3 Lazy Keto Recipes Using a Rotisserie Chicken | Budget Recipes

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3 Lazy Keto Recipes Using a Rotisserie Chicken.
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3 Lazy Keto Recipes Using a Rotisserie Chicken.
3 Lazy Keto Recipes Using a Rotisserie Chicken.

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962 Comments on “3 Lazy Keto Recipes Using a Rotisserie Chicken | Budget Recipes”

  1. I’m on my own can you make any of these and freeze them. I’m not sure what if any would work in the freezer. Maybe I’d be safe with freezing half the chicken. And using half.

  2. Also, take the skin out and put it in the air fryer for a few minutes and make it super crispy 中中中中中

    It will change your life

  3. Thank you Megha, great video! Bravo, well done! What would you use to dip your franks red hot chicken up with? Keeping it keto.

  4. I tried the Buffalo Chicken and it was delicious! Ate it in lettuce wraps and with zucchini .
    Also made the Chicken Alfredo (with broccoli) and it’s another winner!
    The bonus is that my teenager and husband liked both so we all ate it.
    Great that these dishes will be enjoyed by the whole family.
    Making both again this weekend. Love your recipes!

  5. Make chicken Reuben, rotisserie chicken shredded on bottom, top with rinsed sauerkraut, top with homemade sugar free thousand island dressing, top with grated Swiss cheese. Heat through until Swiss cheese is melted and bubbly. Yummy, very fast dinner.

  6. Tortilla soup. I’ve made a squash bake without chicken similar to your alfredo dish. You can use store bought classic alfredo but healthier to make your own. Slice squash and I use a foil pan 13×9, season and add shredded cheese (mozzarella, and Italian blend) add your sauce stir and make for 40 minutes at 350 in oven. It’s delicious.

  7. Just made the buffalo chicken dip and I’m screaming at how delicious it is. Oh my gosh. I’m never buying pre-made dip ever again. I can kick up my spice level or keep it cool. You have just changed my keto world! 弘弘

  8. How do you eat your buffalo-chicken dip? With celery?sorry never mind you touched on it at the end

  9. Lazy keto is awesome, thank you! will definitely try these
    quick question – can these be frozen? for how long can they be kept in the fridge/freezer before they go back? I doubt i can eat the whole chicken during one day

  10. Great, thanks for the ideas. I like to cook bacon ends and pieces in a skillet in the oven, add bacon fat, onions, garlic, and broccoli, then return to the oven at 350 deg. until desired tenderness. Ham or sausage also works well. I’m not sure if it’s keto, but still, it’s low carb, high fat…

  11. The keto diet does not work long term and will negatively effect your health, Please have an open mind and watch this video, i want you to be healthy and happy!

  12. I know this video is 2 years old but it is such a classic simple for Keto beginners… and those of us that had fallen off during the Roni Rona.

  13. What happened to using freshly shredded cheeses? If going keto, and inspiring your viewers, pre-packaged shredded cheeses has additives to keep it all separated. Im only in my 2nd month of keto, and I watch u all, but definitely disappointed and wished u could update this. I shred my cheeses, for every recipe. So is this lazy keto u all r inspiring???? Kinda of confused here.

  14. Please watch a video or two on how to handle a knife correctly. The way you had your fingers extended when chopping the dill made me quite anxious! Otherwise, the recipes look yummy.

  15. Did you say youre gonna eat the skin or not eat the skin because not = Im done ..I cant watch the ads again to check

  16. I do keto carnivore. I know mayo is very inflammatory but I just love it. What kind do you use ?? Thanks. I definitely have to get having bits! How convenient !!

  17. These are beautiful and tasty dishes, though, I guarantee that your net carb is going to jump over 20 easily with having these as your meal.

  18. This is the very first keto recipe video I ever watched (a year ago) and I have been full-on Keto every since. Thank you Keto Connect!

  19. Looks great. Unfortunately the only dairy I’m allowed is yogurt made from goat milk – and even at that I have to be careful how much I have.

