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Keto lasagna is a keto dish that is on an almost weekly rotation in my house. Not just due to the truth that its delicious and tastes specifically like the genuine Italian lasagna, but this keto lasagna is likewise incredibly basic to make.

The “noodle” part of this lasagna meal is actually chopped deli chicken meat. I got this principle from Maria Emmerich.

In this video, I make a hamburger red sauce nevertheless you may sub for chicken or steak if you have those remaining meats on hand.

I make this keto lasagna on weeknights when I do not have a lot of time to prepare. Plus this keto lasagna meal is freezer meal too!!! So make 2! Prepare one now and freeze the other one for later on.

I’m not a fan of using strips of zucchini in my keto lasagna. Utilizing chicken pieces, it has the texture and taste of authentic noodles when you bake it!



( serves 8).

3/4 pound of sliced chicken (from the deli counter).
1 pound of hamburger.
1/2 container of Raos Marinara Sauce.
10 tablespoons of Whole Milk Ricotta cheese.
3 cups shredded mozzarella cheese.

Music from SoundStripe.
There Comes a Time by Adrian Walther.

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MACROS per serving.
Calories: 389.
Fat: 26 g.
Net Carbs: 4 g.
Protein: 34 g.



  1. Thanks for the recipe, I can use deli slice ham to make. Keep cooking. Can you make a video for clam chowder keto style.

  2. What a great idea! I am not a fan of zucchini in any way shape or form. I know, I’m going to get kicked out of the Keto club! I had never thought to use deli meat for the noodles. Thank you for giving me back one of my favorite meals!

  3. Hello Wow looks great . Hey I have to tell you something my friend is a family member of the sauce company and it’s pronounced Ray O ‘s there restaurant in NY is off the chart makes you feel like nonna made your food . They also have one in Las Vegas . keep up the great work your doing . HO Ho HO Go Keto Chef Santa

  4. Girl you left me with my mouth wide open. I can’t believe that I can finally make a lasagna that I know my family will love. I’ve never made lasagna before, it’s a lot of work (can’t stand dealing with the noodles) but this I can do in just a few minutes like you mentioned. Kudos to you lady for making ME, happy….lol…..have a blessed day!

  5. Hmmm, I’ve never thought of using deli meat, I’ve heard of the cabbage one, but this looks yummy in gonna have to try this

  6. Wow obsessed with your channel. Just recently went keto. Had tried it in the past and always cracked because I thought it was difficult. Watching your channel makes it really easy!!! Thank you so much!!

  7. I’m two and a half weeks in and have lost almost 10 lbs. I couldn’t have done it without your channel and a couple of other good ones. I barely miss the old way. The first thing I made was rolls from your “bake off”. Thanks so much!

  8. BTW, I travel a lot and one thing that worried me was that I wouldn’t be able to stick to the diet on the road. I found that by watching your videos, even if I’m not making one of your recipes, I’ve gotten an understanding of the fundamentals and I’m able to make better selections in restaurants and at airports. That’s an unintended consequence of the thoughtfulness of your videos.

  9. I saw this recipe just the other day. It looks delicious and easy. I will be making this very soon!! Thanks!

  10. Wow this looks good, really curious how the chicken will taste in this dish. Cant wait to try it. Slightly concerned with the sodium in the dish … but as they say, in all things moderation …

  11. Be very careful with the deli meats. They are, for the most part, loaded with soy fillers, nitrates, and are carcinogenic. Make sure you know what you’re eating.

  12. If you like this idea, check out Maria Emmerich. Using deli meat instead of pasta for lasagna was her idea. She published the recipe years ago.

  13. New subscriber here! You had me at “Carrot Cake” on your other video and then I came to see your lasagna without zucchini. First of all, thank you cuz I’m not a fan of zucchini. I just made lasagna last week for my family with noodles. Mine was separate and had everything else but noodles (I’m doing low carb). This looks interesting and I will have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  14. New to the channel, your video came up as a recommendation. What an great idea using sliced deli chicken breast. Extra proteins as well. Looks delicious! 🙂

  15. Your recipe looks awesome! I’m going to try it soon. New subscriber. I want to see your other recipes and do some bingewatching for sure!

  16. As an Italian food fan, well Keto is not for hardcore Italian food fans, but this looks amazing and will definitely be worth a try. We just started using RAO’s Marinara and absolutely love it, so that is a given. Thanks for sharing!

