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I was recently introduced to this coffee by a friend who kept asking me to try it and I finally gave in and decided to make it. I had my lovely girlfriend Deepti come and join me in trying this to see if it was any good. The verdict? It’s nice but not something I will really try again.

Camera Gear I use
Canon 80D (This is what I use now): https://geni.us/t1MX9PB
Canon 650D (Older videos shot on this): https://geni.us/6E3Jgtl

Lens (Canon)
EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 : https://geni.us/Ojb6v8
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  1. That was an honest reaction Guys…. The Authentic Bullet Proof coffee DOES NOT TASTE GOOD .. There are Variants Though

  2. Can you suggest what can we do for the raw smell of coconut oil in the bullet proof coffee?
    It’s kind of irritating 😣

  3. You made a really good point that BP coffee should be used only as a meal replacement or if you have a very active lifestyle, just because it’s keto doesn’t mean it should be on your daily menu…..

  4. I bought coffee beans from Amazon called COFFEE DAY. It says that it has 71gm carbs per 100gm. I am confused. Isn’t coffee carb free? Do you have any idea?

  5. OK I REALLY LIKED HOW IT TASTED. I AM ON KETO ONLY 1 MONTH . WITH MY 57.5 I LOST ONLY 1 KG AND 400GR. NOW I AM 56.2. YOUR CHANEL HELPED ME WITH my questions what can I cook, how can I make.

  6. So … my question is this why not just use real cream and a sugar alternative or put chocolate in with the coconut. I just can’t see putting that type of fat in my coffee.

  7. El mío está mas bueno, le pongo mct oil , heavy whipping cream, vanilla, almond milk, butter,and half teaspoon of truvia, and cinnamon powder, es una bomb , me quita el hambre bien cañón 🤣 después no se como Hacer para comer el almuerzo , no tengo hambre

  8. Also there’s a coffee you might like. It’s called Black Death. One of the most strong coffees out there.

  9. You start by having keto coffee. Pretty soon everything sweet tastes awful. You just need stay focused on your journey. Be strong, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

  10. BP coffee is great. I leave out the coconut oil and cheat with 1tsb of raw honey. 5.7 carbs and 27 calories, 204 calories in the butter total 311 calories 22 carbs in butter. I try to keep my carbs around 30 or less a day.

  11. Ur wife and ur gf could be twins! Mind blown!!!!!! Lol i use some stevia packets and a little heavy cream with it. Also butter and mct instead of coconut oil itself

  12. Love how honest you are with your taste tests…makes me wanna try it for myself

  13. Hi new subscriber here, I make BP coffee every morning with the butter, only 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, 2 to 3 tablespoons of heavy cream and 2 teaspoons of monkfruit sweetener, blend, that way it’s delish! I also add turmeric and black pepper for my inflammation and it’s still delish!!! I also I use 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder, butter, heavy cream and sweetener and now I have a delicious mocha, I still only use 1 teaspoon of coconut oil cause I too am not crazy about the smell so I still use it but in a smaller amount than is called for.

  14. I make it with grass-fed butter and heavy whipping cream. Never got into coconut oil. For a lovely flavor I add cardamon seeds, star anise, cinnamon, and a tiny bit of chili powder to the beans when grinding. Yum! None of the chemical crap from “flavorings”, just natural spices.

  15. Hey i added whipping cream instead of tht oil n you can also add some vanilla essence n stivia is damn good than

  16. You should have tried using grass fed butter and coconut oil that doesn’t have the coconut taste to it.

  17. I am a sugar, carb addict. I don’t want or need any sweeteners. I no longer need sweets. It’s helped me to eradicate the need for anything sweet. Now even a piece of fruit tastes very, very sweet to me. I’ve trained my tastebuds to do quite well without any sweeteners. Just don’t trust any sweeteners, even natural ones. Only three weeks on keto and fasting. I feel great. Thank you so much for all you do.

  18. I use Kerry gold butter and a bit of heavy cream. That’s all. Love the taste. Only one question, will this break my fast?