  20. Your macros appear to be wrong on buffalo chicken. Dressing 2 carbs per, cream cheese 2 carbs per, mozzarella cheese 2 carbs per. Your website says 4 per serving when should be 6. My fitness app caught this for me……. 8 servings too late.

  21. My chicken salid recipe:
    Shredded chicken.
    Minced boiled egg.
    Sliced black olives.
    Sliced celery.
    Chopped onion.
    Salt &pepper

  22. Thanks for the video but could you please stop that bullshit marketing talk like “this will change your life”.

  23. Costco rotisserie chickens aren’t like other rotisserie. You going to Safeway or Fred Meyerthose chickens are half the size of the ones at Costco

  24. Has anyone found a gluten free rotisserie chicken? I always ask because I am allergic to gluten, and it seems they all have gluten (maybe in added chicken broth – the cheaper varieties add gluten).

  25. Aluminum pot doesn’t go well with anything acidic. Alum leeches into food, especially acidic food, and has been linked to Altzheimers. Nope, I’m not a scientist so don’t have any studies and i’ve been hearing about aluminum & altzheimers for 40+ years and I DO have some common sense and ALWAYS use stainless steel or iron or porcelain pans when making anything acidic. Aluminum DOES leach and CAN’T be “good” for you so why chance it?

  26. I have an even lazier rotisserie keto recipe. It’s that thing where you just sit down and starting eating it (with maybe an occasional dash of hot sauce). It would not make for a very good youtube clip.

  27. Serving size per recipe? How much of the chicken salad would be one serving? Dip? Alfredo? I could see using spiralized zuchinni in the Alfredo as well to simulate the pasta.


  29. I’ve avoided the Costco rotisserie chicken since I started keto four months ago – and have stayed true to a “clean” keto of grassfed organic meat. However, I’d certainly like to bring it back into my diet, as I do miss the ease and convenience.

  30. word to the wise.. put a dish towel under your cutting board so it won’t slide around.. helps a lot. This looks like a winner for a fast easy way to make a meal from chicken.. I need to give it a try..thanks

  31. Is the ingredients in the rotisserie chicken good for keto? I watched in another video to stay away from rotisserie chickens … ?!??

  32. Good recipies, but when she chopped the pepper then tapped the knife on the side of the metal pot blade side down it made me cringe lol.

  33. Why? Why do all American recipes include Mayonnaise (always referred to as Mayo, as if it were some kind of God)? Surely there is an alternative to that horrible slop?

  34. Many precooked chickens are glucose injected. They have a distinctive smell which is not associated with home cooked butcher bought chicken. I find unpleasant and unappetising. You will need to research on specific stores as they don’t always disclose this on packaging or at rotisserie.

  35. Your recipes are great, I love them. I buy rotisserie chicken from Wal-Mart all the time, where else can you get a great chicken for $4.99? Sometime I take the chicken, chop it up, and put in fry pan and add my home made Salsa, when hot I serve it on top of cooked green beans. I also can use the chicken for home made soup. or make Chicken Cacciatore. ALSO, I add bacon bits to everything I cook too.

  36. It was suggested that I take a look at your channel. I am not a keto person. I am subscribing as I really like your style and the recipes.

  37. Love this ..only thing I didnt like was the amount of blur on the video, started to hurt my eyes lol..will defo try these recipes though

  38. Omg i cringed @5:05 when she tapped the sharp edge of the knife on the pot…RIP sharp edge.
    LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS!! Just my ocd flared up when i saw that lmao

  39. May want to use whole mozzarella cheese and shred it yourself. They use a bunch of starch in the preshredded stuff to keep the bits from sticking together…

  40. Thanks, I always buy these chickens (great if one person), I also make broth with bones etc. So actually 5 recipes..saves time & $$$.

  41. Chicken salad 0:30:
    Sour cream
    Green onion/scallions

    Buffalo dip 3:28:
    Mozzarella cheese
    Sour cream
    Cream cheese
    Frank’s red hot sauce

    My suggestion is -mozzarella + blue cheese, bacon, and some sort of fresh herbs like chives or parsley.

