How to Increase Fat | Ways to Eat More Fat with the Keto Diet | Ashley Salvatori

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How to Increase and ways to eat more fat with the keto diet! These are my main tips!

For those who want to jump right into it: TIPS start at 01:50

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164 Comments on “How to Increase Fat | Ways to Eat More Fat with the Keto Diet | Ashley Salvatori”

  1. Does Bulletproof Coffee Break a fast say if I’m getting up in the morning and I’m intermittent fasting till 1 in the afternoon if I have a bulletproof coffee in the morning is that going to break my fast

  2. Since I began keto 3 weeks ago, I’m plagued with severe fatigue that hasn’t improved. I eat a healthy regular fat (not low-fat) diet, rich in meat, fish, poultry and veggies…no refined carbs at all. Maybe I need to increase my fat? Any input greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Just a note about mayo !! Try to choose one made with olive oil & NOT rapeseed oil. Rapeseed mayo kicks me out of ketosis instantly!!

  4. How do you know how much fat to have per day in grams? The 70% ratio is hard since there are fats in mayo, butter, etc which may not necessarily be on a plate but within a dish.

  5. I’ve royalty screwed myself. I’m on day 9. My net carbs are max 24.
    I rarely go over 10 and I rarely eat over 300-600 calories. I have no energy and have no appetite.
    I’ve been trying to fix it all and then worry about the fats since I’m not getting enough either but it’s hard.
    If I eat 4 eggs and bacon in the morning (makes me want to cry, that sounds like so much)
    Maybe some almonds as a snack
    A salad with meat, ranch and cucumber at dinner I could hit 900-1000 calories. But it’s the fact that I have no appetite and i feel like throwing up everytime I eat.

    I had/have headaches, cramping, lack of energy since day 4 and this is killing me. I know eventually It’s going to harm me with how little I eat but it seems impossible at this point.

    I hate 80% of the veggies and snacks we’re allowed. People suggest fat bombs to me- im skeptical about it. And I havent found any on Amazon that’s actually keto approved that isn’t atkins 😒

  6. Hi! So, I’ve been on the ketogenic diet for 5 weeks now, because I’m trying to get rid of my migraine. And what do you know? I’ve been pain-free for 5 weeks straight it’s amazing! not a peep of pain at all…I’m gobsmacked. I can’t even begin to think about how good I feel physically. However my body decided to skip my period and it completely freaked me out. I cried for 2 days in a row (for no apparent reason, nothing had happened) and I finally figured out that I wasn’t eating enough calories and my body was telling me to do something! I thought just eating what my appetite tells me would be ok, but it’s not. Now I am counting the calories, taking your tips and I’ll be making my own peanut butter in a moment. I was also told to eat more protein and I take any advice I can get. So, thank you for specifying how to eat more fat. Practising the fat-free diet all our lives has made me go “what? like…how?” suddenly I don’t know how to put on weight 😀 is that ridiculous? sort of 😀 anyway, thanks Ashley! Anna

  7. Just started Keto and tracking macros, have been gradually increasing intermittent fasting to 16:8. It has opened my eyes to just how much fat you need. Added 60g of whipped cream to greek yoghurt and blueberries. Have already eaten eggs, half an avo, butter, bacon and I’m still under. I’m not really hungry though so don’t want to snack just to get in more fat.

  8. Ashley…THANK YOU!
    RECIPE to use with a juicy, fatty RIBEYE:
    PREPARED HORSERADISH (found in chilled foods by eggs,cheese etc)
    Touch of white pepper
    Himalayan Pink Salt ( to taste)
    Stir until incorporated and creamy.
    This is a pungent, delicious, creamy, decadent, spicy, yummy dip for any meat really, but it pairs very well with red meats. I devour grilled meats with this stuff. And I buy the “Extra Hot” prepared horseradish. The regular one is hot enough for most.
    If you like a touch of sweetness, add Stevia Drops ONE drop, taste, add 1 drop etc. til it’s right for you.
    I do not use a sweet aspect as I LOVE the kicky dip as is. Enjoy!