  19. You’re to funny & honest… I’m not a fan of coffee. I’ve been having coconut milk, oil Turmeric latte – yummy yummy

  20. I’ve been using bullet proof coffee for a week and love it. Slight difference in recipe (I use 1 tbs heavy cream, 1 tbs butter and 1 tbs coconut oil w a smidge of vanilla. Lots easier to palate, and no breakfast to make.

  21. For BulletProof Coffee, they say use MCT oil or BulletProff Brain Octane oil instead of just regular coconut oil, says just regular coconut oil doesn’t do the job, along with 1 to 2 T. grass-fed butter, 1 to 2 tsp. heavy whipping cream and they say it practically melts fat off you, I don’t know if I Believe it or not??

  22. wow, you have changed my dear chef! I wonder if you drink bullet proof coffee today? I sure do and its delicious. The other thing I noticed is that you have lost weight! So different. Keep add it. You are a true inspiration.

  23. Can i drink coffe only with amul milk cream and stevia instead of butter and oil.. coz i didnt like the taste of oil and butter in coffe

  24. I think you should redo this video. I haven’t personally tried it yet because I’m doing intermittent fasting as well but I have watched many many videos on it and the way that you made it was very basic and a lot of your watchers have made suggestions like using MCT oil instead of coconut oil and adding cacoa and there’s many many other things to do with it that vastly improve the taste like Stevia, cinnamon, ghee instead of butter, A little Himalayan salt, chili, there’s endless additives that are all beneficial for keto and health. With how good all your other videos are I don’t think that this is a fair representation of bullet proof coffee as it has evolved to this point. Who knows if you remake it you may even like it using the suggestions that you have in your comments as well as googling some typical recipes 😁

  25. I think you guys should try this,
    I add one pieceof dark 70 % or 85 % lindit chocolate or sometimes pure dark coco powder with my bullet proof coffee to give a very chocolaty taste.

    Hmmmm 🤑

  26. Sahil if you can make some different fish recipe, will be a great help. At times regular meat gets boring .

  27. I drink Bulletproof coffee every morning and it really helps with my morning energy. I include MCT oil (and more recently the BRAIN OCTANE FUEL) People ask.. does all that REALLY make a difference? Well, I will tell you .. the Brain Octane has definitely taken my BRAIN to a new notch. I am not joking. Before I started KETO I had HORRENDOUS brainfog and chronic fatigue. That has completely gone away!. And the first time I did the BRAIN OCTANE (which is the more special MCT OIL) I felt like I was on ADDERAL without the jitters. NO JOKE!. (I have ADHD too so…) I do recommend keep trying it. I get that you want to put sweetner in it. I have put erythratol occassionally but I have gotten used to it just with the butter, coconut oil and MCT oil and weaned myself off the craving for sweetness!

  28. I make my BP coffee per mug basis with 1tsp ghee and 1tsp organic coconut cooking oil with stevia liquid and drink 2 mugs between 8am – 12 noon as time permits as breakfast alternate. It suppresses your hunger due to high fat content (around 100cal,10g fat,0protein and carbs per mug), must on keto diet to loose weight…

  29. Yo a mi “bulletproof” coffe le agrego un scoop de proteína whey, ovviamente espero que mi “bulletproof” coffe se ponga a temperatura habiente 🤘

  30. Not a fan of coffee, but!i made a bullet tea!instead of coffee with a tea spoon of cream and to taste of salt. Boil water with a little bit of tea very light on the color,and mix your cream and salt oh!!of course table spoon butter😏😏😏 and blend until smooth and form and done.every morning my keto tea🤗🤗🤗

  31. Hi sahil, you look so different here 🙂 you have come along way!
    I have a concern, I have keto coffee every morning (exam period) but difference is I use only coffee+2-3 tablespoon of cream. Nothing apart from this.
    Is this okay to consume on daily basis? few days back I saw a video that coffee may stall weight loss but I hardly use half a spoon. Should I have it or stop?

  32. For my bp coffee I add 1 scoop of perfect keto chocolate collagen, 2tbs coconut butter, 1tsp of ghee, 1tsp of truvia, 1tsp of Maca powder and 1tbs of unsweetened coco powder. After I blend it I add coconut milk. This is the version I love.

