How To Make Keto Bread | Keto Bread Recipe | No Bread Pan Required

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I know that bread is something that we all miss on keto. Instead of paying $10 per loaf for keto bread, or dealing with the crazy franken-ingredients in some of the store bought stuff, make your own! This recipe for keto bread is super simple, doesn’t require any specialty tools, and produces an amazing loaf of bread. As a bonus, you can shape the loaf however you need it!

This Recipe:

Servings: 5
Macros Per Serving (about 2 slices):
Calories: 263
Fat: 18g
Protein: 12g
Net Carbs: 4g
Total Carbs: 14g
Fiber: 10g

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  1. Cream of tartar and baking soda is baking powder. So if you don’t have cream of tartar just use baking powder instead and leave out the tartar and soda. Look it up to get the ratios

  2. have you discovered lupin flour bread yet? very very low carb but don’t make it straight up lupin flour. i don’t sugar coat channel is a great place to discover it and experiment. thought you might be interested!

  3. Thanks. Very easy to follow, very similar to real bread and it stays fresh in fridge forever. The best of keto breads that I proved.

  4. Really goood video – like the presentation a lot – and the info – good clear explanation without anything extraneous – had to subscribe! And now to try the recipe

  5. Young man, you are a genius!! I swore I would never waste my expensive ingredients again trying to make bread, so I have been spending $4 for a loaf of sola bread and that’s when my store carries it which is not all the time, or I will buy the lowest carb nut and seed bread I can find and only have it once or twice a week. I could not believe how wonderful this bread turned out. I didn’t realize there was two different kinds of flax meal and mine was not golden but I guessed that possibly the golden version has been toasted, so I put it in a dry sauté pan and cooked it on the stove over low heat for about 5 or 10 minutes. Followed your recipe to the “T” and wow I couldn’t have been more pleased with it. I stored wrapped in foil in frig and made several sandwiches with it. Even made my friend a lunch meat sandwich and she had no idea it wasn’t just regular store-bought bread. Thank you so much for putting together such a tasty, easy recipe!!

  6. Love it.. Except, yeast is a suspect for surviving the temperature and who knows.. heard some weird theories about it.. It also makes things addictive.. Maybe one day someone will come up with no yeast recipe…

  7. I know I’ll never be like you on YT, but I have also started low carbs recipes on my channel. You were an inspiration for me to start baking healthy breads.
    Greetings from Bosnia!!!
    Thanks for sharing 😊

  8. Hi do you hv one that is without eggs very much will like to make it but lm looking for a dairy free one thanks again for your simple keto bread l saw many others but r so complicated so l just move on

  9. It looks really good but I had a bad allergic reaction to almond flour the one time I used it to replace regular white flour…bad enough that I’m unwilling to try it again. What might be a good substitute?

  10. Is the middle supposed to feel moist? I’ve tried this twice now and it never really raises and the middle has a soft almost squishy feeling to it. Has anyone else experienced this?

  11. In all seriousness, could we use the Metamucil Orange flavored stuff for a twist on the bread flavor or is this not the same as the psyllium husk powder as he used? 🙂

  12. I wished someone would explain to me how yeast can rise a “bread” that has no gluten. I watch a lot of keto bread recipes. Some insist it works, I do not believe it.

  13. My best discovery so far after 3 years living the Keto lifestyle :). Thank you sooo much :). Do yu think we could double the recipe for a bigger bread? Thank you :). Marilyne from Montreal, Canada

  14. Thanks for the video, I really like your format. I tried the recipe as well; I’m new to keto so trying to get used to the texture. My bread tasted good but it was more on the purple side. I followed your ingredients and directions. Let me know if you might have a suggestion. Thank you

  15. Hands down this is the best keto bread recipe that I have tried. I love the texture and simplicity of the recipe. I’ve made this bread several times and it has not failed me yet. Keep up the great work, and I do like the style of explaining the recipe.