  17. This recipe looks delicious. There’s no way that’s a 22 quart baking dish! (Probably 2 point 2 quart.)

  18. I’m diabetic so am forced to eat “Keto”, but noooooi. Sorry, I just omit the chicken breast altogether. But love the Rao’s! (22 quarts?😬)

  19. NYer here! This is an amazing recipe! Definitely making it.
    Just an FYI…Rao’s is pronounced “Ray-Oh’s.” It’s the sauce from the famous Rao’s restaurant in NYC. Most of restaurant’s tables can only be owned or rented! So it’s almost impossible to get a seat there. It takes about two years to get a reservation!
    But their sauce was so delicious, they decided to jar for the public! Thank goodness they did because it’s best keto-friendly sauce out there! Thanks for the amazing keto recipe videos! 😊

  20. Great recipe! I love making pizza casserole! Cooked sausage and chopped mushrooms cooked base, sauce and cheese and topping on top! Yummo

  21. Using my non keto lasagna recipe for the ricotta cheese part to make it easy to spread add an egg and boom done. That’s how I grew up eating it. Just a thought. I have to eat a keto diet but I’m thinking about adding an egg to make sure I get a good ricotta cheese bite!!

  22. So inspired! Made this tonight. So easy!! I’m the only one who knows it has sliced turkey (what we had on hand) , and I can’t even tell!!! I’m thrilled! Super delicious and one of the best surprises in Keto cooking I’ve had yet!! And the first of your videos I’ve watched! Looking forward to more!

  23. Interesting 💡 I will Definately try it. Working with zucchini is an ordeal as you need to extract the liquid.

  24. This idea is way better than doing the lasagna with the zucchini, which in my opinion very time consuming to absorb the moisture from the slices. The deli chicken is a great alternative with more protein, and very easy to use. I think I’m going to make some when I do the noodle version for my male members of my family. And you also got another subscriber! Thanx

  25. Thank you so much for this recipe…I made it and we loved it! Also made the enchiladas…it was a big hit! Thanks again for your video

  26. I do a lot of taco salads, just making taco meat, shredding up some lettuce cheddar cheese, sour cream and sometimes guacamole. Then I love to end the evening with a keto cheesecake fluff with frozen blueberries. Pinterest is my go to for recipes.

  27. Wow this looks yummy I would have never thought of using deli meat for noodles what a great idea!

  28. i”m a keto newbie but have you tried the diet doctors lasagna recipe? i made a big batch for the freezer, i used my own sauce and cheese recipes but used the pasta recipe from the diet doctor and gave one to the neighbor he couldn’t tell the difference. which is suprising as the pasta was more like a bread texture in fact he ate the leftover pasta as bread, cant wait to try your recipe as well

  29. Popping in to say I made this last night and everyone loved it! My kids didn’t even realize there were no noodles. My oldest asked me why I was making lasagna, she thought I was having a cheat day 😆

  30. That looks delicious. Thank you. Looking forward to more great keto recipes. From Ontario , Canada. ❤️

  31. Lasagna is one of my favorite Italian foods. I have made this 2x so far and I highly enjoy every bit. I used ground chicken instead of ground beef since I’m allergic. Thanks for sharing!

  32. I use either ground chicken or turkey, sliced peppers, no cheese and a combination of zucchni and squash for layers as well as the same marina sauce that you use. But I will experiment with the sliced chicken and turkey for layers. Very good recipe and video

  33. I just made this and I am blown away. So good. Looked high and low for as good keto lasagna. This is it. One and done. Search over. Thank you.

  34. Omy i just made this I can’t tell the difference between this and real lasagna is so good I did add cheddar cheese and I’m o cheese on top along with the mozzarella and then of course parmesan it’s great thank you

  35. I made this and used cream cheese instead of ricotta. OMG. The deli chicken added into this recipe is so much better than noodles. It is definately one of my go tos. I cant wait to make it again. One of my favorite casseroles for sure. Thank you so much . I subscribed to get ALL your recipes. So keep on with the great videos…. from Ontario , Canada.❤️

  36. Hi love ur recipes. You really need to do a keto cookbook. Lol. I made the lasagna and it turned out great I see u listed the net carbs but what are the total carbs please.?

  37. Came back to this vid to advise people to try this recipe, I’ve made it twice and its delicious.

  38. I just followed your recipe and tweaked it like it was my regular lasagna and mmmmmm mmmm mmmmmmm 🤤🤤. You were right the deli chicken hit the spot. You gained a new subscriber ❤

  39. Really can’t taste the chicken, the texture is perfect when it comes to them imitating noodles. Great idea! Mine came out amazing.

  40. I made a keto lasagna today using mozzarella eggs and cream cheese with Italian seasoning baking in a pan for the noodles. Using the Turkey seems like it would be a lot quicker to make I am definitely trying this next week and hoping I get the kids approval

  41. Im literally making this exact thing tonight for dinner for me and my hubby! Except im using cream cheese and i dont have chicken or turkey so im using ham lol so hopefully itll still turn out just as good!

