10 Ways to Better Tame Your Spring Allergies

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Image: Pheelings media (Shutterstock)Most crucial: Know your allergies, specifically the worst ones. If you have not yet, think about scheduling a consultation with an allergist, as theyll have the ability to help you pinpoint the sources of your allergies and develop a plan for addressing them. A food removal diet can also assist you narrow down whats making you sick. To watch out for possible allergic reactions when feeding an infant, use the 4-day wait guideline (present just one brand-new component for four days), and keep a journal so you can pinpoint allergy triggers, whether its food or something in the environment. And, once again, get tested by a specialist if your symptoms are really troubling you. Medication might not be essential (perhaps theyll just advise a neti pot for seasonal allergies), but a physician can assist you live much, much better.This story was originally released in February 2016 and was upgraded on May 3, 2021 as a slideshow with new images and information.

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