    Chicken alfredo:
    Heavy cream
    Mozzarella and parmesan cheese

  42. The joy of this (and your other videos) is targeting simple ways to enjoy Keto, and to stay on track. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  43. Nice idea’s, but I’m also on low sodium due to high blood pressure, the amount of sodium content in their chicken is scary! Comes packed in salted brine guys, that and all the extra salt and the cheeses love to eat it but too risky

  44. Great videos, guys. I’m starting today. Looking forward to making your recipes. I love y’alls attitude and positivity. Keep up the great work!

  45. excellent video. protect your fingers when you slice & place a wet paper towel under that chopping block…no emergency room visits.

  46. They all look scrumptious… I’m still on the fence on Keto … I am trying recipes though. With the Alfredo would spaghetti squash be a good stand in for replacing pasta for the Alfredo dish?

  47. First recipe you added the chicken to Mayo. Was it home made or store bought? O think that’s an important thing to know, because of the oils used in store bought Mayo isn’t good for keto.

  48. A Keto Tom Kha Gai soup is great to use up Rotisserie Chicken. Chicken, coconut milk, lime juice, mushrooms, some green onions.

  49. Inspired me to do food prep today. Bought two rotisseries, deboned and diced all meat. Made 3 bags of 1-1/3 cups chicken, labeled and put in freezer for the buffalo, alfredo and some other dish another day. Made 1 recipe of chicken salad and diced the rest and put in a container for the kids (cats:) If we dont feed them fresh rotisserie every day life becomes unbearable around here. ) Now Im slow cooking both carcasses for bone broth to make some soup. Thats 5 easy meals that will come from this prep! Great inspiration for quick and easy prep. Thanks!

  50. Should you put the chicken the refrigerator to wait until its cold or is it better to prepare these meals when the chicken is still hot/warm right from the store?

  51. That Buffalo Dip is the same recipe I use in my restaurant. Not served keto tho. I serve with tortilla chips and fried pita. I eat it daily with celery. It’s an amazing recipe.

  52. I have all the ingredients hanging out in the fridge for all of these recipes surprisingly lol.

    I love asparagus too.

  53. A medium 2″ onion has 10 g carbs.
    But the potassium content, about 161 g, outweighs the carbs you get and a whole onion is distributed throughout the recipe.
    So the net carb count is really insignificant.

  54. Rotisserie chicken from the store isn’t the best chicken to get because it’s there not fed good because they’re beaks are trimmed off so they can’t eat things from the ground like they are supposed to and they’re confined to less than a foot of space to roam that means more fat and hormones and antibiotics and bad stuff

  55. Shredded cheese tends to have added ingredients not listed on the label such as saw dust and sugars to keep the cheese shreds separated from each other

  56. This looks great but I would definitely not recommend the chicken from Cosco. It is pre-brined in a sugar mixture and other nitrates. Its really not the best rotisserie. Its super processed and like I said the brine is full of extra sugar and additives that arent good. The recipes all look fabulous but I would suggest getting a roaster chicken and roasting a chicken yourself and then moving forward or getting a roast chicken from a reputable store. Thanks for sharing these though!

  57. I’m just starting keto and stumbled across this video because I need some recipes. These look WONDERFUL, and easy to put together (I’m all about “putting together). I can’t wait to try all three. Thank you for this!!!!!!

  58. I make my alfredo with a little cream cheese without the mozzarella, and i use the shirataki noodles and some spinach :9

  59. Do raisins fall under keto?
    Also when doing keto and counting / tracking ur calories do u include the garlic and seasoning does everything have to be weighed or measured ???

  60. You said you only use the instant pot for bone broth. You could buy a whole chicken and cook it in the instant pot and have your broth and real tender chicken for different dishes during the week. The broth from doing this is amazing.

