Easy Keto Chicken Stir Fry Recipe | Quick Dinner Recipes

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Easy Keto Chicken Stir Fry Recipe|Quick Dinner Recipes.
Easy Keto Chicken Stir Fry Recipe|Quick Dinner Recipes.

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Easy Keto Chicken Stir Fry Recipe|Quick Dinner Recipes.
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58 Comments on “Easy Keto Chicken Stir Fry Recipe | Quick Dinner Recipes”

  1. This post was perfect timing! I was just finalizing some food plans for a camping trip that I was having trouble with because my husband is a T1 diabetic. I wanted to show him we could kayak down the Delaware river, camp on the riverside and still have good food he could eat that would keep his blood sugar stable for the physical activity we were doing. I used this recipe and cooked the chicken through and the veggies partially (you can probably do both partially but I was worried about having raw or undercooked chicken in a cooler as I’d never done something like this.) I put it in Ziploc bags after it cooled and froze them overnight. They went into the cooler the next day and the top bags were mostly thawed for the first night. I used a whisperlite msr stove with a pan and cooked everything until all the sauce and condensation from freezing had reduced. It was perfect! Super easy too when you just have to dump it in the pan and low waste volume to deal with (it does have a strong smell so be prepared to secure garbage after from bears and small animals.) I told my husband he doesn’t have to like camping, but I wanted to make sure it was just because he doesn’t like camping, not because diabetes was once again limiting his ability to do what he wants. It was 36 degrees at night this trip so the jury is still out on that!

    Also, I made a huge batch of this, I multiplied the recipe by 6 and that was probably a little excessive but we ate all the leftovers. This might be a great, easy way to feed a family while camping.

  2. If anyone can help me, I won’t get into explaining why; but I am looking for Keto recipes that are Kosher and don’t use any ingredients that grow purely or mostly in darkness (which also means anything that grows underground).

  3. Keto connects the best in making keto videos and breaking down the macros for us, I really lost almost 23 lbs after following you guys Matt & Megha .. I have started a channel [ Chennai Dotcom USA ] uploading keto videos , please check it out, appreciated guys.

  4. I wish y’all could help me out! My SIL moved in with us and she is fat free vegan. I am nonjudgmental toward her diet but tells me my diet is furthest from the truth as possible.
    🤦🏻‍♀️😡 HELP!

  5. Ugh I just love this page! I’ve tried and failed keto many times because I thought I would have to eat lettuce wrapped burgers for every meal! Now I’m Keto strong because there’s sooo many options, we just have to look for it!

  6. Dude, Nice hair cut looks like mine. Thanks to your channel, it has been easier to stay Keto. Going on two years, 42 pounds lighter and a lot healthier. Love the Channel.

  7. Really nice couple with engaging personalities, but both are on the express track to atherosclerosis. I feel sorry for the little kid who’s parents are going to be debilitated by cardiovascular disease as he gets to his teens. When younger its easier to get pumped up about eating bacon, cheese, and lard but you will unfortunately pay the bill for that in your 40’s and 50’s. Go and look at Butter Bob Briggs channel for an example. He spent 3 years pumping the lard-based diet only to get a shock when he went in for a cardiac calcium score that showed his left anterior descending artery was more plugged up than his meat stuffed rectum. His last video is tragic as it dawns on him what he’s done to his heart and tries to reconcile it. Megha has a particularly bad problem with her Indian heritage. There are extensive studies showing that the median age for myocardial infarction in people of Indian origin is 10 years earlier than whites in the USA. This incremental risk is partly genetic and partly environment. She needs to get onto a vegan diet with a strong regimen of statins immediately to ensure her future health. Sadly, I suspect this will be ignore in preference for fatty foods.

  8. I admire that you’re stir frying in the middle of your kitchen with no overhead vent 😂 Every Asian cook’s nightmare

  9. Nice. I make your egg roll in a bowl recipe on a fairly regular basis, and I’ll need to add this stir fry to my repertoire.

  10. I don’t do all coconut aminos. Lots of carbs. I’ll usually mix a little in with mostly Bragg’s liquid aminos.

    If you don’t want the broccoli to turn beige, dip it into boiling water for 1 minute then chill it immediately, and when you cook it al dente, it’ll still be “fresh.” 

    You’ll get a lot more flavor if you stir-fry the onions first, then add garlic, then the rest of the vegetables. The onion and garlic will be infused into the oil. Add the marinade at the end to keep it from turning everything to mush. Dumping it all in with the meat is steaming the meat. Ideally, you’ll sear the meat without the marinade and take it out before you do the vegetables. Basically, you’re boiling your “stir-fry.” If you watch an Asian cooking video, they _never_ do that.

    You’re right to add the sesame oil at the end, but I’d do that in the pan, for about 30 seconds, and mix it into the dish (yes, I’ve watched a shload of Asian cooking videos and cooked a lot of stir-fry, and my wife is Asian—she likes my food.)

  11. I would love to see another funny/goofy video where Matt wears different costumes and plays different characters (Halloween could be the excuse) and you crack each other up trying to keep a straight face.

  12. We had a stir-fry last night. I like a dollop of sourcreme on top. Does that make it not Asian food? 😆 🌴🌴aloha

  13. If you plant the ginger in a pot, it will grow more and you will always have fresh ginger and it won’t spoil. Just don’t plant it on the ground or you will go looking for it. Seems that it likes to migrate in the soil so that is why you want it in a garden pot.

  14. Wonderful Recipe ❤️
    Awesome Yummy & Tasty video ❤️❤️,
    Keep posting I Support Sub Your Channel
    Let’s get connected 👍. Let’s be FRIENDS?🙋‍♂️

  15. at 0:51 He suggests that all the carbs in the marinade don’t count because not all all of it will absorb into the chicken…. but then he poured all the leftover marinade into the pan at 3:25 So just realize that if you do that, all the carbs make it into your stir fry.

  16. So simple and perfect! I love this channel! I’ve lost 80 lbs because of the wonderful world of YouTube channels such as this one. Thank you for all of your hard work – your tips and advice are greatly appreciated. Matt and Megha – you are da bomb!!! <3

  17. Please step up your garlic press game! That one is from the 60s! They are so advanced now! Easy perfect clean up. You have no idea! No need to peel and you even can get a slicer/ press combo. All are under $15 I think. The cleanliness of the new and easy grip are everything!

  18. I stopped doing keto and focusing on just intermittent fasting and exercise daily.. I will probably be back when I come back to Keto. I really like watching your channel and thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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