Easy KETO Cheeseburger Casserole Recipe | Low Carb Keto Recipe With Ground Beef

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This Keto Cheeseburger Casserole Recipe is amongst the absolute best basic low carbohydrate keto dinner meals you can make. Its made with hamburger and just a couple of other keto-friendly active components. Plus, it takes LESS THAN 30 MINUTES from start to finish to make!



Avocado Mayo: https://amzn.to/3ieFKrZ

Reduced Sugar Ketchup: https://amzn.to/31otjUq

Macadamia Nut Oil: https://amzn.to/2VrWlPc

Less Expensive Food Scale: https://amzn.to/2BLSB3O

My Food Scale: https://amzn.to/2NBABvW

120 Comments on “Easy KETO Cheeseburger Casserole Recipe | Low Carb Keto Recipe With Ground Beef”

  1. Yes! Easy dinner recipes! Thank you. Also, draining the meat in your sink can cause your pipes to clog. I have a designated draining bowl that I drain meat into, and once it solidifies you could clarify it to use the tallow or just scoop into the trash so it’s not in your pipes. Not trying to be a know it all or anything, just thought you might like to know. Love your recipes!

  2. Looks awesome bro! So much easier to follow than any other Cheeseburger Casserole recipe than I have ever seen before.

  3. Hey just started the diet about a month ago and your channel has been helping plenty and also i keep hearing that some onions are a no no… which ones am i able to use?

  4. I bought the sweets cookbook. Now it’s time for the savory cookbook. 😜 Do you think about the quality of the meats and cheeses or just conventional foods?

  5. Love this because it’s made with ingredients I always have on hand. It can changed up with some taco seasoning or chili powder, enchilada sauce . . . so many possibilities! Thank you once again. ♥

  6. I like this as a start but it needs a third “extender” ingredient besides the beef and the cheese. Maybe broccoli or riced cauliflower or brussels?

  7. Looks really good. I always found garlic burns if you cook it before the onion, how low did you have your burner? I’ll try this out this week

  8. Great recipe I’m definitely loving anything that doesn’t require all the expensive dry keto ingredients! Any substitute for the mayo n ketchup?

  9. I made something similar to that before but I also added in some mustard. Maybe next time I will chop up some dill pickles and add those too for a full burger experience. LOL I have also made it with riced cauliflower and both are delicious. 😀

  10. This looks awesome Joe! Perfect for our weather here in Buffalo. As much as I have a sweet tooth, I can’t wait for some more dinner recipes. I’m making this, this week. Thanks for this!

  11. Just made this. YUMMY. I L❤️VE all your super easy (no exotic or expensive) ingredients in all your recipes. Thank you.

  12. This looks great!
    I’ve done a similar recipe. Added relish and riced cauliflower. Topped with freshly diced, cold lettuce and tomatoes. I also put some mustard in the sauce, or used BBQ, both options were yummy.
    Some chopped bacon would be a good add in as well.

  13. Broil = grill for the rest of the English speaking world.
    I am not sure why you threw away the meat juices. lot’s of flavour there…

  14. This looks delicious! I made your cheesecake and it was phenomenal! I cant wait for more savory recipes though!!

  15. Pro tip. When you add the ground beef, it will release a lot of liquid that you strained off. Don’t strain it. Just continue to cook the beef and allow the liquid to evaporate. It will all eventually cook off, and the beef will start to brown in its own fat. Browning the beef will make this dish so much more flavorful. And you won’t have to strain anything. When you strain it you’re losing all that delicious beef fat.