  9. I’m so confused
    The almond flour and coconut flour has increase my carbs crazily

    Also using cream in cooking recepies my calories count has doubled
    I follow a veg keto diet
    Plz help

  10. I realized when I couldn’t get enough fat planned in a day, I’d start my day with bullet proof coffee, and bam, enough fat😜

  11. Mayo has sugar so it’s not recommended. Buy tuna in oil.
    Fats from butter, coconut oil, MCT oil, heavy cream, nut butter with no added sugar, bacon, eggs chic Ken with the skin on, cheese, beef, pork, olives. nuts, chia seeds, sardines, mackerel, salmon.

  12. Favorite snack: I really like hard salami and cream cheese .. just put a spoonful of cream cheese and fold it into the hard salami. Sounds weird, I know, but the creamy cream cheese and the salty salami work well together. 🙂

  13. Is bacon, mayo, and those type of dirty fats healthy to incorporate? I heard to avoid these especially most cheese (processed) can you give me some more info on this! Just doesn’t seem too healthy

  14. So I am apart of a facebook group where I see everyone saying that meeting your FAT in terms of your macros isn’t necessary if you have a lot of fat to lose on the body. What are your thoughts on this? Even if I am overweight, do I need to be eating the FAT that carb manager app says to eat?

  15. I stopped drinking cokes and I’m phasing out dairy and breads. In the last 6 months give or take , ice lost 42 lbs. I’m not even exceesisng yet, the only “excersise” I do is my job at a grocery store, lifting and stuff. Looking forward to my results when I start excersising.

  16. I wish I could eat all these yummy fats, but I have to many issue with my gut. I can only do OO, coconut oil/ butter. Can’t do dairy, only doing Brazil nuts, meat and a few veggies. I’m waiting for some test to come back and then hopefully I will be able to get more into this. I have lost 6lbs, just fasting and keto. But I’m really doing this to help heal my gut.

  17. Speaking as somebody who has a significant part of their diet in cheese oh, it doesn’t necessarily add that much fat. Adding more cheese just adds more protein as well so it still doesn’t give you that high-fat moderate protein level. One trick I have found is to add either butter, olive oil, Bacon fat, or coconut oil to my salads. This bumps you’re fat and makes your salads more filling.

  18. Hey!! Just starting this journey, i find the fats are making me feel sick 🙁 is this normal for the beginning?

  19. Can you show how exactly you use the carb manager.? I’m struggling with tracking my food, cause I’m not sure how to do it :/

  20. So I have to worry about net carbs , to much protein , to much fat and high calories and trying to staying away from carbs!
    Well I’m fucked!

  21. Talking about adding mayonnaise to the tuna. Most mayonnaise I see in stores have the wrong kind of oils and some have sugar. What should I do? I’ve been using 14% sour ceam.

  22. Please wear sunglasses next time, your pupils are memorizing. I desperately need to pay attention to this info.
    I just noticed your teeth, very distracting, please wear a mask just for your mouth.
    BUT YOUR SON IS HELPING ME TO STAY FOCUSED, sadly though, I want a tuna salad sandwich now.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  23. Thanks for the info I’m in my second month and I’m pretty sure I’m not getting enough fats. I’m starting to see the effects of not getting enough. I will take the advice

  24. Your discussion is way too complicated and I stopped listening less than halfway through.

    My rules:

    1. Just do OMAD. The daily allowance is the meal and therefore easy to calculate/estimate.

    2. With casserole or stir-fry styles of cooking (my preference): make the bulk of the fat whatever you add at the start: butter/tallow/cocont oil/olive oil. Top up with an egg or two if necessary to achieve satiety (after the initial caculations, satiety and general well-being is my guide over the longer term).

