3 EASY Instant Pot KETO Recipes – Low Carb Recipes

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These easy Keto meals are perfect if you are searching for some new meals!

Here is my FAVORITE Instant Pot – The Instant Pot Duo: https://amzn.to/2Yz7pKQ

Cleaner basket: https://amzn.to/2Y9s89o

The words I need help specifying: Garam Masala. Everyone assisting shooting called it something various! ha ha!

Teaspoons that I LOVE: https://amzn.to/30RDP6b

Discover all the dishes listed below!


Include 1 cup of water and area the peppers onto the trivet, cleaner basket or perhaps a springform pan.
Close the cover, lock in location, and turn the knob to sealing. Strike the handbook or pressure cook button and set for 5 minutes. When prepare time is up, allow a 5 minutes natural release.
Using the manage of the trivet or cleaner basket, eliminate the peppers from the pot.
Garnish with parsley (optional).
Serve immediately and enjoy this Keto Philly Cheese Steak Peppers!

Put chicken and 1 cup of water in the Instant Pot.
If frozen and 20 if defrosted, put on the cover and push MANUAL or PRESSURE COOK for 25 minutes. When the timer is done, do a quick release.
Eliminate chicken and shred. Dispose out the additional water.
Consist of chicken back in. Include ranches bundle, cream cheese, green onions and bacon.
If desired.:), you can consist of Cheddar Cheese on leading.

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Active active ingredients:
6 pieces prepared bacon
2 pounds boneless chicken breast (thawed or frozen).
1 package livestock ranch flavoring.
8 oz cream cheese.
sliced green onions.
1 cup water.

Prepare the components by slicing the mushrooms and onions. Cut the overall of the peppers and eliminate the seeds and white membrane.
Press Saute on the Instant Pot. Add olive oil, the onion, mushrooms, salt and pepper to the pan and cook through, about 8 minutes. Remove the veggies to the side.
Include more olive oil to the pan, if needed, together with a spray of salt and pepper, and saute the shaved beef for 6 minutes till browned on the outside. If the within isnt prepared through believing about that the meat will end up cooking throughout baking, its all right.

Put the pepper halves in the bottom of your Instant Pot.
Put a piece of provolone cheese in the bottom of each pepper.
Fill the pepper with the ready vegetable/meat mix and spray with a bit more salt and pepper.
Put a piece of cheese on the top of each pepper.


3 Red peppers.
8 oz mushrooms, sliced.
1 cup yellow onion, sliced.
12 pieces provolone cheese.
1 pound shaved beef, stir fry meat, or very finely sliced steak.
1/2 tsp sea salt.
1/4 tsp ground black pepper.
2 tsp garlic or 2 big garlic cloves.
1 Tbsp sliced fresh parsley, optional.

Press Saute on the Instant Pot. Add olive oil, the onion, mushrooms, salt and pepper to the pan and cook through, about 8 minutes. Set your Instant Pot to SAUTE and consist of onion, garlic and butter. Saute for around 5 minutes till the onions harm. Add the chicken, tomato sauce, tomato paste, red curry paste, garam masala, ground ginger, salt, and smoked paprika to the Instant Pot.

Stir in the minced garlic and cook 1 more minute. Add the onion/mushroom mix back to the pan.

2 cups Onion, diced.
5 cloves Garlic, minced.
4 tablespoons Butter.
2 pounds Chicken thighs or chicken breasts cut into bite-size pieces.
15 ounces Tomato sauce, no sugarcoated.
3 tablespoons Tomato paste.
2 tablespoons Red curry paste.
2 teaspoons Garam masala.
1 1/2 teaspoons Ground ginger.
1 teaspoon Salt.
1/2 teaspoon Smoked paprika.
1/2 cup Heavy cream.
Cilantro, garnish.

