Keto Delivered Review and Unboxing | #20Under20 Mini Challenge | Keto Snacks Taste Test

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We hit you with a Keto Delivered review and unpacking today. It wasnt too long ago that we did a Keto Krate review, so this will offer you the information you require to choose between the 2.

We strike you with a Keto Delivered evaluation and unpacking today. It wasnt too long ago that we did a Keto Krate review, so this will give you the information you need to choose between the 2. Inspect us out on social media, we are putting out all kinds of high quality high fat content! We are working hard to offer you with the tools to succeed and enjoy on your Keto journey.

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Keto Delivered Review and Unboxing|# 20Under20 Mini Challenge|Keto Snacks Taste Test.

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Keto Snacks Taste Test.

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59 Comments on “Keto Delivered Review and Unboxing | #20Under20 Mini Challenge | Keto Snacks Taste Test”

  1. Yo I was just thinking about keto delivery it would be so cool if there could be away i can get different meal preps already made and just have it all delivered to last for a mouth that way i can just grab cook eat and then work out

  2. U guys are probably the best couples I have seen in my life time. Hope I can find such a compatible relationship like u 2 have😌😊….not easy to find.
    It really seems u both respect eachother. And matt u have that caring genuine persona towards Megha and that is nice to see for alot of woman who dont have this or find it hard to get.
    Hope u dont mind….I thought of this watching this video and others! Big fan….and I appreciate ur videos!! Very informativeπŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Lol. (Matt says about cookie. I don’t really like it.) As he continues to eat the cookieπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. I want to try that, but looking at some of the other unboxing videos, it looks really hit and miss. I don’t if I want to drop 40 bucks and risk getting mostly stuff I don’t really want.

  5. I like your guys videos and watch them often, but I find with some of these your audio is pretty room-y. I know you’re always trying to improve and working out of an apt can be tough, but you could eliminate a lot of that by recording in a smaller space or against a wall etc. Just makes it clearer and easier to listen to πŸ˜€ <3

  6. oh my goodness. gotta say I adore you both. So much. I bought Lilly’s chocolate just because of you. … and got super excited at Halo Top flavors 😊lol! Anyhoo…. when you guys show close ups of stuff. If you put your hand behind it then the camera will focus on it. And clearly I only know this because I watch make up videos lol. I just started Keto about 2 months ago. Lost about 21lbs. I’m kinda stalled, but I weigh over 400. Just so you know – you inspire me and make me laugh and keep me motivated. love u guys!

  7. I’ve never heard of ketolent until now. My brother’s doing great on soylent, but I function better on keto (energy, sleep quality, no bloating, notable fat loss, and brain function is where it’s at). Thank you for the review, I’m so freaking excited!

  8. Man I kinda want to try this crate as keto krate doesn’t look that good but $40 a box is a lot! Better to use that $40 on the snacks I think. Like some PORN RINDS πŸ˜€

  9. I love how honest you guys are with the review of each product. No butt-kissing or product placement nonsense whatsoever. Thank you for your honesty!

  10. If you like the 40g bar, then you MUST try the 10g little bars: they have an orange flavor (favorite of my daughter) and a mint (tastes like a Frango mint)! Seriously awesome. Also have cooked with Chocoperfection and it works well–especially if you supplement a bit with erythritol / stevia.

  11. Love the video, awesome review, I’m loving my keto lifestyle and this box will be great to order, I can’t wait to get mine, I love how you guys are really picky, but now overly picky, just honest and raw with your review. Keep the videos coming, I’m still catching up on your older videos while trying to keep up with your new ones….
    Philly In the House

  12. What is the limit to the amount of protein and fat you should have while your on a keto diet? Please and Thank you!

  13. another question i wanna lose more weight in a month. would dairy free keto help? πŸ˜€ great videos BTW! Keep em comin

  14. do u know about any box where we can customize what we wanna order like i dont eat beef or pork so those jerkies would be a complete waste for me?

  15. choco perfection also makes a bar with almonds which is as yummy. They make chocolate chips and chocolate drops. You should be able to find them at a health food store. Lilly bars are very good also, low in carb.

  16. If you’re big chocolate fans, you should try the Sukrin chocolate bars. They’re a bit pricy but the milk chocolate and chocolate with almond bars are uh-MAZ-ing and they are definitely melt in your mouth! πŸ™‚

  17. I’m on a dairy free keto diet and do not eat nuts because they make me bloated. What are some quick snacks I can bring to school/work? Great channel btw! Definitely my favorite amongst other keto channels πŸ™‚

  18. One of my Christmas presents to my husband was 3 months of Keto Delivered (and yes, saw that on your gift ideas video). We broke into the Rawxies last night before I saw your unboxing. Can’t wait to crumble them up on a salad. Their other flavors sounds interesting as well.

  19. You guys need to get a crockpot and go to a butcher shop and get some bones. πŸ˜€ You can make GALLONS of bone broth for $11. Water + Bones + HEAT = Bone Broth.

  20. Best unboxing video I have seen. Love your honesty. The diva in me loves that you both are picky in different ways.

  21. I want this so bad but no international deliveries.
    Also, love you two. Great dynamic and I loved when you both sniffed the broth together and when Megha shared the kiss with us. You’re both just very entertaining xx

  22. I have a business trip coming up. Do you have any awesome travel tips? I am new to your channel and enjoying it very much.

  23. Ketolent looks like they are selling one day supply for $15? Does that look right? I wonder if its for one drink or a few. Seems pricy but I want to try it!

  24. What are 2 of your grab & go snacks when you are hungry? I live in Canada so I can’t win anything but wanted to ask.

  25. Love your videos as usual. You guys are one of my faves as you are authentic, down to earth, genuine & approachable.. Please don’t change when you get Youtube/social media famous. I find a lot of youtubers who end up getting a million viewers & famous become all ‘professional’ & lose what attracted them to viewers in the first place. I mean I am all for you taking Keto Connect to the next level & making a ton of money for you but please don’t let that change the core of who you are. Kudos to another excellent video πŸ‘.

  26. Keto delivered looks very interesting. I’m in the same boat where I was looking for more grocery type items, like that kettle and fire bone broth, but had trouble finding them for a good price or available in Canada at all. Unfortunately keto delivered doesn’t seem to be anything different with US being the only shipping option. Are you aware of any similar services available outside of the US that stack up to the quality of keto delivered?

  27. Lol “poop in my pants” I totally fee you though .I get so excited finding new things I can eat!! I just subscribed to you all and tried your fathead and cauliflower pizza today…I love it and your channel!! thank you for your recipes!!

  28. First, I think you guys are mad cool. Is Matt stoned though? It’s cool. I just always think he smoked a bowl before filming! Keep on keeping on y’all! ✌️❀

  29. I was so excited to get my box of keto kookies and they made me sick. It was too sweet and made me nauseous.

  30. Lol part of me gets nervous when Matt says he likes it…what does that mean? Is it sweet or no because we all know Matt would eat sand lol *cough* mug cake

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