  33. If missing sugar is the problem, just add a few drops of liquid stevia. But if there’s a butter slick in your coffee, that’s a more fundamental objection. I’m going to try this with ghee (when I get some). Failing that, I’ll go with a bit of cream plus the oil and blend it iced.

  34. Watching this at the end of 2017 really shows how far you have come along with this diet! Inspiring! Thanks for this though i was having trouble attaining my fat target for a day. This should do the trick!

  35. Love coconut oil… except when ingested. Then I can´t stand it. However, I have no problem with MCT oil. This coffee can be great, but you have to play a little with the recipe to find your favorite, just stick to the basics.

  36. Try coconut oil, butter but then add cacao, stevia, turmeric and game changer vanilla or almond extract plus finally Himalayan salt. Oh man!!

  37. This stuff keeps me full and energetic for hours! Plus I’ve invested in MCT oil (this takes away the coconut oil smell), which has been pretty awesome.

  38. Hi
    I don’t like coffee and I am tea addict person . Can I make tea with coconut creamer and stevia . Is it keto friendly.. I am confused

    Thanks in advance

  39. BP Coffee is so good in our cafe we used to reduce the amount of coconut oil for some clients and increase for others or use ghee instead of butter the benefits are amazing as our brains and organs need the good fats to function so the BP should give you sustained energy and clarity of thought for up to 6 hrs I love it tastes like a latte !! Sprinkle cinnamon on top or sweeten with honey or coconut sugar or stevia whichever you prefer if you like it a little sweet 😄 PS love your channel

  40. I tried coffee just with coconut oil about two years ago when it was mentioned on the Chew Show and I spilled it down the drain. Too oily and odd

  41. My husband and I have tried a variety of combinations for the bullet proof coffee. He likes 1T coconut oil, 1/2T butter and 1T cacao powder. I like 1/2T butter and 1T cacao powder. I think it would be spectacular with a bit of sweeter, sadly that would cause me all sorts of issuses so I give my mug a dirty look and try to enjoy what I can have.
    Note: the capital T is tablespoons

  42. Here’s how I make it –

    100 ml coconut milk
    100 ml water
    1 table spoon coconut oil (cold pressed and unprocessed).

    Heat it in microwave for around 2mins 30 seconds. (Water does not allow coconut milk to curdle)

    To the hot mix, add
    1 tea spoon Bru instant coffee
    1 tablet Stevia
    30 gms full fat cream
    1 tea spoon unsweetened cocoa
    1/2 tea spoon cinnamon powder.

    Blend all of them together to create a frothy mix.

  43. My BP coffe is:
    – coffee
    – tbsp butter
    – tbsp coconut oil
    – tbsp heavy whipping cream
    – 1 scoop of protien powder (chocolate) to balance the proteins and fats (this also sweetens the coffee, so no stevia or whatever sweetener you use)
    – Sometimes some coco powder

  44. If you use only the butter or replace the coconut oil with a tastelss refined version (as long as it is not cooked it is still very healthy and has more MCT than traditional coconut oil) then the coffee tastes really good. The fat from the butter helps reduce bitterness so this is best coupled with medium dark roast coffee (freshly ground makes it 100x better too). I’ve noticed that if you add anything that has coconut flavor to the coffee it ruins it. The two are not meant for each other. Be it coconut oil, coconut milk, or coconut powder. Anything with even a slight hint of coconut ruins the coffee for me (refined tasteless coconut oil does not).

  45. Yamii bulletproof coffee ….its my everyday morning energy drink….also makes me full day energetic…

  46. New to this, but I’m doing Keto. Do you just drink this for breakfast? Getting tired of eggs and a cup of regular coffee.