    3. Make a big side-salad and don’t worry about so-called hidden calories in this. (Use no-carb dressings).

    4. No-cal beverages the rest of the day. Herbal teas are my preference. Bullet-proof coffee is bullshit from a charlatan and it breaks your fast. Sweeteners such as stevia can trigger insulin release despite having no calories so avoid them.

  25. Hi Ashley! I’m a new subscriber and love your info. Thank you so much. I been doing Ketones for over a year now and I’m in love. Just recently started adding Keto with my eating. Questions: do you only do one Ketone packet a day? I have been doing 2 and I find I’m not very hungry. I have been having issues with dairy so might try and decrease. Thanks for your tips.

  26. I’m just starting keto to help with weight loss and digestive issues. Alternatives to cheese as a source of fat? My gut doesn’t tolerate cheese very well

  27. Hi Ashley i am trying to do my macros but I am not sure If i am doing it right. Do you have any video you talk about your macros so we can use it as example .

  28. You want enough fats to keep you satiated and from snacking between meals. If you eat too much fat your body will burn that rather than the fat on your body.

  29. My go to salad dressing is always a big hit. Just 3 ingredients: 2 parts evoo, one part balsamic vinegar, one crushed cloves of garlic… shake it up and dump on salad.

  30. Ps both those doctors say calories dont matter especially Dr Fung. He says the body doesnt recognise calories only insulin. So dont worry about calories. He makes me laugh actually because he says calorie counting is ridiculous because we dont have a calorie receptor in our bodies. Keep insulin low and calories dont matter. So many different opinions. Anyway check him out he seems to really know his stuff.

  31. Ok so should have listened to rest of video re dairy and cheese. Ok so you agree dairy not good but its ok to have the cream cheese samon dish maybe once a week and maybe add brie cheese to salad once a week?
    Thanks. New to all this.

  32. Hi Ashley
    Love your utubes. I just want to clarify the cheese thing. I love your cream cheese salmon recipe but other doctors Mark Hyman, Jason Fung etc stare that cheese is not good for your gut. Breaks my heart cause I love cream cheese and brie yyyuuummm. Can you please comment on this. Ps I’ve never had a problem with dairy as far as I know. Thanks

  33. Just get your fats in on your first two meals and then u inly gottta worry about keeping your carbs low and getting your protein in for dinner

  34. I have tried to watch several of your videos & you are absolutely adorable, but so hyper & you talk so fast! Probably because you have so much energy from keto, but I feel like I need to take a breath for you girl! You are so informative & I want so badly to hear what you have to say & learn from you & your experiences, but Jesus take a breath my luv!

  35. My favorite thing to top a steak with mix Blue cheese mayonnaise Worcester sauce garlic mix it together and put it under the broiler so good

  36. Ashley, Thank you so much for this great information and ideas! I really needed to hear this!!! I’ve lost 35 lbs, since January of this year! I feel fantastic and tons of energy!
    You’re Outstanding and Amazing, thanks again! 🤗

  37. I only have keto coffee as a dessert… on days when I’m not really all that hungry and I just can’t bring myself to eat more (during my last meal of the day.)

  38. Great tips, thank you for sharing.  I just tried the coffee this morning.  Day 3 for me, still figuring out my macro’s but not giving up.  Thanks for all the video’s you do.

  39. It drives me crazy figuring out calories and macros so I just eat healthy…get some healthy fats in each meal. I’m intermittent fasting and feel great.

  40. So I did the calculator and it said I am to have 25 grams of carbs 116 grams protein 134 grams of fat..I have not started the keto diet yet.. I am just doing research so calorie intake was 1772 that seems like a lot of calories lol..

  41. 2 fit docs have done research into drinking coffee with cream etc…@ it does not affect your fast as long as there is NO sweetener added ….


  42. I don’t usually comment on youtube vids but oh my gosh I have been looking for a video that actually explains what to eat on the keto diet!!! I lost 25 pounds in 5 months just by counting calories and have hit a plateau so im trying keto!!! thank you!!!

