Exciting Products designed to inspire your Thanksgiving & steal the thunder from your turkey!

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The Lékué Vegetable Ricer turns florets of cauliflower or broccoli into tiny grains that can either be utilized as a garnish, alternatived to rice, or combined with other active ingredients to form healthy, low-carb, plant-based meals. Yes, it definitely is a specific niche item, as much as an avocado peeler is, or a soup spoon, or a honey stick, but it does what it means to extremely well, with ease, and without electricity. Simply chuck chunks of cauliflower or broccoli into the ricer, close it shut, and twist the cover a couple of times, and spokes within the inner container help break the pieces down into smaller grain-like particles, which you can then steam to use as a rice alternative, or turn into a fantastic gluten-free pizza crust! Once your Thanksgiving binge is over, you can change to a healthier diet plan with this product!
10. The Slow Dance

The Transformer Table includes two broadening sides and a central leg piece that sits anywhere in the middle to support the weight at the center. Once the tables sides are pulled apart, wood planks are put on the top to give the table its long surface. The Transformer Table 3.0s wooden panels stack to turn into a separate coffee table that you can utilize as a secondary piece of furnishings, providing you 2 tables in one! The Transformer Table 3.0 pairs with the Transformer Bench, which has its wooden panels stored inside its hollow. The benchs height enables it to fit under the table too, offering you furniture that is both stackable and expandable for ultimate control over your space. For people who like dining on greater surfaces, theres the Transformer Counter height table, a raised table to match your homes decor.
4. Golden-Accent Marble Dinner Plates

Each plate includes an elegant marble design, which nearly look like little galaxies on tableware! Each one is embellished with golden accents and marbled designs of various colors. The Golden-Accent Marble Dinner Plates would be an amazing addition to your otherwise standard Thanksgiving supper table!
5. The KitchenAid Smart Oven + Connected Wall Oven

Developed to be an art setup you can hang on a wall or put on a mantelpiece and stare at for hours, the Slow Dance lets you mount a range of things within its magical frame, from feathers to flowers, to even fascinating looking leaves. Switch it on, and the item within the frame starts fluttering in sluggish motion, without any external stimulus (you ought to really check out the video above). The impression counts on 2 core elements– a precisely crafted system within the Slow Dances frame, and your eyes capability to see in 24 frames per second. The engineering depends on an electromagnet that triggers the feather/flower/leaf to flutter away, and LED lighting constructed into the frames inner edge that strobes/flickers at a specifically calculated rate to make that disorderly flutter appear like slow-motion choreography. It might be a perfect decor piece for your Thanksgiving dinner celebration!

Our group is having a dispute and we require your aid– is this strangely satisfying or does it interrupt your OCD? Developed by Object Rights, this curved dinnerware will perfectly complement the circular plates on your table this Thanksgiving. I, for one, am quite interested by this speculative design!
3. Transformer Table

Recording four different types of flavoring, and embodying them in snow-globe-esque containers, Qualy Designs Four Seasons shakers are just simply clever and lovable at the very same time. Not just are they well created, but the definitely witty wordplay likewise makes the product even more lovable!
2. Curved Flatware

Oh, Game of Thrones, whatever our handle the faults of the last season, something stays, we cant overlook the impact or the series it had on our lives with hours of conversations, theories and lets not even get going on the number of inspired souvenirs I own! However all that is brushed aside with just one look at these elaborately crafted spoons, developed in collaboration between HBO and Magnum as a part of their limited-edition collection, with each style representing your homes that played a part in the show in a renowned manner. From the gleaming red and gold Lannister-worthy inscribing to the stark fierceness of the northerners, each of these spoons completely defines the characteristics that made this series such an impressive workout in storytelling.

The Cakedozer Cake Server makes serving those Thanksgiving pies a piece of cake! The wise system presses the slice of cake or pie off the server, and onto your plate.
9. The Lékué Vegetable Ricer

As we show gratitude and appreciation for the rollercoaster that was the past year (the good parts and the bad parts both), weve curated a collection of unique product styles to help you get through this mega holiday. We hope you are able to amp up this unique vacation with these unique styles. Recording 4 various types of seasoning, and embodying them in snow-globe-esque containers, Qualy Designs Four Seasons shakers are just simply creative and lovable at the exact same time. Not only are they well developed, however the definitely witty wordplay also makes the product even more adorable! Developed by Object Rights, this curved tableware will completely match the circular plates on your supper table this Thanksgiving.

The KitchenAid Smart Oven+ Connected Wall Oven is the sidekick you require while preparing an extravagant Thanksgiving dinner! The smart oven is compatible with a range of attachments, allowing you to effortlessly engage in different styles and techniques of cooking. The wall oven accessories include a cleaner, grill, and a baking stone. The KitchenAid Smart Oven harmoniously combines all these attachments to create one wholesome cooking experience. Preparing a Thanksgiving spread has actually never been this easy and easy!
6. Game of Spoons

The seasons have an effect not just on the food we eat but likewise on how that food is kept for tomorrow. Its ideal for saving your Thanksgiving leftovers!
8. The Cakedozer Cake Server

As we show appreciation and gratitude for the rollercoaster that was the previous year (the good parts and the bad parts both), weve curated a collection of distinct item designs to help you get through this mega holiday. From Game of Thrones-themed flatware to shakers influenced by the four seasons– these exciting products are all you need to take your Thanksgiving supper to the next level. We hope you are able to amp up this unique holiday with these special designs.
1. The Four Season Shakers

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