  61. Those rotisserie chickens at Costco are pumped with chemicals and steroids,Thats why theyre so huge…I guess nobody seems to care about that shit going into their bodies,Make your own rotisserie chicken…Its easy.

  62. I make the alfredo sauce first so the cheese gets fully melted and incorporated.
    2 tbsp butter
    1 tsp crushed garlic
    1 cup heavy whipping cream
    4 oz cream cheese
    1 cup parmesan cheese (fresh)
    Salt and pepper to taste

  63. This is a very common mistake of Keto people, they think any fat is good and will be okay on a keto diet when actually you still have to stay away from saturated fat and trans fat they will help you lose weight initially if your only eating carbs from vegies but those are the ones that will eventually clog your arteries and they will raise your triglycerides in your blood serum and also raise your LDL ( bad cholesterol) and raise your good cholesterol too, (your HDL) and raising your good cholesterol too high isn’t good either. You have to still eat healthy fats on the keto diet, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats like in avocados. Dairy is bad fat and not sustainable for a long turn keto. As it will do the above mentioned things and more as it is saturated fat.

  64. Costco carries canned buffalo shredded chicken breast (its Kirkland brand).. its spicy and very low carb and delicious w some sliced avocado

  65. Thank you for this! Earth Fare has a special every Monday on thier Rotisserie chicken. $5 FOR a cage free good for you chicken. More more more!!! Love it! Thanks!

  66. You can make your own ranch with mayo, pickle juice, and garlic powder. Using fresh dill that you used in the chicken salad would be great too, probably can leave off the pickle juice. You can add a little buttermilk or use yogurt as well

  67. Hello, I really love the idea of salads like this and others but have NEVER been able to eat them. I am allergic to Mayo and Salad Dressing. Is there a way to make this using something else?

  68. You should try the Kerrygold cheese at Costco – it melts like cheddar but tastes as rich as a parmesan. Great in an Alfredo

  69. That chicken alfredo was so good!! I made it again but chopped up some steak instead of chicken. !!! Thanks

  70. Buffalo chicken dip!!!! Man it was so good. My husband (who is not keto) even loved it. This recipe now in the meal rotation.

  71. Weird kitchen tool question…I have a set of measuring cups like yours, but Im not sure if the 1/2 cup or 1/3 cup measure goes to the top of each cup or to the level of the first color and that top band of color is not part of the 1/2 cup, or 1/3 cup. Do you know what I mean? Do you know the answer? Hehehehe I would so appreciate knowing. I dont have another set for comparison. The recipes look delicious, btw!

  72. So I’m super new to keto… and I made ur buffalo chicken dip.. I added scallions instead of jalapeno, Italian blend instead of mozz and a little bit of Colby Jack. Just because that what i had on hand.. served it over a green bed of romain spinach cabbage n iceburg.. I know sounds super plain. But theres so much flavor in the dip it was soooooo good. So basically, buffalo chkn dip salad. Lol Thank you so much

  73. Thank you! You guys really do cook and prepare for everyday people. Started KETO as a diet and now its a way of life! Down 81 pounds

  74. Im so glad I watched this video. I shop at Costco all the time and buy the rotisserie chicken. I started Keto 2 weeks ago and wanted new recipes. I purchased your cookbook at Costco . I purchased most of your recommended staple ingredients at my local health food store and some from Amazon..Now Im ready to cook new Keto recipes! Thanks for all your hard work!

  75. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your channel. Parm crisps would be a great delivery system for the buffalo dip.

  76. All look yummy! Shred blocks of higher quality cheese, melts smoother and doesnt have the anti clumping coating.

  77. Thinking of going Keto. I have to say, your videos really have pushed me further toward it. Keep em coming!

  78. Alfredo is also great on riced cauliflower. My husband who isnt on Keto even loves that! 3 Great recipes! Thanks for sharing
    Oh man…just made this dip for dinner…AAAA-mazing!

  79. They all look great but your camera tone is off. The greens looked like they have a grey tinge to them and didnt look like greens at all. Not hating just a heads up.

