽 Keto “Fried” Pickles in under 2 mins?! HECK YES!!!! When I tell you that these are so simple and quick and sooo yummy! I’m speaking the truth! But you have to try it yourself! Do it! 🤤

You have pickles? You have cheese?? You have a dash?! Yes? Then do it, do it now! Well if you like pickles LOL 😂

Enjoy them and curb the cravings!! Soon I’ll be making other fried pickles with a different prep that take a bit longer. So be on the look out!


3 Comments on “Keto Fried Pickles | Dash Recipes | Keto Snack | Low Carb Diet”

  1. What an inspired snack! Thanks for this one👍. Keto saved my life and I lost 52lb but now I too am changing to low carb/cal deficit, because I don’t like missing out on the occasional sweet potato, banana or my favourite parsnips and I am sick of high fat. A reasonable dash of olive or avocado oil suits me better. 😊
    My favourite snacks are crisps (UK)/chips (USA), especially if slightly spicy with bbq or sweet chilli flavours, and dunked in guacamole or any tasty dip .💖

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