  16. Oh yummy Joe gonna make later and add a few fine diced tomaoes and some pickle rounds as a topper.Hey btw my daughter in law and grandkids and i made your cinnamon roll last night. We did the roll up version first then did the second one in a giant cookie version and the glaze was fabu and then the grandson made cream chesse frosting for the second one, also yummy. Let me tell ya JOE us keto folks were talkin bout you!!!! <3 your stuff Mrrr u da Mannn! my son and daughter inlaw and i have been keto for years now and my hubby just jumped on board , i can`t tell you how good it is to see fast easy recipes and fast simple vids like yours to keep the inspiration going.Shared that cinnamon roll vid with a friend i coach on keto just yesterday and she asked me this morning how it was! lol....told her MAKE IT!

  17. Sorry this is not keto. It might be keto friendly but it is not keto. What kind of fat do you put in, I saw no mention of avocado, bacon. 🤔

  18. Can’t wait to try this. Looking forward to more dinner recipes, your dessert recipes have really made it so i don’t feel like i am depriving myself of anything.

  19. Yours is one of my favourite Keto based channels as I struggle a lot with cooking and coming up with Keto recipes. But you’ve kept it simple and I like that you always use the same ingredients. You’ve introduced me to cooking with sweeteners and almond flour. Really hope to see more easy dinners and hope you’ll always keep it simple 👌

  20. 😋 definitely going to try I’ll probably just do a pound of beef. I really like primal kitchen mayo and I just bought their ketchup

  21. I’m on it this week I like to make what I call “big mac” in a bowl and I’m going to use your cheeseburger casserole to tweak my recipe

  22. “Strain the beef”

    Noooooooo :/ if it’s high quality beef, that juice/oil is full of nutrient-dense aminos & fat

  23. *Yummers!!! This looks soooo good! 😋 Can’t wait to make it!* Thank you for mentioning the weights on your recipes as well as the measurements. Its really helpful.

  24. Thank you!!!! I don’t watch all of your videos because after being keto for almost a year I’m trying to limit the sweets. Thank you for making more dinner recipes that are quick and easy 🙂

  25. How about a Chile Relleno recipe: Chile Poblanos, the cheese, almond flour (or coconut flour) egg whites with a little cream of tartar, and fried with avocado oil (beacon oil, coconut oil)? That’s Keto 🙂

  26. i just made this and OH MY GOD it is sooooo good! i was out of cheddar so i used colby jack. i also like pickes in my burgers so i added relish. i also put it in ny air fryer to melt/fry the cheese. my son (3yrs) also loved it (i chopped onions extra small so he wouldnt notice) and im going to be writing about it to my husband who’s at bootcamp. he’s going to be jealous lol


  27. I returned the Primal Health mayo to the store. It was unbelievably nasty to me. I’ll just use regular Dukes mayo and suffer soybean oil poisoning later.

  28. I am going to make this tonite but most IMPORTANTLY WHAT IS THE CARB CONTENT ? NO MACROS LISTED JOE? Can you please provide this info…..Thank you

  29. Thanks for the recipe man, I’ve tried several variations with adding different vegetables as a filler and it always tastes godly, I basically make this at least 2 times a week. I’ve tried several of your recipees and they’re always awesome. You rock!

  30. I can’t wait to try this. Looks truly delicious! I’ll look for a recipe to make sugar-free ketchup because the Hines brand uses Sucralose. Nasty. Also, If using a cast iron skillet and you can cook some of the excess fat / juice away but leave the remaining amount to make it even more of a keto protocol. Adds flavor also!

  31. Any tips for people who can’t eat dairy? Recently found out it’s making me very sick. I can eat cheese if I want the consequences, but would like to see other ways to keep that good fat.

  32. I’m so happy I can find easy keto recipes because my mom is now doing keto and me as a daughter I want to be able to make her a keto friendly dinner so Im learning new recipes for her 😁

  33. WHOA who’s ever watching this don’t ever drain burger grease in your kitchen sink, you could ruin your pipes that way. Instead drian it into an empty can and throw away the can or drain into a cup let it get solid and scrape out the grease into a garbage can

  34. Just made this 5/27/20. OMG so good!!!! Thank you! (Let me know when I’ve overused the exclamation point)

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