  16. I baked it yesterday and this is the best Keto Bread. I have tried 4 different recepes and now I stopped searching. This is my Keto Bread. Now I an looking for Keto desert , hard to find- I don’t like coconuts

  17. Thank you so much for this recipe! It is 100% delicious and does not taste like it’s gluten-free with very low carbs. I totally loved it and will make it over and over again. It’s nice to know that if you want to take a sandwich to work or wherever you’ll be able to with this bread. I wonder if we could make it in the air fryer because I am a little concerned about having my oven on for over an hour with the high electricity rates. What are your thoughts on that? Thank you again….

  18. Thanks for sparing us from the annoying background music that you find on so many other YouTube channels. Great new format. I am going to try your recipe in my bread machine. I may have to double the ingredients to get a sufficient rise. Will let you know the results. Have you tried it in a bread machine yourself or received any feedback from anyone else that may have done so?

  19. When I looked at the printed version of this recipe, it was different than the video. Should it be 1 teaspoon or tablespoon of cream of tarter and baking soda. Thankyou.

  20. I am on a weight loss journey and your just blessed my whole journey. I crave bread and I at least want to have a little alternative. Thank you so much

  21. After 45 min in the oven it is looking beautiful and looks so done – I am wondering how to know how long it should / can / must bake

  22. I made this recipe and as the keto breads I have made it taste to salty. Is it the salt or baking soda?? I like salt and wanted to know what I could do to inprove this recipe.

  23. Wanted to see you put in oven and take it out, slice it in front of camera. Did you leave the dough to rise at all ??

  24. I tried it and I LOVED it! My long time quest (years) for keto bread recipe is finally over!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  25. Hi there, I tried your Keto bread recipe all the way over here in Bonnie Scotland! Wow! I made rolls with the ingredients and they turned out fantastic and tasted lovely. My husband was delighted with them. We’re on a low carb diet which is going well. Thank you so much! Coral

  26. Close up view is appreciated. We could clearly see what’s going on to the ingredients as they move from one stage to another.


  28. Thank you Tom. I have been burning oil for half a decade . In that time I do not use yeast products. This is the reason I am so grateful for your channel. You have explained the process beautifully and I learned loads.

  29. I love how you explain everything, why to use a certain ingredient or what not to use. I’ve been trying to make “real keto bread” with active yeast not just for the flavor but to try to get that bread crumb…. Every time it has been a disaster and I’m pretty good at making GF breads… Do you even think it’s possible?

  30. I can’t wait to try it. I am now on the keto diet and when I’m off it I will continue to eat this same way.

  31. I want to try this recipe but I dont have all the ingredients just yet. Ill have to buy.
    Im looking for a good bread recipe 👍
    Thanks for sharing why you like certain ingredients. It helps me mix and match with other recipes

  32. I love love how you explain everything O yes I do you are great thank you very much and I’m sure gonna try this recipe👍💙

  33. I tried this bread and loved it! It didn’t raise that much but I loved the taste. I tried another recipe as well offered by another channel that looked fancier but it didn’t come out as tasty as this one. So, today, I am preparing it again, maybe in a long crust shape. I love the crunch.

  34. Just finished the 1st loaf. Came out dark and flat was i disappointed -than Bam I tasted the bread.
    i have been looking for a recipe like this for some time. Thank you Thank you. Oh, can I double the ingradients and bake for 70/80 minutes?

  35. Wow!!I subscribed immediately after this recipe. Best bread recipe.Thank you for putting so much thought into it 👍

  36. LOVE the camera angles! Thanks for the tutorial 👌🏼👍🏼 I can tell you put a LOT of thought and effort into it.

  37. Do you make a yeast / rising type bread? Like how you go about your recipes, so if you do I’d like to try it!

  38. When I found you I was searching air fryer bread recipes. I do wish to learn more from you , yet this seems to be an, shall I say open-sided’ recipe?… I love the flavor, but it cooked so quick on the outer layers that this inside was still dough. How can you convert this to cooking air_fryer? There are those days the oven just shouldn’t be on..

