How to Start Keto – The Ultimate Guide!

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How to Start Keto – The Ultimate Guide!
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How to Start Keto – The Ultimate Guide!
How to Start Keto – The Ultimate Guide!

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615 Comments on “How to Start Keto – The Ultimate Guide!”

  1. Hey! We’re doing a 50 day “New Habit” challenge to start the new year if anyone wants in. Just go to and print off the 50 day worksheet. Turn your New Years motivation into lasting habits!

  2. For some reason keto has always been a quick adaption for me. Like it takes me about 2 days to go from glycogenic to ketosis

  3. I was going strong for about 3 weeks, not full on keto but very low carb, high fat. This weekend decided to “splurge” on regular pizza, per our family’s regular Friday night pizza night – SOO paying for it today 😩. I feel so nauseated, weak, dizzy, thirsty, dry-mouth, stopped up, etc. Wish this wasn’t a thing to have to deal with if I ever stray from it.

  4. Hi guys, I watched few of your videos and you usually recommend beef and chicken, I didn’t hear about pork and ground pork. You don’t eat pork? It’s more fat in pork I think, and I heard red meet harder to digest then pork.

  5. I had to pause the video laughing in the first 20 seconds because the automatic subtitles said “with an awesome introductory taquito series” and I’m essentially a toddler

  6. This is great.
    This was my plan… to try and keep it simple.
    Every thing I find makes it complicated. I wanted to make it cost effective because my husband will not be eating this diet and my son will probably try some of mine..

  7. @14:51 You started talking about “steam it” since I have hearing issues want to make sure what you said. was not “Stream It” that a website or a whole new thing like You Tube and hey I’m a chatty Kathy how’s that comment $ rebate work.

  8. I asked a friend who has used Keto for the best source on how to start Keto and he recommended this page. I really appreciate your attitude–kinda chill–because I can be pretty compulsive about doing things “right”! I intend to start soon, but of course I need to do my research first.
    BTW: I tried to use your macro-calculator and I couldn’t get it to work…help?

  9. This was great. I’ve been KETO successfully for awhile, this was a great review, Checking all the boxes and making sure I’ve got all the bases covered. Thanks!

  10. Hello Matt & Megha I love you both enjoy watching you all. I am interested in your plan program but I wish you all would offer a discount code or a discount period. Please advise thanks

  11. I’m viewing from Scotland and I’m amazed at the amount of supplies I can get in local supermarkets for my new keto diet. I did not realise, or notice, how many products were on the shelves that originate in the USA. I’m delighted to see that, as there us a lot of negativity about the quality of American food within the political furore linked to Brexit. Keep up the good work, I’m really enjoying your videos and the food you recommend.

  12. The Magnesium supplement you linked to is Magnesium Oxide with Amino Acid Chelate.
    Does this mean it will break a fast like Branched Chain Amino Acids?

  13. Going and looking at videos. Just started a few weeks ago. Question? Where do you all live? I notice the Austin T-shirt.

  14. Hi keto connet I trying keto for the first time I was starting with a coach but after a conversation I realize that her idea of keto was not eating at all going on 24 hour crazy fasting days was not my idea of keto and I declined the contract. I want to feel great with lots of energy that’s why I think this diet it’s perfect for me. so here I am lost I’ve been searching around but didn’t connect with anyone until your information and videos are everything and a little more. I am so happy and I want to thank you both for putting the time to help others like me.

  15. I know this video is over a year old, but just wanted to say this is the first thing I’ve showed my husband that got him excited about changing our diets. On to video 2!

  16. I love your videos but when Megha speaks, Matt isn’t relaxed. He’s waiting to speak. I know a lot of people talk about Matts speech impediment but that’s not what I’m talking about Let the woman speak please

  17. Not gonna lie. I watch the two of you because you are f***ing ADORABLE!!!!! That’s it 🙂 But you are also really helpful and inspiring and I’m going to try keto for the 3rd time starting Monday. Wish me luck!

  18. Quick questions to any one who can answer it…
    I sometimes feel sick to my stomach after digesting healthy fats (mostly coconut oil/milk, and bacon. But I’ve felt weird after eating cheese and having foods with olive oil on it.) I can handle meat, fish, avocado, nuts and seeds, etc. just fine.
    Does any body have any suggestions to adding in the healthy fats to a diet subtly and slowly? (I’ve tried smoothies but have the same sick feeling). Or is there any substitutes that anyone knows of for the healthy fats so my diet wouldn’t be as limited?
    Thank you in advance! 🙂

  19. Do you have any reccomendations on where to start with a keto diet that is more vegetarian focused (or more specifically pescitarian)? I am interested in keto eating, but I am getting overwhelmed with all of the info and how most websites just want my money. lol.