Set your Instant Pot to SAUTE and include garlic, onion and butter. Saute for around 5 minutes till the onions harm. Press OFF to cancel the saute.
Add the chicken, tomato sauce, tomato paste, red curry paste, garam masala, ground ginger, salt, and smoked paprika to the Instant Pot. Lock the cover in location and turn the pressure valve to seal it. Set to HIGH PRESSURE for 7 minutes.
When the timer goes off do a natural release for 5 minutes and after that turn the valve on the leading to VENTING to let the staying steam out of the pressure cooker.
Eliminate the cover and using a slotted spoon to get rid of the chicken from the sauce and remaining products.
Include the light whipping cream to the pot and, utilizing an immersion mixer puree the sauce till smooth.
Set the Instant Pot to SAUTE and stir the sauce while simmering for 7-10 minutes, or up till it thickens. Change off saute.
Add the chicken back to the sauce, stir together, and serve with a garnish of cilantro.

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  1. Love, love, love!!! Can’t wait to try these.

    One small side note, the moving camera was a bit distracting this go around. Love y’all and your videos, though! Please keep them coming 😀

  2. I was wondering were we can get some of the gadgets you have especially the one you use for The hamburger to pull it apart and also hold the baggies up I cannot find them thank you I love your channel I’ve learned so much

  3. Thanks for the recipes and all your videos. Not sure if this is your normal video camera person but the camera movement was making me “seasick” with all the movement. Could you consider not moving the camera as much? Thanks again.

  4. The TwoSleever’s butter chicken is the reason I bought an IP….and it’s the first thing I made, and what I make most often! I love how you eyeball the ingredients, makes for a very relaxed atmosphere. I’ll be honest, I’ve quit saute’ing in my IP. The pot is so awkward for my old hands to get clean, and everything scorches on the bottom after I have saute’s something so for me it’s just easier and less stressful to do all my searing on the stove and then transfer to the IP.

  5. Good recipes. I do keto and I do want to try that crack chicken. Just a note though… you have to look at ingredients as well. The ranch packet I believe has maltodextrin in it, which would be more dirty keto, which is what I do. There is such a thing as keto police. They can ruthless. Just a heads up… thanks for the video … 💜💜

  6. Hi happy to see you cooking healthy food…the aluminum paper is not good to touch your food…cause aluminium in your body makes you sick

  7. I have enjoyed this video very much. I am not an advocate of “This” diet “That diet” “Someother” diet so that bit goes past me. I love stuffed peppers but made by someone else but these seem very easy to make myself. The butter chicken. do you think you could omit the cream thing and add it prior to serving because I batch and freeze in proportion and am uncomfortable with frezzing dairy things.
    Are you sure the other sisters are younger that you??? :-)))

  8. so happy you will be doing Keto recipes…been on Keto for a month now. These recipes seem very doable. Keep them coming a great change.

  9. Yes more Keto recipes please. I will definitely try the first two recipes. I’m not sure I will try the last one with all the spices. My cooking follows the KISS method because I DONT enjoy cooking. KISS=Keep It SImple Stupid. LOL

  10. Was wondering if you could please help make your orange chicken with low or no sugar? I love your videos I recently had weight loss surgery and can not eat a lot of sugar

  11. I am not doing keto, but these just look good!!!! I haven’t had stuffed peppers in a while. I need to make those.

  12. I have the Ultra and I seem to get the burn notice way to easy. I made broccoli cheese soup with 6 cups broth and i still got the burn. I deglazed after sauteing, mixed in .5 cups flour and then immediately added the broth….BURN! No cheese or cream yet. I had to switch to another pot and restart with low pressure.
    I’ve gotten the burn notice a few other times. It’s making me a bit gun shy.

  13. Oh THANK YOU! I was hoping you’d hop aboard the keto train…even if for just a little while. Love the video!

  14. Yummy keto recipies!!! GA- RAM MAS-SALA is a delicious spice mix commonly used in Indian cooking!!! Thanks for posting these recipes!!!

  15. My husband and I love masala with chicken. I eat mine over rise, but he eats his over quinoa.

  16. If anyone wants to avoid using the ranch packet (that contains maltodextrin) substitute a teaspoon each of dried dill, chives and parsley.

  17. Can’t wait to try this! Although I couldn’t figure out which one was her favorite. She said they all we her favorite! Lol! Love her!