  39. Good video, really like how to approach and teach/show! My wife is a diabetic (recently) and attempting to join her on a diet for her (and my) health that we both can eat. Yes, I subscribed!

  40. Made this bread, very easy and yummy. Really liked the way you presented it. I want to know how many days can we store it?? Does it need to go in the fridge??

  41. I like the discussion on your ingredient choices. It helps me relate to the things I prefer as well as balancing my experiences with yours — should I want to substitute on experiment. Besides, it’s educational, assuming you have a basis, which I believe is correct.

  42. Your presentation format is great! Anxious to try this recipe! I love anything that makes life easier such as pan size and etc.Thanks for sharing.

  43. its not a wierd coron v its a fake pandemic that people have been brainwashed to belive even though there are no dead people except on the fake news but you havent seen any. wake up.

  44. This is my go to recipe. The only change I make is to substitute the coconut flour for Oat fiber to save some carbs. I want to try a batch using vital wheat gluten instead of something but not sure what to sub lol. Today (literally in the oven) Instead of molding it and putting it in the oven, I decided to put them in “whoopie” molds. I think that’s what you call them. My hope is that instead of 4 sandwiches, I will be able to get 6. Fingers crossed that they rise enough for me to be able to cut them in half.

  45. Its good to see someone who has done a bit of experimenting to get the best keto bread result. I tried one I saw on a video that had a lot of nuts in but was not successful. A waste of lots of nuts and seeds. Have you tried to make one with nuts and seeds in? I would love to see what you could do with those in a bread mix

  46. I’m making this now I can cut this in half and make hamburger buns and double the recipe for artisan bread wanna try to cook it in a cast iron pot and see if t comes out like a regular artisan bread

  47. I’m sharing your video in a keto group I belong to – we ALL are always looking for that bread that makes us say this is IT and I am no longer looking for a bread recipe. I want your recipe to be my last and only bread recipe!

  48. I plan to make your keto bread as soon as I receive the almond flour. I have unblanched almond flour and like the Blue diamond finely sifted one you used. I have everything else. Thank you for a great looking and delicious sounding recipe – cheaper than buying a loaf for $10 too and no hidden ingredients. I’m saving your website for future reference!

  49. I am so happy I found your channel. This is the first Low Carb bread recipe that actual taste decent and believe me, I have tried so many! I only had a few difficulties and am hoping you can guide me. First, I was not able to get the dough as high and formed like you did, it seemed to moist so when I baked it, it came out some what flat? Can I try to use baking powder or something else to give it a lift so I can actually get a decent slice like you did in your video? Otherwise, this taste really good and I appreciate all the explanation that went into the making of this bread. Great Job:))

  50. I tried it and it turned out 👌🏼 but had to add more almond flour to get the right dough consistency don’t know if it’s whether to do with us measurement as I live in the uk

  51. Am I so glad that I found this recipe! I have just started embracing Keto because of type 2 diabetes. I also just purchased my first loaves of Keto Bread. (Julian Bakery & Base Culture) They are not very good! This recipe is so easy and looks so good. I can’t wait to try it. I have already switched my chocolate chip cookie recipe from Gluten free to Keto and will continue to improve it by adding keto chocolate chips and Allulose as a sweetener. I have just subscribed to Black Sheep Keto and I’m looking forward to trying more recipes. Thank you!

  52. Oooo don’t toss the egg yolks, cure them. Then you have a nice topping for savory dishes that adds a ton of flavor

  53. video layout is good, I might have missed this, are the ingredients like the almond flour found at walmart or u have to order them,

  54. I’m definitely going to try this recipe! It looks absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for sharing. PS I like the format. It’s very visually helpful.

  55. I wonder why baking soda and cream of tar tar were used instead of just baking powder, which is essentially the same thing.

  56. Thanks for this! I usually avoid watching videos of recipes because I’m sensitive to/fussy about sound. Your voice is easy to listen to, and thanks for not having annoying background music!! The format is awesome too 🙂

  57. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for sharing this bread recipe! It is THE closest bread recipe to real bread for me. I tried a Keto Bread Rolls recipe a few days before, that called for 4 TBSP of Psyllium Husk Powder to 1 cup of THM Baking Blend, and it totally wasted my time in preparation, and trying to eat this failure. I threw them out. I thought about feeding the birds with them, but I would not wish them on any animal alive! Yuck! Slimy!