  47. I have been playing with keto coffee for a while and I found the best recipe that I really enjoy.

    ** warning I use this because Im a programmer and I rarely have time to cook breakfast, so this is like a morning meal replacement **

    0.5 tbs of butter
    0.5 tbs of coconut oil
    1~1.5 tbs of heavy cream
    pinch of cinnamon
    0.5 tea spoon of vanilla extracts

    now instead of using a blender and getting cold coffee ” plus you have to clean that oily blender everytime” I use a hand held frother which I bought from a local store for a dollar.

  48. try it again with 6 oz coffee, 1 tblspn MCT oil, 1-2 tblspn of ghee, 1 tsp cacao, stevia…that’s a recipe i’m going 2 try 🙂 you don’t taste ANY coconut

  49. I would suggest adding pink or sea salt as well as at least a tablespoon of stevia. I drink it like that everyday. Also using pure MCT oil instead of coconut oil…

  50. you can cut out the coconut oil and just use butter. also add just a liitle bit of artificial sweetener and one teespoon of cinnamon – that will let your taste buds explode 🙂

  51. I think the original Bulletproof coffee used MCT oil instead of coconut. That would probably get rid of the coconutty taste and/or odor, MCT is about as neutral an oil as you can get (but it’s probably a lot more expensive).

  52. You can replace coconut oil with MCT Oil which is an odorless and healthier version.
    Another keto coffee recipe is:
    Coffee + MCT Oil + Heavy Whipping Cream + cacao powder – (Optional: few drops of liquid stevia)

  53. Oh, the pouring of the Keto coffee was the best part! 😆 I think you would enjoy it more if you used better quality coconut oil. It should be organic refined coconut oil and does not come I a completely liquid form. The refined version still is full of healthy goodness but would not smell bad or taste coconutty. But using 1 tbsp of that plus 1 tbsp grassfed butter, plus 1 or 2 drops of liquid stevia per cup of coffee is good. I would not bother with heavy cream, the butter is plenty creamy. It is the casein (milk protein) in the butter that causes the super frothy effect, that is why Ghee does not get as frothy. If you find liquid stevia too bitter, try the flavored liquid stevias. If that doesn’t work, Dr. Berg recommends using a small amount of non-GMO xylitol. It has no aftertaste. He does not recommend using erythritol because in some people it causes gas and bloating. I hope that helps!

  54. Found out that I am allergic to coconut oil thanks to this. If you get a scratchy throat after a sip, STOP! You don’t want to end up with anaphylactic reaction. I can eat coconut, but not MCT oil or Coconut oil. Be careful.

  55. Just discovered your channel and sub’d! Love your videos and binge watching! Now if u could come u with a gajar halva recipe!

  56. I brew my 2 cups, then add in 1 tsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp unsalted butter, 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, 3 packets stevia, and 1 tbsp heavy whipping cream with a dash of cinnamon every morning! It’s soooo good and I get a nice steady supply of caffeine with no crash afterwards. I drink this at about 11 or 1130 am and by the time I get to work at 2pm I’m still very very focused. I don’t get very hungry until about 6pm. I do have breakfast and llunch of course but I feel like the coffee keeps my cravings under control (:

    ps. if you’re a fan of lattes, I use to LOVE the cinnamon dolce latte from starbucks and this is the PERFECT low carb
    keto copycat for that drink!!

  57. i used to gag at the smell/taste of the coconut oil. but i’ve come to love it now! have it everyday. without sugar too!

  58. I watch all you other videos, and I saw this in your list. I love you channel by the way. But I did notice in this channel you are heavier, and you new ones you’re thinner. This is a total testament to your lifestyle. This is why I follow you and watch your videos! Thank you. P.S. I am not bagging on you I am just commenting on how much you have changed. Please don’t take it that way!

  59. Lovely couple. I’ve developed a liking for it. Thanks for your honest review. I definitely add sweetener sahil. I Would not be able to drink it otherwise lol

  60. I make it the same way but I also add a little splash of heavy whipping cream and stevia. It makes it even creamier and adds some sweetness to it. Try it and tell us what you think. 🤗

  61. I make mine with grassfed unsalted butter and MCT oil which is flavorless. I don’t sweeten it. I too like Dipti don’t relish the idea of coconut oil. Somehow coconut oil for me is Parachute Nariyal ka Tel and the idea of eating/drinking it is revolting 😀. Thanks for the video. You rock!

