Backed by $5M led by General Catalyst, Evvy launches a vaginal microbiome test to support women’s health research

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Another U.S. femtech startup has joined the race to develop up information sets to support research into and understanding of a variety of health issues that can impact females.
Evvy has today released an at-home test set for the vaginal microbiome. The user returns their swab to the startup for analysis– and gets detailed information and analysis of the microorganisms (fungis and bacteria) that exist in their vaginal area and might be connected with a range of health issues.
Users of the test likewise get customized tips for things they could attempt (such as diet and way of life modifications) to improve the balance of microorganisms– possibly assisting with related heath problems they may be suffering from, like yeast infections or BV.
Variations in the microorganisms present in a persons vaginal microbiome are thought to have broad implications for ladiess health– contributing in relatively minor infections (like thrush) however Evvy also flags research linking imbalances in the vaginal microbiome to more serious concerns like infertility or pre-term birth, or even linkages to the progression of cervical cancer.
Translating the vaginal microbiome is therefore seen as a chance to support a broad variety of femaless health goals.
” We offer users back a full understanding of everything thats present. Here are all of the fungis and germs and significantly what is the relative amount of each of those bacteria,” explains CEO and co-founder Priyanka Jain, noting that users also get their test data in a downloadable format so they can take the info to their healthcare provider if they wish.
” There are specific bacteria that play truly essential functions in the vaginal area, either negative or positive, and comprehending if thats 90% of your vaginal area versus 5% makes a big distinction … For every single microorganism that we reveal to a female we also fully describe what that microbe is, what the scientific understanding of it is today, how it might contribute to symptoms, how it might be acting with other microbes that exist in your vagina– along with if research has revealed that its related to any health results that you may care about.”
” We likewise give every female a full personalized strategy– that includes methods to help in reducing any type of disruptive bacteria, methods to promote their protective germs and ways to overall preserve their vaginal health based upon their personal life experiences,” she adds.
As with lots of such femtech start-ups, Evvy is targeting the femaless health data gap. This describes how ladies can have a relatively bad experience of traditional healthcare, maybe particularly when looking for help or support with conditions connected to female biology, due to the fact that of historic underrepresentation of women in medical research– which means female health conditions tend to be less well investigated and understood versus conditions impacting biological males.
Even reasonably typical conditions that can impact the vaginal area– such as a basic yeast infection– can be frustratingly hard to connect to individual triggers. And while over-the-counter treatments do work, some females report reoccurring infections– and might benefit from a better understanding of why the infections may be taking place in the first location.
The problem of less research into ladiess health concerns does also suggest that femtech startups can have a lot of ground to cover to measure up to luring pitches of “debunking” the female body, as Evvy couches it. In its case, a crucial challenge is plainly analyzing the vaginal microbiome information it obtains from users and turning it into helpful recommendations for each person– without overpromising, offered there might be fairly little research study to back up possible links to wider health conditions.
Evvy says it tackles this difficulty by signposting the level of research study related to each of the personalized ideas it provides.
” I constantly state reward ladies like theyre clever,” says Jain. “What we actually do on each of our recommendations is we rank them.
” Our objective is to highlight whatever thats out there. Since females are … looking for answers all over– and you see this sort of remarkable crowdsourcing of knowledge, of people trying to figure out what might work for them– and our objective is to state, from a clinical viewpoint, this is everything that has been studied and we are actually simply transparent about how well researched each of those things are.”
Jain states broader research-related goals consist of attempting to determine biomarkers with suspected links to a swathe of serious female health concerns– such as infertility, pre-term birth, STI acquisition and cervical cancer progression.

” I always say reward ladies like theyre smart,” says Jain.” Not simply about your vaginal microbiome– which is sort of a new and emerging area– but just vaginal health in general. We want to make sure that we have, not simply a chance to bring the women together, but that we give them access to people who are pushing the bounds of vaginal health research so that they can get the finest details when they need it.”