    But you! You have given a new hope to this carb lovin’ human! I made this bread with a few alterations and it came out magnificent! Best to let ALL of the ingredients come to room temperature.

    I used Nut flour (expiration date was up) instead of Coconut flour so I did not need as much of the water that the recipe called for. I also used 1.5 TBSP of Psyllium Husk Powder instead of 2 TBSP, and 1/2 tsp of Zanthan Gum along with the rest of the ingredients. After mixing all of the ingredients, I let the dough sit in a covered bowl for 15-20 minutes before baking. Cook time was shorter too. I was able to get 12 slices out of this loaf! I calculated my ingredients- per slice: Calories: 112.9; Fat: 8.12; Carbs: 1.98; Protein: 4.9.

    I found a Emile Henry 2.6 quart dutch oven at Goodwill for $6 bucks! Looks brand new. Imma try doing your recipe in this to see what happens with the results. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks again.
    Good Eatin’

  58. A big WOW!!!! I just made this bread as I just found the video today and it is so good. I did not have baking yeast I did use the nutritional yeast and the taste is delicious. I will definitely be making as many many more times. I finally can eat bread again on keto. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  59. Thanks for your reply. I did get all the ingredient right. I live in Florida. Though the dough was too wet and it did not rise in the oven (my yeast is kept in the fridge so should be good) the taste is great. I will try again, perhaps make the water a little warmer. Will let you know if my second attempt is successful. Thanks again.

  60. So excited to try out this recipe. It did NOT turn out as yours did. I am sure I got everything right concerning the ingredients. When mixed it turned out much whether than yours. Could not form it into a high loaf. Just spread out! Decided to put it into a loaf pan. Cooked it 72 minutes. Turned out a very even very dark brown crust. Will try it when cooled and will try the recipe again. Yours looked wonderful. Don’t know what went wrong because I followed the recipe exactly. Has anyone else had this problem?

  61. made it and love it! Makes a hood toasted sandwich too. I guess the thing about low carb is changing the palate and not necessarily tricking the brain into thinking you’re eating normal bread. What if normal isn’t normal? But I digress. This is a very good bread recipe. Thank you for the recipe and for the simple bug effective presentation – the format is amazing.

  62. I like your format and how you explained why you chose the ingredients in your bread. Remembering the “whys” help me remember the “whats.” I look forward to making this.

  63. OMG, this was absolutely amazing!!! I followed the recipe exactly. The flavor is actually addictive, I could not stop eating it, hahaha. What shocked me the most was how damn easy this was to make. I see some recipes for keto bread online and it stresses me just reading all the steps that goes into making it… and then I just don’t make it. Yours was super easy, no fuss, and what an amazing taste!! Thank you so much. This is definitely a keeper!! :)))

  64. ive tried alot of keto bread recipes this was the BEST i ever tried it taste like real bread.AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  65. I have a gas oven and would make this bread but I need to know temperature of the oven and how long to bake for and which shelf to put the bread on. Thank you

  66. Is this a joke? The doe came out a liquid it doesnt hold up. I substituted psyllium husk powder with more ground flax seed. I used brown flax not gold. And apple cider vinegar with white vinegar. 1 cup warm water. 1 cup almond and 1/3 coconut flours. So whats the mistake? I put instant yeast and baking powder

  67. I will add more yeast and some caraway seeds .I will enjoy it with Kerrigold butter, some Emmenthaler Swiss cheese, a Landjaeger and a mug of beer and pretend that I am sitting in a Biergarten in Germany !

  68. Fantastic recipe! I tried it twice already and it turned out consistently well. Tasted like bread too. I will definitely use this recipe on a regular basis.