  18. You are the best and have the most professional and concise recipes that are useful and quick. Always have great results using your recipes. 💓 👀 💃 🥘 💥

  19. Just a bit of caution with red peppers. They are higher carb and depending on your carb goal to stay in ketosis, they might be a bit high. This would still be great in a lettuce wrap.
    Something that really annoys me is everyone calling recipes/food “keto”. A recipe or a food is never keto. It’s the absence of what you don’t eat that gets you into ketosis. You could eat “keto” recipes all day and never get into ketosis. Four grams here, 5 grams there, vegetable oils… and you won’t get into ketosis. This isn’t specifically about your video! I’m thrilled to see you giving this a try because most of your recipes are so processed carb heavy (rice, pasta, quinoa etc). These recipes will show newcomers to a low carb lifestyle that there are some great recipes!

  20. Subscribed and been binge watching your videos, I don’t even have an instant pot yet but planning to get one, dr Gundry uses one so that’s what made me search for videos, only seen yours so far😬 can’t wait to try

  21. Thank you for linking those measuring spoons. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking for a 7 spoon set that stick together without a ring. The double end is great. I often have to use the tablespoon for oil or butter and then for something dry. With these, I won’t have to stop and wash them in between. I am ordering one for myself and one for my daughter. I LOVE your videos. I am always looking for simple delicious recipes to make in my instant pot.

  22. I am a new subscriber my name si Judy & I live in North Eastern Pennsylvania .Your channel came up on my site when you were making the 15 preperation meals with your sister. Thank you for that .Have a lovely up & coming week ( Judy )

  23. Would you consider doing recipes based more on the Mediterranean diet? Generally speaking, that is more interesting, and seems healthier, to me than keto. You said you did a poll, but I missed it and maybe others did too?

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  27. “Ga-ra-ma-sa-la”, is how i have heard it is pronounced. A mixture of condiments from India.

  28. You gave me an awesome idea for tonight’s dinner. I was going to make sausage, peppers and onion. I still am, but I ground up the sausage and sauteed them with the onions. Then I cleaned out 3 peppers, put some cheese in and filled the peppers with the sausage and onions. I topped with cheese and put them in my spring form pan and will pressure cooked for 5 minutes. Yumm
    BTW, I did drain the sausage after sauteing it.

    Thanks for the idea!!

  29. QUESTION! I know you are using a 6 quart Instant Pot. I know you have a husband and kids,. Do you find you need the 8 quart for anything? It’s just me and my husband, but have my daughter and her family of five (with two hungry teenagers!), and wonder about the maximum amount you can cook in the 6 quart. Which size do you think would be best for me?

  30. Thank you! I’ve been wanting to try out my new instant pot and I have been sticking to keto most days of the week. And transitioning to a paleo for Saturday’s on the weekends 😋😀

  31. Love your instapot recipe videos! Just wondering why 20 minutes vs the 10 like with the Chicken Bacon ranch sliders video?

  32. These all look amazing… We are huge butter chicken fans so I’m really excited to try that first.😋

  33. Tried the crack chicken tonight for dinner because we had all the ingredients. It was so good and now I have some for lunch tomorrow. Thank you for sharing! I’m always looking for recipes that can be transitioned into lunch.

  34. your cheese isn’t keto… it’s covered in a “flour” to stop it from sticking together., which isn’t keto friendly

  35. Those are nice recipes and I have to save this video because I will be trying all of them to see how they turn out. I thank you so much for sharing all your recipes with all of us.

  36. Cooking food in contact with aluminum = highway to alzheimer’s. Solution: use parchment inside the foil wrap to keep food from coming in contact. Also, why not deglaze the pan with the water to save all that valuable flavor instead of washing and then adding water?

  37. Could you keep the camera still when filming,it was annoying to try and watch,sent me dizzy.
    Loving the recipes though ♥️

  38. Next time before you scrub the pot after sauteing add a little bit of water or broth to scrape up those bits with a wooden spoon and you’ll get SO much flavor to add to your mixture.

  39. I always save my broth ….chicken broth. Thanks for your keto hare I’m going to start eating keto. Smoked parprika also one of my favorite spices

  40. On the butter chicken, or any curry give this a try to really boost your flavor.
    Add the curry paste with your onions and garlic while they caramelize.
    Then add your dry spices to the onion mixture about 30-60 seconds before you put in the chicken.
    Once you’ve added the chicken and liquid ingredients it will never get hot enough to roast your spices and extract the full flavor.
    You’ll be surprised how much more flavor you get just changing the order you cook the ingredients.