  43. I found that without macros tracking I was vastly underestimating my carb intake. I suspect that’s quite common.

  44. What about cooking the eggs in that bacon grease?? That’s usually what I do since it’s already there

  45. I find your videos are just all over the place, it actually stresses me out to listen to you! Im not trying to be rude but you jump back and forth between things the entire video at such a fast pace. You’d almost be better off writing down a list and editing it with points 1, 2 and 3 etc…you talk way too much.

  46. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and going back on keto. What would you think I should stay at. I do really good if I’m strict keto before I was pregnant. And jumping back at keto I started back strict keto. But I think I need to up my carbs with like oatmeal and sweet potatoes and berries.

  47. New subscriber ! I’m looking to start . I already had reduced my carb intake . I literally don’t have mi h carbs a day . I’m just a bit confused on how to boom start !

  48. Newbies could watch Dr S Phinney’s three part series on YouTube if they want simple Keto Fat Burning Protocol info. This is not a fad Diet and can be dangerous if not well formulated. Everyone is different and it is also not a one size fits all program. If people are on meds of any kind they need to consult their Dr as they go along. Cheers

  49. Thank you so much for your videos, I find out of everyone you explain everything easier to follow. I have been on Keto for almost a month, its been hard to keep my macros on point but i think i am getting the hang of it now..just have a question, so should i do a fat bomb if i need the fat but still under my calorie intake for the day?

  50. So if you’re overeating In fat, as long as your burning all those calories you’re eating you shouldn’t gain weight ? I feel like I’ve been overeating on fat lately and really don’t want to gain weight.

  51. Could you recommend some non-greasy fats? I’m OK cooking with butter, but sometimes mayo just gives me a stomachache.

  52. I’m just starting my keto lifestyle! Today was my first day and I’m so excited to see where this lifestyle takes me! Love your videos

  53. So glad I watched this video! I try not to eat pork because I’ve noticed it flares my eczema, so I only eat turkey bacon. Now I’m just going to start cooking everything in butter lol. Haven’t started my journey yet, but I’m excited!

  54. Im trying to find that video where you mention what app to get to track your macros on android but i cant find it.

  55. Wow thanks for the info, I have been having a bulletproof coffee in the morning, and after watching this, I am going to start it later in the day. I didn’t know that was breaking my fast. Which makes sense, but I thought my body could tell liquids from solids. but I guess insulin is still going to be produced killing my fast?? I have been doing Keto for 2 months now and lost 25 pounds, I have also been intermittent fasting for about that long. but started the bulletproof coffee for the last two weeks, I love the coffee, but will try it later to see if that is why I have stalled out. Thanks again.

  56. Pecans are a good source of fat! I’m new to this, so I was looking at nut options and found these to be best. For a “1/4” cup serving (it’s best to weigh it) it’s 1g net carb and 20g fats. So use it as a topping on a salad, on some HaloTop ice cream, or chop it up into your tuna/chicken salad. Just a thought 🤗

  57. I need to eat 969 calories a day per you calculator…. well yeah I would loose weight. I would be starving.

  58. I’m not losing weight. I am doing IF, workout and eating 75%F, 8%C and 17%P. I am a hypoglycemia person before starting the Keto diet, so that is why my carbs a tad higher. Could you suggest something people say it’s because I eat 2000 calories a day. What are your thoughts.

  59. Hey! I find you videos very helpful and informative! And I hope you don’t mind, but I have my own healthy cooking channel here on YouTube, and I have told my followers about you as well! Thanks so much for the videos. I would be KETOlost without them!