  69. Best bread I have made in Keto. I was wondering though if I could change the coconut flour for oat fiber to reduce carbs even more. Oh and I have NEVER been able to get 5 servings from one loaf lol

  70. Omg, your bread looks amazing and I plan to try this recipe tonight. Your presentation is so good, explanation clear. I appreciated the explanation behind each ingredient chosen. Camera work is fantastic, reminds me of the setup used in a course I took at a cooking school. Have only one suggestion – rotate it so you and your hands are at the bottom of the field so we can imagine ourselves looking down at the bench making the recipe. Thanks for all your efforts, much appreciated!

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  72. I m diabetic and so happy to find your recipe with less eggs’s yokes. I don’t think so I would find anything better than this bread. Your style of explaining and recipe are just awesome. I watched your video without blinking my eyes even!

  73. Quick question. I’ve made this bread about 4 times now and I’m getting like a spongy or slightly wet texture in the middle of the whole bread. I’m following the recipe and even tried changing it and cook times a bit. Any ideas? Like maybe longer cook time or more almond or coconut flour?

  74. I was surfing YouTube for bread recipes. I started out low carb in January 2019 diagnosed as Prediabetic. I was a carb-alcoholic. I cut the carbs toke the meds they prescribed. January 2020 no change in my numbers. I started the Mediterranean Diet. Then Covid19 hit. There I am stuck watching YouTube. I started watch FlavCity and Thomas DeLauer. In March 2020 on the 10th I started my Keto Lifestyle. Since that journey I have been trying different bread recipies. I like many others do not care for eggy tasting bread. Saw your channel today Keto Bread Recipe. After listening first I wanted to immediately try it. I then subscribed to your channel.
    OH MY GOODNESS….This bread is awesome. I did as you stated to form it higher. Great idea!! I let it cool a bit then misted the crust with olive oil for a soft crust which I prefer. I have to ration myself to 2 one ounce portions a day. Us Norwegians love our bread and butter. This case Keto Bread and Ghee. Thank you. Keep coming up with fabulous recipes. ❤🤗🤗🤗🤗 Oh! I have lost 55 pounds since March have 30 to meet my goal weight. Happy Dance

  75. I love this video. Haven’t tried the recipe yet but have it saved. You are doing a great job of explaining why something works, why something might not. And now no one has to wait for you to answer a question, it is already answered. Can’t wait to try this one out

  76. have you ever tried the ooflavorings? they have a bread flavor….maybe as addition….looks like you have conquered texture going to give it a try

  77. I followed the recipe but my dough ended up being liquid! I don’t understand why… I had to pour the liquid on a baking sheet and I just put it in the oven for 80 minutes. I really hope it works!

  78. Love the format! Cool to see the person and what they’re doing and the ingredients, too. Just one thing, if you could speak a little slower it would be more pleasant. Thanks for the great video. I subscribed so I’ll look forward to what you have next.

  79. I really love this bread!!! It’s incrédible!!! just had a problem with the oven. After 95 minutes at 350 F it was still uncooked. Maybe it’s my oven that sucks 🙂

  80. Just found your channel today. I really like the format and that you described your trial breads before deciding on this one. I’m going to make it today. Thanks so much! Subscribed!

  81. Hi! Love the format.. are the baking times the same regardless of making it into buns or rolls or regular bread

  82. The best keto bread recipe on the You Tube! Love the in-depth explanation of the each ingredient, very helpful and easily understandable. Keep up a great work! 🚀🔥

  83. I’ve just started keto diet thanks you so much for this recipe it’s AMAZING I’ll definitely recommend it to everyone xx

  84. I accidentally ran into your videos searching for help with keto products…..thank you! THANK YOU!…clear and your explanations are on point!!!! I will update after i get a few ingredients I’m missing..Psyllium husk flour??? I’m on the hunt for it…be safe keto brother and good health and thanks again🙋🏻‍♀️

  85. Sorry just realized I could open up the recipe with the macros. Thank you for the recipe and the way it was presented, I will be trying this out.