  42. Love your channel! I’m a 68 year old mom and new to Keto and loving it. Can’t wait to try this lasagna, looks yummy! You look so healthy and beautiful,good for you to seek out wonderful Keto recipes for you and your family and for sharing them too. Thank you. Just one tip if I may…I’m from NY and the sauce is pronounced “Ray-O’s” 🙂

  43. Made this for dinner tonight and was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the great recipe. I look forward to making your other meals in the future. Thank you once again x

  44. I wish i would’ve seen this video before i went to the store and bought stuff to make my own keto lasagna pasta 😂

  45. If you did an egg and some Parmesan cheese into the ricotta, it’s not only tastier, but also you can spread it much easier. 🌻

  46. I think for me personally, instead of the the chicken breast I’d rather use pepperoni or salami slices. As well as some minced garlic, some onion, mushrooms and spices.

  47. I am going to make this and dehydrate part to try for a backpacking meal. Imagine enjoying this meal on a beautiful mountain top; that is my plan.

  48. I’m excited to try this! Wondering if it’s possible to add some veggies to the filling. Like some broccoli and mushrooms. Just because lol.

  49. My favorite pasta sauce as well. Really good macros on pasta sauce but also ingredients list is short and real. No soy or stupid hydrogenated oils as well.

  50. Hi from down under. It was fathers day her yesterday and i made this for my very Italian husband and well 1st bite and he said wow real lasagne not keto!!! Great recipe indeed thank you xx

  51. WHO international agency for research on cancer (IRAC) classified processed meat as a carcinogen. This includes deli chicken breast.

  52. Great idea with the chicken. I will just have to buy a high quality Organic lunch meat for clean Clean Keto, but such an easy idea. Thank you.

  53. Ooh, this gives me an idea: how about instead of chicken slices, you could tenderize chicken breast flat and brown it in butter/ghee, or pan fry it with a light egg/almond flour crust!

  54. My family loves the cheese burger soup and the broccoli and chicken cheese casserole, I’m excited to finally be able to make lasagna 😍🤗

  55. Wow I just wanna eat that right now ! But I’m already full now I’ll have make it later in the week I love the idea of the chicken slices as the noodles yum !

  56. Omg! I made this and my picky family absolutely loved it. It was so delicious.
    And it was so easy to make thank you for the recipe.

  57. New to the channel..glad I found it. You have some very interesting recipes, I cannot wait to try them. Keep doing what you do.Thanks!

  58. I just made your recipe and it is SO delicious!! I’m so happy I don’t have to give up lasagna!! Thank you!!! I will tag you on my Instagram when I post pics. Thanks again!

  59. Thank you for sharing! Finally a recipe that hits the mark, so close in taste and texture. Yummy! The only problem I couldn’t stop eating it.😊

  60. *GREAT* idea.💡 I keep seeing it being made with zucchini or cabbage but those vegetables are watery and you could see the water it retained on the finished product. I’ll definitely try it this way. Thanks.

  61. Its still a warm day, but the first time in months I’ve used the oven, and the first thing I make is your lasagna. In fact as I type its almost ready to come out of said oven, and it smells amazing. In fact I just hit 15 minutes, but I used 3 lbs of ground beef and so I’m playing clock watch on the time now. Looks amazing so far, 20 minutes seems to work on the bigger casserole dish.

    Making some quick frozen green beans I defrosted yesterday to go with this, cooking them in olive oil, butter and a pinch of bacon fat. Whoops! I added a bit too much butter, oh well, maybe some bacon bits will help soak that up? LOL.

    Oh, by the way, you look amazing!

  62. I used eggplant and zucchini strips for noodles worked out awesome..you have to leech the water out of them first

  63. Great idea! Where’s the parmesan cheese? I always mix parm, an egg, parsley, and s&p into the ricotta. It spreads, is tastier, and makes it go a little further. Plus, it’s more authentic.

  64. Looks great and I’m definitely going to give it a try. On another note, when you cook something in a video, please taste it! If you’ve watched even one episode of Food Network’s “Next Foot Network Star” show you will hear how important it is to seal the deal with a big bite. It looks great and I’m use you enjoyed it, be the viewer needs that closure. I enjoy your channel. Scott

  65. Mine seemed really watery…do you think I added to much sauce maybe? Tastes amazing though! Thanks for the recipe 😊

  66. Real Italian lasagne don’t have ricotta ( apart from the Neapolitan recipe) or mozzarella cheese 😁 just bechamel and grated parmesan. But obviously, it’s not Keto.

  67. This sounds very interesting. I always used eggplant and Italian spicy sausage as my ground meat for my keto version but this is even lower carb as eggplant is 4.7 gm per cup.

