ARE KETO SNACKS WORTH IT? Honest Review & Taste Tests of Keto Ice Cream, Cookies, Cereal & MORE!

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Hey Everyone! We are examining some brand-new keto treats and trying them to out to let you know if they deserve it or not. Let me understand what you believe and dont forget to subscribe!

ARE KETO SNACKS WORTH IT? Truthful Review & Taste Tests of Keto Ice Cream, Keto Cookies, Keto Cereal & MORE!

0:00 Im Mayra from Low Carb Love
1:25 Enlightened Keto Cookie Dough Bites
3:36 Enlightened Keto Cheesecake & Keto Strawberry Cheesecake
5:50 Magic Spoon Grain-Free Cereal (Free Shipping with code: Lowcarblove).
5:50 Highkey Protein Cereal.
10:15 Keto Halloween Candy: Truffles.
11:19 Choczero Keto Peanut Butter Cups: (discount rate code: Lowcarblove).
13:55 Keto Pint Ice Cream Bars Review.
16:30 Thanks for Watching!

Keto Low Carb Cookies

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ARE KETO SNACKS WORTH IT? Honest Review & Taste Tests of Keto Ice Cream, Keto Cookies, Keto Cereal & MORE! Hey Everyone! We are examining some new keto snacks and trying them to out to let you know if they are worth it or not. Let me understand what you think and do not forget to subscribe!

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54 Comments on “ARE KETO SNACKS WORTH IT? Honest Review & Taste Tests of Keto Ice Cream, Cookies, Cereal & MORE!”

  1. How were the ingredients? Were they clean ingredients? Will have to look up what sweeteners the cheese cakes used.

  2. I love these type of video’s, Thank You. Also, can you review products that won’t break the bank/low cost. I can’t afford most of the products. Also, most of the keto/low carb on the market are expensive and you don’t get a lot for the money.

  3. I like to put a keto ice cream bar on a slice of keto brownie 25 seconds on the microwave so it melts 😋😋😋

  4. Really really enjoyed this video! Been interested in trying some products that are keto friendly but didn’t want to be disappointed! Thank you for making the video!!!

  5. These foods look like they fall into dirty keto. I make my own ice cream. The ingredients look like most pre packaged items. I will pass.

  6. I GOTTA try the Magic Spoon! I am looking for more of an airy cereal because the ones I have tried are sooooo hard! Thank you for this review girly!!! VERY helpful!!!

  7. Yes please do more review videos! I love your take on all of this stuff… plus it’s a great bonus that it is not all sponsored & completely honest 👌🏻

  8. I agree with Donnie, the ice cream does get messy, but honestly it’s the best keto ice cream on the market in my opinion.

  9. For the ice cream bars you have to set out for 10 minutes or more and then the chocolate shell wont fall off. Great video!

  10. Thank you!! I only found your channel about a month ago and I just want to say I love it. You are an inspiration and a huge help.

  11. Loved this video. Very helpful because I’ve wanted to try these products but was concerned about wasting my money if they weren’t any good. So thank you!

  12. I really like the keto pint ice cream bars too, but I agree with Donnie, the shell comes off in pieces and I have to be careful not to make a mess

  13. shouldn’t a review include ingredients, keto is more then just “how many carbs” some keto products have junk and unhealthy ingredients. just a thought

  14. I would love to see a review on cut-da-carb flat bread. Maybe used with a favorite recipe? I’ve been wanting to try it, but with the price, I’ve been hesitant. I’ve been using low carb tortillas instead.

  15. I LOVE the keto ice cream bars. I don’t miss regular ice cream at all, and I always have them on hand. Thank you for reviewing the cereal and choc zero. I’ve been wanting to try them!

  16. Serious question – I’ve been on keto for only 7 weeks and have 40 more pounds to lose. Are these keto foods for when you reach your goal weight and want to maintain that weight or can you lose weight eating these too instead of clean keto?

  17. You should keep doing these keto hauls! There’s so much more snacks ive seen and i dont wanna buy things that wont taste good.

  18. Your own recipes are better than these products as you get more food per serving and per net carb (i.e. brownies or cookies or cheesecake or pizza etc). I would rather follow and make your personal recipes over buying these products. They taste better and it’s worth the net carb count per serving. Great review though!☺️

  19. LOVE your hair flipped over like this here.
    Thanks for doing this review. So many of these products are not only overpriced but use questionable ingredients bc just companies hopping on the keto/low carb bandwagon for profit rather profit AND promoting a true healthier lifestyle.
    Is your daughter also full low carb diet? Would be interested in hearing more about that if so. Son just a bit older than her and digestive issues he has wondering if low carb would help.

  20. Seriously appreciate this video. Includes more than a few snacks and seems so honest. Thank you, will totally be buying some of these and using your codes!

  21. Thank you! I been debating whether to buy cereal. I don’t want to spend money and it sucks.
    I love Choczero. I was surprised to receive a tote! Do you get a tote every time you order?

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