  86. I have just started eating without carbs or at least decreasing them significantly. Bread for sandwiches has been my biggest challenge. The one thing that I did not notice and am looking for is the macro counts on the loaf so that I can decide how much to eat that will stay in my range.

  87. I love your video and comments. I try the bread and taste really good, just loved it. But I would like to know if you can make one without egg, pleeease. thanks

  88. Hi 👋, I can’t find you on Amazon. Have you created any recipe books? If not, you should…I’m sure there’s many folks out there waiting for your recipe books! Awesome bread recipe, super yummy 😋! Thanks for sharing! 🎉

  89. Just made the Keto bread and it’s great. Being said by a person that can’t cook or bake. Great instructions… thanks!

  90. Your presentation is great! I liked the look of the video. I also, liked why you used the ingredients that you did.

  91. This is my favourite keto bread recipe! It is always a success, it is a game-changer in my keto diet, thank you so much

  92. I know I’m a little late to the game, but I really like this format with the explanations as well as your dual camera shots.

  93. I followed your recipe twice but my bread doesn’t rise much and it’s moist inside, even I cooked it for over 2 hrs! Would you know what could be wrong?

  94. Too bad. I’m diabetic and sometimes make modified Keto recipes. However, this is too high in fat, and too high in total carbs, which is what many (most) diabetics have to follow. Sounds good, though.

  95. I was very excited to see this recipe and tried it but unfortunately my bread could not rise. I set the temperature at 177 degree Celsius. My yeast was just fresh from the shops. Could this happen because of the baking powder? quite sad

  96. Hello, I want to make this bread however I have reg. FLAXSEED MEAL can i use this vs the GOLDEN? I also have a box of egg whites, can I use that vs wasting the yokes on the 3 eggs?

  97. I too liked the format of the video, would try this bread. I have watched many videos but was not happy abt the ingredients and look of the bread

  98. I really love the explanations best cooking show I have ever seen, but can I replace coconut flour with more of the other ingredients I wonder?

  99. Haven’t tried the recipe yet, haven’t even finished the video yet (!), but wanted to tell you that as someone who always wants to know the “why” behind things, I could really appreciate you sharing why you chose the ingredients you did. Thank you for sharing!! Be well!

  100. i like the format very much of you explaining why as you go. This is only the second video i have watched and I am already a big fan

  101. Your presentation is the best I’ve ever seen, and I have seen loads. Very meticulous in explaining your processes.

  102. which brand of psyllium husk powder would you recommend? I’m still on a quest to finding the best psyllium husk powder. The previous ones that I’ve used causes the final product to turn purple, and it’s too eggy 🙁 Thanks for any info and recommendation you can provide.

  103. Why toss the egg yolks? Fry them in a pan and eat them. Put them in the fridge for later. lol. Find another recipe and use the yolks in that at the same time your doing this…etc.

  104. After one year of being on keto diet , as soon as i found your channel i searched for keto bread and i made my first keto bread today and it came out wonderful and delicious. Big thank you for you and your grate recipe and your channel.🙏🙏💚

  105. I just love when men do the the tutorials..right to basic bolts! Yay! Your bread loaf looks amazing! I am going to make this! I love uncomplicated and not being bogged down in fancy gadgets..just more stuff to wash!! I want simple that I can whip up when needed and this is IT! Could I use sunflower seed flour? As well as add more crunchy bits like caraway/sunflower/poppy seeds? Thank You!

  106. Hi, I need to do a bread for my son, he has a lot of allergies (gluten, milk, nuts, soy) that includes yeast. Also I do not have phyllium and tartar cream, can I use the rest of the ingredients to make the bread?
    I really appreciate your answer.
    Desperate mom

  107. the format is actually well thought out and well done. I hate to correct one thing, but it’s accurate, the warm water is actually used to activate the yeast, it may also help with the flax seed, but in all the baking recipes that use yeast use warm water to activate, and yes not too cool or hot but warm. I think that your ideas and suggestions are very good.

  108. I have made a few keto breads lately that I thought had merit, but after making this bread the others are left in the dust.