  20. I just started keto.. 3 days no caffeine and bulletproof coffee makes me throw up. I keep trying it and I cant keep it down. I really don’t like butter and i love my coffee iced.

    I feel like 0g of sugar is impossible but i keep trying. Most vegetables contain natural sugars even asparagus.
    3 days and I always go over 20g of carbs. I go over my protein intake too and I can’t meet fat intake.
    Everyone tells me to quit but I’m only 3 days in.
    I usually have 800mg of caffeine 6x a week. I’m an on-the-go mom 6x a week.
    I’m searching for the perfect keto coffee that tastes good.
    I’m lost on how many grams of sugar you can have.
    I eat eggs, turkey bacon, almond milk, asparagus, ground beef, ground turkey, chicken breast and skin on thighs.
    I suck at keto

  21. The problem I’m finding is most of the sites I read up on have conflicting information with each other? That’s right. Like sucralose. Who watched your video on sweeteners and sucralose have no impact. but then someone else posted an article on a Facebook page I follow that says even pure sucralose causes weight gain and insulin spikes. How in the world are we supposed to know what is right?

  22. I love that you mentioned the high on protein issue towards the end because I track my macros and I always feel like im always going over my protein limit and it was just nice to hear that thats an issue that beginners have. I will strive to get better 🙂 thanks for the videos.

  23. So you guys mentioned that you use my fitness pal. I also use it and I was just wondering how and if you could program it to calculate net carbs? It just shows grams of carbs. And it does show fiber so I could just calculate it myself but I was wondering if it could do it for me?

  24. You can’t do 0 carbs, because body needs some carbs to produce erythrocytes. You see, erythrocytes has no mitochondrion so they can only use carbs as energy source.

  25. Good day to the two of you. Thanks for all of your time and awesome information on the Keto Lifestyle. Truly Enjoy. I was attempting to go to your link for the Meal Prep Course. Although, McAfee is blocking it due to it being a Malicious Site. Are you aware of this? Please advise? Thanks Again for all of your amazing information on Keto

  26. I just started keto today yay! I’ve been watching your videos for awhile and I absolutely adore you both! Thank you for all the info, everything you do is so appreciated!

  27. Hey Guys!!! My boyfriend and I are beginners to keto but my concern is he’s diabetic and on insulin shots so being on keto for about two weeks his sugar level has dropped but to low like 60 so how does he stay away from sugar if sugar is what he needs to take if it drops to low and how does a person get out of being a diabetic on keto I’m really trying to help him

  28. Thanks to you guys (and pointing out pseudo-keto foods) I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks, my doctor was impressed. Thanks and I look forward to watching the rest of your videos!

  29. Please do a video on meal plans for people who can’t eat dairy and eggs. Puhlease! Finding it hard to reach macro levels.

  30. 420 lbs and going on keto cause I don’t want to die, Your videos are funny but very helpful. I have a foodstamp type of budget and the walmart grocery video helped me figure out my macro levels and ways to achieve them

  31. The 17-Day Diet is a complete e-book for you to learn from ZERO how to lose weight fast and healthy in just 17 days! Even if you do not have much time available and you do not know anything about healthy eating or weight loss, you have the VIP Group on Facebook and Daily VIP Transmission List on WhatsApp with special instructions from the coach challenge, over 250 lowcarb & detox recipes, exercises, audios to combat anxiety and binge eating crises and a community of people motivated to lose weight in a healthy way and without suffering.
    buy now and see for yourself

  32. Do you guys live in Austin?? I like the shirt. I did low carb AIP for two years but then added more carbs to heal my adrenals. I’m attempting Keto now!

  33. My favorite snack is cubed cheese and grapes. I used to eat it for dinner every day. I can’t imagine life without it. What do you suggest I replace it with?

  34. you guys are awesome..I just started and your videos are straight forward, honest and motivating. Everything I was looking for. Thank you!! Happy New Year

  35. I just found you guys and this whole playlist of getting started with Keto and you’re the first people to make sense to me and make it seem easy enough for me to do!  Thank you so much!!  I’m doing this diet to fix my health issues and I was getting to the point where I was close to throwing in the towel.  So thank you for showing me how to make it simple!!!  <3

  36. Really enjoyed this video on keto – an easy way to begin with just counting carbs. I have slowly been decreasing sugar and wheat products – now I am ready to start counting the carbs.

  37. I have found that I just don’t get drunk, I have never drunk alot of liquor. But this last fall me and hubby drank some gin, and then some more, and then some more ! We had at that point been on keto for 8 months ,and had not broken that fast for over a month. I barely got a buzz, I have never in my lifetime ingested as much in an evening. Went to bed, and woke up rearing to go. Not even a hangover.