  80. I am new to Keto! Loved this video. How many servings in each recipe? I need this info to keep on track until I get used to portions. Thank you

  81. 5:04
    There has to be a word for this feeling of not-okayness when you see someone make a mistake that matters to you.
    What is that?

  82. Definitely going to try these recipes- thank you!

    Totally irrelevant side, but did anyone else notice the green coloring of all the veg looked sort of funny? It was like minty green…

  83. I only recently started watching your videos and learning about creative Keto recipes. But your Chicken Alfredo?!!! WOOOO CHILD!!! I whipped your recipe up (using purchased shredded rotisserie chicken) in no time since I had only enough time to eat and make a meeting. SOOOOOO DELICIOUS and KETO TOO??!!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! Love it Love it Love it!!! 踢

  84. thank you so much for this! Always wondering when I have a day that I just can’t face the kitchen. I used to turn to Rotisserie all the time but it’s just so bland. What a perfect video! Thank you!!!

  85. Literally made all three of these and I was so happy! I didnt know which one I wanted to eat now and which ones were going to the fridge for later

  86. This looks simple and amazing! What would be a portion size, or is what you made for each a portion size?

  87. I am new at anything and all keto..a bit overwhelming. Glad to have found your videos. Oh btw, your ring is beautiful

  88. These are super simple, quick and efficient and I appreciate that as the bad cook mom of the household! Cant wait to try these!

  89. Recently found your channel while researching keto. I have to tell you that it’s because of so many of your recipes I feel like this keto diet seems more doable. I’m off to a great start. Thanks!

  90. I tried making this dip. The cream cheese doesnt melt and just kind of turns into a lot of smaller chunks. As I attempted to get it to melt, all the oils separated and floated to the surface. Threw it all away. Not sure what happened as I followed the video exactly? Waste of product

  91. I made the dip today and it was great! The first recipe of yours that I tried, so I’m definitely trying more. Thanks for the channel.

  92. Great and quick recipes, kudos! However, I’d maybe not add philadeplia directly to the pan but a bit later because that kind of heat impact might convert the fats into transfats. I mean, mass marketed cream cheeses may have added on low quality fats that don’t preserve their structure when heated like that.

  93. Would the chicken salad you made be good enough for OMAD? I’m doing keto, IF and eating one meal a day. Trying to find new and simple recipes.

  94. Yet I just watched one of your videos where you claim you no longer eat chicken & hardly any nuts.not to mention that cheese!! … the flip – flop couple!

  95. Oh my goodness my husband bought the rotisserie chicken I made the chicken salad and it is so delicious with pork rinds that is what we had for supper. Thank you so much

  96. Tuna, egg and chicken salads are my go to when I’m hungry! We like spicy cheese..more flavor the better.
    Hubby and I down 45 lbs and feel better than ever..

  97. Damn I told my husband to get rotisserie chicken at the store and they didn’t have any and now I see this video. Yummy yummy looks good

  98. Love the idea of the bacon! When we get rotisserie chicken, I always eat the leg and the wing, and save the breast to make chicken salad with the next day. I find the breast really dry, so I mix it with mayo and mustard and some veggies, and eat it on lettuce leaves Thanks for the great ideas! I’ve never made the buffalo chicken… YET….

  99. Curl your fingers back on your left hand while chopping, thumb behind first, middle and ring fingers, protect them from the knife!

  100. Yall are darling! Thanks for sharing your Keto recipes! Hubby and I are both down 20# in less than 3 months, it really works and were feeling so much better too! Hope we can keep it up! Thanks again! Hugs

  101. Im trying all three of these this week! I did the buffalo chicken dip tonight and put it over some broccoli and and baked it with cheese on top in the oven! Honestly the best 鳶鳶

  102. Every time I see this pretty womans knife skills I realize that some people are cursed with dumb hands. What happened to the show where a Chef shows up at your kitchen and teaches you how to cook? She needs help. Dull knife from banging business end on gnarly pots. Did you see that Teflon pan, I think it was Teflon or was that the ghosts of previously burned meals. Btw, shredded cheese has a good dose of starch added to prevent clumping that is kryptonite to keto-man. Learn how to grate. Although theres all that she is cute and has a very nice personality. And as we learned from Pulp Fiction personality goes along way. Big thumbs up.