  109. Just made it. Turned out quite nice. I’ll leave out the psyllium husk next time. It’s not bad, but I ‘ know’ it’s there 😄. Very good recipe, thank you.

  110. I made this bread yesterday. I used a loaf pan. SUPER GOOD!! I wish I could show you the picture!!! The best Keto bread ever!! Taste great, so moist. next time I’ll brush with egg before baking to see how it comes out.

  111. Thanks so much for this recipe, I’m new to keto and this is my first keto bread recipe tried. I’ve made it twice now and really enjoying it! I leave it in the oven for a while after baking, then cut it into slices and put them back into the oven to dry it out a bit more. Delicious!

  112. I love how you explained everything very clearly.I would like to try your recipe but I don’t eat eggs is there any thing I can use in place.of eggs

  113. I like the format I made it and added that bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s made burger buns but have not tasted yet

  114. awesome, thanks….this will be my next attempt for keto bread….haven’t had much success to date. Subscribed! Nice explanations.

  115. I just found your channel today. Love how you explain why you use certain ingredients. Looking forward to trying this bread.

  116. I really liked the way you did this video. I’ve made the recipe twice now. I used baking powder instead of cream of tartar, as I can,t find it in the shops at the moment.. also made 6 buns rather than one loaf. They taste great. Thank you 👍🏽

  117. Sorry, nothing to do with the recipe but – Is vocal fry a feature of the accent in certain states or is it just something that some people have in any part of the US?

  118. I think when people say “why don’t you try >>>>>>”. I think the respond should be why don’t you try that and let us know on YouTube.

  119. Very honest and efficient presentation, very good recipe, I toped it with some sesame seeds, it was delicious. Thank you so much.

  120. I tried this recipe and it’s a winner at home. Finally a bread with ‘real’ breadcrumb that you can dip intp fried egg yolk, yeah! We were missing it badly. And the flavour is quite neutral, so ypu can enhance it with herbs, garlic…whatever. Very versatile. Thanks a million! By the way, i like a lot the format, being able to see your hands and face at the same time. Keep on with your own style

  121. I made it yesterday, delicious, I bake it un 8 little buns. The center is so wet. So I take the center of. Put on some chessecream and enjoy! Really like the flavor. Thanks!

  122. Made this today and have got to let you know this is the best low carb bread I’ve tried. Great texture. Thanks!

  123. Baked this bread today.loved it..Very few slices though..will make 2 batches next time..Thank you for a great recipe

  124. Hi, People should realize you have done your research. Great job! Kiss keep it simple stupid. Right ? Looks beautiful

  125. Your taste test at 8:08 seems honest. Most other people would have said it tastes perfect, great, phenomenal, etc. Thank you for your recipe 🙂

  126. I have just made your bread….didn’t have any yeast on hand, so I used a teaspoon of onion powder instead… It’s in the oven right now… 😀

  127. Hi, i’m new to baking and new to keto. I made this recipe but, it was too wet to make your tombstone shape. The taste was amazing, texture wonderful, but it came out very flat. Do you have any suggestions ? Should I have added more almond flour?

  128. You gained this sub when you emphasized not having any special tools/machines and I watched the video to make sure your bread didn’t look “eggy” . Like the format. Will peruse to see if you do any oat fiber recipies. My new go-to!

  129. Tried it. Made some mods. Added 3 eggs with yolks. Could not waste the yolks ;). Turned out great, golden flax really helps the taste and texture

  130. I like how easy you made that, no messing about, just putting the dry ingredients in and mixing them together. Then the same with the wet ingredients and combine both the wet and dry together. Thanks!

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    Apparently, if you add Inulin (not insulin) powder, it reacts with the yeast and allows it to ferment, giving a nice high loaf, good texture, and more of a bread flavour. Any thoughts on trying out this for one of your vids? Inulin is a prebotic powder available everywhere I see. Will try this recipe as soon as i get some cream of tartar. Thanks

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    But thank you for this recipe because if I run out of other ingredients I will have a back up.

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