  38. TODAY my husband and I started our KETO JOURNEY! Made our Day one video and I sure hope as we do follow ups to have some good results and updates!

  39. Aghhh! So last Friday, I had a couple friends over. I’m not a drinker. Like, maybe once every couple months I’ll have a couple glasses of red wine. Anyway, I had about three glasses of red wine, but over the course of a few hours. I was definitely tipsy but not out of control, and again, I was at my own house, you know? I ended up puking my guts out. It was kind of horrifying! I just kept thinking, why did this hit me so hard? This is the second time in my entire life I’ve thrown up because of alcohol. The only thing that has really changed is that I now eat keto. I didn’t expect being in ketosis would affect how I handled alcohol. Lesson learned!

  40. Keep the carbs under 20net grams no matter how heavy or tall you are or anything like that? It’s not like calories where you intake a certain amount for your weight?

  41. I been watching a lot of videos on the keto diet since it is something I am going to be trying next week for 1 month and I hear everyone say to make sure you get electrolytes so I was wondering could I drink pedialyte? I haven’t heard anyone saying they drink that… please let me know bcs the whole keto flu symptoms scare me lol

  42. What about hormones and antibiotics in meats? Does that matter so much? How and where do you get good quality meats for a reasonable price?? That’s the hard part, should I not worry about it too much

  43. Hi there hope its ok, but i just started a youtube channel about Keto Mexican Food, its pretty tasty hope you like it, it would mean a lot for your support✌

  44. I started Keto last week. I track everything I eat and I am an avid meal prepped. I’ve upped my water intake and I do take fiber supplements. I’ve had less bloating and feel better. So far it’s going well-wish me luck!

  45. Hello Keto Connect, I am new to the Keto diet and have been watching your channel. Finding a plethora of great info. Being entertained by the two of you and inspired to make and do some of the tips and well thought out living with eating needs videos. I am a new blogger and will be writing a story about my move to keto. I’d like to include a link to your channel within it. Please let me know if this would be appropriate. here is a link to my website. . Thank you for all of your hard work figuring out some of the hard stuff so it makes it an easier transition to a healthy happy keto diet. Cheers! Callie

  46. How important is it for each meal to be balanced? If at the end of the day I am under 20g net carbs, but I consumed all of those carbs for lunch – huge bowl of spinach and brussels sprouts without fat or protein, is that going to cause a spike that will kick me out of Ketosis?

  47. I just started this keto lifestyle and I’ve lost about 10lbs in a week . My goal is to be at a healthy BMI.

  48. Really helpful for Keto beginners…Support from Kerala :), I did start my keto 10 days before to loose ma weight, amazing result..!!

  49. Thanks a million for this very informative video! I’m using it (and your website) to help me write a speech for my public speaking class on how to properly follow the keto diet. I hope to continue spreading as much helpful info about it as possible ^^

  50. the only thing that i keep thinking about is how they don’t do fruit. I can’t imagine my life without sugar, but will give a go.

  51. How does a Keto lifestyle affect cholesterol and blood pressure considering there’s a lot of fat and salt intake?

  52. I seem to have a hard time eating a lot of calories. So far on my 6th day of keto, only one or two days have I gone over 1000 calories. Is that a problem.

  53. I aim to keep my net carbs under 45 carbs and often I’m under 30. I’m still losing weight… Am I doing it right??

  54. How about a drink. I’m so used to having a sweet drink, but diet. Caffeen doesn’t bother me at all. I crave a sweet drink, I’m not really a water person, but I’m trying to adjust. Any good suggestions from anyone?

  55. This was very well explained and not complicated. Thank you !! I’m starting tomorrow. Slowly but surely I’ll start to feel better and lose the 50lbs that I need! I just subscribed. You guys are really good at explaining and making things easy to understand. A lot of these channels for Keto they just ramble and ramble on and never get to the point, and just promote themselves. You guys got straight to the point and I learned a lot and I’m excited for my Keto journey!

  56. Awesome video! Love love love you guys. Very useful info on the 13th day of my keto journey. I am taking notes, stopping and rewinding 🙂 Like a lot about having whole food, meal prep, packed meal +packed snacks, takeout options. Love that dog shown up at left bottom at about 5 minutes into the video 🙂 Love Miley too beautiful cat

  57. Hey guys, my husband and I have been keto for a month now, and in two months we have a good friend’s wedding. We really want to be able to eat their cake! What can we do? Will we screw up our fat adaptation? Can we just have a small peice and eat very little carbs before the reception?

