Keto Chili Recipe | Easy Low Carb NO BEAN Chili For The Keto Diet

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This is THE BEST Keto Chili Recipe! It’s easy to make, there’s bacon in it, and it doesn’t have any beans. Plus, you can make this low carb chili on your stove, or easily adapt it for your crockpot, or your instant pot!

Stuff I Used To Make Today’s Keto Chili:

Beef Bone Broth:

Cheaper Food Scale:

My Food Scale:

Keto Tomato Sauce:

Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies:

Hot Sauce:


Chili Powder:

Garlic Powder:

Tomato Paste:

Written Recipe:

Keto Chili Recipe | Quick, Easy, & Low Carb

This Keto Chili Recipe Makes About 10 Cups of Chili
Macros Per Cup:

310 Calories
21g Fat
8g Carbs
3g Fiber
20g Protein

113 Comments on “Keto Chili Recipe | Easy Low Carb NO BEAN Chili For The Keto Diet”

  1. I made it. it’s ok. Its just not the same without beans. Even though i added cheese and ate it with avocado i still wasn’t satisfied. Had to eat a little more to get full. I know i can add black soybeans but i can’t find it at the stores in my city. I can’t find a lot of stuff in my city. Very annoying 😒

    I would have to order it online. Not something im gonna make again.

  2. I never thought about adding bacon to chili-I can’t wait to finally get so cool weather so I’m in the mood to make a big pot of chili. Definitely going to add bacon!

  3. Omg thank you so much for this chili recipe ….. made it tonight for the first time I absolutely loved it … will be one of my favorites now
    Sooooo much flavor……

  4. Was this supposed to be comedy red hots not hot jalapenos aren’t hot I mean the recipe is interesting but yeah this was kind of ridiculous and for whatever spiciness you gave it you completely destroyed by adding the sour cream

  5. Joe!! I made this yesterday, kept the recipe, but I added 2 extra bell peppers. SO GOOD! After inhaling 2 bowls, yes two…..I still have 5 meals left for the week. Thank you so much. I will be following more of your channel. THANK YOU FOR MAKING KETO SO EASY AND ENJOYABLE!

  6. I made this! Delicious, Instead off meat I used Beyond beef and vegan bacon with a veggie broth!!! SO GOOOOD! Thank You for the guidance!

  7. OMG! This was so good I did not even miss the beans. The only thing I left out was the jalapeno. I didn’t want it that hot. This recipe will be a staple for me this Fall.

  8. DUDE! I just made this the other day. I made some turnip french fries and had chili cheese fries. The next day I used it for chili cheese dogs (no bun of course). Then a bowl a day since then with a blob of sour cream and some shredded chedda!

    You, sir, are a rock star. Thanks for the continuous onslaught of recipes.

  9. Just made this and im sooooo happy I put some aside before the rest of my family found the pot, all the rest is completely gone!! Thank you for the delicious recipe 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  10. Mr. Duff,
    That’s all I am going to say! I just made this and my mother could not stop eating it. Thank you so much for sharing. The best keto chili.

  11. I have to say, I feel like your man card needs to be suspended for using those overly cautious yellow gloves to cut the jalepeno.

  12. I made this last night! Doubled the recipe for my huge family & cooked it in an 8-qt. cast iron dutch oven.
    They devoured it! No one said a word about no beans in it!
    Def a keeper recipe!

  13. You are the real MVP, the award 🥇 goes to you!!! Making this!!! Been wanting to make chili for the last 2 weeks! I’m set! Thank you! ❤️

  14. Hmmm. It seems that your method is to not drain the ground beef. I think I would cook the ground beef in a separate skillet, drain it, then add it to the veggies in the pot!

  15. Ok. Just finished eating it. Bruh. It was super bomb. I used siracha instead of the Frank’s red hot. My family finished it though 😢

  16. I just made some chili last week in the crock-pot. I like using the crock pot.
    I also like mine with less tomato stuff and more spices. Some people are tomato chili people and some aren’t. It’s a personal preference.
    Chili on!!

  17. I made this today!! BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will last me for a few days I could eat it twice a day and not get tired of it!
    Thank you so much for the recipe. ❤️

  18. Uh, chili without beans isn’t chili…it’s just chili sauce, and the only thing it’s fit for is hot dogs.

  19. bell peppers have a lot of sugar, I don’t think that amount is good to suggest to people who might not know.

  20. I found a real kick butt non-keto chili recipe and I will try this one. It has some big shoes to fill but I will try it. It looks really good.

  21. Making this in the morning as winter ❄️ has decided to visit us again. Some of your “corn bread” as a side sounds like a WIN! For meal prep 😉

  22. Delicious- thanks Joe!!! I enjoyed one of your yummy mug cakes today the chocolate coffee one. I love all your recipes!!!

  23. Omg!! I’m so excited 😆 I cannot wait to make this. Btw I like the way you said oregano lol 😂

  24. No recipe card? I get it, getting me to watch again eh? Sneaky ol chef! 🙂 I was going to do a cheeseburger casserole tonight, but this sounds better. Going back to the market after work today!

  25. Nice video. When I make my chili, very similar to yours, I make it in my 5 quart cast iron Dutch oven. I then put it on my pellet smoker uncovered and smoke it with some Jack Daniels charcoal pellets for 2 hours at 180F. Man oh man does it add some great flavor.

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