  41. You shouldn’t throw away the chicken broth…great for sauces…and if the chicken has bones…if you cook it real long it will give bone broth which provides collagen

  42. I haven’t done keto but we’ve been talking about it. Tried your Crack Chicken over egg noodles a couple of weeks ago and it was 😋🤤 😋. My hubby said “crack” was a great name for it since he couldn’t seem to get enough. Lol I’m definitely going to give these a try Kristen. Thanks for sharing and I’m always looking forward to more of your recipes. Have an amazing week. 🤗

    Could you convert this to using dark meat (legs or thighs) instead? If so what changes would need to be made?

  44. I like these recipes but I’ll substitute fresh ingredients. No packaged garlic as it contains preservatives, as does ranch and convenience meats. Bobby Parrish at Flav City has great tips for eating clean.

  45. I’ve made buffalo dip which is similar to crack chicken. Now I’m trying crack chicken but I just added chicken seasoning, a little oil, ranch packet kale and broccoli and topped with a little water. One person in my house can’t eat dairy so I’ll add the cream cheese after it cooks and I can separate some out.

  46. Try Avocado Oil in place of Olive Oil and remember to either wash or switch to clean plates to prevent cross contamination

  47. Just wondering if pot-in-pot cooking for the final step of the Butter Chicken would have eliminated excessive liquid needing to be cooked off later?

  48. Terrible video!

    Omg she killed that chicken at 20 minutes. I think I cried.

    Chicken should be done at no more than 8 minutes if defrosted. And she used water! Ick! Use 1/2 cup chicken stock for best flavor.

    So so sad.

    Then she cleaned the pot for the peppers even though she didn’t have to. Why?!?

  49. I would definitely try the stuffed pepper recipe with just a little low fat cheese as we have to watch our fat intake. No keto diet happening at our house lol. I make butter chicken with 0 fat greek yogurt instead of cream. Love your recipe ideas

  50. Made the Butter Chicken tonight for supper. A wonderful recipe thank you for making it available. I added the one cup of water to keep the burn notice from coming on and it didn’t work. I added an additional half cup of water and was able to finish the cook.

    How about an explanation as to how to recover from the burn notice? I ended up with the chicken being cooked but it wasn’t because I knew what I was doing. When you get the burn notice how do you restart things and take in account the time that the pot was heating up and starting to pressurize when you have to shut it down, discharge steam, add more liquid and start over again? Do you, in this case do the full 7 minute pressure cook? Do you deduct some number of minutes from the cook time since to compensate for the time leading to the burn notice? If you have addressed this in one of your videos, please post a link to it, if not can you do a video or part of a video that explains what to do so you don’t over cook a recipe?

  51. is there a way to put a link with the the recipe for each recipe to be able to import it to carb manager? that way you can just click it and import it? that would be so helpful to me. Thanks for these really good recipies!

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  53. I will be cooking these this next month. You could also serve the butter chicken over zoodles, or steamed green beans

  54. Where can you find a copy of the recipe for printing out? I don’t have time to watch the recipe and write down the various ingredients and instructions. I need a print version.

  55. We eat exclusively keto and have since 2016 – and I am always looking for ways to use my IP to make it simple to prepare whole foods. Thanks – hope you’ll keep adding keto IP recipes.

  56. All the good flavor is in the brown “burn notice” stuff on the bottom of the pan! Another commentator noticed this and suggested using water to deglaze the insert. You could use water, wine, or broth. Just add a little bit, maybe 1/4 cup, still on sauté setting and scrape the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon or spatula to release the caramelized stuff, and allows the liquid to reduce before adding it to the mushroom-onion-beef mixture. Then wash the insert! You’re welcome!

  57. So glad you are showing some keto recipes! I started keto about 6 weeks ago and am thrilled to have some instant pot keto recipes!

  58. Hi i really love your butter chicken.
    it is Garam Masala @lol.
    Thanks for sharing wonderful recipes.

  59. Great first attempt but Keto also does not use highly processed foods/spice like the ranch dressing mix. Make your own dressing mix.