  58. Great info… I’m thinking about trying this lifestyle… on a different note put a ring on that beautiful woman’s finger! She’s a keeper man! She’s absolutely stunning 😍😍😍

  59. Thanks for this awesome video. I am on my 2nd week of Keto Diet and let me say that the first week was horrible but I stuck to it. Now im on my second week and i feel better than ever i have more energy and I always can’t wait for coffee time !! anyways I’m glad I found you guys because you guys give awesom tips and great videos. I am definately subbed and liking the videos (:

  60. You guys are awesome. I’m starting my keto diet today (8/27/18). Keeping my fingers crossed. Just used your macro calculator which was a great help. I’m also doing the 16/8 intermittent diet which i’m doing on weekdays. I think my biggest hurdle is not eating rice so wish me luck guys!

  61. I need coffee in the morning, I have 3 kids under age 7, including a 4 week old. I was going to do my keto coffee which is 1 TBS MCT oil, 1 TBS hemp hearts, and 1 TBS coconut butter. I was going to have that and then the rest of the day maybe 8 eggs and an avacado or 2 for the rest of the day. OR maybe only like 4 eggs and 1 avocado for lunch and then a big salad with kale and spinach, 4 TBS fetta, 1 TBS olive oil, a little red onion, salt and pepper… Maybe a TBS walnuts. Is this all too much? Anyones input is welcome. I’m also exclusively breastfeeding so take that into consideration for calories etc. I also get to the gym for at least an hour each evening m-f and in the AM on the weekend. Oh, and what about using Keto OS to help get into ketosis faster. Thanks

  62. really helped me understand a lil but better.. especially with u mentioning for starters to look out for those carbs to keep under 20 net carbs. total carbs minus fiber.. think im gonna give it a try.. and once i do that whats the next step and when do i know its the next step?

  63. Are you guys picky with your bacon? Well your meats period on keto? But I’m wondering if you eat any bacon or sausage. Do you buy uncured? Do you look for bacon that has no sugar in it?

    Congrats on your book. I just saw it in BAM the other day 🙂

  64. I found switching to Keto really easy. I just moved in with my boyfriend and I know that our surroundings can make us crave our ‘old’ non-keto food. So We started on the second day I was here. We kept our cupboards with only keto food and made our meals together. We stayed as close to carbs as we could. I think I eat more carbs than he does, but I remain until 7g net. Honestly, I’m not a huge health person nor into food, but its actually been really great. Im down 13 pounds in a month and I don’t miss the other food. I make my substitutes and its been great! Hopefully, Ill get more into the more advances macro counting when I understand it a bit more.

  65. Thanks so much for this video – I tried doing Keto in the past and just couldn’t get my head wrapped around it. Now I’m ready thanks to y’all’!!!

  66. i think i went into ketosis, but then started eating just enough carbs to get out of it. keto flu sux!! i thought i had ross river fever.

  67. Thank you soooo much for your help, I just started this diet and had so many questions…..your helping me to understand!! xo

  68. Hi I’m new to Keto and I’m just starting so I purchased a large roll of 73 lean 27 fat ground beef and meal prepped and ate with it ….so is my Keto ruined or should I start over with leaner beef?!!

  69. My husband is not hungry enough to eat his amount of food on keto. Should he force it or eat only when he is hungry? Thank you for your help.

  70. I fasted today and will start tomorrow…I am very excited and I can’t wait to see myself in 6 weeks or so with bike riding included…you two are my favorite keto videos and then I do like the Headbangers Kitchen too. My wheels are turning in my head for ideas for new foods…..wish me luck and from my will to Gods will amen

  71. I have been on Keto for about a week now. I am doing great at low carb and protein is no issue…but how do I get more fats? I’m cooking in butter and using olive oil…I eat avocados frequently, but I don’t feel like I’m hitting the right fat levels. What can I add in to help?

  72. I have been following you guys for about a month but just found these Quickstart beginner guides and it is great refresher!😉

  73. Hi Both, just started Keto and found your channel to be very informative and entertaining!! I felt great for the first week but this week I’ve felt like crap, is this normal? Thanks from England x

  74. I’ve seen a lot of videos were people say they went to the ER eating under 20 carbs. I personally keep it at 30 net carbs and I wouldn’t go under 20. As long as you’re under 50 you’re fine.

  75. While watching this video I’m thinking about carne asada tacos and horchata, I think I’m gonna start the diet next monday.

  76. Thank you so much for this channel, if it wasnt for you guys I would have struggled with Keto. I appreciate all the information you share!

  77. Hi, I just started to watch your videos and I have a question for you guys. Would you recommend the Keto diet for someone who has high cholesterol?

  78. Why are quest bars ok? The front of the package says 4 net carbs, but the back it says 22 carbs. Can you explain? I’m confused.