  62. I love it now that I change it to this….I use 2 tbsp. of salted Land O Lakes grass fed butter but will be trying Kerry Gold butter soon, everyone says it is the best. Then I add 1 tbsp. of coconut oil, 2 tbsp. of heavy whipping cream, 1 tsp. of McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract, because it has no carbs or sugars, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and one squirt of liquid Stevia. So good and when I drink it I stay full for hours. Love your show and all the meals you fix, and you tickle me with your love for food, Like when you say “Oh my God does this look good or does this look good”. 🙂 But as a child from the 60’s I have to say I’m not in to the head banging music. But to each their own. So have you reach your goal weight now? I just found your channel a few days ago, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I hope Keto works for me I have tried everything else, loose for a while then gain it back. Good Luck to you on your journey.

  63. I always make mine with butter, heavy whipping cream, coconut oil, a little vanilla extract. I love it personally.

  64. I make my coffee with a tsp of coconut oil, and I add double cream and milk to it, is freaking awesome and creamy/thick yum 😛

  65. Headbangers Kitchen: That coffee sounds gross to me, so won’t be trying it. Love your honesty when sharing your feedback on this. Rare to get honesty these days. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, because of your vids I today made my first Keto Almond Bread & it turned out awesome. However, I discovered that Almond Flour is fierce expensive in Canada. $13Cdn for 400grams of regular almond flour. will make my own from now on.

  66. Which brand of butter and coconut oil did you use ? I use Amul butter and Patanjali coconut oil .. Is that fine ?

  67. We have an unscented coconut oil in the statesor an MCT oil (which is what you want the coconut oil). Stevia or Truvia will help it taste amazing.

  68. Use MCT oil instead of coconut oil. It’s what the “original” recipe calls for. It’s derived from coconut oil but doesn’t have the coconut flavor.

  69. I make a bulletproof tea, Earl Gray, works great, don’t even need to use a sweetener, the bergamot from the tea is enough. Also, if you get the solid type of coconut oil, there’s no aroma of flavour to it.

  70. You can only use butter and do not use coconut oil. Tastes better without the coconut oil.
    Also, you could use another brand of butter, as some could taste like cookies. I use lurpak and tastes pretty awesome

  71. I make mine with grass-fed butter, heavy cream, and liquid stevia. Yummy and keeps me full for hours!

  72. I wouldn’t recommend blending hot coffee with the rest of the ingredients in a regular blender. Blending hot liquid at such high speeds, causes a lot of pressure changes and makes the lid pop open and the liquid spill. I’ve experienced this everytime I tried blending spinach and coffee.
    Also, you can try using cold pressed coconut oil/Patanjali coconut oils – they smell much less than the traditional pure coconut oils. Sweetener kind of spoils the taste of the coffee though. I make my BPC with coconut oil and fresh cream. That tastes perfect!

  73. heyy..i can i have a regular cup of coffee wid milk during keto…i dont know have always got mixed views on it…am an avid follower of ur channel n simply adore ir keto recipes..u have just made indian keto diet a fun….great going

  74. BP coffee is awesome. I use unsalted butter, coconut oil, heavy cream with a little unsweetened coco powder and some Sucralose. It ends up tasting similar to a mocha.

  75. You guys are great! BP Coffee is for sure a learned taste I think. I put stevia in it most of the time, but I add a bit of heavy cream and some cinnamon to mine for flavor if you can’t find a sweetener that works for you. You can do it with Chai as well, just blend it up after the tea is ready. I have one if I wake up late or if I go to the gym first thing in the morning so I have energy and fats, but don’t need a lot of time for it.

  76. Did you ever try it with a sweetener? I’m trying so hard to find something I can replace my morning hazelnut coffee with, which I am way too addicted to.

  77. I’ve tried bcp before and quite like it. Even without the sweetner. I guess the flavour of the coconut oil matters. Sometimes the oil can induce a gag reflex. Maybe if you try a different brand it won’t be so bad..

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