  60. I can’t wait to try these recipes. And this is off-topic, but I sent you a message last week via Facebook Messenger re: my mini Instant Pot. Was wondering if you have had a chance to see it yet. I know you are busy, and I totally understand if you haven’t. Thanks for all you and your sisters do!

  61. The Keto Butter Chicken burned in my IP – I’m so frustrated. Soups and anything sitting on the bottom other than water seems to burn and I am bored with only steaming things. I did finish the recipe in a skillet – and it was so good! What am I doing wrong?

  62. I know you’re new to keto, but it’s not just about carbs. I’m doing Atkins and I read ingredients of everything. The ranch has MSG among other things. Just a friendly tip! Thanks for doing low carb recipes!!!

  63. I have gone from 170 pounds to 135 on Keto. Still slowly losing the blubber!
    Since September 2019 I have been happy enough on Keto but recipes will help with more variety !
    Thank you!

  64. I just found your channel! thanks for the inspiring recipes. I might have to go buy another instant pot. lol

  65. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ that is not “philly” cheesesteak those are chunks of steak Philly cheesesteaks are thinly sliced steak such as rib eye lol but if it was made the real philly way it would be delish !! Thanks for sharing 😊

  66. I had burn come on mine last time I cooked. 😱 panic! But was easily fixed thank goodness. Now I know what to do to not get BURN notice!

  67. Indian spice mixture made up of ground coriander, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and pepper.

  68. Yes, avoid the maltodextrin, it messes with your guts. Also, grate your own cheese from a block. The pre-shredded has corn starch in it to keep it from clumping. Thanks for the video.

  69. Just remember bagged cheese is often not keto for two reasons…one it is often skim milk instead of whole milk, whole fat cheese, but secondly bagged cheese often has a starch added to keep it from sticking which is not Keto. Keeping the skin on your chicken or using dark meat are great keto options.

  70. I’m so glad I follow this channel. All my friends call me a childless mom cause I’m always cooking and I’m the mom of my friends group 🤣🤣🤣🤣 also I’m a instant pot FANATIC! I own 4 pots and the blender and the air fryer pro lol

  71. these are awesome, quick question, what determines 20 mins on the first recipe vs the 7 mins on the butter chicken?
    I want to invest in an instant pot but not sure i would properly use it.

  72. The ranch packet is not at all keto friendly the first ingredient is maltodextrin aka. Sugar maybe learn keto b4 u put out content.

  73. Could you please give us a list of times for different things that you do. You make it all look easy to use the instapot but you know how long rice you cook. You know how long a chicken should cook or how three chicken breasts should cook or things like that you say just put it on for this amount of time. If you say not to use our preset buttons which I have 12 of. I need to know what the general rule for time is and where do I go to find that out.

  74. When you are cooking your chicken, throw in some hunks of celery and onion, salt and pepper and then keep that broth for cooking and quit buying broth from the store! I actually keep the trimmings from onion and celery and use those because it’s all going to get strained off anyway and it reduces food waste.

  75. Love these easy keto recipes! Still new to instant pot, so going to give them a try!

  76. Pre cooked steak?. Ranch Packets? Washing out the fond? Ew! Honestly ew people! There are grrrrreat chefs on YouTube you could learn real cooking skills from. Sorry this comes off negative but this isn’t how great food is made. All of this can be done in a pot on the oven, the instapot added nothing.

  77. Hi, Thanks for the Recipes and Tips. I was hopeing you would start making more healthier recipes, not necessarily Keto, just healthier. My big question is, what would you use to sub sweet. condensed milk? -from pumpkin desserts. (was gonna comment there, but lost the page) I’m good at subing ingredients. Love your channel. Thanks

  78. I think your mixer advice on one of your other videos for shredding chicken was where I saw it for the first time. I’ll never go back to doing it by hand again LOL thank you so much for doing keto recipes for the instant pot because I’ve been instructed by my doctor to do keto to lose some weight. ❤️

  79. How long would you cook it for if the chicken were still frozen or not completely thawed?

  80. I just purchased the Duo Mini 3 quart. Do you have some videos on recipes for an anti inflammatory diet? It’s basically low carb, gluten free and no night shade vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes and peppers?

  81. did you name that recipe crack chicken? bc it’s suppose to be addictive like a drug? this is making light of ppls addictions

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