  79. This was a great starter video for me, I’ve been researching all week how to prep for our keto journey, excited to go food shopping this weekend for everything! Love your channel!

  80. Been intermittent fasting for 3 weeks and start keto tomorrow 🙂 145kgs and hoping to get Down to 95kgs in the next 2 years, your vids definitely make me feel more confident for success

  81. I’ve been needing a change for my health and have heard so much about Keto. But like some people are sweets people, I am a carb person 😣 Pasta especially. I eat a Nature Valley coconut butter breakfast bar everyday and just looked- 24g carbs! I eat two small packs of Gushers (cause I’m 5) every night- 20g carb in each pack! 😣 This seems like its going to be really hard. One thing I cannot give up for certain won’t even consider right now is Pepsi Max. It says zero carbs. It’s a diet drink. I live off it. Do I have to toss it? My husband says every diet ever is going to make me toss it. Idk man giving up my Pepsi max is my biggest barrier to any diet to be honest regardless of how dumb it sounds. But I have rapidly gained weight over the last two years and have to do something before it gets any more out of control. I’m just a bit discouraged. I know I want the outcome without the work/sacrifice and that’s my self standing in my way.

  82. I listen to a lot of keto you tube and i hear both, more fat than protein or more protein than fat. I need the best answer for loosing weight.

  83. so my first question is are we looking at all foods as carbohydrates? and as long as i eat 20 carbs a day from any food group am i doing keto?

  84. This has been so helpful for me. Thank you for keeping it simple just so I can get started. I have searched many Keto videos and they were too detailed. Thank you, again.

  85. Can you make me a 7 day ketogenic meal plan pleaseeeeeee.I am 1.80cm and 90kg. I will appreciate this more than you can imagine.

  86. You’re channel is the best thing I’ve found! I’m subscribed to your ig, YouTube and your site! I’m new to keto and everything I’ve found on your videos has helped me!!! Especially the Marco calculator! Your videos have made this lifestyle change easy for me! I’m a week into the keto lifestyle

  87. guys im literally just starting out on day 2…however i need to know what happens if magnesium supplements hurt ur tummy? i think i have allergies i cannot take it…any suggestions?

  88. Vodka has lower carbs than most liquors. The less flavor, the better I have found. Flavored vodka is loaded with artificial garbage, I’m certain, as is displaying nutrition information for alcoholic beverages is not legally mandated.
    Also, high high alcohol content beers, such as double IPA, tends to give you the same Buzz but with considerably lower calories and sugar due to the fact that you have to consume less beer. Another advantage to high alcohol content beer is that you don’t spend this much time urinating, which I find to be advantageous when trying to socialize.
    But none of this matters to me anyway, because thankfully, I was able to quit drinking after a few years of battling alcoholism. I’m much better for the experience.

  89. +Keto Connect
    Been on Atkins about 7 yrs ago. Lost 60 lbs. Then gained it back. Then lost 40 lbs 4 yrs ago and then gained it back. Just heard of ketogenic diet just about one month ago. Been trying to do it with intermittent fasting and what I know about Atkins but have already plateaued at 5 lbs down from my start weight of 250. My healthy rage BMI max is 172 lbs. Got a long way to go again. I know I must be doing it it wrong, though. As a diabetic T2. I’m worried about ketoacidosis. However, I have learned from past successes lost from lack of continued commitment. Hope, I can get it to stick this time as I want to make keto a permanent part of my life style. I am newly subbed and optimistic for your channels suggestions and infos.

  90. Hey guys, your video was very informative thanks a lot. I have a question for you. I have started with keto diet and today was my 2 nd day ,I did pretty well so far. Am on this diet for weight loss. I have 3 weeks of time. Am hoping with keto I’ll be able to loose some weight by 21st of June. Post that I have my sister’s wedding because of which I am trying this to look better and I hope to continue post that. Well my question is it worth trying for 3 weeks? Will I be able to achieve anything in this span? Please try to answer my questions. Thanks

  91. wow, i’m glad I found this video. I’ve been reading up on the Keto diet for almost two weeks and feel so intimidated. I didn’t know where to begin, still not sure I understand the whole net carbs thing, and how am I going to measure what I eat in grams? But I will take your advice and take it a day at a time. I started my diet today with eggs, salami and spinach. I look forward to learning more from you guys.

  92. I started losing a lot of weight in a short period of time, approximately 15 to 18 ponds in about a year.
    An acquaintance of mine who is diabetic noticed the weight loss, along with a few other things, and suggested I test my glucose level with his meter. 495 was the reading. He made me go to the hospital right than… Well, I soon learned I have Adult Unset Type 2 Diabetes, and that I most likely have had it for 6 – 10 years with out knowing it.