  103. Great recipes. I wish you would tell us how many servings each has. It’s hard for me to tell as I am just beginning.

  104. Love your dish no.2 but I cannot get Franks hot sauce here in UK so Ill try and source (pun intended) another option. Subbed you thanks . Btw how hot is the sauce on a scale of 10 ?

  105. I would use the chick breast for the chicken salad with all that mayo and sour cream, but what do I know? Nothing.

  106. Hi
    I made the dip a few days ago. We all loved it, my husband and even my daughter. Dang its so damn good. will be a staple appetizer for weekends or game nights.

  107. Wow theses look so yummy I’ll have to try them. How do I count them? Do you share half with your husband or do you eat all of it in one setting?

  108. You should burn the skin off the peppers – if I could remember the video that showed why I post the link but just about all native Americans (north and south) roasted the skin off the peppers because they are not good for you.

  109. i like your videos but watching you chop is freaking me out.tuck those finger tips away!!!!!

    if you want to cut down on mayonaise usage you can go with mustard or mashed avocado.

  110. Hello hi from Puerto Rico saw your video first time I enjoyed watching you you make it look so easy what I liked is everything I can find in the grocery store here thanks a million have a blessed day

  111. Easy and helpful! Thanks for the vid! Who knew you dont need pasta梗仁 I will definitely be trying these recipes儭

  112. Does anyone know if the meals prepared are for two people or for one? I am guessing it would depend on a few variables, such as your hunger level, intake values etc. Still learning and enjoying the meal prep videos to make going keto more interesting and with variety

  113. Oh wow! Those recipes look delicious! Thank you so much! You guys are so much fun to watch and you really keep my husband and I motivated.

  114. Very simple and easy to do recipes! Thanks for that but it seems to me you eat hardly any veggies per serving….

  115. That chicken doesn’t have enough fat for a beginner keto eater. In the first four weeks you need more fat. I would have added avocado to that chicken salad…they do look good though.

  116. OMG – just started Keto and feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Can’t believe it has taken me 50+years of yo-yo dieting to FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY find this Keto way of eating and now, your channel. I’m 20 pounds down in 6 weeks, with 30 pounds to go. Never in my life have I been so excited about dieting and being able to eat all my favorite food.

  117. I topped a green salad with your Buffalo Chicken recipe. Turns out hot or cold …its a great option.

  118. Wow! You learn something new everyday. I had no idea that onions had carbs o.O
    I figured carbs were limited to breads,pastas,muffins and such. -Google Search-
    Peppers and onions are naturally low in carbs. One-half cup of sliced onions contains slightly more than 5 grams of carbs. Because onions contain more sugar than other vegetables, you won’t be able to eat unlimited amounts, according to Martha Taylor, author of “Living Low Carb with Ketogenic Diet.”

  119. Some lemon and nutritional yeast in your alfredo recipe would be another option. 2 quick healthy add ins that also add flavor. Make sure you use UNenriched nutritional yeast. The “vitamins” they use to enrich it, even in Bragg’s enriched nutritional yeast, are synthetic and not bioavailable . No healthier than bleached white bread or Kellogg’s corn flakes.

  120. Looks good. I debone Costco roaster and use an entire quart non fat plain Greek yogurt overnight in a covered mixing dish. Add in 3 fire roasted prepared paplono peppers and tranfer to a baking dish and pop into oven and top with blend of TexMexi cheeses to bubble up to flavor preference of brown under the broiler at the end. This is a deconstructed chili pablano, baked not fried.

  121. I bet the Alfredo would work nicely with salmon. I have ordered your cookbook off of Amazon. looking forward to learning some new ideas.

