ELECTROLYTES Without Carbs | Advice & Tips for Carnivore, Zero-Carb, & Keto

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When following a diet complimentary or low from carbohydrates, electrolytes can be difficult. Keto flu, muscle cramps, and fatigue can make it tough to adjust and ultimately follow these carbohydrate limiting diets.

In this video I discuss my pointers, guidance, thoughts, and viewpoints on electrolytes without carbs. Check it out!


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34 Comments on “ELECTROLYTES Without Carbs | Advice & Tips for Carnivore, Zero-Carb, & Keto”

  1. Next time you make your bone broth, put in some whole eggs……shell and all. The hard boiled eggs have a delicious meaty flavor and you add calcium and whatever else is in the eggshell to the broth. When I drink water, I put in a small pinch of Redmond Realsalt. You can’t taste it, but I found I rarely need to add electrolytes anymore.

  2. Thanks! I’ve been on Carnivore for two weeks now. Someone mentioned I need to supplement but I’ve been feeling great. I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing. I thought I was getting my magnesium from my meats. And I use Pink Himalayan salt on my food. So, I’ve been getting my sodium and potassium.

  3. I’m having trouble sleeping. I go to bed around 8pm and wake up at 12-3am with cotton mouth. I’m wide awake like I have insomnia. Any suggestions? Please. Thanks

  4. I’m new to your channel. Can you do a video “ Carnivore for Dummies “ ? I’m considering switching from Keto to carnivore for my last 10 pounds, which even if I’m strict only drops.2 at a time..❤️🇺🇸🧚🏻‍♀️

  5. Hey, thanks for doing a video on this! None of the carnivores are really talking about this. Made me sub.

    Articles like this one claim you can’t get enough magnesium.

  6. What about calcium, potassium and magnesium… I am eating only meat for the last 10 days…
    And yesterday i expirienced heart problems…dizziness, Tachycardia, cramps in both legs so bad that i could’t walk…
    How to get in the electrolytes when eating a carnivore diet…
    I dont want to take pills/supplements because it would be the same bull**** as the vegan diet

  7. Great video, interesting about the shellfish, I typically consume pork for potassium and salt everything. Potassium levels in pork vary but most of them are on the high end of the spectrum. We eat pork ribs at my house, I try to avoid supplements as well. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  8. Does raw milk help with sodium or potassium.. Or hydration? I’ve been consuming more raw milk. Than usual lately

  9. I got to tell you a cool trick I did to keep my salt intake up I ordered 2 lb of Himalayan pink salt off Amazon for $8 and then I ordered 500 double 0 empty capsules for $7.50 and now I’m taking salt capsules is so much easier that way then I could take a whole bunch before I hit the gym and totally opens up my veins I get amazing pump it’s pretty awesome just had to tell you how I’m rolling…. PS I’ve been a personal trainer since 1997… of course I’m taking a ton of potassium and magnesium at bedtime

  10. One thing to consider is that salting especially heavily salting the meat increases palatabilty so theres usually a tendency to eat more. It seems to trick the satiety mechanism in the brain and at least for me personally i will heavily overeat and these puts a heavier load on digestion and inpacts my energy levels. If I wanted to pack on muscle like a bodybuilder then I would heavily salt my food but for now im optimizing to feel good. So im just taking salt and collagen supplements seperate from meals.

  11. I like to break my fasts with a bowl of bone broth made by Kettle and Fire. It’s pricey but high quality. I add some pink salt and ACV for added benefits. Good shit. Just found this channel after giving the carnivore diet another go, and I love your content. I lost 40 lbs on this way of eating before and my goal this time around is 60+

    Keep the videos coming.

  12. minerals/electrolytes —> O R G A N M E A T S [ ! ! ! ]

    200g of beef heart has more than enough potassium or fresh oysters =)

    that “no salt” salt is pretty good, I mix it up 1:1 with sea salt that also has iodine

    but in my experience, you only need more electrolytes when you start keto, once you made
    the shift and your electrolyte storage is filled up again, you can use less

    keep it up! =)

  13. i’ve been 6 days on carnivore type like diet, and my heart started to pound a little bit stronger and more rapid…
    I’m using lots of salt but maybe im not using enough? :/

  14. There is a zero calorie bottled water out now that is compared to Pedialyte…. can’t remember the name if it though.

  15. Distilled water IS PURE. Do research on it and discover its benefits. Why are heart patience told to drink it? Why did the government discourage it?

  16. Thank you! I have gone carnivore 5 days a week & keto the other two, where I make sure to eat avocado & asparagus for the high potassium. I wondered if we needed electrolytes on carnivory. Bone broth knocks you out of ketosis tho, it’s on zerocarbzen blog. Also do you eat organ meats?

  17. Awesome content, man your channel is awesome.I also use alot of lite salt, which is half salt, half potassium.Can I get your email?I want to share some info with you.. Your channel is great and educational………….

  18. Good advice Ben. Since I’ve been ZC I’ve been salting everything pretty liberally and I crave mineral water which I buy by the case. The only time I supplement is when I go on an extended fast, at which time I prepare a cocktail of pink salt, no salt, and magnesium and sip on it during the day to helpay avoid leg cramps.

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