    As I began to educate myself, it seems as if 99.999999999% of the diabetes related info I come across was focused on those with diabetes that are over weight. When it comes to being under weight due to diabetes (which is one of the top signs that someone may have diabetes), there is nothing out there except for a few general info short articles or a quick note in a paragraph in various literature. Especially regarding how to regain the weight lost, and a diet that works for those with diabetes.

    I finally gave up searching the diabetic side of things and focused more on finding the right diet. One that would allow me to gain back my weight, and at the same time manage diabetes successfully. I had already began to find that Meats were my best source of Healthy Fats, but still many sources of info contradicted each other. That all changed yesterday, because I came across “The Magic Pill” a documentary just released, based on High Healthy Fat Diet (oh, and the documentary has nothing to do with a magic pill). It opened my eyes, and helped point me in the right direction.

    Now I am here began to review the info on your website. Any help advice, hints or suggestions you might have regarding my physical situation would be appreciated.

  93. I loved this, super simple explanation! For me, in the beginning, the hardest part was finding recipes. I came across a really awesome free cookbook online that helped me out a TON.

    Here is the link to the cookbook that helped me out ..

  94. You guys are awesome! I really appreciate your easy to understand guide to Keto. The struggle is real and I have been lazy in getting on with it and actually digging in to figure out how to get started. This video was very about making it simple enough for me and my schedule.

  95. Take magnesium, calcium zinc with a vitamin D3 before bed. This will stop leg cramps also! The D3 helps the Magnesium work!

  96. Hi Meg and Matt! I’ve been doing moderately strict Keto for about a month now and I’ve lost about 15 pounds(probably mostly water weight but hey I’ll take it) and I’m still learning a lot and I just found y’all’s videos and subscribed! Thanks for all of the great info! It’s a huge help! I definitely want to get more strict and these videos are so informative! Y’all rock!

  97. I’m using my fitness pal and had entered a carb level to achieve (or not go past!) And with all the vegetables (some fruit in green drink ie. 1 apple is all) I’m going over. I use spinach, peppers, onions, parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, brussel sprouts so far in the past week. Do I need to really watch the good veg I consume too?

  98. Snacks. You two are great! Thank you for the great info. I’ve watched videos til I’m blue in the face and was a little leery of the rigidity of this diet but y’all make it seem really doable.

  99. I’m moving to a new state in a couple months. Any chance y’all could do a video about setting up a Keto Kitchen? I’m going to be decreasing my carbs up to the move and starting Keto once we are in our new house!

    I’d love any and all recommendations for getting set up for success!

  100. You’re wearing an Austin Texas shirt… that makes me wonder if you’re local! I’ve stumbled on like 4 YouTube’s lately, in all different genres that are ATX based!

  101. My son has uncontrollable epilepsy and also is cognitively delayed and it was suggested by his neurologist from Mayo Clinic to start the modified Adkins diet. Well we started on Monday and I’m already so frustrated! I find myself so lost in finding recipes he’ll eat. I bought a few cookbooks but we like the everyday meals. I’m so glad I watched this video. I guess I’m trying to hard to figure this all out in only a couple days. Thank you for the great pep talk! I’m looking forward to watching the next 3 video’s 🙂

  102. Thank you!! I was getting a bit overwhelmed about starting and I love your approach, it makes more sense. I was on Atkins in the past so I am somewhat familiar. GREAT information, I took notes and will be going to the store today! YAY! 🙂

  103. Thank you! I am researching this. I have done Atkins before but found it too hard to maintain when I started adding back carbs.

  104. This is Great! Just what I needed! A Way To Begin. I was getting overwhelmed with all the information about Keto I didn’t know if I should count fat, protein, and carbs in each meal or for the entire day.It started to get confusing — so thanks for this video! Much appreciated.

  105. I downloaded this video to watch later, watched it immediately, found your other videos, binged that… point is, I’m obsessed with ya’ll and the keto life! Thanks for your knowledge and great personalities!

  106. One thing i might have added to starter comments. Don’t forget chicken broth, salt or pickle juice to boost electrolytes at the beginning, So many folks will be programmed to do ‘low salt’ and if they are not aware they must reverse that on keto, they can create a problem…

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  110. The best “snack” I found when cutting carbs is fried pork rinds , chicharrones , an entire bag has zero carbs . back in the late ’70’s I went from a 40 waist to a 31 in less then 6 months . Also a slice of clean deli ham rolled up with a slice of cheese , you can even use a mayo dip, no carbs . add a dill spear and you are netting zero . Since most folks get fat on soft drinks lay in a case of lemon lime seltzer , If you must ,use diet drinks but that stuff might kill you quicker then being fat but at least your corpse will look good .