  68. I made this for my family and it was outstanding. Like you suggested I enhanced things with fresh garlic, onion, mushrooms, and spices. Worked great! I like using the chicken because it fills the role of the noodles so well. Let’s face it, the noodles themselves don’t add much flavor, only texture, and the chicken does the same. It allows all those other flavors to capture explode on your taste buds! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  69. I wonder if anyone has tried using big Chaffles cut in strips as noodles in this before…..think I would have to go with roast beef or ham instead of chicken since I am so worn out on chicken right now. Great Keto recipe! Thanks for sharing=)

  70. Made this tonight and it was the best thing I’ve made hands down everyone raved thank you for the awesome recipe.

  71. Oh gosh, this looks awesome! I absolutely love lasagna! Thank U so much for this recipe!! Gotta make this for dinner!! Yum yum!

  72. I love the idea and I love your channel. First step, toss the Galbini in the trash. Go run and get PollyO old fashioned. Step 2, say Rhi-caught-a lol. Will be much more authentic;)

  73. Ok, I made this lasagna on Friday and OMG. This is hands down the absolute BEST keto lasagna recipe I have EVER tried, and I’ve tried several. Can’t thank you enough for this recipe. You cannot even tell there aren’t noodles in this dish. WOW!

  74. The recipe is great. I sometimes buy thick leeks and make a slit half way through the root vegetable. Then I peel one layer at a time and lay the leek flat on the meat. It works like pasta layers. 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  75. The recipe is great. I sometimes buy thick leeks and make a slit half way through the root vegetable. Then I peel one layer at a time and lay the leek flat on the meat. It works like pasta layers.

  76. Wow! This looks great! I’m subscribing to your channel! I love the keto eating way, and I have to say you are very pleasing on the eyes… lol (complement)… great stuff!

  77. I’m curious if you are also providing counseling videos to help women deal with the increased cancer risk from cheese consumption. Or maybe some video to offset the increased cancer risk you are promoting with cheese consumption? I mean, you do care that you’re promoting increased cancer risk, right? You care about women, right? (NOTE: I’ll ignore the carcinogenic effects of the meat for now.)

  78. Two things

    1. Thank you for pronouncing Raos properly. Saw another vid where it was pronounced as “Ray O’s”


    2. Could you just use fathead dough rolled out thinly instead of sliced chicken breast?

  79. Im new to this keto diet. I have tried many different plans and found out this one that has worked well for me. Just wanted to share this if it can work for you as well. Check it out:

  80. OMG!!!! This recipe was soooo AWESOME!!!! I made it twice in ONE day. My grandbabies devoured it….😋😋😋😋😋. I am loving all of your recipes. Will you show some pasta meals like shrimp carbonara or fried catfish and a substitute for fries?

  81. This is fantastic!!, I’m not doing keto but I am cutting back on carbs so this is perfect for Me! Thanks for sharing!!

  82. WhooP I found you again !! So excited for another try at Keto lasagna . Yes I did the zucchini & then tried cabbage leafs < watery . Haven't tried making it again for at least 2 years . Now this looks promising 🙂 This time I subbed to you before I lose you again lol

  83. Keto since Feb 14. Love this recipe, as I love lasagna! The chicken or turkey slices idea is fantastic. 😍😘 Yay! Another yummy recipe I can make and enjoy with my family. Thank you!

  84. Hi just wanted to say I’m blown away with this scrummy alternative recipe im’a defo gonna giv it a go !!!

    However I’m a English fan and subscriber as of From Today…..
    I’m mssge U b cos im just wondering if ya cud point me in right direction for an equivalent sauce here in the UK wud really really be grateful if ya cud help us out, im’a typical lasagne addict n only just started keto lark many thanks in advance hopefully Nev

  85. I made this, it was fantastic. Word of advice is dont use smoke turkey like I did😂, threw the flavor off a tad bit, but wasn’t noticeable enough to complain about! Thanks so much!

  86. I have been doing keto for 6 months and my hubby finally jumped on board 2 days ago! He watched this video with me and is all excited to get to make and eat it! (by the way only 2 days in and he’s already putting out ketones!) I love all your recipes!

  87. Just made it and the flavor is awesome… mine had some liquid in the pan… any suggestions to stop that from happening?

  88. WOW! Tonight I made this & it was incredibly delicious. 😋😋😍😍
    Added more herbs & seasonings to my liking. It was so fast & easy & delish! 😍😍 My husband even gave it a 10/10.😘 Thank you❣️

  89. I made this dish and it’s so good. I did drain my hamburger meat after I cooked it because you don’t want all that oil in your dish from the hamburger meat. It took mine 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 400 degrees for the cheese to brown. Overall good dish and easy to make.

  90. Your channel is Godsend, I’m glad I stumbled here on a late night.. definitely following your IG as well 🙏🏽

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