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Hey men!!! Hope you delight in these couple of tips about Keto for newbies! There are a lot of other ideas but these are just a couple of I thought people may like! Please do not hesitate to leave any ideas you may have for beginners!

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73 Comments on “5 #KETO Tips for NEWBIES | GIVEAWAY”

  1. I am 53 years old and i am going through menopause…omg this sucks.lol i am currently starting stopping starting stopping and craving the hell out of chocolate. What do i do. Is there something keto i can make to help this craving…?🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  2. When people ask me about starting a keto diet, I tell them to track how many carbs they are currently eating for a week. Once they have the number, start cutting the carbs in half. Starting from 300, cut to 150 for a week or two and adjust, then 75, then they are ready to cut to 50 or less. One small step might be to eliminate the starch from dinner and gradually add other meals. Focus on reducing carbs and eliminating sugar. My friend went cold turkey from her carb lifestyle into keto and crashed and burned. Now, she doesn’t want to do it all. Thanks for the tip on the 0.4 g of carb for T of heavy cream.

  3. Thank you Neisha! I have been watching & following you & your hubby – thank you so much for the tips! You’re helping me to get remotivated to try this again. 😉

  4. You look so pretty with dark hair, Neisha. Just goes so well with your skin tone and eyes. Sorry, that wasn’t Keto but just had to say it. 🤣

  5. I say I’m eating real food and what God has made. I read the labels, but I actually got rid of all the bad foods in our food. I’m looking forward to making your mayo with bacon

  6. I enjoy your videos! I have an unrelated question and maybe you have already covered this elsewhere (if so please point me in the right direction). I am going on my first cruise in a couple weeks and I am terrified of back sliding. I’ve been mostly carnivore since last June and was doing fabulously until the holidays where I thought I would indulge a little. Well that led me down a slippery slope resulted in my gaining 10 lbs back before I got back on track. I am TERRIFIED of this happening again on my cruise. Do you have any tips or tricks on keeping the “faith” while surrounded by food 24/7? Thanks! Keep the videos coming!

  7. Just found your channel (and dr. hubs) and I love it! I was researching remedies for keto flu and came across ketorade. Made it immediately and already feel better! I’ve been doing keto faithfully for 6 weeks. Actually been constantly up and down with it since August, but faithful since end of November. I haven’t seen a big drop in my weight so was pretty discouraged. Decided to start reading everything I can get my hands on and realized I was eating lots of no-no’s…Lots of fat bombs, s/f 🍬, basically just junk. Now I’ve started eating clean and educating myself. My husband has just started it with me so now I have a buddy! Ketorade was for him but he HATES acv so I’m going to try to tweak it. Thx so much for all the great info! 🙌🏼

  8. What’s wrong with me! I think I’m from another planet and no diet is going to allow me to lose 15 miserable pounds! I’ve been doing keto for a month now and I lost ZERO pounds, zilch…nada!

  9. Great tips I still read my Labels after 24 months of being Keto an 118lbs loss… Packages can fool you.. Much Love to you an Your Beautiful Family <3

  10. Enjoyed this, Neisha. I am still trying to get myself consistently eating ketogenically. You and Dr. Berry and both so helpful; lots of great advice. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  11. Hi Neisha,
    this is my first time watching your channel. I have being doing keto and fasting for 18 months. I lost 70 lb. and I’m very and I mean very healthy.your so right about everything I that I know it all but watching you I learn more. Can you please do top 20.GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!

  12. thank you, I feel a lots of Keto people videos, beyond if that’s the correct word the real keto. They are into more then a year and they can change it up, for a newbie it’s so hard because I am like that’s not Keto but they are not beginners anymore too.

  13. Neisha, YES! They’re all against it until they see some results then all of a sudden they want to be down with it… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    In my head I’m thinking, “yeah where were You 3 months ago! Oh yeah you were downin’ me 🤔”……
    But I swallow my pride because I’m here to convert not turn away LOL.
    They know not what they do 😁

  14. Anyone reading this should research Monsanto. Their products are still being used by Farmers today like in cornfields and soybean Fields. When you eat soybean oil what do you think you’re eating! Don’t eat it it’s poison, fake oils

  15. Know your ingredients!!! If you don’t know what an ingredient is on the label then don’t eat it till you find out!
    Did you know sugar has over 121 different names! That’s one of the many ways BIG FOOD gets around their labels… Lots of times might say sugar-free or Keto friendly on the front but then some type of a sugar secretly listed on the back! I’ve seen sugar-free on the front of a label turned it over in the first ingredient is cane sugar! 😂
    Just Eat your 🥓 lol

  16. Thank You ! For information about the heavy whipping cream..LOVE you hair, beautiful !
    Great video !
    My tip don’t listen to naysayers.

  17. Hey Keisha my last wish is to talk to you and Dr. Berry and tell y’all I love y’all. Please can we talk?? Money is not an issue.

  18. Thank you for sharing these great tips ! I absolutely love y’all. I so enjoy your videos and Sunday night too.

  19. You are so on point with this everyone is different. My husband and I have been Keto for exactly 1yr now, and it was while before I new what to stay away from. I make my own mayonnaise and buttermilk because they
    put sugar in everything. Thanks for the very helpful tips we never stop learning about the keto way.

  20. Just getting started with this lifestyle change,I have Hashimotos so anti inflammatory is great for me,but how do you stay “regular”? if you know what I mean

  21. Hi Neisha
    I think the only exception to the underground rule is the konjack root that miracle noodles is made from. Way high in fiber.

  22. Lately I’ve had people in the grocery store asking me why am I buying so many healthy foods and pork rinds. They think pork rinds are bad. Do you ever get that question? I’m sick of explaining it!

  23. OK, I love your girliness all of it!!!! What is in that jar behind you with all the different colors? I love looking at your stuff! You and Dr. Berry are the cutest…I started keto 7 weeks ago and lost 32 pounds the first month, which was nuts. I am sick like I have a bunch of crap wrong with me and I have felt so much better, like a human again. I love watching you both because you are so fun and you aren’t all hateful. Thanks so much for all you do and could you talk to Dr. Berry about Chronic EBV? Will this help suppress it? I am contagious a lot and I want to be able to be around people again…thanks

  24. There is a huge keto convention June 2019 in Austin Tx. I want to go! They don’t have a list of speakers yet, but I was wondering if you and Dr Berry are going? Would love to hear a speech in person from you two about keto.

  25. Thumbed and shared! Getting back in the saddle this week after an upper respiratory infection. Feeling inspired! Thanks!

  26. Electrolytes!!! I kept feeling nauseous in the beginning, but couldn’t figure out why. 30 minutes after drinking electrolytes, my nausea went away. Get some good electrolytes!

  27. I found a Mayo that list *ONLY* avocado oil in the ingredients. But, unfortunately, it also listed Organic Sugar! Grrrrrrr

    *Sir Kensington’s* – Mayonnaise Made with Avocado Oil – 16 oz.

    Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Egg Yolks, Water, Lime Juice Concentrate, White Distilled Vinegar, *Organic Sugar,* Sea Salt, Mustard Flour, Black Pepper.

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