  111. Hey your videos are very helpful. I am wondering if I can juice cucumbers, celery, kale, spinach, etc daily and get into ketosis? Our Lyme Dr. put us on a keto diet to kill off the lyme disease but Im afraid to stop juicing, as juicing has worked as a wonderful constipation remedy for me. Thank you in advance for any help.

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    I get sick of salads and some veggies, of course I’m craving starches, potatoes, bread, rice etc. but not caving in to them.
    I really don’t think eating so much meat is good either so should I supplement with protein powder in a low carb smoothie? Help

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    Would be nice for people who are carb dependent to mention the role of potassium in storing the glicogen, as deficiency of it may be the cause of sugar cravings..

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    My only issue so far is eating enough fat without “forcing it”

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  129. My mother is really worried about me starting this diet. She is still used to the balanced carb diets and thinks that all the fat from a keto diet will fuck up my liver. We live in a country where nobody talks about the keto diet and I feel like I’m the only one who “knows the truth” about fat. It fucking sucks. My mom and I plan to go see a dietician but I’m not sure they will know what I’m talking about. Any opinions?

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  132. I was wondering if I could ask a question. I have researched a lot about the keto diet, and I’ve been trying it out for the past few days. I really like it. I’m not the healthiest (at all—in fact I’m overweight, but I am doing my best to eat primarily fruits and vegetables now) but even if I don’t meet the macros for the carbohydrates, could I still continue fasting and will that be okay? Because I’ve found that fasting towards the evening really has helped me prevent overeating and feel lighter in general (as opposed to sluggish). I’ve read and watched other sources that say fasting like this (for women) creates hormone problems and even insulin problems. But despite trying the 16/8 fast for 5 days, I have not experienced any hunger pains or difficulties in following the diet. Which leads me to believe that maybe my body is okay with this mode despite the warnings against fasting? If anyone can offer any opinions or any other articles to read/videos to watch, that would be really appreciated! Thanks!

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  134. I know the best thing is to eat grass fed, but there is no grass fed beef in my town. I would have to go an hour away to find grass fed. I know the beef in the stores have hormons in it. How bad is it to eat non-grass fed beef on the keto diet?

  135. I entered my Macros into the app “DietMaster 2100” which helps me track what I’m eating plus my weight and body measurements.

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  142. Hello from Tennessee! I’m new to keto and just want to let you guys know that you are the ones who motivated me to pursue a keto lifestyle, after nearly two years of reading up on it and watching keto videos whilst simultaneously eating a big bag of potato chips, I’ve finally decided to try out this diet. The number one tip from you guys in all your videos, even though I’ve taken quite a few into consideration, is probably to think long term. I started researching this diet to lose weight. I lost nearly 40 lbs in 6 months on a low calorie diet just to gain it all back within 6 months of
    eating “normally.” I’m trying now to focus on how I feel rather than the number on the scale and hope keto will work out in the long run.

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  149. Check out Cole Robinson and the Snake Diet – amazing results for low carb folks….165lbs lost in 10 months…. #SnakeDietWizard

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    Here is a perfect poached egg recipe:

    I like to add butter, salt and pepper, and nutritional yeast to the cooked egg.

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  175. I’m very confused… i wiegh 333 and ive used the macro calculator and says i need 42g per day of carbs, but you say it needs to be less than 20… What do i do??? my diet will consist of 42g of carbs, 64g of protien, and 141g of fat is this realistic?? Am i doing this wrong? Ive done a lot of research and wanna start soon but don’t wanna mess up!! Please help!

  176. You guys.. I had a little bit of meltdown today, I came out of the dentist and felt really crap so bought a chocolate bar and some bread… threw half of it out but have to confess!!!Still struggling to know how to figure out if I’m on ketosis.. been fasting as well… anyways I love love your channel! Do you know of any Irish Youtuber who’s doing keto? Thanks again guys!Much love from Ireland

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  186. Side note about salt. In The Keto Guidebook Martina Johansson talks about the right sodium. Table salt is not the right salt. She explains why. Sea salt is the best according to her sources. Maybe you guys can do a collaboration with Martina Johansson!?!?

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  188. Starting my Keto today. My daughter and granddaughter have been doing it and my daughter has been helping me get started. Looking forward to a new year and a new me!! Thanks for your help.

  189. I have a question please..
    I’ve been on keto for a month and lost 17 pounds and it really motivated me to keep going…
    But a week ago I kinda didn’t know I had cheese which had some grams of sugar in it and I didn’t know also I put splenda sugar in my coffee which had sucrose and dextrose in it and I didn’t know…😢
    Will this effect my ketosis state? And what to do in this case?

  190. All I have to say is. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to educate me. I am starting tomorrow. I am very excited.