“When you look at females who provide early or pre-term, they tend to have really various vaginal microbiomes than women who do not. “Why is it that ladies who offer birth pre-term have a varying vaginal microbiome than individuals who do not?

Although its essential to keep in mind that Evvys business offering includes a disclaimer that its not offering medical recommendations– and is just offering a “wellness” test in the meantime. This is because the service is not a regulated medical gadget. For this reason Evvy defines its only supplying consumers with “info” about their vaginal microbiome (although the co-founders told us they might think about making an application for FDA clearance in the future).
The gap in knowledge around female health problems has led to an expansion of “wellness” claims and items targeted at females– a few of which are, regrettably, marketing what amounts to “snake oil”; i.e., offering items that lack extensive scientific research study to underpin a fuzzy variety of “holistic advantages” recommended by the associated marketing (crystal-healing yoni eggs, anyone?).
Remaining in the uncontrolled “health” category therefore has threats for any femtech start-up. Evvy likewise sees an opportunity to cut through some of the sound and dubious claims by arming women with robust data on whats going on in their bodies and linking them with genuine scientific knowledge that can assist them translate it.
Education is an essential goal for the start-up, per CMO Laine Bruzek.
” How can we bring the clinical neighborhood, care service providers and women together in the same place to get their concerns responded to rapidly and with the very best clinical details … Education is simply such a crucial objective for us because theres not a lot of fantastic info that exists on the internet,” she states.
” Not simply about your vaginal microbiome– which is sort of a new and emerging space– but simply vaginal health in general. Theres so much misinformation, theres so much snake oil that individuals are offering. We want to make sure that we have, not just a chance to bring the ladies together, but that we provide them access to individuals who are pushing the bounds of vaginal health research study so that they can get the finest info when they need it.”
Evvys approach– which consists of bringing in OBGYNs and professionals in gynecology and reproductive health as advisers (although the founders themselves have data science and product design backgrounds)– has actually drawn in some top-tier financiers: Today its revealing a $5 million seed round led by General Catalyst that will see the funds Margo Georgiadis (formerly the CEO of join the board.
Commenting in a declaration, Georgiadis stated: “Evvy is breaking limits to advance womens health with more detailed and budget-friendly screening starting with its vaginal microbiome metagenomics test. The team has strong strategies to allow higher early detection, improved treatment, and improved therapeutics utilizing new female-specific biomarkers.”
” There is a huge chance to construct new datasets that will change our understanding of these conditions in the female body, and I genuinely believe that Evvys unique platform combined with the development of brand-new rehabs will catalyze a brand-new era in ladiess health,” included Dr. Craig Cohen, professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at UCSF and advisor to Evvy in another supporting statement.
Evvy is not the very first startup to offer a home screening package for the vaginal microbiome, targeting women who may be suffering from conditions related to microbial imbalances, or– well– just females who desire to discover more about their own bodies.
Juno Bio, for example, launched an at-home test kit in 2015.
Evvy is using a strategy– called metagenomic sequencing– which the creators state is able to catch more data than other commercial tests, or the normal tests a lady is able to acquire via a medical professionals office (where scans may only look for a couple of specific pathogens). So the pitch is the approach offers a higher fidelity view of whats going on inside a womans vagina.
” A great deal of the work that weve done is specifically incorporating whats called metagenomic sequencing into the analysis of the vaginal microbiome,” discusses Jain. “When you go to the medical professionals office the kind of test that they can run is whats called a PCR test– basically they take a sample and they look for a particular pathogen within that sample. Oftentimes when you go to the medical professional youll get a PCR test that looks for one to 3 various people pathogens.
Its much harder to do discovery and youre not able to find all bacteria and fungis that are present. Due to the fact that 16-S in fact cant detect fungi at all so you have to individually evaluate for it– which implies you cant understand their relative relationships.
” So our test is actually the first time anyone is utilizing metagenomics at scale to better understand the vaginal microbiome; both for individual ladies and the healthcare system as a whole … In the exact same method that 16-S was an enhancement on PCR, metagenomics is just an enhancement on 16-S; it permits us to comprehend whatever thats perhaps present across all bacteria and fungis.”