  122. Tip for the readers: don’t toss your chicken carcass/bones. Once they’re picked pretty clean, store them in the freezer (we use a plastic zipper bag). When you have a good collection of bones (I use about 3 carcasses), make chicken broth. Lots of healthy collagen and minerals. I think Megha has a video on how to make broth in the Instant Pot, so watch that one.

  123. I made the chicken salad and it was amazing! The only thing I tweaked was adding real bacon and paprika because I love spices. I’ve never liked chicken salad until now. Thanks for this super quick and delicious recipe!

  124. Thank you for including the ingredient amounts during the video! Much easier than having to click on a link to get the recipe.

    I have your cookbook on kindle and the spiral bound printed form. I love it! Please make another one soon! Perhaps with a section on keto fat bombs. Thank you again.

  125. I like this idea… Im soon to be returning to Over The Road Trucking and like the idea of grabbing a fully cooked chicken and making these up in my little Instant Pot Mini…. thanks!!!

  126. Your channel is god’s gift to ketards. I’ve been keto over 15 years and i am learning great tricks from you guys.

  127. Hey, I love your recipes but did you see the sugars in mayo and bacon? Wondered how they got the good flavor. Thanks for all the great videos.

  128. I just saw on the website that your recipes are searchable on MyFitnessPal. Thank you!!!!! Love that you two are such a great team.

  129. GIrl, you just made the first chicken salad I’ve ever wanted to eat. That shiz looks GOOD. I plan on making it with the costco chicken in my fridge.

  130. I am new to you your channel and this way of eating. However, after 8 weeks of combining the Keto diet with intermittent fasting, I have effortlessly lost 40 lbs. and the difference in the way I feel is incredible. Additionally, I rarely feel hungry and never am light headed, which happens on many other diets. I cannot wait to go to the doctor and see my blood numbers. Oh yeah, other than some biking, I really havent worked out. I look forward to, now that I have lost pounds, getting back into a daily regime. You guys are great together and fun yo watch. I hope you get whatever gifts you desire out of your channel. Finally, your three salads are great! I naturally have been making your first salad already with chicken thighs. Instead of dial though, I use fresh cilantro from the farmers market. Its killer. I cant wait to try the Alfredo!

  131. These look great. I am not a dill fan, what other herb would be good to try. I so appreciate your fantastic channel

  132. Costco chicken is injected with lots of sugar! A friend is diabetic and she ate these all the time. Her Dr. finally figured out what was going on. Look at those ingredients Thanks for another great vid!!! I’ll cook my own chicken and make all 3 of these delish looking recipies.

  133. I wish it was our chicken, they look so good! Were going to a Halloween party and Im going to make the buffalo chicken to take to the party.

  134. Just made the buffalo chicken recipe…..OMG……so good, thinking about adding some celery to it for a crunch!!! Making the Alfredo recipe tonight for dinner!!!! Thank you so much!!

  135. i hve a super awesome buffalo chicken salad recipe thats a combo of the buff dip and regular chicken salad. its good in lettuce wraps or even celery as a scooping method.

  136. Loved this…down w/ the flu and these are so easy…which I will try…some keto cooks are just to complicated. You are great.

  137. Consider using a damp piece of paper towel under your cutting board so it wont slide. Safety first! Ill shut up

  138. I made your chicken alfredo (without the noodles) tonight and it was amazing! I used canned shredded chicken since that was what was in the house. Thanks for posting!

  139. I just made the chicken salad and the chicken alfredo, delicious! Thank you for making my keto journey so awesome!

  140. There are a lot of comments regarding rotisserie chicken and added ingredients. Read your labels BUT there are plain rotisserie chickens being made and they are organic as well. Shop around or bake a whole chicken yourself – youll still get 3 dishes out of it as Megha has shown. I shop Kroeger (Ralphs, QFC, Fred Meyer, Frys grocery, etc). I think theyre the largest chain out there so many people have one nearby. They offer a plain organic rotisserie chicken. There are others as well. Hope that helps.

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