  191. So glad you made this video! My SIL is starting and just sending this video to her is much easier than trying to explain everything! So thank you, thank you!

  192. Can someone explain how Megha is so pretty? Real question. … Okay, just kidding, but no really — love the hair color (don’t kill me Matt)!

    2017 wasn’t such a great year for me. I tried keto off and on a few times and it never really took root for me. I’m not a huge meat eater, really only like chicken breast, chicken wings, ground beef (or buffalo) and most sausages. I need to get my discipline back though. Back in 2013’ish I had lost over 100 lbs via a combination of strength training and a very keto style diet. I need to refind the focus I had back then and forge a better path for my health this year.

    Thank you both for all your inspiration and all the knowledge you share. It is very much appreciated by those of us struggling with health and weight related issues day to day. <3 you both.

  193. What do you get when you go to buffalo wild wings? you said wings but the snack size wings (boneless) has like 53 carbs in it

  194. so I was excited to hear that I might be able to eat at buffalo wild wings when I heard you mention it, but when I pulled up the website, the boneless wings snack size has 54 carbs and the small has 82?! without sauce? so I would love you to explain more!!

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  198. I started the Keto diet for the first time last year. I love it. I may do 3 months at a time, get off then back on. Well I am back on and I have stopped eating red meat for the past 6 months (I do eat pork). If I decide not to eat red meats anymore, can I still get my fat in everyday?

  199. Hi I have a question. I’ve just completed day 1 on keto and used my fitness pal. Hit 119g fat, 78g protein and 22g carbs. Does my fitness pal count net carbs or total carbs?

  200. Hi megha and Matt, your videos are so good!! and I love ll the recipes too!! About the electrolytes, what do you think about “sole water”? Is it a good option for replacing the

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  202. GOOD morning from beautiful Tucson Arizona!! Thank you for your channel. I’ve lost 45 lbs on keto 5 more to goal weight, this year stepping up my fitness by trying new exercises along with the tried and true.

  203. You guys are awesome!! Been off Keto since after Thanksgiving starting back up today 😳with 3 Family members!! Gotta do it!! Following your series will help!! Happy New Year, thanks for all you do!!

  204. Down 140lbs since March. Been watching you guys in addition to a few other channels. I also do a pretty extreme version of intermittent fasting, typically one meal a day. Average day of eating 1700-2000 calories in one meal. This is just what works for my lifestyle. My question is, am I doing more harm then good? Eating too much protein at once? Example meal would be a pound of 80/20 ground beef 4 slices of american cheese (4 burgers), 2 cups of cauliflower with 2 tbsp of butter and a little sour cream. I like to keep my meals pretty simple usually a meat and vegetable.. been on a cruciferous veggie kick. And if I need more calories I usually finish off with a serving or two of almonds. Thanks for the videos, especially ones like the sweetener video.. that’s really good info.

  205. This couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m starting keto tomorrow with my mom. We weighed in and took our measurements and a before picture today. I’m so excited ! I’ve been watching your videos for a few months while getting prepared. Thanks so much for the inspiration! ❤❤❤

  206. I did keto for 4 months and went from a L size to a S size and 34 pants to 30 pants. Never felt better. Loved all the compliments. However last two months have fallen off keto but still have maintained my new weight. Now ready to jump back into it full fledged again. Thank you Dr Berg, thank you Dr Fung and thank you to you guys for making me understand this biologically and thank you for the success it has brought. For 20 years nothing worked but 4 months is all it took to reverse it.

  207. Awesome video! I just made a “getting started on keto” video mostly so I have something to send to my friends since I’ve gotten so many questions about it lately – and I want to go on record that I filmed it before watching this, but make a few of the same points you do 😂 (My videos publish on Wednesdays!) I also reference you guys in it ☺ Happy New Year!

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  211. Great tips for us beginners who want to be successful on this new lifestyle. Thank you so much. I just started today, but am water fasting 48-hours to get into ketosis faster.

  212. I have been doing Keto for about a month…. and I have a handle on the basics. I don’t always hit my fat gram number, but I do usually hit the carb gram number which is important. My biggest struggle is that I am just a horrible cook… always have been… so even with a recipe it is a disaster. So stuck with basic meals for now. I haven’t given up on cooking. For 2018, I am giving up all drinks except water…. so no diet sodas, mios, etc. Hopefully I can stick with it.

  213. What do you guys think about testing with keto strips to see if you’re getting into ketosis as a beginner? Keto journey starts tomorrow! Woop!

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    If I take supplement fiber powder does it count for the net carbs calculation ? Do I have to take the fiber the same moment I eat carb or is it the average on the day ?
    Thank you so much !

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