Per Jain, the service is the only commercially readily available vaginal microbiome test thats able to utilize metagenomics.
A crucial part of Evvys work as a start-up then is the analysis of this higher measurement information its catching– to map different microorganisms to potential health outcomes (based upon its analysis of existing research)– and understand how to interpret specific findings and offer actionable and relevant info to each user.
” A lot of our work has actually been on the information analysis part,” validates Jain. “So when you do metagenomics sequencing you get much, much higher-fidelity data back– and we had to develop out whatever from, we co-developed an incredible bioinformatics pipeline that has the ability to examine that kind of information and understand which bacteria and fungi they are. And then really drawn up for each of those fungis and germs how are they associated to the vaginal microbiome? What kind of signs may they cause, and also what type of health ramifications might they be associated with.
” Lastly weve done a tonne of deal with our science board of advisers around assembling individualized recommendations that take into account– not only the microbial information that we get from the test– however also somebodys health history and their signs, and what phase of menopause theyre in, or all of this other information so that we can in fact make this info actionable for the women.”
Once information from paying users begins to flow the idea is likewise to support a variety of Evvys own research initiatives and collaborations (on the latter, particular details are being kept under wraps for now)– all aimed at advancing knowledge of ladiess health and supporting what they hope will be more items in future.
” Theres been so much research done showing that the vaginal microbiome is for instance related to pre-term birth,” says Jain. “When you look at females who provide pre-term or early, they tend to have extremely various vaginal microbiomes than ladies who do not. However a great deal of the sequencing thats been done in that area has been utilizing things like 16-S– and our objective is to bring a much higher level of fidelity. Therefore, more specifically, we can look at the strain level of bacteria– whereas 16-S and other forms of sequencing can just get you to the types level. And when were looking at something as complex as pre-term birth, cervical cancer progression and STI acquisition its not just whats there– however its getting to the extremely, very high fidelity information of specifically what strains exist. That we can really begin to find what are the biomarkers that might be leading to differences between individuals who provide pre-term and people who dont.”.
” The other worth of metagenomic sequencing is it gives us functional profiling,” she adds. “Which assists us not only understand whos there however also what they may be doing– and all of that details together is more likely able to assist us better understand these complicated conditions that research has shown relates however nobodys been able to determine exactly how.”.
While the overarching objective is that information from users vaginal swab samples will support research study into a series of femaless health problems, Evvys users are likewise spending for a commercial service to get their specific analysis– so what can they anticipate?
The at-home swab test set is being priced at $129 for one test package– which delivers them with a tailored analysis after 2 weeks.
Evvy is also using a membership rate for users who wish to be able to bring out several tests– to be able to track changes to their vaginal microbiome– and for those users tests will cost $99 each (with the user able to take a test every three months).
As they launch the service across the U.S. in 20 states, Evvys co-founders say theyre hoping “thousands” of females will register to quantify their vaginal microbiome and support the larger goal of backing research study into female health.
” Why is it that looking at the bacteria in the vaginal microbiome is 94% accurate in forecasting whether or not a cycle of IVF works?” asks Jain. “Why is it that ladies who offer birth pre-term have a varying vaginal microbiome than individuals who dont? Or the entire cervical cancer development, STI acquisition, pelvic inflammatory disease.
” Theres many conditions that seem to be– either the vaginal microbiome is an interesting diagnostic chance [or] theres even some very early research study showing that females who have PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome] or endometriosis have differing markers in their vaginal microbiome from ladies who dont have those conditions– so everything from helping to discover disease to assisting identify things, to helping predict danger for numerous of these conditions that typically we dont catch for too long.” Also thinking about treatment also– something like IVF success or pre-term birth– if were able to determine danger earlier can we really develop interventions that are customized to that specific person so that were able to prevent that negative outcome in the long term?”.

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