  60. Hi, Ashley! I have been stalling for 1,5 month and I am not sure that it’s because of the dairy I am consuming or maybe the stressful moment I am experiencing…also my sleep is not quite as it should be these days… Maybe it’s the combo of this 3 things…maybe I should cut down on my yummy cheese and cream…I am quite addicted to it actually, so it’s going to be hard ! xx

  61. I just started Keto 4 days ago and have watched about 10 of your videos. You are SO inspiring! You look great! I just had my 6th (and last) baby 2 years ago, and I gained my usual 75 pounds, but I only got 55 off this time and I’ve been stuck for over a year at 170! I was just wondering how tall you are. Your before and afters look like mine with my previous babies. I LOOVE your tips and recipes! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  62. I haven’t mastered my macros perfectly but I do pretty good. keto coffees are my life saver as far as meeting my fats go. I drink one in the morning and if I still need my fats I’ll drink one in the afternoon. I still keep my calories under 1500.

  63. I’m hoping that someone here can help me on my issue. I keep reading and hearing that early on when testing, by using the urine strips, you want to get in the low/moderate level of ketones…. but I’ve always showed high levels on my urine strips. I’ve been on the Keto diet for 5 weeks now and from the third day, I’ve always tested with the purple results, which I heard isn’t a good thing. I eat healthy fats and do eat greens everyday. I track my macros and they are always around 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs. I also drink water all throughout the day. I also suffered from the Keto rash, but that’s finally going away after three weeks. Any suggestions on what I could do differently to get into the best level for fat burning? I appreciate it!

  64. I was looking for your keto calculator on your website…I even typed it in the search box. It couldn’t find any results. ????

  65. Your videos are helping thank you!! I am freaking out a little bit about eating so much fat?? Just started this week 😩😩

  66. So the keto Kreme doesn’t break your fast right? I get up at 3 am? I need coffee then, so do or don’t do the keto kreme? 🤷‍♂️

  67. I like fat bombs in place of a piece of chocolate for a dessert. Also.. mayo is the perfect thing for adding fats like you said. It makes everything taste so good which is a plus!

  68. Im so happy to see this video! Also looking forward to more recipes with less dairy as I am really sensitive to too much dairy

  69. This was right on time! I just started my keto journey yesterday and I don’t tolerate dairy well. I ate more than usual yesterday and today I feel bloated. Mayo and guac it is from here on! Thank you.

  70. Hello! I have a question about your Keto calculator. On there it says I can have up to 25 g of net carbs, 155 g of fat but on the Carb manager app are you encouraged to use it says I’m only allowed 16 g of net carbs & 102 g of fat. So which calculator should I go by?

    ALso awesome breakfast in a cup that I put in my coffee is first after I brew my coffee I mix together in a bowl with a beater 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream, half a scoop of protein powder, 1-2 egg yolks, 2 teaspoons of powder Stevia, 2-4 drops of liquid Stevia and half a teaspoon of vanilla (using only 5 net carbs)That gets me all the way past lunch being full & energy.

  71. Thank u so much Ashley I just started keto 2 weeks ago lost 5 lbs the first week now nothing 😫my weight keeps fluctuating so I’ve been binge watching your videos thanks for all your info! I’m about 10 lbs from my ideal weight do u think that might be it? 😉

  72. OH MY GOD this was so helpful! I was wondering why my weight loss stalled. I’m eating way too many calories (and too much dairy) to try and get my fat intake in! Thank you so much for this video! Also, I had no idea that bulletproof coffee was breaking fast (I’m a dummy). So now I will incorporate BPC as a meal! Thanks again Ashley!

  73. Hi!! I was wondering what kind of exercise is best for this diet? Will it help me lose weight? Or should I just stick to the diet and not worry? I really enjoy going for jogs or doing cardio, anything; I enjoy getting sweaty lol. I haven’t found really any clear specific information on it from what I’ve read so far. 🤔 Your videos have been really helpful. I lost 7 pounds in a week 😲🙏🏼🙌🏼

  74. Dr. Jason Fung of “The Obesity Code” says it is not about calories in, calories out. He has some great videos and pod casts! It’s really about the correct percentage of the macros of the calories. 🙂 Great videos BTW! Thanks!

  75. So if I drink a bulletproof coffee with butter, heavy cream , coconut oil , and stevia will that break my fast? Thank you for another great video!

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